The app for skis and snowboards for Apple Watch

Five applications to monitor your activities and that can make you comfortable in the mountains, without needing a smartphone

Skiers and snowboarders can use Apple Watch Series 3 to keep an eye on their activities, thanks to the latest update released by Apple for its smartwatch. Now those who wear an Apple Watch can record the descents, see the gradient or the calories burned directly on the Clock Activity app: just download an app to keep track of the workouts. You can check what was your maximum speed, the number of runs, the total time of the descent and the calories you burned, plus, using Siri, just tell the watch to launch an app to start recording your progress – very comfortable, especially when you have gloves. We have selected five, to download before going skiing.

Snoww. The social app that allows you to track your activities on the track, comparing with friends. You can climb the rankings and take a look at the results of other skiers and snowboarders to compete and try to burn them over time.

“We designed snoww thinking of the speed of interactions and looks on the slopes, so these updates have helped us simplify the recording of accurate and relevant metrics, and create a fun and social experience for our users,” said Eddy Healey, developer of Snoww.

Slopes. This is the app to keep track of your day on skis: you can measure speed, vertical, distance, time of ascent and travel time. With an excellent interface, simple and fun, the ability to relive your sessions in 3D and a good battery management of your smartphone.

Squaw Alpine. Another great app to control your performance without even bringing your smartphone and that can make you comfortable throughout the day in the mountains: keep an eye on the weather, waiting times for the lifts or to buy the ski pass.

Snocru. The social app to get in touch with the other skiers and challenge each other with descents. Keep track of your workouts and share them on social networks directly from the application.

Ski Tracks. It costs 1.09 euros, but is one of the most complete thanks to the use of the barometer and the accelerometer of the clock and the ability to take advantage of 3D maps. In addition, like the others, you can compare your experience in the mountains with those of your friends and the millions of skiers who use the app, putting yourself to the test with beginners and great experts.