Where skiing at the Immaculate: after Alagna, the slopes at Alpe di Mera di Scopello also open

In Alagna after the debut of last weekend, which recorded the presence of a thousand fans, since yesterday (December 7) the opening is daily. For the Immacolata available there are the Olen track, the treadmill of Pianalunga and the Wold and the Wold 1 descent. For those who decide to ski on the Valsesian side of the Monterosa ski area the daily costs 21 euros, 15 for the Wold. Off to the skis also to the Alpe di Mera di Scopello. Today it will be possible to use the Campo ski lift (daily € 10), tomorrow and Sunday the Camparient chairlift will be added to the Boschetto track (20 euro skipass). The ticket office from today to Sunday is open from 8.30 to 17.30.

And for those who do not want to move too much, there are also the slopes of the Biella area. In Bielmonte, offers for families with children start from the first day of the season, during the days of the Immaculate Conception. But the Oasi Zegna facilities also offer nature hikes and snowshoe hikes in the moonlight. The ski pass will be free for those under 14, Friday lessons offered by teachers from ski schools: for each hour purchased another free. Children up to 8 years of age can ski for free when accompanied by a paying parent throughout the season and for the biggest ski passes as gifts on weekdays. Discounted rates for over 60 and university students and have two or four hours to spend throughout the day

Skiing, Neurether dad anti-vip: “Skiing is

The German, winner of the first seasonal slalom, says: “I love contact with people. My family’s priority now. Olympics in doubt. Now in Korea I do not see the Olympic spirit ”

We enter the dark of the arctic morning, within so low clouds that you can touch them. Snowy but slim snow, it does not get too cold, the thermometer says -2. We enter the darkness and clouds and in the snow to meet Felix Neureuther. The morning agenda – to call it morning – says that we will ski together, the day after the victory of the first slalom of the season, even before the race of the season after the bad weather erased the giant of Soelden. For him winning number 13 in the career, “but the first by Dad,” he smiles.

home feel They gave him a reindeer to the slalom, “I’ll call him Matti, in honor of my daughter Matilda.” But now the crowd, the fans, the lights, the photos, are all far away, all cluttered, now there is only one plane to take and the desire to go home, the desire to return from the companion Miriam (Gossner, German biathlete twice iridated) and small. He had to ski but he gave up on fatigue. Before it was time to see him behind the scenes, to see the world of a normal guy who does not feel special. What do ordinary guys do when they do not have to be special, by profession? They relax with a free ski, “we usually go to Sankt Anton, and there is nothing apart from Felix and friends.” Neureuther the next day knows that he has done what the world expects from him, winning. “We have tremendous pressure, especially at the beginning of our career, it seemed to crush me. I worked to close the pressure inside a box. I want to race and hear people around me, I want to have fun. And I’m happy if the world, journalists, talk about skiing. Because skiing is freedom. ”

the well-educated Doberman educated Doberman, the kind-of-a-kind boy born 33 years ago by the love between two champions – Christian Neureuther and Rosi Mittermaier, a World Cup, 16 Wins in the Cup and 5 Golds between World Cup and Olympics in two … – has a certain taste in choosing victories and situations. First place just daddy and in front of his technical sponsor, Nordica, who in Levi launched the new Dobermann skis (same as Felix, just a little “tame”) and new boots (for the sufferers, they will be called Pro Machine. ..). Full package, dedication to daughter and sponsor: “Um, he is not the sponsor who pays more, but he is now more than a sponsor,” Felix smiles. “Then, they invite me to Montebelluna to sign my first contract. I was very young, accompanied by my dad. We arrive in the office of the president, Alberto Zanatta. He kisses me in the front and makes ‘Happy, welcome to the family’ (in Italian, ndr). And I think, ‘oh mum, in the net of the Godfather’ “.

Olympics Who? After skiing, everyone at the airport, Neureuther on the plane greeted the fans and rested. He has oriented his compass and on the compass there is only one north: Matilda. It is such a magnetic north that it murmurs of its no at Olympia 2018: “It’s not just for Matilda. But look around, do you see the Olympic spirit? With what’s happening in Korea? Not me. I remember Lillehammer, in 1994 I was ten years old: I felt the joy of the people. That was Olympics. I’m getting pressures to go, yes; but I did not really decide. Life changes, priorities change: there is Miriam, there is Matilda. Now I want to. “

New Fiat 124 Spider, the rebirth of the legendary car

Nearly 50 years after its debut back the car with eight different liveries, designed by the Fiat Style Centre in Turin and the factories built by Mazda in Japan

If they have traveled a lot of way to that distant 1966, while the Beatles were publishing “Yellow Submarine”, he debuted the Fiat 124 Spider, a car just as young and radiant, who conquered soon also the US market. Today, the 124 Spider (unveiled at the LA Auto) returns built on the platform of the Mazda MX-5, just as stylish and sporty, with clear references to its past. Originally designed by Pininfarina, the new 124 Spider comes from the Fiat Style Centre in Turin with the added value of technology and innovative materials. Body significantly lighter, eight colors available (two pastel, Passion Red and Black Ice, the five metallic Vesuvius Black, Silver Grey, Grey Fashion, Magnetic Bronze, Blue Italy; and finally the three-layer White Ice), the soft top vintage and strictly controls manuals.

Fiat 124 Spider features a four-cylinder engine turbo MultiAir 1.4-liter that delivers 140 horsepower (103 kW) and 240 Nm of torque, which combined with lightweight materials and refined mechanics and innovative guarantees an exciting experience guide.

Two specifications (commercializati as of April 2016): 124 Spider and Luxury. Which adds the limited edition Anniversary in 124 specimens passionate red with black leather seats.

Mont Blanc, it fights on the border. Chamonix: “It ‘France’. Courmayeur: “No, it’s Italian”

Mont Blanc, is quarrel between France and Italy. Chamonix has closed access to the glacier of the Giant from Torino refuge. “They removed the warning information that we had placed after the massive influx of tourists – said the mayor of Courmayeur Fabrizia Derriard – and closed the passage. But the shelter Turin is Italy.”

Rome, September 7, 2015 – The Mont Blanc and its border: where does Italy and France where he started? The dispute is beautiful open, and the last act of the tug bears the signature of the mayor of Chamonix. Access closed from Torino refuge of the glacier du Géant. Because what they say from Chamonix, “French territory”. Different opinion in Courmayeur – united by the Mont Blanc tunnel to Chamonix own – where they have absolutely no doubts: “Up there is Italy, have no competence”.

THE BACKGROUND In recent days, two mountain guides from across the Alps, to the order of the mayor Eric Fournier, have blocked access to the glacier. Reason: security issues. “They removed the warning information that we had placed after the massive influx of tourists in recent months – said the mayor of Courmayeur Fabrizia Derriard – and closed the passage, also creating danger for climbers who now have to jump over a hurdle to set foot on the snow. ” “The shelter is in Turin Italy – thundered still Derriard – and there the French have no jurisdiction. The decision to close the passage will have legal consequences. It is true, our land registry does not match that of Chamonix. We still we rely on maps NATO transposing the Convention of 1860 and put the border on the watershed. ”

According to the French border passes under the Torino hut, which then would be in the Transalpine territory, for Italians instead is in the middle of the glacier, about 300 meters higher, and therefore it would be in Italy. Delfino Viglione, Marshal of the Guardia di Finanza of Entreves, for years dealing with the question: “The boundaries are on the watershed, from the Dome du Gouter to the summit of Mont Blanc, the Mont Maudit to the Tour Ronde, from the Flambeau with up to tip Hellbronner. At altitude there are the stones, is the ridge that forms the boundary. ”

BOUNDARIES AND REALITY The last clash between the two neighboring municipalities comes more than two months after the comment Renzi, that on June 23 he said “We have not invaded France” with the back of a giant glacial heart of Mont Blanc. The externalization of the Prime Minister came not by chance: with the difficult situation in the Mediterranean and the tensions at the border of Ventimiglia France-Italy, also the border dispute of Mont Blanc has resumed vigorously share. And there’s more: during a visit to the new reality of Rai2 Mont Blanc, run Catherine Bailiff, have not gone unnoticed the four tents pitched on the glacier of Giant. The French have taken pains to emphasize that the Valdostane Alpine Guides “Ici c’est nous, c’est la France”. “For us – he said recently the president of the mountain guides of Valle d’Aosta, Guido Azzalea – is more and more difficult to work on the French side.” History now base camp for that very future of RAI-2 will follow the official channels, from the ministry IGM up, the Institute of Military Geography. The inauguration of the new plant of the border, which on June 25 was attended by the Prime Minister Renzi, were not present nor the representatives of the cable cars Chamoniarde, nor the mayor of Chamonix. Now even close access. It will serve to restore peace a reality?

MOVED THE FRONTIER The boundaries also gave headaches last year at Colle del Piccolo San Bernardo, a few kilometers from White. “The French with a bulldozer – recalled a guide – they moved the boundary stone of 150 meters. As it is obvious that it is immediately returned to his place.” The dispute starts over 150 years ago, from 1865, when the French drew an ear on the southern side of the mountain. Decision which became law and that even without being a parliamentary Luciano Caveri in 1996 and a European assembly of three years after Nicholas Rinaldi was able to resolve. Since 2011, Google Maps also took note of: a reinvented border and towards the Dôme du Goûter, and towards Punta Helbronner.


The first ascent of Mont Blanc, an August 8

229 years ago: The expedition was organized by a famous scientist, but to reach the summit for the first time were a doctor and a crystal-digger.
The first ascent of Mont Blanc took place 229 years ago, on Aug. 8, 1786: the first to arrive at the top were the crystal hunter Jacques Balmat and the doctor Michel Gabriel Paccard, to 18.23, and remained there for just under forty minutes, during which it carried the scientific measurements. With its 4810 meters, the Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in the Alps and Europe except the Caucasus, The expedition was organized by the famous scientist Horace-Benedict de Saussure, who according to some reconstructions had even promised a reward to anyone who would go up first of Mont Blanc. De Saussure was mainly specialized in the study of glaciers, and for this many years studying the Mont Blanc massif, planning to make the measurements for yourself.

Paccard had graduated in Turin and had already attempted the climb in 1783. Balmat instead was an expert of the mountains around Chamonix, and it was with great athleticism. They decided to organize an expedition together for convenience, although did not go over well: the idea of ​​Paccard was not to go the traditional route with which it had been attempted the ascent earlier that the Grands Mullets, but to divert first to reach the Dôme du Goûter, through the Grand Plateau, under the north face of Mont Blanc. They risked to go back, because the daughter was ill and the Balmat crystal hunter wanted to go back (he died later that day). After reaching the summit and made the measurements, Balmat and Paccard began the descent: it got dark quickly, but the two had chosen a full moon night, and were able to camp out.
The date of the first ascent of Mont Blanc coincides with the birth of mountaineering that day began the so-called “phase of conquest” of mountaineering, where one by one were climbing all the mountains of the Alps over four thousand meters high. When in 1865 Edward Whymper reached the last major peak, the Matterhorn, the nature of mountaineering was changed: if in the beginning the reasons for the climb were mostly scientific, soon he asserted the idea of ​​mountaineering as a sporting gesture. Today in the center of Chamonix a statue of Balmat showing the Mont Blanc de Saussure remembers the first ascent.


Lara Gut has become familiar with new materials allo Stelvio there for Didier Cuche


The Swiss Lara Gut has closed its first week on the snow at the Stelvio Pass in the upcoming season. To help you become familiar with new materials Head was also his illustrious compatriot Didier Cuche. Here is the account of 24-year old Ticino posted on his official website.

“Today ends my training camp at the Stelvio Pass, days were interesting and very useful, although the weather did a little ‘crazy and the sun was not done often see we could do a great job. We focused on cross-country speed and I made many kilometers in super-g and downhill in order to adapt to the new material; everything has to be discovered, and I understand how the skis, the particularity of the boots or the interaction plate-attack. Luckily I was not alone on the track, Didier Cuche came to help me and his presence I was very helpful; it is not always easy to put into words their feelings and have a meticulous athlete like him in the snow allowed me to understand more quickly that road to take and gave me advice on how to plan the work. After a week of skiing are not talking about details or finishes but just in general concepts, such as whether it is better to understand a hard or soft shoe for a particular discipline, in that occasion I could use it, … in these situations to have Didier on track and hear his opinion was very helpful. Sure, it’s a bit ‘strange to see Didier bring a bundle of poles on their shoulders or take the jacket at the start, me I can still see him as an athlete at the gate in front of me in training, but it’s great to have agreed to share a bit’ of his experience with me and I was a big help! Now back to the gym to train until the middle of July when find myself the eternal snows of Saas Fee and Zermatt, at that Didier will not be present but surely we will meet later … See you soon. ”

Alpine Skiing World Cup in Lake Louise


COURMAYEUR – After four years of work at height and investments have exceeded 100 million euro, the eighth wonder of the world, or the new cable car of Mont Blanc – Skyway, it became a reality. The first race was conducted Saturday, May 30, and in 19 minutes brought the first passengers to 3,462 meters of Punta Helbronner, in the heart of Mont Blanc. The new plant, in two sections, joins Pontal d’Entreves (fraction of Courmayuer) with Pavillion and Pavillion with Punta Helbronner and replaces three old cable cars which covered the same route with a stop in more.

The new cable cars will bring in altitude skiers freeride but also hikers and tourists alike that 19 minutes uphill iperpanoramica (cable car cabins have large windows and are rotair, or turn on themselves during the trip) can get in one of the the most scenic spots of the Alps. At this point, the offer of Courmayeur is very competitive with those cousins ​​of Chamonix, on the other side of the “Roof of Europe”.


To achieve this extraordinary feat of engineering were employed 200 workers who for four years have worked in difficult conditions given the odds and weather conditions. The round-trip ticket costs 40 Euros in low season and in winter and EUR 45 in high season (from 20 June to late August) and the parking is free pre the first half hour, costs 1 euro for 1 to 4 stops hours, up to 10 euro for the whole day. The official opening will take place between 22 and 26 June in the presence of Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, while the work will be completed next year when it will be finally dismantled the old three cable cars which started from La Palud.


Julia Mancuso leaves or returns?

A season with few joys (third place in Lake Louise downhill) and a lot of problems, not least the hip pain, Julia Mancuso has convinced to give up the stage of the World Cup in Garmisch and, finally, even the Finals Meribel.
A waiver that someone has interpreted as a retreat for the next 31 year old Californian … actually Julia, one of the most popular athletes of the Rose Circus, wants to continue until the Olympics in 2018, provided that the physical support, as reiterated in an interview made by the same American Federation, US Ski Team.
Why did you decide not to run the last stages?
At the moment there is no point competing. I want to fight for the podium, not only go down. I had a lot of pain and I did not feel able to push to the end
How do you feel to have missed the Finals?
I am disappointed not to have made the finals, I had a long career and I’ve never skipped, but it is fair to look bigger and find the right answers. I care, and I’ll be better next year.
How do you think it was your season?
I was happy as it had started, share the podium with my companions was fantastic and one of the highlights of my career. Every year for me is new and different. At this point of my life for the fun of skiing is fun and I feel good. So I need to stop and fix problems before returning to a place I like to ski.
What are your plans for spring and summer?
If the doctors give me the ok I plan a couple of projects on skis. At the moment I do not have a lot of pain, but it is not enough to allow me to fight at the highest level. I will heli-ski in the Gothic Mountains in Colorado and a trip to Alaska with my friend Sierra Quitiquit. Then I’ll try to figure out if there is a special method of training that I can add to my work schedule, or some medical treatment, if necessary. I want to really understand what’s the problem during the spring, in order to use the summer for training.
What will be your future in the World Cup?
I want to compete at the Olympics 2018. Also attend a couple of projects, one with Sierra Quitiquit and another with Shades of Winter (a film about freeskiing done by girls). Both a homage to the athletes and I hope they are an inspiration for future generations, so that they have the nature and follow their dreams. I am happy that my career as a skier serve in other contexts.
What will you do when you’ve finished with skiing?
I hope to be an inspiration for young people, so get out and explore the world, have fun and are really themselves. I think there is a lot of pressure on young girls because they behave in a certain way and it is important that they learn to appreciate just themselves, with determination, and cultivating their aspirations. I hope to do something where I can bring my passion and my experience with others, and help them to shine their light. I will never stop exploring. I hope to travel the world in some way and share my experiences with everyone you do not know.
Anything else you want to say to your fans?
I’ll be back next year in Cup stronger than ever. I can not wait to continue my racing career and compete in the next Olympics! Thanks for being my fans, you are an important part of what keeps me going every day.


Cristallo Hotel in Cortina d’Ampezzo: Summer 2015 dream

Approaching the summer season and the time is already ripe to start thinking about summer vacation. Although the sea is still, by far, the favorite destination, so many people will travel in the mountains.

Summer dream flying high at the Crystal Hotel in Cortina d’Ampezzo, with a proposed 360-degree designed for all families. The 5-star luxury of the “Queen of Dolimiti” has thought of a special blend, from sports to relaxation, the pleasures of those for local specialties, in perfect continuity with the themes of Expo 2015. Because hospitality is an art . As Italian products and customer care.

The Crystal Hotel is a jewel receptive nestled in the mountains that embrace its magic. This hotel has a long history, made of acquaintances important, in the past as in the present. Today may be chosen for important business occasions, such as meetings, incentives or corporate parties, or for events and private parties.

The structure is a symbol of glamor Ampezzo. Its spaces are the perfect place for unforgettable spa breaks, reaching its peak in the exclusive Spa. Two conference rooms, dedicated to Gustav III and Goethe. The first, also available for banquets for up to 80 people, is characterized by a beautiful parquet Versailles and an attractive coffered ceiling. Equipped with the latest technology, lends itself to accommodate important occasions, prestige, where excellence is a must.

The other, however, is unique and unforgettable experience for the extraordinary panorama of which you can enjoy looking out the windows. Located on the top floor in the center of the building, is the ideal place for business lunches or opportunities to meet in confidence. To end a day with a touch of class impeccable, the ideal is to take advantage of unparalleled proposals elegant Cocktail Bar, before a gala dinner in the Veranda, with breathtaking views of the Tofane, also to celebrate a romantic wedding in a really Special.

Dedicated to an elite clientele, the Cristallo Hotel offers the most exclusive and the most sophisticated structures for an unforgettable stay. The Transvital Swiss Beauty Center offers the most refined lovers of relaxation and body care unique experiences of being stuffed. To note the FitWell Club, a fitness center equipped with the latest generation of advanced equipment, flexible and personalized training programs designed by Personal Trainer and integrated fitness and beauty.

For summer 2015 were predicted several events and surprises, including the inevitable appointment of August with Ferragustando. This beautiful complex, the series The Leading Hotels of the World, helps to discover a unique and unforgettable Cortina, much closer than it looks and similar exposure.

Among the proposals sporting the Cortina Golf, 9 holes that allow players to engage in a process of high level and enjoy at the same time, a unique panorama in the world. The board then dresses beauty and charm in the different location of the structure, where you can sample the culinary excellence and regional Italian.

The package True Cortina for EXPO allows guests to enjoy the wonderful places dolomitic through sport from fun: from mountain biking to climbing to golf, alternating hard to relax in the pool, thermarium, massages and fitness area at the fully Spa. The package includes a free entry to the show.




The last snow in the Alps


Cervinia, Livigno, Austria or the Corvatsch Engadine. Places and ideas for an Easter still of skiing and winter sports
The winter just ended was not the best for skiing enthusiasts. The snowfall in February and night frosts, however, have given us a better chance to ski resorts, which have managed to extend the season over the Easter period, when the climate is not stiffer early spring makes pleasant lazing in the sun after a morning of skiing. And so in many places rained offers to stay with ski pass included.

You can whiz in the sun Easter on the slopes that descend from the glacier Grostè in Madonna di Campiglio on mileage or rhododendron from the crown of the Doss Sabion in Pinzolo, natural terrace open the Brenta Dolomites. Also good seal Brenta, a “red” little exposed to the morning sun, from where the cable car that connects the slopes of Pinzolo with the area of ​​Madonna di Campiglio, Folgarida and Marilleva. Passo del Tonale, on the border between Lombardy and Trentino, unfolds from 1,884 to 3,100 m. share, poised on unspoiled views of the upper Val Camonica, where the glacier Presena guarantees prolonged season is on the legendary “black” Paradise, 3 km. in length and 710 m. in altitude, the scenic trail that dell’Alpino, over 4 km long, and especially on the direct route Presena-Tonale-Pontedilegno, 11 km. and 1,740 m. altitude to go all in one breath.

In addition to the slopes in higher regions of Italy, Cervinia museum also boasts the highest in Europe – “A mountain of work” – where photographs and vintage gear tells the adventure of the realization of the first ski lifts. Today the cable car that climbs from Breuil-Cervinia goes up to 3,400 m. Plateau Rosa; skis, you can explore the Matterhorn Ski Paradise, area straddling Italy and Switzerland and then get up to Zermatt: 10,000 or 12,500 m. in altitude in one day, never return to the same facility or redo the same track. The closure postponed due to the favorable climate is the opportunity for a bet to Alagna, ancient Walser village of Sesia Valley, a paradise for off-piste and fascinating frame dell’impegnativa “black” dell’Olen.

Nicknamed “Little Tibet” for extremely cold temperatures, Livigno is also a perfect destination for skiing Easter or for a ride in fat-bike, bikes with big wheels to try on the pedestrian line that runs for more than 20 km. throughout the country. Duty-free shopping destination, a half hour from the suggestive Roman baths of Bormio, from April 11 to May 3, offers free ski passes with a minimum stay of 4 nights in hotel or structures. In addition, 5 to 10 April, the largest in the free-ski (skiers who challenge shots of jumps and somersaults in the snow) will all be in Livigno to compete on the battlements of the Castle of Snow Nine Knights, icon of the sport for the spectacular structures set up by shapers Schneestern, the first agency of snow parks in Europe.