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New Fiat 124 Spider, the rebirth of the legendary car

Nearly 50 years after its debut back the car with eight different liveries, designed by the Fiat Style Centre in Turin and the factories built by Mazda in Japan

If they have traveled a lot of way to that distant 1966, while the Beatles were publishing “Yellow Submarine”, he debuted the Fiat 124 Spider, a car just as young and radiant, who conquered soon also the US market. Today, the 124 Spider (unveiled at the LA Auto) returns built on the platform of the Mazda MX-5, just as stylish and sporty, with clear references to its past. Originally designed by Pininfarina, the new 124 Spider comes from the Fiat Style Centre in Turin with the added value of technology and innovative materials. Body significantly lighter, eight colors available (two pastel, Passion Red and Black Ice, the five metallic Vesuvius Black, Silver Grey, Grey Fashion, Magnetic Bronze, Blue Italy; and finally the three-layer White Ice), the soft top vintage and strictly controls manuals.

Fiat 124 Spider features a four-cylinder engine turbo MultiAir 1.4-liter that delivers 140 horsepower (103 kW) and 240 Nm of torque, which combined with lightweight materials and refined mechanics and innovative guarantees an exciting experience guide.

Two specifications (commercializati as of April 2016): 124 Spider and Luxury. Which adds the limited edition Anniversary in 124 specimens passionate red with black leather seats.

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Mont Blanc, it fights on the border. Chamonix: “It ‘France’. Courmayeur: “No, it’s Italian”

Mont Blanc, is quarrel between France and Italy. Chamonix has closed access to the glacier of the Giant from Torino refuge. “They removed the warning information that we had placed after the massive influx of tourists – said the mayor of Courmayeur Fabrizia Derriard – and closed the passage. But the shelter Turin is Italy.”

Rome, September 7, 2015 – The Mont Blanc and its border: where does Italy and France where he started? The dispute is beautiful open, and the last act of the tug bears the signature of the mayor of Chamonix. Access closed from Torino refuge of the glacier du Géant. Because what they say from Chamonix, “French territory”. Different opinion in Courmayeur – united by the Mont Blanc tunnel to Chamonix own – where they have absolutely no doubts: “Up there is Italy, have no competence”.

THE BACKGROUND In recent days, two mountain guides from across the Alps, to the order of the mayor Eric Fournier, have blocked access to the glacier. Reason: security issues. “They removed the warning information that we had placed after the massive influx of tourists in recent months – said the mayor of Courmayeur Fabrizia Derriard – and closed the passage, also creating danger for climbers who now have to jump over a hurdle to set foot on the snow. ” “The shelter is in Turin Italy – thundered still Derriard – and there the French have no jurisdiction. The decision to close the passage will have legal consequences. It is true, our land registry does not match that of Chamonix. We still we rely on maps NATO transposing the Convention of 1860 and put the border on the watershed. ”

According to the French border passes under the Torino hut, which then would be in the Transalpine territory, for Italians instead is in the middle of the glacier, about 300 meters higher, and therefore it would be in Italy. Delfino Viglione, Marshal of the Guardia di Finanza of Entreves, for years dealing with the question: “The boundaries are on the watershed, from the Dome du Gouter to the summit of Mont Blanc, the Mont Maudit to the Tour Ronde, from the Flambeau with up to tip Hellbronner. At altitude there are the stones, is the ridge that forms the boundary. ”

BOUNDARIES AND REALITY The last clash between the two neighboring municipalities comes more than two months after the comment Renzi, that on June 23 he said “We have not invaded France” with the back of a giant glacial heart of Mont Blanc. The externalization of the Prime Minister came not by chance: with the difficult situation in the Mediterranean and the tensions at the border of Ventimiglia France-Italy, also the border dispute of Mont Blanc has resumed vigorously share. And there’s more: during a visit to the new reality of Rai2 Mont Blanc, run Catherine Bailiff, have not gone unnoticed the four tents pitched on the glacier of Giant. The French have taken pains to emphasize that the Valdostane Alpine Guides “Ici c’est nous, c’est la France”. “For us – he said recently the president of the mountain guides of Valle d’Aosta, Guido Azzalea – is more and more difficult to work on the French side.” History now base camp for that very future of RAI-2 will follow the official channels, from the ministry IGM up, the Institute of Military Geography. The inauguration of the new plant of the border, which on June 25 was attended by the Prime Minister Renzi, were not present nor the representatives of the cable cars Chamoniarde, nor the mayor of Chamonix. Now even close access. It will serve to restore peace a reality?

MOVED THE FRONTIER The boundaries also gave headaches last year at Colle del Piccolo San Bernardo, a few kilometers from White. “The French with a bulldozer – recalled a guide – they moved the boundary stone of 150 meters. As it is obvious that it is immediately returned to his place.” The dispute starts over 150 years ago, from 1865, when the French drew an ear on the southern side of the mountain. Decision which became law and that even without being a parliamentary Luciano Caveri in 1996 and a European assembly of three years after Nicholas Rinaldi was able to resolve. Since 2011, Google Maps also took note of: a reinvented border and towards the Dôme du Goûter, and towards Punta Helbronner.


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The first ascent of Mont Blanc, an August 8

229 years ago: The expedition was organized by a famous scientist, but to reach the summit for the first time were a doctor and a crystal-digger.
The first ascent of Mont Blanc took place 229 years ago, on Aug. 8, 1786: the first to arrive at the top were the crystal hunter Jacques Balmat and the doctor Michel Gabriel Paccard, to 18.23, and remained there for just under forty minutes, during which it carried the scientific measurements. With its 4810 meters, the Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in the Alps and Europe except the Caucasus, The expedition was organized by the famous scientist Horace-Benedict de Saussure, who according to some reconstructions had even promised a reward to anyone who would go up first of Mont Blanc. De Saussure was mainly specialized in the study of glaciers, and for this many years studying the Mont Blanc massif, planning to make the measurements for yourself.

Paccard had graduated in Turin and had already attempted the climb in 1783. Balmat instead was an expert of the mountains around Chamonix, and it was with great athleticism. They decided to organize an expedition together for convenience, although did not go over well: the idea of ​​Paccard was not to go the traditional route with which it had been attempted the ascent earlier that the Grands Mullets, but to divert first to reach the Dôme du Goûter, through the Grand Plateau, under the north face of Mont Blanc. They risked to go back, because the daughter was ill and the Balmat crystal hunter wanted to go back (he died later that day). After reaching the summit and made the measurements, Balmat and Paccard began the descent: it got dark quickly, but the two had chosen a full moon night, and were able to camp out.
The date of the first ascent of Mont Blanc coincides with the birth of mountaineering that day began the so-called “phase of conquest” of mountaineering, where one by one were climbing all the mountains of the Alps over four thousand meters high. When in 1865 Edward Whymper reached the last major peak, the Matterhorn, the nature of mountaineering was changed: if in the beginning the reasons for the climb were mostly scientific, soon he asserted the idea of ​​mountaineering as a sporting gesture. Today in the center of Chamonix a statue of Balmat showing the Mont Blanc de Saussure remembers the first ascent.



Lara Gut has become familiar with new materials allo Stelvio there for Didier Cuche


The Swiss Lara Gut has closed its first week on the snow at the Stelvio Pass in the upcoming season. To help you become familiar with new materials Head was also his illustrious compatriot Didier Cuche. Here is the account of 24-year old Ticino posted on his official website.

“Today ends my training camp at the Stelvio Pass, days were interesting and very useful, although the weather did a little ‘crazy and the sun was not done often see we could do a great job. We focused on cross-country speed and I made many kilometers in super-g and downhill in order to adapt to the new material; everything has to be discovered, and I understand how the skis, the particularity of the boots or the interaction plate-attack. Luckily I was not alone on the track, Didier Cuche came to help me and his presence I was very helpful; it is not always easy to put into words their feelings and have a meticulous athlete like him in the snow allowed me to understand more quickly that road to take and gave me advice on how to plan the work. After a week of skiing are not talking about details or finishes but just in general concepts, such as whether it is better to understand a hard or soft shoe for a particular discipline, in that occasion I could use it, … in these situations to have Didier on track and hear his opinion was very helpful. Sure, it’s a bit ‘strange to see Didier bring a bundle of poles on their shoulders or take the jacket at the start, me I can still see him as an athlete at the gate in front of me in training, but it’s great to have agreed to share a bit’ of his experience with me and I was a big help! Now back to the gym to train until the middle of July when find myself the eternal snows of Saas Fee and Zermatt, at that Didier will not be present but surely we will meet later … See you soon. ”

Alpine Skiing World Cup in Lake Louise



COURMAYEUR – After four years of work at height and investments have exceeded 100 million euro, the eighth wonder of the world, or the new cable car of Mont Blanc – Skyway, it became a reality. The first race was conducted Saturday, May 30, and in 19 minutes brought the first passengers to 3,462 meters of Punta Helbronner, in the heart of Mont Blanc. The new plant, in two sections, joins Pontal d’Entreves (fraction of Courmayuer) with Pavillion and Pavillion with Punta Helbronner and replaces three old cable cars which covered the same route with a stop in more.

The new cable cars will bring in altitude skiers freeride but also hikers and tourists alike that 19 minutes uphill iperpanoramica (cable car cabins have large windows and are rotair, or turn on themselves during the trip) can get in one of the the most scenic spots of the Alps. At this point, the offer of Courmayeur is very competitive with those cousins ​​of Chamonix, on the other side of the “Roof of Europe”.


To achieve this extraordinary feat of engineering were employed 200 workers who for four years have worked in difficult conditions given the odds and weather conditions. The round-trip ticket costs 40 Euros in low season and in winter and EUR 45 in high season (from 20 June to late August) and the parking is free pre the first half hour, costs 1 euro for 1 to 4 stops hours, up to 10 euro for the whole day. The official opening will take place between 22 and 26 June in the presence of Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, while the work will be completed next year when it will be finally dismantled the old three cable cars which started from La Palud.



Julia Mancuso leaves or returns?

A season with few joys (third place in Lake Louise downhill) and a lot of problems, not least the hip pain, Julia Mancuso has convinced to give up the stage of the World Cup in Garmisch and, finally, even the Finals Meribel.
A waiver that someone has interpreted as a retreat for the next 31 year old Californian … actually Julia, one of the most popular athletes of the Rose Circus, wants to continue until the Olympics in 2018, provided that the physical support, as reiterated in an interview made by the same American Federation, US Ski Team.
Why did you decide not to run the last stages?
At the moment there is no point competing. I want to fight for the podium, not only go down. I had a lot of pain and I did not feel able to push to the end
How do you feel to have missed the Finals?
I am disappointed not to have made the finals, I had a long career and I’ve never skipped, but it is fair to look bigger and find the right answers. I care, and I’ll be better next year.
How do you think it was your season?
I was happy as it had started, share the podium with my companions was fantastic and one of the highlights of my career. Every year for me is new and different. At this point of my life for the fun of skiing is fun and I feel good. So I need to stop and fix problems before returning to a place I like to ski.
What are your plans for spring and summer?
If the doctors give me the ok I plan a couple of projects on skis. At the moment I do not have a lot of pain, but it is not enough to allow me to fight at the highest level. I will heli-ski in the Gothic Mountains in Colorado and a trip to Alaska with my friend Sierra Quitiquit. Then I’ll try to figure out if there is a special method of training that I can add to my work schedule, or some medical treatment, if necessary. I want to really understand what’s the problem during the spring, in order to use the summer for training.
What will be your future in the World Cup?
I want to compete at the Olympics 2018. Also attend a couple of projects, one with Sierra Quitiquit and another with Shades of Winter (a film about freeskiing done by girls). Both a homage to the athletes and I hope they are an inspiration for future generations, so that they have the nature and follow their dreams. I am happy that my career as a skier serve in other contexts.
What will you do when you’ve finished with skiing?
I hope to be an inspiration for young people, so get out and explore the world, have fun and are really themselves. I think there is a lot of pressure on young girls because they behave in a certain way and it is important that they learn to appreciate just themselves, with determination, and cultivating their aspirations. I hope to do something where I can bring my passion and my experience with others, and help them to shine their light. I will never stop exploring. I hope to travel the world in some way and share my experiences with everyone you do not know.
Anything else you want to say to your fans?
I’ll be back next year in Cup stronger than ever. I can not wait to continue my racing career and compete in the next Olympics! Thanks for being my fans, you are an important part of what keeps me going every day.


Cortina d'Ampezzo

Cristallo Hotel in Cortina d’Ampezzo: Summer 2015 dream

Approaching the summer season and the time is already ripe to start thinking about summer vacation. Although the sea is still, by far, the favorite destination, so many people will travel in the mountains.

Summer dream flying high at the Crystal Hotel in Cortina d’Ampezzo, with a proposed 360-degree designed for all families. The 5-star luxury of the “Queen of Dolimiti” has thought of a special blend, from sports to relaxation, the pleasures of those for local specialties, in perfect continuity with the themes of Expo 2015. Because hospitality is an art . As Italian products and customer care.

The Crystal Hotel is a jewel receptive nestled in the mountains that embrace its magic. This hotel has a long history, made of acquaintances important, in the past as in the present. Today may be chosen for important business occasions, such as meetings, incentives or corporate parties, or for events and private parties.

The structure is a symbol of glamor Ampezzo. Its spaces are the perfect place for unforgettable spa breaks, reaching its peak in the exclusive Spa. Two conference rooms, dedicated to Gustav III and Goethe. The first, also available for banquets for up to 80 people, is characterized by a beautiful parquet Versailles and an attractive coffered ceiling. Equipped with the latest technology, lends itself to accommodate important occasions, prestige, where excellence is a must.

The other, however, is unique and unforgettable experience for the extraordinary panorama of which you can enjoy looking out the windows. Located on the top floor in the center of the building, is the ideal place for business lunches or opportunities to meet in confidence. To end a day with a touch of class impeccable, the ideal is to take advantage of unparalleled proposals elegant Cocktail Bar, before a gala dinner in the Veranda, with breathtaking views of the Tofane, also to celebrate a romantic wedding in a really Special.

Dedicated to an elite clientele, the Cristallo Hotel offers the most exclusive and the most sophisticated structures for an unforgettable stay. The Transvital Swiss Beauty Center offers the most refined lovers of relaxation and body care unique experiences of being stuffed. To note the FitWell Club, a fitness center equipped with the latest generation of advanced equipment, flexible and personalized training programs designed by Personal Trainer and integrated fitness and beauty.

For summer 2015 were predicted several events and surprises, including the inevitable appointment of August with Ferragustando. This beautiful complex, the series The Leading Hotels of the World, helps to discover a unique and unforgettable Cortina, much closer than it looks and similar exposure.

Among the proposals sporting the Cortina Golf, 9 holes that allow players to engage in a process of high level and enjoy at the same time, a unique panorama in the world. The board then dresses beauty and charm in the different location of the structure, where you can sample the culinary excellence and regional Italian.

The package True Cortina for EXPO allows guests to enjoy the wonderful places dolomitic through sport from fun: from mountain biking to climbing to golf, alternating hard to relax in the pool, thermarium, massages and fitness area at the fully Spa. The package includes a free entry to the show.



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The last snow in the Alps


Cervinia, Livigno, Austria or the Corvatsch Engadine. Places and ideas for an Easter still of skiing and winter sports
The winter just ended was not the best for skiing enthusiasts. The snowfall in February and night frosts, however, have given us a better chance to ski resorts, which have managed to extend the season over the Easter period, when the climate is not stiffer early spring makes pleasant lazing in the sun after a morning of skiing. And so in many places rained offers to stay with ski pass included.

You can whiz in the sun Easter on the slopes that descend from the glacier Grostè in Madonna di Campiglio on mileage or rhododendron from the crown of the Doss Sabion in Pinzolo, natural terrace open the Brenta Dolomites. Also good seal Brenta, a “red” little exposed to the morning sun, from where the cable car that connects the slopes of Pinzolo with the area of ​​Madonna di Campiglio, Folgarida and Marilleva. Passo del Tonale, on the border between Lombardy and Trentino, unfolds from 1,884 to 3,100 m. share, poised on unspoiled views of the upper Val Camonica, where the glacier Presena guarantees prolonged season is on the legendary “black” Paradise, 3 km. in length and 710 m. in altitude, the scenic trail that dell’Alpino, over 4 km long, and especially on the direct route Presena-Tonale-Pontedilegno, 11 km. and 1,740 m. altitude to go all in one breath.

In addition to the slopes in higher regions of Italy, Cervinia museum also boasts the highest in Europe – “A mountain of work” – where photographs and vintage gear tells the adventure of the realization of the first ski lifts. Today the cable car that climbs from Breuil-Cervinia goes up to 3,400 m. Plateau Rosa; skis, you can explore the Matterhorn Ski Paradise, area straddling Italy and Switzerland and then get up to Zermatt: 10,000 or 12,500 m. in altitude in one day, never return to the same facility or redo the same track. The closure postponed due to the favorable climate is the opportunity for a bet to Alagna, ancient Walser village of Sesia Valley, a paradise for off-piste and fascinating frame dell’impegnativa “black” dell’Olen.

Nicknamed “Little Tibet” for extremely cold temperatures, Livigno is also a perfect destination for skiing Easter or for a ride in fat-bike, bikes with big wheels to try on the pedestrian line that runs for more than 20 km. throughout the country. Duty-free shopping destination, a half hour from the suggestive Roman baths of Bormio, from April 11 to May 3, offers free ski passes with a minimum stay of 4 nights in hotel or structures. In addition, 5 to 10 April, the largest in the free-ski (skiers who challenge shots of jumps and somersaults in the snow) will all be in Livigno to compete on the battlements of the Castle of Snow Nine Knights, icon of the sport for the spectacular structures set up by shapers Schneestern, the first agency of snow parks in Europe.





Many think that April is too late to go skiing. Wrong! Even after this season many ski resorts can offer tracks still in very good condition with plenty of snow. Many ski resorts offer runs at high altitudes and often on glaciers. The temperatures in the spring are no longer rigid as in winter. It ‘so nice, after a morning of skiing and a hearty meal in the shelter, lie down on a deck chair and take a little’ sunshine. Remember sunscreen though, this season the sun combined with the glare of snow can be very dangerous.


Cervinia (Aosta): placed at 2050 meters, is the ski resort with tracks positioned higher than in Italy. From the village depart the lifts that lead up to the 3400 meters of the Plateau Rosa. You can then go up again using the facilities of Zermatt up to touch the 3900 meters of the Klein Matterhorn.
La Thuile (Aosta): the gondola to Les Suches salt from the village up to 2200 from where most of the plants. The Italian side offers the best conditions while to La Rosiere southern exposure does not allow a perfect maintenance of the snow conditions. Lifts open until April 19, 2015.
Livigno (Lombardy): the location is located at 1800 meters from where the plants start dividing the two sides of the valley. Carousel at the slopes rise up to almost 2800 meters.
Solda (South Tyrol): 40 km of slopes between 1900 and 3200 meters suitable for spring skiing for those who do not surrender to the first warm.
Val Senales (Alto Adige): from the village of Maso Corto to 1900 meters, closed to cars, climb the cable car up to heights of 3000 meters. The upper part of the district is on the glacier and the ski then descend down to the valley.
Ski holidays in April abroad

Chamonix (France): April is the ideal season for the famous off-piste descent of the Vallee Blanche overcoming crevasses and seracs or down from the Grands Montets.
Corvatsch (Switzerland): Exposure to the north and the high altitude (up to 3300 meters) makes the Corvatsch particularly suited to skiing in April.
Hintertux (Austria): This is one of the two alpine glaciers open 365 days a year. The high altitude makes it particularly suitable for skiing out of season, in April when the temperatures begin to rise rather than fall when elsewhere there are still green meadows.
Les Deux Alpes (France): This is probably the most famous French ski resort in Italy. Owes much of its fame to its nightlife and its glacier where you can ski all year round. In April you can ski in almost all the tracks that run down from the glacier in the country.
Stubai (Austria): slopes between 2300 and 3170 meters, the highest point of the Tyrol.
Tignes (France): the country is divided into different fractions at different heights but the heart of the lifts starts from Tignes 2100. Further upstream, in Val Claret part of the underground funicular railway that leads to the Grande Motte glacier.


Val Senales


Speaking of summer skiing with all the snow fell at this time may seem strange, but the news is important because the glacier of Val Senales next summer will again become viable skis even in the summer. Was spoken of summer skiing around here for a couple of years when it was taken the decision not to open more tracks in the summer, but now, with the new management of the area is back to the old and the glacier of Val Senales will be possible to ski from June 12 to July 12, 2015.

Available for skiers there will be plants and Grawand Finail, which serve large and slopes of varying difficulty. The facilities will be open daily from 7.30 am to 13 and the cable car to the glacier will be in service without a break, from 7.15 to 16.30. This is good news especially for ski clubs that will have an alternative to the Stelvio and the Plateau Rosa ‘- to stay close to our own borders – for workouts.


St Moritz

St. Moritz, always winter queen


Luxury and tradition, horses and tourist trains even before the SUV. The opulent town of Grisons is always at the top, in the winter. Thanks to all special offers: how the experience of bobsled and toboggan or night skiing at full moon.
Johannes Badrutt, who was he? The answer must be sought in Switzerland, among the snows of Sankt Moritz, where the hotelier who more than a century ago invented tourism in this small village operetta crouched at the foot of Mount Corvatsch is now a character almost as popular as William Tell. For over a century, thanks to Badrutt, St. Moritz is the realm of chic high altitude: between the street and the street Serlas Maistra focus showcases elegant, fine dining, gourmet venues like the Grand Hall of Badrutt Palace, Temple brunch on the snow, the terrace of Hauser, pastry of choice for walnut cake Engadine, and Hatecke, butcher’s tradition as a time that prepares the puolpa and Salsiz, local meat dry. And ‘since then, the early twentieth century, the nation of Switzerland, for the British, became nothing more than “the cozy little country around St. Moritz.”

This English style that permeates throughout the Alpine town has been preserved even in luxury, here is the tradition and understatement: vintage cars instead of custom-built and 4×4, scenic trains like the Glacier Express still fully functional, antique bobsleigh runs dug in the ice still in full swing. Almost one hundred years since the founding of the St. Moritz Bobsleigh Club, the oldest sports association bob in the world, and spread the publishing of “Two seasons in Switzerland”, first Baedeker in English dedicated to Switzerland, the Engadine town holds on primacy of European Capital of winter fun.

Even today, the reckless sportsmen will compete at the edges of the Cresta Run, the track to go on his stomach on the appropriate slides ten curves where the maximum speed can reach 140 km. times. The races, in which the speaker speaks English and many of the runners wearing snow suits vintage, are off-limits to women, but they can try their hand in the skeleton, the sport of yesteryear based on a tool very similar to the crest. Tobogganing traditional, among the top winter sports introduced by the British along with skijoring, where the skier was towed by dogs or horses on a frozen lake, was very popular in St. Moritz. The more daring compete with twenty curves and almost five kilometers. length Muottas Muragl, while families in full glide along the sinuous track Zuoz; but as soon as the temperatures are lowered and the first snow settles, every step of the road, every path, every mountain path turns into a toboggan run.

On winter nights of Glüna plaina that Romansch means “full moon”, skiers have dinner at the summit, in the restaurant high altitude track of Diavolezza, or in shelters where the dish a must is a fondue or raclette; then descend to the valley, in the silence of the night, along the slopes illuminated by the moonlight. Every Friday, the snow Corvatsch nights are an opportunity for lovers of night skiing launching into the slalom ski run longer than Switzerland. Also on the Corviglia, the track number 1, the Paradise, the day have been studied instead of relaxation areas where you can do yoga in the snow, led by a master specialist, while on the track number 7 the boldest challenge their limits thanks to special electronic test speed. On the new track giant slalom cameras along the way instead allow you to share real-time video of their performance on social networks.


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Carey Mulligan

Carey Mulligan, Queen of Gstaad The actress, guest of honor at the celebrations for the 10 years of ASMALLWORLD, illuminates the Swiss town. Between walks in the snow, exclusive cocktails and party for a good purpose.
“An incredible weekend.” So Carey Mulligan defined the three-day celebration (December 13 to 15) for the 10 years of ASMALLWORLD, social exclusively for lovers of travel and clubs.

The actress, in fact, was the guest of honor at the event organized in the snow in Gstaad. Between sessions of skiing, cocktails and exclusive gala for good. Among the guests, about 200, in addition to Mulligan, Pixie Geldof, Dianna Agron, Caitlin Fitzgerald, Chelsea Leyland, Tali Lennox, Paula Goldstein, Waris Ahluwalia and the chairman of ASW Patrick Liotard-Vogt.

The festivities opened with a cocktail, signed GreyGoose, the Gstaad Palace December 12, and continue until late at night to GreenGo, the most exclusive club in Switzerland. The next day, however, went on stage for the gala charity War Child, an association that is very dear to Carey.

“Please donate generously and recklessly,” said the Hollywood star in opening the auction. And his offspring have worked. At the end of the evening, in fact, were collected approximately $ 100,000.



Easter is celebrated with the Mont Blanc at the Refuge Bertone

Courmayeur – The nature guides of “Alpine trails” to describe our “Mountain and around” the path that leads from Courmayeur to the Bertone refuge. A path in the arm to the Mont Blanc!
It seems almost impossible that after a few steps away from the hamlet of Villair, located above the village of Courmayeur, one can find in the nature and in absolute silence that characterizes it: ideal conditions to treat yourself to a very special Easter to Bertone Refuge, located at 1985 m on the ridge that divides the Val Sapin from Val Ferret. Let’s talk about one of the most beautiful places in the Alps, dominated by the highest mountain and famous of Europe, there one step away from us: the majestic Mont Blanc. The path to reach this paradise of nature is the trail 42 – AV1 – TMB which starts from the parking place above the town of Villair, the first pole of prohibition of access to the private road. This first part of the route is characterized by a dense forest of trees that give the name to the whole valley, the Spruces, in French precisely Sapin.

This little side valley has an incredible history that dates back to the time of the Romans, who already used it for the extraction of lead, silver from its mines known as Trou des Romaines. Still remains a valley severe, characterized by steep slopes and wild vegetation, but rich in a certain charm and almost forgotten, typical of places secluded mountain. Our path climbs on the orographic right side of this valley with steep sections and other more gentle. The

the ground is covered by bracts of cones of spruce, remains typical meal of red squirrel in this season is a semi-hibernation alternating moments of sleep a feast of food around in the woods. Exposed to the sun during the ascent, rising sea level and away from the cool, damp valley floor, the trail comes out slowly from the thick forest to get into an area populated by ancient larches, trees with a diameter huge, certainly over the age of 300 year old. Looking around you realize that it is almost at our destination, as the landscape becomes increasingly open and that we are walking by a couple of hours. In fact, around a bend of the path, suddenly appears Rifugio a few dozen meters from us; you feel the nice smell of polenta that cooks on a wood stove, but most can be seen, busy in his work, the manager of the refuge Renzino Cosson, “historic” and expert mountain guide, one of the most special people that you may be lucky enough to meet in the mountains, which with its warmth and passion in telling “his mountain”, will make it even more unique this Easter at the Refuge Bertone.

April 5 after the unmissable dinner prepared by Lorenzino Cosson (the real polenta made with “the oula” and cooked on a wood fire) the Guides have “The Veillà mountain” will be a time to enjoy the mountains and through stories images of beautiful environments unique, majestic and mysterious animals that populate them, ancient traditions and epic climbs fearless climbers. All this in front of the majestic Mont Blanc.
The next day, Easter Monday April 6, hike around the hut and then down to the valley.

Rise Time: 2:30 a.m. to 3:00 a.m. about
Vertical drop: 650 m approximately
Starting altitude: 1388 m
Arrival altitude: 1985 m
Info and reservations:
349 7821454 –


Cortina d'Ampezzo

Chocolate Sculptures

Vince Cortina to “Chocolate Sculptures”, the sweetest day of celebration organized at the Cristallo Hotel Spa & Golf

Vince Cortina to “Chocolate Sculptures”, the sweetest day of celebration organized at the Cristallo Hotel Spa & Golf that told the Queen of the Dolomites through its most evocative symbols. The Maitre Chocolatier Mirco Della Vecchia drove his best students in a contest between art and taste, won by Luigi Calienno with the bas-relief in fine chocolate of the historic city of Bell. Success for the other works, three of which, with the collaboration of The Rules d’Ampezzo and their museum center, will become the exceptional snack for children laboratories Festival Cortinametraggio. While the highly acclaimed play of the world celebrates the Cluster Cocoa and Chocolate Expo 2015 and will be exhibited awaited event. The five-star luxury of Cortina reconfirms representative and promoter of Made in Italy and is already preparing, with the True Cortina for EXPO, to welcome visitors who will be in Italy for the event of the year.
It ‘was the sculpture “The Bell” Luigi Calienno to win the race between art and taste of “Chocolate Sculptures”, an event organized yesterday (Saturday, March 14) at the Hotel Cristallo Spa & Golf Academy Master Chocolatiers Italian under the auspices of the National Confederation of Crafts and Small and Medium Enterprises. The initiative has seen the enthusiastic participation of a broad public, intrigued by the works of chocolate made during the hours before their eyes and called to vote on the best. Particularly appreciated “The World”, sculpted by Raffaele Rea and also created to celebrate the Cluster Cocoa and Chocolate Expo Milano 2015, where it will be exposed.
The Cristallo Hotel Spa & Golf, the five-star luxury of Cortina which is part of The Leading Hotels of the World, an international organization that brings together the elite of the most prestigious hotels in the world with over 430 luxury facilities in 80 countries, takes care always to organize cultural events and creative faces also to tell and promote the beauty and the particularities of the most famous tourist resort. The property, which has recently opened its new eco-skating rink, is already preparing the package True Cortina for EXPO to welcome visitors who will be in Italy for the event of the year.
“We are always happy to promote initiatives that celebrate the beautiful Cortina and its wonders” – said Director of the Hotel Giorgio Borgonovo. “The hotel is representative of the best Made in Italy in terms of beauty, warmth and hospitality excellence and, as such, loves to support activities and events that share values ​​and characteristics.”
From the early hours of the morning, immersed in a beautiful sunny day with the scent of the best chocolate in the Living room of the hotel, the famous Maitre Chocolatier bellunese Mirco Della Vecchia, founder of the Academy of Italian Master Chocolatiers and National President CNA Food, has worked assiduously to guide and support four of his best students in making the work of the most beautiful and original chocolate themed Cortina. The Academy is home to training within Cioccolateria, they are getting more and more even result in enrollment.
The day was dedicated to the Queen of the Dolomites, represented through four chocolate sculptures depicting the most important places and landmarks of the city: “The Bell” made by Luigi Calienno, “The Squirrel” by the hand of Olympia Bevacqua, “The Diamond” sculpted by Giuseppe Punteri and dedicated to the hotel and finally “The World” by Raffaele Rea.
The panoramic terrace overlooking the Dolomites Hotel was the venue of the vote that afternoon, in the presence of the Director and staff of the hotel, have involved the audience and the winner Luigi Calienno, twenty-eight of Roman origin, pastry chef for 10 years and student of the Academy, who portrayed the highest symbol of Cortina demonstrating technique, skill and precision in the details. In addition to the satisfaction and applause, Calienno won a dinner for two with hotel accommodation. Among the audience was also randomly selected one lucky, you will taste a dinner for two at the restaurant “La Stube 1872” of the Crystal Hotel savoring the chocolate fondues.
The collaboration of the Rules d’Ampezzo and the Museum of the Rules d’Ampezzo, the museum complex that includes the Paleontological Museum Rinaldo Zardini, the Ethnographic Museum Rules d’Ampezzo and the Museum of Modern Art Mario Rimoldi will allow children of laboratories 19:21 March of the review MUSEUM OF CHARM Cortinametraggio Festival dedicated to making a memorable snack. The Museum Rimondi were in fact donated three of the sculptures.
The package True Cortina for EXPO proposed your hotel and included with a free entry to the display, allowing guests to enjoy the wonderful places dolomitic through sport from fun: from mountain biking to climbing to golf, alternating fatigue in moments relaxing in the swimming pool, thermarium, massages and fitness area at the fully Spa.
For the Universal Hotel has also created an interesting partnership with the Baglioni Group for the Luna Hotel Baglioni in Venice and Milan Carlton, through which you will have the opportunity to spend two nights in this wonderful city and two nights of charm and beauty at the hotel in Cortina.
The event was also an opportunity to preview the Expo to news that there will be the National CNA between the partners of the Cluster Cocoa and Chocolate, which is the official Eurochocolate content provider. The sculpture in the world of chocolate in fact draws attention to the six countries cocoa producers in the Cluster (Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Cuba, Gabon, Ghana, Sao Tome and Principe).



Italy Alpe Devero


Alpe Devero, relaxation and nature family size
Nestled between the peaks of the Alps Lepontine, the natural jewel of Piedmont without cars or smog, confusion or traffic.
Located in the far north of the Piedmont Region, on the border with Switzerland, and specifically in the Municipality of Baceno, Alpe Devero is part of the Mountain Community of Ossola Valley and is part of the protected areas of the Piedmont Region, constituting since 1990 together Alpe Veglia, the Natural Park Veglia-Devero.
Here nature is the host of rock and sky, with its larch, fir trees, beautiful lakes and streams; every season you can know and appreciate a new sight: in summer the green meadows, the colors of the flowers, blue and green lakes, red sunsets tinged magically landscape. In the lush green pastures of the pastures cheesemakers produce food of the highest quality, obtained using techniques handed down for generations: excellent cheeses, butter, cottage cheese and, of course, the fantastic milk.
Starting point for many walks and trips, during which you will come across marmots, chamois, eagles and – if you’re lucky – even the rare bearded vulture, Alpe Devero just a few minutes walk to immerse yourself in the woods and surrounding pastures with many different itineraries, suitable for everyone: hiking and climbing, long and relaxing walks, mountain biking, from families with children to the adventure lovers, here the untouched nature will make anyone find the right rhythm in all seasons.

Even in winter, in fact, you can appreciate the candid landscapes, the sun filtering through the clouds, lakes and frozen waterfalls: the peace of the white envelops the whole Alpe since November, when the first snow transforms the location in an ideal place for lovers of cross country skiing and ski mountaineering. Thanks to its location, the snow is insured until April, when between the beauty of the immaculate slopes, you may grow into long magical trails that reach the Alpe Sangiatto or Monte Cazzola. Besides skiing mountaineering, worn snowshoes, you can also venture out to explore the woods for a unique experience.

Set between the peaks of the Alps Lepontine, Alpe Devero is a rare jewel, where there are no cars or smog, confusion or traffic: the movement of cars is in fact prohibited in the entire territory of the Alpe, where you can circulate only on foot or by bicycle. Everything is designed to better appreciate the true mountain, thanks to a careful and constant protection that guarantees its pristine beauty and is enhanced by genuine hospitality, such as once, guaranteed by various refreshment, hotels and very cozy inns mostly family run, with good food that goes back to local traditions.


Alberto Tomba


Skiing, Alberto Tomba: twenty years ago the Cup and a party ever
18 March 1995 the skier blue wins in the finals in Bormio and bring the trophy in Italy twenty years later Thoeni: 40,000 danced into the night

That day there were 40,000 people in Bormio. The small parterre full, thousands of people on either side of the track climbing the snow, others in the bar behind the tribunes and in the country. Everyone expected him, the Cup raised to the sky, waiting for the last twenty years of triumph Gustavo Thoeni. Nobody like Alberto Tomba has been able to unleash the enthusiasm of the people, with that way of being unpredictable, genuine, funny, playful.
Yes, Alberto gave happiness. Finals of the World Cup in Valtellina, March 18, 1995. A fantastic season, a ride that began with a refusal. In December, with two wins already in his pocket in the slalom in Sestriere and Tignes, Val d’Isere giant in the Bolognese is eighth after the first run. But the track, the Oreiller Killy, he does not like, too flat, little selective. And then November 30 ’89 on that same track had broken his collarbone in one of the last super-G starts. Waiver of the second run, makes the suitcase and left for Lech, Austria. The staff remains baffled.
RIDE – Thoeni, the head coach asks him why: “Leave Gustavo, here sucks, there are three games in a week, I win the next three.” Having said that, in Lech dominates the two slalom, the second with incredible stunt that avoids leaving the track. The third day is the giant in Alta Badia. And ‘the beginning of an incredible ride, 10 wins including 9 consecutive. The tenth, in Adelboden giant, Robert Brunner gives him the “tables of the law,” in which two pieces of polystyrene are etched all the hits. But there is the World Cup to be won. “It was not easy – he says Tomb – because the rules Fis, as had happened with Stenmark, favored the multipurpose and combined. In short, for them I could not win, “But with so many victories, everything is possible. The conquest arithmetic should have taken place in Japan, Furano. An expedition carefully prepared, but ended up with zero points in the standings, with two outlets in slalom and giant slalom. “I had a pleasure to the Japanese who are always my fans.”
BORMIO – remained the finals. At home, in Bormio. “They were beautiful days, even if I had to live in the convent.” About half the mountain, at Ciuk, hotel Da Mario. “But there also felt the warmth of the people. Many knew that I was there, the restaurant in the evening was always full, I tried. ” Yes, it is true, even if Alberto and staff were obliged to dine in a room to have a little peace of mind. On 18 March 1995, the giant, sold out. Alberto row like a train, only a small uncertainty Feilet, the final wall, but first, the Cup is his. Twenty years later Thoeni, his last master. “For me, have always been the most important World Cup and Olympics and stage wins, but that victory made me feel really full.” People went crazy, until late at night through the streets of Bormio felt praise to Alberto.

GIFT – But the head of the tomb was already elsewhere: “I wanted to show people really knew how to ski.” Because what is admired in the races of the World Cup was only eighty percent of the potential of the sample. Skied with a safety margin monstrous (see recovery in the second slalom in Lech), only in training came to 100 or 110 percent. A few passages in which he was always chasing the limit. “Because that’s what you have to train,” he says. There was before the slalom, the specialty that an Incredible Hulk Tomb knew how to turn into a ballet. He tried, but put on the second door. Unbelievable. Emotion? Too much desire to do? “I do not know how it went.” But Albert did not forget its fans. He went back to the hotel, took off his suit, put on shorts, t-shirt and bandana, all yellow, and went down before the second race at the side of the track giving high five to thousands of fans.
CRYSTAL BALL – Season over, here are the awards. The Crystal Ball raised to heaven, even three, with the cups and giant slalom. A moment of fear when the thousands of people on to the track began to run toward the finish line not to lose the scene. A human avalanche. And what does Tomb? Lancia crystal ball (14 kg) to his staff. The fitness coach Giorgio D’Urbano grabs instinctively. Dad Franco Tomba, somewhat removed from the podium in danger of heart attack. “It took twenty years to conquer it and wants to send her to pieces. That’s crazy, “he whispers. But that’s Tomb.
The WORLD – One thing does not go down to the Bolognese, the cancellation of the World Sierra Nevada, in Andalusia, due to lack of snow. “I was in a remarkable condition and I turned the boxes,” he confesses. Yes, the world title, the only success that was missing the incredible palmares. But it was only a matter of time. One year after the Sierra Nevada is ready. But it is not an easy trip to the Tomb: to welcome him there are protests of the Spaniards after a newspaper in Italy had put in his mouth to Alberto: “Let’s go for the World Cup in Africa.” All hell broke loose. “I was misrepresented and manipulated.” But it took only a few corners to win back the Spaniards: gold in giant slalom and slalom. Alberto had conquered everything and March 15, 1998, after winning the slalom of the Cup finals in Crans Montana, in the parterre threw himself face in the snow and wept. “Goodbye world of skiing.” He left with a win. Why? “I was stressed out, a pressure terrible that I could not handle.” Regrets? “A year later, maybe I’d be back, I ran the slalom at the World Cup of 1999 in Vail and then back in the cup, a career that could have shut the World Championships in St. Moritz in 2003 after the Games of Salt Lake City. But the rules were against me, I would have started in slalom with the number 100. ”

The TODAY – One wonders what he could do this Tomba ski current. “In slalom I started with skiing long 2:05, then 2:03 and then 2:01. Now between the narrow doors you go with 1.65. Mah. For the set I had on skis I could do well. Look Razzoli: to Kraniska is the best ever and I think that with that position on the skis you face … the result. ” And ‘Giuliano his heir? “Hirscher is strong, but I found myself in front of three generations of opponents, by Stenmark, a Zurbriggen and Girardelli, until Kosir. Razzoli? We must believe and can beat him. “


Skiing: life freerider the Swatch Skiers Cup in Zermatt

The story of the three days of freeride at the foot of the Matterhorn, between evolution and incredible love for the mountains.
On one side the sun slides over the ridges of the Western Alps and illuminates the Zermatt valley; the other, the Matterhorn (the Swiss call Matterhorn) peak legendary who made the history of mountaineering. In the middle are the evolutions of the phenomena of freeriding, which for the past week have invaded the renowned Alpine ski resort for the third leg of the Swatch Skiers Cup, the competition that compares – in a series of challenges “one on one” – the best off-piste skiers in the world.

The first challenge is represented by what they call the Backcountry Slopestyle, a descent of 600 meters from the top of a mountain (in fresh snow, of course) with 4 ramps for as many jumps that are judged by three judges in the valley. They are the ones that assign the point to one or another contender according to parameters such as fluidity, style, originality, and especially balance on landing.

The scenario, as mentioned, is the best you could wish for, with the sun softens the cold of high altitude (we are close to 3000 meters) and the Matterhorn in the background to the jumps and tricks of the athletes. The race takes place in two rounds: the first is especially useful for testing the snow and the lines to follow, which are at the discretion of the athletes. In the second one, the riders are unleashed in evolution at the limits of physical capacity, falling without apparent consequences on their knees after leaps of 15-20 meters, topped by backflip (the classic loops), 360 ° and landings at ‘ back – the most technical trick according to the judges -.

Cody Townsend choose to avoid the ramps and exploit the ripples of the mountain as springboards for its evolution. Sometimes the result is a fall with its injury (a broken hand, for the Frenchman Richard Permin). For others, such as the American Seth Morrison the combination of risk and skill produces a stunning backflip that makes the audience stand up lying on the snow in the valley.
After the descent athletes reach the point of take-off the helicopter – need to climb on top for the second round – located just behind the judges, and they stop for a chat and a few high five with the crowd. Here the star is the master and idol Samuel Anthamatten, born and raised right in Zermatt; as a child – he explains – he wanted to make the mountaineer, just like that Walter Bonatti who exactly 50 years ago climbed for the first time since, in solitary, the north face of the Matterhorn, making history as one of the greatest of all time .

Even Sam Italian mountaineer was idol and model of life, until he met skiing in deep snow: “In 2010 there was a really wonderful winter, one of those where you can keep your skis for 3 consecutive months – says during a break between a descent and the other – so I realized that I was skiing off piste particularly well .. “.

For Samuel all started quite unusual, especially for a professional through online subscription to a local competition. As it happens, one of these was also Nicholas Hale-Woods, a former rider and creator of the Freeride World Tour, which invites him to the first races thus starting his new life, in which Sam can ski for about 9 months to ‘ year of the mountains and the peaks of the planet’s most fascinating, crossing scenarios are narrated in the film “Days of My Youth”.
During the screening of the video in an evocative film of Zermatt between an “ooh” and one of the audience – especially in front of the spectacular images filmed from the rooms subjective – it embodies the spirit of these guys who, by their own admission, they think little to future and can afford to work doing what they enjoy most, a wall and a challenge at a time. That they have before the last day of competition is called “Big Mountain”, and is the sister of the Slopestyle competition; here the jumps give way to a descent “pure” high altitude, from a peak reached only by helicopter. The company is in being able to rimandere standing floating on snow completely virgin. It ”s specialty Anthamatten that harks back to a couple of falls the day before draw precise lines through rocks and crevasses that did not seem to be crossed. Also thanks to his business at the end are the Europeans to prevail on the American rider (for challenges won 15 to 12), but it matters little.

Among those who risk their lives – and the risk for these riders really, every time they wear skis and boots – the competition gives way to respect and the spirit of brotherhood toward those who see the mountains in the exact same way. A philosophy as well as a way of life, the most celebrated of the Swatch Skiers Cup.

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Skiing in Switzerland, a holiday in the Valais

Complete guide for a holiday in the Valais: tips and useful information for skiing in Switzerland.
There is already an air of spring in Northern Italy and the sun each day exceeds the two-digit temperature, but there is still the desire to ski, to breathe the fresh air of the high mountains, and do not know where to go? managed to find a place that is far too simplistic to define beautiful. It ‘set in the midst of a battery of about 4,000 meters peaks in the Swiss Alps (less than 29), exactly in the area of ​​Valais, a few hours by train from Milan (245 km) and only 15 km from Sion, the capital of the region served Also from an airport. More than a resort is a ski area, which includes four valleys, all passable with skis in a carousel exciting, not only for experts, but also for families with children. The variety of tracks is something never seen before and includes 400 km, with 92 lifts, 6 trails Freeride (off piste in the security), 100 km of winter hiking trails, snowtubing, snowpark, boardercross and skating rinks. In addition to a lot of facilities for various sports activities, as well as two towers for climbing. In short, an exceptional offer, including the various Spa (Salus per Aquam), scattered in hotels, the envy to the best winter resorts of the entire alpine area.

Our tour begins in Verbier, the most famous and fashionable. A cute Alpine style hotel, the Bristol, welcomes us, a few steps from the ski lift main leading us on top of the track, from which – after a welcome drink – we go down at nightfall with torches. For those who have not ever made, is a very positive experience, get off without poles, the only torchlight. A walk more than 3 km of the track gave us a hand a ski dell’Adrenaline, one of the many schools in the area.
A normaly we thought then experts chef of the restaurant Le Caveau, with a delicious Raclette (cow’s milk cheese “crumbs” from the form just melted, accompanied with potatoes cooked in their skins and pickles). Three / four laps of-course dinner is served, watered by delicious Swiss wines. The nightlife then you spend in the most famous resort Valais, among which the Casbah, the Coco Club, the Farm Club.
Verbier has always been a favorite destination for all skiers looking for a classic skiing holiday in Switzerland, with the addition of a touch of class. In this village perched on a sunny plateau have fun skiing and après-ski is even more animated. However, what makes Verbier one of the best vacation destinations are its less known areas: the ski resort Bruson to environmentally friendly accommodation and to small villages in the region of San Bernardo. Each year the popular resort Valais hosts the long-awaited final of the Freeride World Tour between the insidious narrow passages and extremely steep slopes of the legendary north face of Bec des Rosses. Verbier also hosted in recent days the World Cup alpine skiing, with 300 athletes from 25 countries. Soon it will be too active an App so interactivity, also available offline.

Hailed Verbier, in a couple of hours on skis you get to Nendaz, another popular spot, quieter and less expensive than the last, most family. The reception of the hotel Nendaz 4 Vallées, a brand new 4 * S features not only a fabulous Spa, but also a cable car underground public that in a minute door to the lifts without having to endure grueling uphill transfers, with the boots on and skis.

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