Mountain: 10 must have accessories

Skiing holidays and at high altitudes, a complete kit from hat to boots, from the backpack to the glasses

Breathtaking landscapes, snow-capped peaks, clean air and very very cold. Those who enjoy holidays in the mountains is certainly not discouraged by low temperatures, that is clear, but perhaps not everyone knows that you can stay warm without compromising on style. The brands specialize with new technologies: fabrics light but ultra warm, natural yarns prized (and more accessible) and new combinations of materials.

The accessories for the mountains, therefore, must be simple but ensure high performance.

The gloves are made of wool, such as those of Coccinelle, or with the hair, such as those of Aldo. The backpacks are technical and eco-friendly; Freitag, the Swiss brand that uses waste materials and transforms them into fabric, was able to design them waterproof and colorful, as well as unique.
For the head, classic hats cap to keep warm or soft ear pads for eccentric personalities. The shoes and boots are a low shot such as Camper and Emu Australia, with stiletto for women who do not like hiking at high altitudes but the break in a cabin, or sneakers for urban female travelers.
There is no lack of plush bags and quilted fabrics and sunglasses with mirrored lenses and a contemporary design.

The first ascent of Mont Blanc, an August 8

229 years ago: The expedition was organized by a famous scientist, but to reach the summit for the first time were a doctor and a crystal-digger.
The first ascent of Mont Blanc took place 229 years ago, on Aug. 8, 1786: the first to arrive at the top were the crystal hunter Jacques Balmat and the doctor Michel Gabriel Paccard, to 18.23, and remained there for just under forty minutes, during which it carried the scientific measurements. With its 4810 meters, the Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in the Alps and Europe except the Caucasus, The expedition was organized by the famous scientist Horace-Benedict de Saussure, who according to some reconstructions had even promised a reward to anyone who would go up first of Mont Blanc. De Saussure was mainly specialized in the study of glaciers, and for this many years studying the Mont Blanc massif, planning to make the measurements for yourself.

Paccard had graduated in Turin and had already attempted the climb in 1783. Balmat instead was an expert of the mountains around Chamonix, and it was with great athleticism. They decided to organize an expedition together for convenience, although did not go over well: the idea of ​​Paccard was not to go the traditional route with which it had been attempted the ascent earlier that the Grands Mullets, but to divert first to reach the Dôme du Goûter, through the Grand Plateau, under the north face of Mont Blanc. They risked to go back, because the daughter was ill and the Balmat crystal hunter wanted to go back (he died later that day). After reaching the summit and made the measurements, Balmat and Paccard began the descent: it got dark quickly, but the two had chosen a full moon night, and were able to camp out.
The date of the first ascent of Mont Blanc coincides with the birth of mountaineering that day began the so-called “phase of conquest” of mountaineering, where one by one were climbing all the mountains of the Alps over four thousand meters high. When in 1865 Edward Whymper reached the last major peak, the Matterhorn, the nature of mountaineering was changed: if in the beginning the reasons for the climb were mostly scientific, soon he asserted the idea of ​​mountaineering as a sporting gesture. Today in the center of Chamonix a statue of Balmat showing the Mont Blanc de Saussure remembers the first ascent.


Gstaad Beach volley

Major in Gstaad, Ranghieri-Carambula are in the semi-final against Bruno-Alison
The Azzurri, coming from qualifying, today won sixteenths, eighths and quarters, And tomorrow morning (at 11) challenge the new world champions at major Swiss Swatch. Lupo and Nicolai beaten by Brouwer-Meeuwsen stop in 5th place.
A week after the World Cup Italy carries a pair in the semifinals in Gstaad, one of the largest and most prestigious tournaments in the world, this year joined the exclusive club of Major Swatch, complete with a $ 800,000 prize pool. A couple in the semifinals, Alex and Adrian Ranghieri Carambula and a quarter, Wolf-Nicolai, then stop in fifth place.
BIG-Ranghieri Carámbula – Ranghieri-Carambula the World Cup in the Netherlands have not gone. The formula of this year closed their campaign with well in advance of the editions of the past and they did not have enough points. Too bad for them, too bad for us who are fans, and shame for the international audience that between Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague Apeldoorne has lost the game one of the couples most spectacular circuit. Alex and Adrian, after having passed the qualifiers (!) In Gstaad began losing by Gibb-Patterson, but then they beat another American couple, Bourne-Hyden. It also Semenov-Krasilnikov. So this morning began by sixteenths, where they beat the Poles Losiak-Kantor (21-19 21-14). And then in the second round they have printed a 21-13 to 21-17 Binstock-Schachter (Canada). And finally, tonight, with Kadziola-Szalankiewicz have won the first 21 to 19 September, sold secondoa 18 and then took away the tiebreak. For the second semi-final in four tournaments played together. Tomorrow morning at 1.05 (live streaming on are the new champions of the World Bruno Alison and that the quarter-final derby beat 21-17 21-12 Evandro-Pedro.
WOLF-NICOLAI FIFTHS – Lupo Nicolai and the Dutch World were disappointed, forced to the 17th place from the defeat with the Russians Semenov-Krasilnkov. A placement far from their expectations. So that in Gstaad they arrived with a thousand reasons. In the group the day before yesterday had defeated the Turks Gogtepe-Giginoglu, but had succumbed to the Germans Böckermann-Flüggen, which had raised concerns. But yesterday the two blues have made the first shot, bending the tiebreak samples Circuit World, Latvians Samolivs-Smedins. And since the Latvians had won with the Germans, the bill of quotients gave our primacy in the group, which has screened them directly in the second round. This morning where they won 2-0 with Lucena-Brunnes, Americans who just a week ago at the World Cup had finished fourth. Well, the blues and beat them 21-19 in a thrilling final 29-27 on Sept. 2. Tonight, however, as early as gironcino Rotterdam’s World, have given the champions of mndo of 2013, the Dutch-Brouewer Meeuwsen (15-21, 19-21)


The last snow in the Alps


Cervinia, Livigno, Austria or the Corvatsch Engadine. Places and ideas for an Easter still of skiing and winter sports
The winter just ended was not the best for skiing enthusiasts. The snowfall in February and night frosts, however, have given us a better chance to ski resorts, which have managed to extend the season over the Easter period, when the climate is not stiffer early spring makes pleasant lazing in the sun after a morning of skiing. And so in many places rained offers to stay with ski pass included.

You can whiz in the sun Easter on the slopes that descend from the glacier Grostè in Madonna di Campiglio on mileage or rhododendron from the crown of the Doss Sabion in Pinzolo, natural terrace open the Brenta Dolomites. Also good seal Brenta, a “red” little exposed to the morning sun, from where the cable car that connects the slopes of Pinzolo with the area of ​​Madonna di Campiglio, Folgarida and Marilleva. Passo del Tonale, on the border between Lombardy and Trentino, unfolds from 1,884 to 3,100 m. share, poised on unspoiled views of the upper Val Camonica, where the glacier Presena guarantees prolonged season is on the legendary “black” Paradise, 3 km. in length and 710 m. in altitude, the scenic trail that dell’Alpino, over 4 km long, and especially on the direct route Presena-Tonale-Pontedilegno, 11 km. and 1,740 m. altitude to go all in one breath.

In addition to the slopes in higher regions of Italy, Cervinia museum also boasts the highest in Europe – “A mountain of work” – where photographs and vintage gear tells the adventure of the realization of the first ski lifts. Today the cable car that climbs from Breuil-Cervinia goes up to 3,400 m. Plateau Rosa; skis, you can explore the Matterhorn Ski Paradise, area straddling Italy and Switzerland and then get up to Zermatt: 10,000 or 12,500 m. in altitude in one day, never return to the same facility or redo the same track. The closure postponed due to the favorable climate is the opportunity for a bet to Alagna, ancient Walser village of Sesia Valley, a paradise for off-piste and fascinating frame dell’impegnativa “black” dell’Olen.

Nicknamed “Little Tibet” for extremely cold temperatures, Livigno is also a perfect destination for skiing Easter or for a ride in fat-bike, bikes with big wheels to try on the pedestrian line that runs for more than 20 km. throughout the country. Duty-free shopping destination, a half hour from the suggestive Roman baths of Bormio, from April 11 to May 3, offers free ski passes with a minimum stay of 4 nights in hotel or structures. In addition, 5 to 10 April, the largest in the free-ski (skiers who challenge shots of jumps and somersaults in the snow) will all be in Livigno to compete on the battlements of the Castle of Snow Nine Knights, icon of the sport for the spectacular structures set up by shapers Schneestern, the first agency of snow parks in Europe.



SOTTOZERO Cortina: drinking cocktails in the footsteps of Hemingway

The customer is the most demanding: to satisfy it, the hosts offer everything you could want is at the table is behind the counter. Meat or fish, cocktails or snacks: Hemingway forward nobody went home unhappy.
The international clientele – one for all: Hemingway – has made the Bar of the Post one of the first restaurants in Italy where there is a widespread American fashion cocktail. Even today, to start a memorable evening, you have to start from the drink of Antonio Di Franco, fifty years behind the counter: the only “risk” is to not go over until closing.
A great classic at the table is the Tivoli, at the foot of the Tofane, where chef Graziano Prest offers both local raw materials such as lamb, venison, mushrooms, beans of Lamon, is fish, coming from the markets of Venice and Chioggia.
The novelty of the season is represented by landing in Cortina Gianfranco Vissani, who has found a home at the Hotel Bellevue Suites & SPA. Among her recipes: eggplant parmigiana with yellow tomato and tartar sauce; dumpling with raw hare and Bloody Mary; Marano polenta on the pastry with sausage sauce.
LP 26 Prosciutteria is instead the ideal address for a snack in the middle. Among the hams to try: San Daniele, Patanegra Extremadura and black pig Nebrodi, accompanied by cocktails, DJ sets and live music.

For those who prefer the shelters, “Pelli evening”, renews every Friday the appointment Col Drusciè (a few steps from the Astronomical Observatory Helmut Ullrich), while every Friday and Saturday you go to Averau and the Squirrels. The advice is to go ski mountaineering and return sledding under the stars.



Cortina D’Ampezzo

Vonn, Tiger and the Snow:
Cortina back “Queen”
Ressa during ski championships. And the golfer loses a tooth

CORTINA D’AMPEZZO We must thank the heavens. Or rather, the irresistible combination between the snow and the world cup. Because the second, with companies from the beautiful skier stars and stripes Lindsey Vonn (accompanied by her boyfriend Tiger Woods, golfer from $ 1.3 billion of total collections) will be the sounding board to the news from the most anticipated parts of the Queen of the Dolomites: snow there, and the world must know. Because only a week ago the topic was climate mad, green and winter there is, and that is indeed a serious wound to the image from Christmas card, driving away tourists. “Critical”, said hoteliers.

And now? He returned optimism. The fact is that it just snowed during the races. Those flakes that are seen in world vision, the white landscape while the US grinds records, especially those who make you dream in Cortina d’Ampezzo thrives on tourism. But that happened, in fact? Between Sunday and Monday the “Sharon Stone Snow” has become a legend. Before he won the downhill, equaling the record of victories in the World Cup of Annemarie Moser Proell; the day after the supergiant, winning the record of 63 gold medals. Never anyone like her. “A large company – gives Kristian Ghedina, best Italian downhill history and now the racing team of Ivica Kostelic and partners M’Over, those of” wake with the sample “- because the record of Proell seemed unbeatable, and Vonn had already won so much in his career. There you see the champion. You must always have “hungry”, to find new stimuli: you win with his head. He also had an accident; then came back, and did see that pasta is done. ”

The story has gone around the world, along with the image of the town, which organized the three days. “A promotion to the cube – says Enrico Ghezze, president of the cable cars Faloria – because it is associated with the sporting event, the great result, with snow Ampezzo. A snow that there is only here: missing in Val Badia, Val Dobbiaco and almost anywhere. This time we were lucky. However, the launch was needed: Now the season will resume at large. “Because, apart from the days of the event, the others had clocked calm. “It’s always like that – says the vice president of hoteliers Ampezzani Roberto Cardazzi – After Santo Stefano, the car slows down. But with the World Cup have made things right: a format like “fashion weekend,” with parties organized both in hotels and in the premises. A well coordinated. And then, there was still people. And now look to February with optimism. A little ‘because it already had reservations, and a little’ because everything that happened in these days will bring other people. In short, on this way. “Even the slopes were in excellent condition. “I’ve tried in person,” said Ghedina. It is seen, it was said, even Tiger Woods. According to insiders, Lindsey did not know. It ‘landed in Venice, and then by helicopter to Cortina. A surprise. The two hugged after the victory of her. Which had a price for the golf champion: during the crush of photographers who were taking the podium an operator accidentally hit Woods with a shoulder-mounted camera. The sample has lost a tooth.

Skiing, Vail World Cup, Super G:


Queen’s Anna Fenninger, burned Maze and Vonn
It starts immediately with a spectacular race: repeats the Austrian Olympic gold ahead of only 3/100 the Slovenian reigning champion and 15/100 with the American Tiger Woods unleashed upon arrival.
And ‘now show: the World Championships in Vail and Beaver Creek was treated to a fantastic SuperG women, at full speed. Triumphs Austrian Anna Fenninger, which repeats as Olympic gold in the specialty conquered in Sochi. But it was a pitched battle with the world champion in office, Tina Maze, burned for just 3/100 and Lindsey Vonn bronze with only 15/100 delay by the winner. A test beautiful and high-voltage, over which they have perhaps influenced the strong gusts of wind, which made games with half an hour late evidence and have forced organizers to two short stop. The dashed? Lara Gut, who paid a delay of 1 “28, and even more the German Viktoria Rebensburg, fifth in 78/100 from Fenninger after a test without smudging. The fourth place went to Austria’s Cornelia Huetter, finished just 26 / 100 from Fenninger in a fantastic day. If a good day starts in the morning ..

Skiing, World: Vonn is ready: “It’s my house, shake America”

#ikh #lindsey

The US grew at Vail competes on the track he knows best and present it to the world. Then talk about Tiger, former husband Thomas and his difficult return.
Having the World Cup under the house is a privilege for the few. And if your neighbors are waiting for you to become the queen, the story can be complicated. Lindsey Vonn reached the stage of this could be the “recitation” biggest of his career in a quarter of an hour’s drive. From Vail to Beaver Creek, but it is as if it were one country expanded in this vast valley. Eagle, Avon, where is dad Alan, and then left, in Beaver, where the villa more modest costs millions of dollars.
The World Cup for her have never been an easy time.
“What is irony? In 2005 in Santa Caterina fell in the trial of descent, took me away in a helicopter. In 2007 I was in Are ball but were the World Pearson I knocked twice. In 2009 in Val d’Isere won two gold, but we left a hand to open with the saber a bottle of champagne. A 2011 Garmisch hated that snow. I said it was dangerous and no one listened to me, in Schladming two years ago we’ve left knee in the first race. ”
How difficult was it to come back?
“It was not the first of my career, but the most serious. Red Bull, my sponsor, recently made a documentary about these my two years, The Climb climbing that moved me. It reminded me of the two operations, mistrust, helplessness, but also that I have so many people around who love me. ”
As Tiger Woods …
“When I came to take his plane in Austria after the injury in Schladming immediately told me the right word,” come back, and stronger than before. “Tiger is a sample and can understand how I feel, what are difficult times. ”
What really happened with Thomas, her ex-husband?
“I do not know, I envy. It came even to sabotage the boots. It is a sad chapter of my life that I was still hard to talk about. “