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Proudly positioned in the heart of Verbier .

Just a five-minute walk from the Medran lift and two from the center of town, guests couldn’t wish for a more desirable location in the Swiss Alps.
The elegant living and dining areas occupy the second floor of this stunning vacation rental.

Traditional alpine materials are sensitively combined with contemporary design creating a wonderful après-ski atmosphere.
By day, sunlight floods in from the floor-to-ceiling sliding doors, and the views of the surrounding snow-covered peaks are simply breathtaking.
By night, sink into the sumptuous sofas in front of the roaring fire and enjoy a cool glass of champagne before dinner.
Beautiful chandeliers sit over the grand dining table that seats fourteen.
Rest assured, you will feel refreshed and rejuvenated after your stay at VERBIER. The spa is one of a kind – luxurious and sleek.
The swimming pool includes massage jets, and you will love the hammam and massage room. Overlooking the swimming pool is a gym with the latest fitness equipment.
On the garage level, you will find a large ski room with heated boot warmers for your convenience.

Speak to our dedicated concierge about hosting a wedding or anniversary celebration.
From golf and hiking in the summer to rosy cheeks and snowflakes in the winter, there is something for every season in Verbier!



Suspended on the edge of the Savoleyres side of Verbier, this fairy-tale hideaway is the finest example of luxurious alpine living.

Whilst the chalet gazes over the imposing mountains in the distance and village below, the interior is a haven of serenity and calmness.

Mon Izba occupies one of Verbier’s most sought after addresses.

This stunning chalet is a sensational blend of the traditional local architecture and extravagant design with alpine style wood and timber throughout.

Sensitive lighting alongside luxurious fittings and plush furnishings create an opulent setting for guests to relax and socialise in.

pread over five floors, the expansive chalet is sleeps up to 12 people in five bedrooms. The floors are all linked by a stair case and a lift.

Upon arrival, you enter the chalet into the hallway with an impressive chandelier being the main feature.

From this hallway you can access the expansive main living room and the beautiful open plan kitchen and dining room.

The sitting room focuses around an authentic stone fireplace, with sumptuous sofas surrounding it.



Veneto and Friuli are ready to host the World ‘s alpine skiing to be held respectively in Alpago and in Piancavallo from 23 February to 2 March.

Will be 350 athletes from 25 nations will compete on skis and sealskins on our eastern Alps.

The opening ceremony is scheduled for Thursday, February 23, at 18.00 in Tambre (BL), while the races will begin the following day, Friday, February 24, in Alpago; The

first races will be the Individual race male and female senior, to Alpago, the last will be the runners who will run Thursday, March 2, in Piancavallo.

It is a time of great turmoil for skiing d ‘climbing which, in addition to seeing the practitioners always growing, is also becoming an Olympic sport (in 2022 there will be

the debut).

It is evolving even the world of the races that meets under the ISMF (International Ski Federation Mountaneriing) whose president is an Italian, Armando Mariotta.


Primavera sulla neve

Le giornate si stanno allungando  e le giornate diventano piu calde.

Marzo è il mese migliore per prenotare una vacanza sulle nevi.

Per i prezzi che non sono esagerati e per il clima che diventa piacevole per sciare anche senza essere super imbottiti.

Vi consiglio Zermatt con il Cervino come sfondo la trovo uno dei posti piu affascinanti per sciare a Marzo.

Buona sciata a tutti


Adele, 25 times Hello! The only parody that deserves to be seen

Adele will be playing at the Arena di Verona, but as you all know by now: every day is a continuous bombardment, but this is the only one that deserves
Let’s face it: the meme, jokes and parodies of Adele have broken the boxes over Adele itself and the enormous amount of daily news that are published about him.
In Italy, then, it seems that Adele has become in just a few weeks the perfect synonym for sadness. Where is Adele’s melancholy, in much the same way where there was Barilla was home. Oh well, trifles and pinzillacchere (Toto would say), and so while the last real star overall still crunching numbers on numbers, we are preparing to resist the invasion in the best way.
Running away? Defending ourselves? By declaring war on all urlone the world?
No come on. We climb on the bandwagon. There is so much space.
So, yes, the meme and parodies of Adele broke the fuck, but what you will find below a miracle.
He made a well-known phenomenon of the web which for years has fun playing famous songs imitating the style of different musicians and bands.
I know that it seems incomprehensible, but if only the shirt worn by the guy (a T-shirt of Frank Zappa) should make you understand the operation: he begins Hello in the style of Adele and the time ten seconds into a song of Alice in Chains, Prince, Rod Stewart, Elton John, Lil ‘Wayne and everyone else’s is through the head.


“I spent $ 40,000 on shoes and I have a place to live. Literally I am become the old lady who lived in a shoe, as in the fairy tale. “

It is impossible not to think back to this quote from Carrie Bradshaw ringing the bell of the beautiful New York apartment by Candace Bushnell. From his pen came the star of Sex and the City, made famous worldwide by bestseller, television series and movies. Almost fifty-seven years, the writer has bundled her collection of Manolo Blahnik and sold the apartment of crazy parties. But the similarities end there.
“Everyone asks me how much there is of me in the characters that I created, but I only brush: it draws on personal experiences, then you work with the imagination,” says Bushnell a bit ‘annoyed, because the parallel between her and his heroines does not stop at Sex and the City. His latest book, Golden Girl (Piemme), starring PJ Wallis, a divorced writer who can not leave behind her alter ego: the golden girl Monica and the actress who made her famous.
Hard not to make comparisons with reality. “Absolutely no. Unlike P.J. Wallis, I had an easy divorce (in 2012 by Charles Askegard, dancer of the New York City Ballet ten years her junior, ed) and in all my books there are characters who are actresses. It is a type that fascinates me: sit in front of a mirror for hours, surrounded by makeup artists and hairdressers working on your image and change your connotations, I have deep psychological repercussions. All this has always intrigued me. ”
It does not happen that way for most of the women who every day, before facing the day, carefully choosing clothes and makeup? “It is true. We live in a society obsessed by appearances. Everyone would like to be the Monica Golden Girl: beautiful, elegant and happy. I think there’s a Monica in all of us: the women – and not only – we build an artificial image showing the world through social sites or to find a soul mate. But it’s a shell, an empty shell, a game of appearances without substance. In the US, for example, are fixed with big breasts, but it is an aesthetic ideal imposed by men, we must have the courage to reject it and remain themselves. If I thought about plastic surgery? Of course, but personally I do not care to waste my time to please men. ”
Indeed, the Bushnell that opens the door – without a trace of makeup, colored leggings and boots blacks, nervous energy seeping from every pore of the small body – is very different from Candace in designer clothes of glossy magazines. “I do not like labels. You can be at the same time, a city girl and a country girl, all dressed for a gala, sloppy the next day. The important thing is not to worry too much about the external assessment. It is a freedom that I won after reaching fifty. Doubts, insecurities and self-criticism are the lifeblood of every author. I still spend most of the day to re-read what I wrote and then shout: “But how bad is this sentence.” By the time I learned to be a little ‘less hard on myself. I have no children and now, at the threshold of the 57 years I find myself single again, and yet I do not feel alone or incomplete. I came back to live in Connecticut where I took the passion of my youth, the horses. I lead a retired life, work, sports and some dinner with friends. ” In short, the Manolo Blahnik, Mr. Big and holidays Studio 54 thing of the past.
“As a young man, passing in front of this building, where Richard Gere had an apartment, I said to myself:” One day we will live too. ” I did, but this is the apartment where I lived with my husband and now it’s time to change: I just sold. I’m looking for a pied-a-terre in New York for the social occasions. I still like to dress for a party and I love fashion as an art form, but the popular favorite shoes of Carrie Bradshaw (in this case fantasy and reality coincide: the Bushnell owns a hundred, ed) are no longer topical. Even New York City has changed. Do not get me wrong, for those who want to have sex there are opportunities. But people really cool, creative people can no longer afford this city, biodynamic growing vegetables in the gardens of Brooklyn, certainly not sipping Cosmopolitan. ” Candace’s phone continues to report incoming messages. She gets up, walks nervously back and forth on the floor of the house of the Village now empty and exclaims triumphantly: “They have accepted the offer for the ideal pied-a-terre.” And so Candace Bushnell turns the page.


Comes the Kit Kat coated with 24 carat gold

In Japan, the famous chocolate snack is celebrated with a luxurious limited edition: 500 bars a dark, covered with a thin sheet of gold
“Life is not black and white, is gold,” read the TV commercial of a famous perfume (yes, the one where the supermodel Carmen Kass immersed himself gradually into a pool of gold paint). “Even the mid-afternoon snack is gold” it seems to contradict today Nestlé, who in recent days has presented a novelty for true lovers of luxury: a limited edition of the snack Kit Kat, covered with a paper of 24 carat gold.
Just like that. To celebrate the milestone of one million customers of the Kit Kat Chocolatory stores, 500 bars were made special for the Japanese market. Dark chocolate, with a taste even richer and more bitter, and especially coated gold film. The price? 2016 yen, just over 15 Euros. The flashy snacks appear on the shelves of eight stores located in various parts of Japan, next to unusual variations in green tea, strawberry and wasabi that – apparently – like so much to customers of Japan.


Rome, open the Film Festival … And also dress Samantha Capitoni

The sagging clothes to social events are on the agenda more than they realize. It can even happen that an inaugural ceremony important lights of red lights

Red carpet that go, “wardrobe malfunction” that you find. At the Rome Film Festival, which began Friday, it started with a bang. About Samantha Capitoni, the victim of a joke gown she wore on the red tappto inaugural.

Appeared on the arm of Beppe Convertini, the actress posed in her long blue dress, but has not stood the long catwalk: a bit ‘at a time gap front has opened up to find a flesh-colored underwear on which you are thrown the flash of the gossip sites across the world.

Judging by the sequence of photos, the woman tried to cover up, then resign and settle down with a smile of circumstance (the irony is always a good weapon).

In view of the images have been around the world, the incident was resolved in the best way. He has attracted more attention of her real stars of the evening.


The journey of Polo Ralph Lauren for the first single-brand Italian

The historic brand Ralph Lauren is ready to open its first Italian store in Rome, which will also be the first in Europe. To celebrate this event, he has invited six of the most important web influencers of the moment to make a real and virtual journey to tell the different styles of the brand

Polo Ralph Lauren is about to embark on a journey. A trip through Italy, which with a number of stages between major Italian cities, from Bologna to Naples via Milan and Perugia, will end in Rome. The capital city, in fact, is the chosen destination for the opening of the very first flagship European brand that is owned by Ralph Lauren. Starring along the way will be six of the most important web influencers of the moment, who will talk about in the round Polo Ralph Lauren, according to their personal interpretation and vision. Filippo Fiora & Philip Cirulli (The Three F), Giotto Calendoli (The Atelier), Nicholas De Devitiis (Sofa), Giulio Berruti, Mariano Di Vaio (MDV Style), these names selected by Polo Ralph Lauren and chosen for their style respectively modern prep, dowtown cool, urban Exlporer, varsity, sophisticated.

Their task is through the choice of clothes and accessories to narrate the essence of the brand, values ​​and themes that have always characterized the collections of Polo Ralph Lauren. To do appunteranno on a blog created specifically, Roads To Rome, and with great enthusiasm that we are hosting us for GQ Italy, the travel notes posted from tomorrow – November 4 – when the journey will begin until next November 27. In the middle you will find shots, looks created ad hoc, and the large opening in Rome on Nov. 13 when the boutiques of Polo Ralph Lauren will open the door, then celebrate with an exclusive party attended by many international guests and the six influencers, of course. About the latter, for those who still do not know them the advice it is to go now to read who they are and where they come directly on the blog created specifically for the occasion.



Chanel SS 2016 – Chanel Airlines … I will fly with you!
Among glows silver (dominant color of the outfits of the fashion show) and inspired playing with the theme of flight and the airport, the house has the SS 2016 collection.
The world Chanel is a world apart which is difficult to understand the essence. It is a place, a mental space, a seductive passion much more like a fad than a simple attraction.



One Of The Most Exclusive Chalet In The Zillertal.
Chalet, 3 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, 7 persons, Garden, WiFi


The luxury skiing Chalet Zillertal is set on a gentle hill amidst its 20.000 m² large plot and provides glorious views into the valley and the mountains. Besides the privileged location and utmost privacy the Chalet boasts exceptional alpine charm combined with modern architectural elements, amenities and fixtures. The generous use of aged wood inside creates an incomparable homely and warm atmosphere, so that you might be tempted to spend most of your vacation time indoors.

There are 4 bedrooms hosting a maximum of 8/9 guests. The master bedroom seems to belong into a fairy tale. The ceiling of the bedroom is beautifully decorated with old restored shingles and in the luxurious bath en suite, you can indulge in a hot Jacuzzi with light therapy and with extra-large VELUX roof windows, which can be opened in order to enjoy the open sky and the soothing noise of the wind in the spruce trees behind the Chalet. You might also see deer and rabbits coming out of the forest and grazing in front of the 250-year-old barn, which was once used to store the hay for the animals during winter time. Nature lover s will adore the romantic and peaceful scenery. All 3 bedrooms have flat screen TV and an Internet connection with laptop table.


Chamonix, Courmayeur, Lifestyle

The first ascent of Mont Blanc, an August 8

229 years ago: The expedition was organized by a famous scientist, but to reach the summit for the first time were a doctor and a crystal-digger.
The first ascent of Mont Blanc took place 229 years ago, on Aug. 8, 1786: the first to arrive at the top were the crystal hunter Jacques Balmat and the doctor Michel Gabriel Paccard, to 18.23, and remained there for just under forty minutes, during which it carried the scientific measurements. With its 4810 meters, the Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in the Alps and Europe except the Caucasus, The expedition was organized by the famous scientist Horace-Benedict de Saussure, who according to some reconstructions had even promised a reward to anyone who would go up first of Mont Blanc. De Saussure was mainly specialized in the study of glaciers, and for this many years studying the Mont Blanc massif, planning to make the measurements for yourself.

Paccard had graduated in Turin and had already attempted the climb in 1783. Balmat instead was an expert of the mountains around Chamonix, and it was with great athleticism. They decided to organize an expedition together for convenience, although did not go over well: the idea of ​​Paccard was not to go the traditional route with which it had been attempted the ascent earlier that the Grands Mullets, but to divert first to reach the Dôme du Goûter, through the Grand Plateau, under the north face of Mont Blanc. They risked to go back, because the daughter was ill and the Balmat crystal hunter wanted to go back (he died later that day). After reaching the summit and made the measurements, Balmat and Paccard began the descent: it got dark quickly, but the two had chosen a full moon night, and were able to camp out.
The date of the first ascent of Mont Blanc coincides with the birth of mountaineering that day began the so-called “phase of conquest” of mountaineering, where one by one were climbing all the mountains of the Alps over four thousand meters high. When in 1865 Edward Whymper reached the last major peak, the Matterhorn, the nature of mountaineering was changed: if in the beginning the reasons for the climb were mostly scientific, soon he asserted the idea of ​​mountaineering as a sporting gesture. Today in the center of Chamonix a statue of Balmat showing the Mont Blanc de Saussure remembers the first ascent.


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Classical music in Verbier

A XXII edition under the baton of the greatest conductors, musicians and closing with Cuban music.
Today starts the 22 edition (from 17 July to 2 August 2015), the Verbier Festival, once again managed to gather in the heart of the Swiss Alps a group of artists envied by the greatest festival. Located on a sunny plateau, Verbier, it is the international mountain resort in Switzerland and enjoys a unique view of the Massif des Combins and Mont Blanc. A charming place from the point of view of nature and of music as we held the Verbier Festival, the only musical event in the European high mountains (for information: “In the bill there will be some of the the greatest conductors of our time, “said with great satisfaction Martin T: son Engstroem, Founder and CEO of the Verbier Festival presenting the program of edition. A significant return, the great Indian master Zubin Mehta, who directed the very first concert of the festival July 15, 1994, returned for the first time in seven years. The Verbier Festival Orchestra will also have the honor of being conducted by Valery Gergiev, Manfred Honeck, Gianandrea Noseda and, to round off this year, its music director Charles Dutoit. These directors have marked the history of the Festival, without doubt it will write a new page this summer. There will also be many firsts for Verbier, such as Ton Koopman, Truls Mørk or András Schiff. He will for the first time the St. Matthew Passion by Bach, conducted by Thomas Quasthoff, making his debut as a conductor. In the Church, where he creates an intimate atmosphere and a rare proximity between the audience and the artists, the great soprano Angela Gheorghiu will, with the brilliance that characterizes his debut at the Festival in a program of tunes very personal. The Church will also welcome several great pianists from Russia and Eastern Europe, as Alexander Melnikov and Grigory Sokolov. Of note is the return of Pretty Yende, which was much appreciated last summer. We end with a special mention for the evening with the Orchestra Buena Vista Social Club, ambassador of Cuban music, this year in their farewell tour. ” In addition to its program of exceptional artists, the Verbier Festival is characterized by its investment in music education by offering every day an extensive program of activities for the young musicians, carefully selected. Open free to the public, these activities are a unique opportunity to discover the learning process and the names of the future tomorrow. Also of note is the young Verbier Festival Music Camp, which this year will celebrate its third anniversary.




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A Courmayeur summer “to taste”

The summer of Courmayeur is a journey to discover the local gastronomic traditions. Not only restaurants in the downtown streets, but also the many mountain huts and mountain restaurants, privileged views of one of the most dramatic in Europe, are unique in the gastronomic mountain.
A Courmayeur reach a mountain hut is an experience that stimulates all the senses. After a hike through the breathtaking scenery, enchanting surrounding valleys, it is a pleasure to relax on the terrace of a refuge, forgetting the usual sandwich to be conquered by tasty recipes.
Immersed in a landscape dominated by the highest peaks in Europe, entering a shelter and find scents and flavors of tradition, combined with taste and passion, it is a real gift for the palate. In the valleys surrounding Courmayeur, as the Val Ferret and Val Veny, Lee highlight local flavors with recipes using local ingredients. What makes them unique is the warmth and passion of the owners, some of them even choose to bake the bread and pick fresh vegetables from their small gardens. The facilities are all different: the former pastures, the rustic stone and wood, the historic huts that surround the memory of the time when simply generations lived in the mountains of Val d’Aosta memories of old flavors.
Through the culture of food in Courmayeur tells a whole world of living traditions but also many new features. During July and August, the exhibition “The delights and virtues of Valle d’Aosta” offers a menu full of surprises and events. The Aosta Valley specialties become a tasty accompaniment for appetizers appetizing during the four meetings targati “Aperitif with the chefs” (July 25 and 8, 13 and 18 August): master barman and chef alongside the creation of original cocktails and finger food. At the base are the raw materials, food products unique – mainly dairy products, wines, meats, honey and typical bread.

Do not miss the summer edition of Shopping & Gourmet (August 8), an unprecedented combination of signatures exclusive boutiques of Courmayeur and small producers in the area.
Historians ovens of the village will be the precious venue of the two gourmet atelier (July 20 and August 3), real cooking workshops that come to life within the walls of some of the symbols of a whole community. To attend the workshop please send an email to The participation fee is 20 euro per person and places are limited, up to a maximum of 20 participants for each workshop (reservations required).
Also in the name of tradition and the development of a world of gastronomic excellence the other events of the summer: the Marché Agricole de la Valdigne, five events with the exhibition of local products (28 July and 4, 11, 18 and 25 August ) and, in September, The Matson (5 September), important food and wine fair dedicated to the flavors of Courmayeur and surroundings.




In the Swiss Alps

A twenty-second edition of the Verbier Festival will take place from July 17 to August 2, 2015, under the baton of the greatest conductors

For this new edition, from July 17 to August 2, 2015, the Verbier Festival has once again managed to gather in the heart of the Swiss Alps a group of artists envied by the greatest festival. “In the bill there will be six of the greatest conductors of our time,” he said with great satisfaction Martin T: son Engstroem, Founder and Managing Director of the Verbier Festival presenting the program of edition. “At the opening of the Festival, the American artist James Levine chose Verbier for his return after eight long years of absence from the European scene. Today “Conductor Laureate” Verbier Festival Orchestra, James Levine has contributed, since 2000, the success of our young orchestra and has enabled it to become one of the best orchestras in the world of education. Another significant return, the great Indian master Zubin Mehta, who directed the very first concert of the festival July 15, 1994, returned for the first time in seven years. The Verbier Festival Orchestra will also have the honor of being conducted by Valery Gergiev, Manfred Honeck, Gianandrea Noseda and, to round off this year, its music director Charles Dutoit. These six directors have marked the history of the Festival, without doubt it will write a new page this summer. There will also be many firsts for Verbier, such as Ton Koopman, Truls Mørk or András Schiff. He will for the first time the St. Matthew Passion by Bach, conducted by Thomas Quasthoff, making his debut as a conductor. In the Church, where he creates an intimate atmosphere and a rare proximity between the audience and the artists, the great soprano Angela Gheorghiu will, with the brilliance that characterizes his debut at the Festival in a program of tunes very personal. The Church will also welcome several great pianists from Russia and Eastern Europe, as Alexander Melnikov and Grigory Sokolov. Of note is the return of Pretty Yende, which was much appreciated last summer. We end with a special mention for the evening with the Orquesta Buena Vista Social Club, ambassador of Cuban music, this year in their farewell tour. ” In addition to its program of exceptional artists, the Verbier Festival is characterized by its investment in music education by offering every day an extensive program of activities for the young musicians, carefully selected. Open free to the public, these activities are a unique opportunity to discover the learning process and the names of the future tomorrow. Also of note is the young Verbier Festival Music Camp, which this year will celebrate its third anniversary


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Julia Mancuso leaves or returns?

A season with few joys (third place in Lake Louise downhill) and a lot of problems, not least the hip pain, Julia Mancuso has convinced to give up the stage of the World Cup in Garmisch and, finally, even the Finals Meribel.
A waiver that someone has interpreted as a retreat for the next 31 year old Californian … actually Julia, one of the most popular athletes of the Rose Circus, wants to continue until the Olympics in 2018, provided that the physical support, as reiterated in an interview made by the same American Federation, US Ski Team.
Why did you decide not to run the last stages?
At the moment there is no point competing. I want to fight for the podium, not only go down. I had a lot of pain and I did not feel able to push to the end
How do you feel to have missed the Finals?
I am disappointed not to have made the finals, I had a long career and I’ve never skipped, but it is fair to look bigger and find the right answers. I care, and I’ll be better next year.
How do you think it was your season?
I was happy as it had started, share the podium with my companions was fantastic and one of the highlights of my career. Every year for me is new and different. At this point of my life for the fun of skiing is fun and I feel good. So I need to stop and fix problems before returning to a place I like to ski.
What are your plans for spring and summer?
If the doctors give me the ok I plan a couple of projects on skis. At the moment I do not have a lot of pain, but it is not enough to allow me to fight at the highest level. I will heli-ski in the Gothic Mountains in Colorado and a trip to Alaska with my friend Sierra Quitiquit. Then I’ll try to figure out if there is a special method of training that I can add to my work schedule, or some medical treatment, if necessary. I want to really understand what’s the problem during the spring, in order to use the summer for training.
What will be your future in the World Cup?
I want to compete at the Olympics 2018. Also attend a couple of projects, one with Sierra Quitiquit and another with Shades of Winter (a film about freeskiing done by girls). Both a homage to the athletes and I hope they are an inspiration for future generations, so that they have the nature and follow their dreams. I am happy that my career as a skier serve in other contexts.
What will you do when you’ve finished with skiing?
I hope to be an inspiration for young people, so get out and explore the world, have fun and are really themselves. I think there is a lot of pressure on young girls because they behave in a certain way and it is important that they learn to appreciate just themselves, with determination, and cultivating their aspirations. I hope to do something where I can bring my passion and my experience with others, and help them to shine their light. I will never stop exploring. I hope to travel the world in some way and share my experiences with everyone you do not know.
Anything else you want to say to your fans?
I’ll be back next year in Cup stronger than ever. I can not wait to continue my racing career and compete in the next Olympics! Thanks for being my fans, you are an important part of what keeps me going every day.


Lifestyle, Livigno, Zermatt

The last snow in the Alps


Cervinia, Livigno, Austria or the Corvatsch Engadine. Places and ideas for an Easter still of skiing and winter sports
The winter just ended was not the best for skiing enthusiasts. The snowfall in February and night frosts, however, have given us a better chance to ski resorts, which have managed to extend the season over the Easter period, when the climate is not stiffer early spring makes pleasant lazing in the sun after a morning of skiing. And so in many places rained offers to stay with ski pass included.

You can whiz in the sun Easter on the slopes that descend from the glacier Grostè in Madonna di Campiglio on mileage or rhododendron from the crown of the Doss Sabion in Pinzolo, natural terrace open the Brenta Dolomites. Also good seal Brenta, a “red” little exposed to the morning sun, from where the cable car that connects the slopes of Pinzolo with the area of ​​Madonna di Campiglio, Folgarida and Marilleva. Passo del Tonale, on the border between Lombardy and Trentino, unfolds from 1,884 to 3,100 m. share, poised on unspoiled views of the upper Val Camonica, where the glacier Presena guarantees prolonged season is on the legendary “black” Paradise, 3 km. in length and 710 m. in altitude, the scenic trail that dell’Alpino, over 4 km long, and especially on the direct route Presena-Tonale-Pontedilegno, 11 km. and 1,740 m. altitude to go all in one breath.

In addition to the slopes in higher regions of Italy, Cervinia museum also boasts the highest in Europe – “A mountain of work” – where photographs and vintage gear tells the adventure of the realization of the first ski lifts. Today the cable car that climbs from Breuil-Cervinia goes up to 3,400 m. Plateau Rosa; skis, you can explore the Matterhorn Ski Paradise, area straddling Italy and Switzerland and then get up to Zermatt: 10,000 or 12,500 m. in altitude in one day, never return to the same facility or redo the same track. The closure postponed due to the favorable climate is the opportunity for a bet to Alagna, ancient Walser village of Sesia Valley, a paradise for off-piste and fascinating frame dell’impegnativa “black” dell’Olen.

Nicknamed “Little Tibet” for extremely cold temperatures, Livigno is also a perfect destination for skiing Easter or for a ride in fat-bike, bikes with big wheels to try on the pedestrian line that runs for more than 20 km. throughout the country. Duty-free shopping destination, a half hour from the suggestive Roman baths of Bormio, from April 11 to May 3, offers free ski passes with a minimum stay of 4 nights in hotel or structures. In addition, 5 to 10 April, the largest in the free-ski (skiers who challenge shots of jumps and somersaults in the snow) will all be in Livigno to compete on the battlements of the Castle of Snow Nine Knights, icon of the sport for the spectacular structures set up by shapers Schneestern, the first agency of snow parks in Europe.



Val D'Isere

France, Val d’Isere

” Best Ski Chalet Private Pools, Perfect Pistes And Parties!”
Chalet, 6 Bedrooms, 6 Bathrooms, 14 persons, Pool, Spa, Gym, Garden, WiFi

Chalet Lose is a stunning chalet, blending rustic alpine style with reclaimed wood from Mongolia, intricately carved furnishings and designer pieces.
Located in the heart of Val d′Isere this chalet still retains a feeling of exclusivity and enjoys stunning views of La Face piste.

This unique chalet is spread over 500m2, sleeping 12 adults in 6 en suite bedrooms each one of which has an adjoining bunk room for an additional 2 children plus there are two extra beds in the spare children′s bedroom. A fabulous open plan living and dining area comes complete with a grand piano and bar, ideal for socialising after a day on the slopes.

The spa facilities in this chalet are second to none, with an indoor heated swimming pool and state of the art projector screen, massage room, sauna, hamman, gym and indoor jacuzzi.

Perfect for families, Chalet Lose also has a mezzanine lounge area which is ideal for children, complete with widescreen TV and games console. The chalet is packed with state-of-the-art technology, including TV′s in each bedroom and drop down screens in the lounge and pool area, all of which are run off a multi-media entertainment system.DFvSiEjtOxfsJZhK



2014-12-10 13.32.36Verbier
Sealskins, passion world
In these first days of February the attention of fans of the snow has moved from the pipe and run Kreischberg to the slopes of Vail and Beaver Creek, where you are playing the World Cup Alpine skiing. But today, in Verbier, opens the World Championships of another specialty of the snow, still little known to the general public, but it is having an important development and this also Ticino: alpine skiing. Seven days of racing in the beautiful surroundings of the Valais Alps (weather forecasts announce sun in buckets), which will take part as well the Ticino Luca Morelli (born 1992), entered in the national category “Espoir”. After the opening ceremony last night, the tests will begin today with the Sprint, which, however, the Airolese …




Skiing in Switzerland, a holiday in the Valais
Complete guide for a holiday in the Valais: tips and useful information for skiing in Switzerland.
There is already an air of spring in Northern Italy and the sun each day exceeds the two-digit temperature, but there is still the desire to ski, to breathe the fresh air of the high mountains, and do not know where to go? managed to find a place that is far too simplistic to define beautiful. It ‘set in the midst of a battery of about 4,000 meters peaks in the Swiss Alps (less than 29), exactly in the area of ​​Valais, a few hours by train from Milan (245 km) and only 15 km from Sion, the capital of the region served Also from an airport. More than a resort is a ski area, which includes four valleys, all passable with skis in a carousel exciting, not only for experts, but also for families with children. The variety of tracks is something never seen before and includes 400 km, with 92 lifts, 6 trails Freeride (off piste in the security), 100 km of winter hiking trails, snowtubing, snowpark, boardercross and skating rinks. In addition to a lot of facilities for various sports activities, as well as two towers for climbing. In short, an exceptional offer, including the various Spa (Salus per Aquam), scattered in hotels, the envy to the best winter resorts of the entire alpine area.

Our tour begins in Verbier, the most famous and fashionable. A cute Alpine style hotel, the Bristol, welcomes us, a few steps from the ski lift main leading us on top of the track, from which – after a welcome drink – we go down at nightfall with torches. For those who have not ever made, is a very positive experience, get off without poles, the only torchlight. A walk more than 3 km of the track gave us a hand a ski dell’Adrenaline, one of the many schools in the area.
A normaly we thought then experts chef of the restaurant Le Caveau, with a delicious Raclette (cow’s milk cheese “crumbs” from the form just melted, accompanied with potatoes cooked in their skins and pickles). Three / four laps of-course dinner is served, watered by delicious Swiss wines. The nightlife then you spend in the most famous resort Valais, among which the Casbah, the Coco Club, the Farm Club.
Verbier has always been a favorite destination for all skiers looking for a classic skiing holiday in Switzerland, with the addition of a touch of class. In this village perched on a sunny plateau have fun skiing and après-ski is even more animated. However, what makes Verbier one of the best vacation destinations are its less known areas: the ski resort Bruson to environmentally friendly accommodation and to small villages in the region of San Bernardo. Each year the popular resort Valais hosts the long-awaited final of the Freeride World Tour between the insidious narrow passages and extremely steep slopes of the legendary north face of Bec des Rosses. Verbier also hosted in recent days the World Cup alpine skiing, with 300 athletes from 25 countries. Soon it will be too active an App so interactivity, also available offline.

Hailed Verbier, in a couple of hours on skis you get to Nendaz, another popular spot, quieter and less expensive than the last, most family. The reception of the hotel Nendaz 4 Vallées, a brand new 4 * S features not only a fabulous Spa, but also a cable car underground public that in a minute door to the lifts without having to endure grueling uphill transfers, with the boots on and skis.
With the cable then, in a few minutes you get to 2,400 meters, where it opens a scenario really incredible. It is completely surrounded by high mountain peaks, among which stands the legendary Mont-Fort (3.330m.), Incomparable destination of rare beauty. At the top you can get there with a cable and is a building igloo-shaped dining and a large terrace from where you can wander at will on the many surrounding peaks. A kind of crown that embraces the look 360 °. The first part of the track is no joke (is so steep that snowmobiles do not get it), full of humps but equally fun. Then swooping down on tracks such as highways, scattered by long avenues fast connection. The real pleasure of skiing.
You have never skied with the full moon? Do not worry, in Nendaz you can do each month at the right time, taking part in the Full Moon Party. Vin brulee sipped steaming listening to the music of the horn players, a dinner at the restaurant Tracouet and night skiing guaranteed by moonlight, that accompanies you like a beacon above you. An experience not to be missed.
At Nendaz, in the midst of the slopes there is a great deal of huts and small restaurants, where to stop for lunch. Soups are excellent, as well as meat, cooked and served in a thousand ways. And in the afternoon close plants and opens the Spa, where you find a lot of pampering aquatic and even the pool with salt water, which you seem to swim on the surface of the sea.
Interesting in Nendaz and surroundings also “Bisses”, a sort of canals used to irrigate the fields, dating back to ancient times, which can be seen walking along the routes in the woods. Finally, do not miss special offers Ski & Spa, Spa and Le Gourmand delights of the Senses, available until mid-April, also taking advantage of the favorable exchange euro / Swiss franc, granted to some locations. Verbier, inter alia, in practice already 15% off, just in some way to counteract the strong franc. But above all, remember the sunscreen (over 2,000 meters there is always the sun), the bathing suit and a good camera to capture unique locations around the world.

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