The great blue downhill champion is told, retracing his career, including anecdotes and video projections

Thursday 22nd February 2018 returns the cycle “Face to face with the great sports”, annual event now in its 14th edition.

The event will open with an evening dedicated to alpine skiing, which will host the great champion Kristian Ghedina who will present “No risk, no fun”.

Kristian Ghedina was one of the greatest ski champions, not only in Italy. Specialties: special slalom, giant slalom and combined. With 12 victories and 29 podiums only in the World Cup of downhill specialties, Ghedina is one of the most successful descenders of all time.

The event, which will be held at the Sirtori Sport Specialist, in the locality of Bevera, will start at 20:30.

Kristian Ghedina, born in 1969 in Pieve di Cadore, in the eastern Dolomites, a few kilometers from his Cortina d’Ampezzo, was one of the greatest Italian skiers of all time, the most victorious downhill ski racer in the World Cup, one of the best specialists worldwide in the 90s.

Son of Adriana, the first ski instructor from Cortina, who died in 1985 in a skiing accident, Kristian made her debut in the World Cup in 1989 and already in the following season, barely twenty, imposed international attention: two podiums, then the first career victory in Cortina, followed by another in Are, in Sweden.

1991 begins with the winning of the silver medal at the World Cup in Saalbach combined. After a few months, however, his career is likely to end following a serious road accident on the Turin-Milan motorway. Ghedina remains in a coma for nine days at the hospital in Rho. He is forced to a difficult motor rehabilitation and very few, at that point, have hopes of a possible return to high levels. Instead Kristian starts again even if he can not be immediately competitive.

He took part in the Albertville Olympics in 1992 with good results (11th downhill, 6th in combined), but in the following years he won no podium. The breakthrough came in the 1994-1995 season when Ghedina climbed five times on the podium, won two races and remained in the fight until the last race for the conquest of the World Cup downhill, which went to the French Luc Alphand. In 1996 at the World Championships in Sierra Nevada conquers the silver downhill and the following year the bronze always downhill, at the World Championships of the Sestriere. At the Nagano Olympics in 1998 he arrived sixth.

In the World Cup, from 1997 to 2010 he manages to win races every year, remaining firmly at the top of the world descent together with the great interpreters of the discipline, such as Alphand, and the protagonists of the Austrian “Wunderteam”. Sets the record on the longest downhill slope of the Cup, the Lauberhorn of Wengen in Switzerland (2’24 “23, in 1997) and, on 24 January 1998, obtains one of the most prestigious achievements in Kitzbuehel on the Streif, the first Italian to succeed in the enterprise. In the Austrian Tyrol, on that same track, is the protagonist of an “out of program” that contributes to its popularity when, on January 24, 2004, makes a reckless split on the last jump of the finish line, to 137.6 km / h : despite not winning the race, the Austrian public tributes an ovation. In 2000 also comes the first supergiant victory: in Kvitfjell, in Norway, Ghedina stands in front of Hermann Maier, thus interrupting the domination of the Austrian team, undefeated in this discipline for two years. The last victory is dated December 14, 2001 when, on Sasslong of Val Gardena, Ghedina overtook the Norwegian Kjus and the Italian Sulzenbacher. On this track he won four times, a record he holds along with the great Austrian downhill tracker Franz Klammer, and he was the protagonist of an unusual “unscheduled”: in the descent of December 2004, while coming close to the finish line, we see suddenly appear in front of a roe deer, which fortunately manages to avoid. In the 2005-2006 season, the sixteenth for him, he is the oldest athlete among the cup contestants.
In February 2006, in Turin, he took part in his fifth Olympiad and then announced his retirement from skiing competitions to dedicate himself to motoring.

Almost three years later, however, he returns to compete in skiing, taking part in the Italian Championships at Passo San Pellegrino: he is ranked sixth to 79 cents from the winner Stefan Thanei in the downhill race.
During his career at the Italian Championships, Ghedina won twenty-three medals: eleven in downhill, seven in supergiant, two in giant slalom and three in combination. In 2006 Ghedina raced the Italian super-sports championship, with the BMW of the San Marino team Zerocinque Motorsport, and the F3000 International Masters on board a Lola B99 / 50