When skiing is hot: breathtaking descents in bikinis on the slopes of Sochi

The 2018 event on the slopes of Sheregesh, a renowned ski resort in Siberia, has entered the Guinness Book of Records as the largest exhibition of costumed skiers. It was not just an event full of color, fun and energy, but the opportunity for entertaining skiers and snowboarders to set a new world record in the swimwear descent
1,111 people attended the meeting last year; the number of this year has yet to be announced, but it seems to have been more than 1,200 fans of skiing and snowboarding regardless of the cold

The participants officially registered on the site of the “Boogel Woogel” were more than 1,900, although not all were present at the start. The famous Roza Khutor ski center welcomed guests from more than 25 Russian cities and abroad, as well as the Latvian Brainstorm music group. According to the participants the track was perfect and the right energy, combined with a magnificent sun, illuminated the descents

Since in Russia there is not a real sea season, these events are a rare opportunity to show off your bikini … even if it’s cool

During breaks, the difference between skiers and snowboarders was clear: while the latter could sit or walk without major problems, the skiers, because of the rigid boots, looked like Robocop

The public, however, did not notice: “A lot of people and smiles, fantastic!” Was the most common comment

After the verification of the next months, which will take place in the London Guinness Book of Records, will officially be declared the world record for the collective ski descent in swimsuit