In Copenhagen the waste-to-energy plant becomes a ski slope

Designed by the Bjarke Ingels Group, the Amager Bakke – Copenhill waste-to-energy plant is preparing to become the new cult destination for sportsmen, including a climbing and climbing wall

Building a waste-to-energy plant in the middle of a green area entirely dedicated to sport and wellness may seem like a contradiction. But not if you are in Denmark, and if behind the entire project is the signature of the prestigious architectural firm Bjarke Ingels Group. The Amager Bakke – Copenhill complex should be inaugurated in the autumn of next year: a 750 million euro facility in the immediate vicinity of Copenhagen, which in addition to burning waste and producing energy for neighboring cities will also host on its surface a ski slope and a climbing wall.

The project, the result of a 2010 call, aims to turn Copenhagen into the world’s first zero-emission capital. The waste-to-energy plant has been designed to receive around 400 thousand tonnes of waste every year, and to transform it into electricity and hot water with which to heat homes and offices. All strictly zero-impact: the smoke that escapes from the chimneys of the structure is actually a harmless water vapor, while the waste-to-energy residues are reused as fertilizer for agriculture and building material.

But that is not all. Because in addition to show off a very respectable design, made of glass, aluminum and steel, Amager Bakke – Copenhill is preparing to become a mandatory destination for the most avid sportsmen. Thanks to its considerable size, 200 meters long, 60 wide and 90 high, this artificial hill will soon be equipped with all the necessary equipment to convert to the ski slope, complete with a ski lift, safety barriers and snow cannons fed by the same power plant.

While on the side wall will be set up an artificial climbing wall of 86 meters.

“The goal is to connect Amager Bakke – Copenhill to the center of Copenhagen and make this complex a real reference point for lovers of skiing and climbing, practically active for the entire duration of the year”, explain the managers of the Amager Ressource Center. “The project developed by Bjarke Ingels is not only beautiful from an aesthetic point of view, but also absolutely functional. A café will also be built inside the building, and visitors will enjoy the breathtaking view of the city “. The system, it seems, can serve up to a maximum of 200 skiers at a time, while the price per hour of ski passes should be around 70 crowns, about 9.50 euros.

From Brescia to ski in Trentino with FlixBus

In the winter season, FlixBus starts racing straight between Brescia and nine ski resorts in Trentino to allow skiers and snowboarders to spend a week or just a weekend in some of the most beautiful resorts in the region, immersing themselves in the magical atmospheres that animate them during Christmas time.

From December 7th, those who are anxiously waiting for the first snowflakes to escape from the city and skiing at their feet can comfortably get to Val di Sole and Val Rendena without having to resort to the car, enjoying the comfort they offer on board the buses green: Wi-Fi, power sockets and toilets. Specifically, FlixBus will connect to Val Rendena Madonna di Campiglio, Pinzolo, Carisolo and Campo Carlo Magno, while in Val Sole you can reach the outskirts of Folgarida, Dimaro, Pellizzano and Mezzana and the Passo del Tonale ski area. All these links will be operational every weekend until early April, with an increase in frequency in Christmas time, to allow Brescians to reach their favorite destination every day. Ski equipment can be transported free of charge on board.

Brescia’s travel opportunities are numerous, though they do not like winter sports and the mountains prefer a weekend in the city: from the stop at Via Solferino you can travel to about 60 destinations, including short-medium destinations such as Venice, Turin and Genoa or long-distance destinations such as Rome, Naples and Bari. Those who want to cross the border can reach European capitals such as Zagreb in Croatia and Ljubljana in Slovenia.

Discounts and promotions for “skiing” at Bellunesi’s feet

Approach to the practice of skiing residents, not only of Cortina, of Cadore, but of the whole province of Belluno. It is the sense of the initiative taken by the Cortina, Auronzo and San Vito cable harness consortium, which looks especially at the younger ones, to start a sport that is becoming more popular, cost and technical commitment. “We thought this year at the local market, after finding that few Bellunoes are sailing. So there will be seasonal discounts that are particularly beneficial for schoolchildren and students, explains Enrico Ghezze, president of the consortium, which goes from 50 euros for the whole winter to nursery school children; 100 euros for elementary school students; 150 for middle school and 200 for high school and college. There will be another benefit for families: if the children take the skipass, each parent will have a 50 euro discount on the purchase of his subscription. ” Ghezze then appealed: “We hope to be followed, in this policy for the residents, by other categories of entrepreneurs, such as traders, who hire skiing and equipment, schools and masters, who offer lessons” …


Zermatt is a beautiful Swiss village on Mount Rosa, at the foot of the Matterhorn . And ‘it is lying in the bottom of the Mattertal Valley and you arrive only by train; in village works only electric vehicles. And ‘one of the few ski resorts without a car.

Attention to the environment that is also seen in the approach unusual for lifts (ISO 14001) and energy in self-sufficiency of the top restaurants, given by photovoltaic and solar panel systems.

Zermatt is one with Italian Valtournenche and Breuil Cervinia in the district Matterhorn Ski Paradise, with 350 km of slopes. Very spectacular and the descent from the Klein Matterhorn extremely long (almost 3900 m) to the country through the glacier of Plateau Rosa.

The facilities are very modern, but there are still signs of the tradition like the little train from the village of Zermatt reaches 3200 meters Gornergrad between incomparable scenery, tracks, tunnels and walls of snow.

Another example of modernity is the underground funicular to the ski area Sonnegga. Upon arrival of the Klein Matterhorn cable car you can visit the Ice Palace, a series of caves dug at 15 m depth in the glacier.

Courmayeur Mont Blanc tunnel to the festival for the first 50 years


“The galleries, such as bridges, helping to negate the obstacles to encounter, mutual understanding, the exchange of cultures and cooperation between peoples. Built at a time when the countries most affected seemed to excel in competition for the conquest of interplanetary space, the Mont Blanc Tunnel is now as then as an example of the capacity ‘and will’ of men to overcome all obstacles on the way of peaceful coexistence. ” So ‘the president of the Societa’ Italian for Mont Blanc Tunnel Riccardo Sessa, today, in the day of celebration in Courmayeur (AO) 50 years after opening to traffic of the Mont Blanc Tunnel. “After 50 years of its commissioning – he said the CEO of the Company ‘Italian for Mont Blanc Tunnel Mario Battle – the Mont Blanc tunnel, while maintaining the original structural, is profoundly changed in equipment in defense of regularity ‘and traffic safety. ” On 11.6 kilometers of the tunnel, tracks each year by about 1.8 million vehicles, there are 37 shelters pressurized connected to a rescue tunnel, 156 cameras placed every 100 meters in addition to the 33 placed outside the gallery. In addition, two barriers placed at the entrances of the tunnel prevent users from access to the tunnel in case of an incident and 36 half-gates each 600 meters also allow you to block vehicles inside the tunnel. ”
“The opening of the tunnel took place on July 16 to 50 years ago – said the president of the region of Valle d’Aosta Augustus Rollandin – was certainly an important moment in our history, not only for the quality ‘and the size of the infrastructure, but also because ‘represent’ a mighty growth of the Italian-French collaboration both bilaterally and in the more ‘broader context of a Community’ European Union that was born only seven years before the entry into force of the Treaty of Rome, had among its own objectives the free movement of goods, services, labor, capital and the abolition of cartels and the development of joint policies ”

Looking out from the Italian Reststop at the Mont Blanc Tunnel


COURMAYEUR – After four years of work at height and investments have exceeded 100 million euro, the eighth wonder of the world, or the new cable car of Mont Blanc – Skyway, it became a reality. The first race was conducted Saturday, May 30, and in 19 minutes brought the first passengers to 3,462 meters of Punta Helbronner, in the heart of Mont Blanc. The new plant, in two sections, joins Pontal d’Entreves (fraction of Courmayuer) with Pavillion and Pavillion with Punta Helbronner and replaces three old cable cars which covered the same route with a stop in more.

The new cable cars will bring in altitude skiers freeride but also hikers and tourists alike that 19 minutes uphill iperpanoramica (cable car cabins have large windows and are rotair, or turn on themselves during the trip) can get in one of the the most scenic spots of the Alps. At this point, the offer of Courmayeur is very competitive with those cousins ​​of Chamonix, on the other side of the “Roof of Europe”.


To achieve this extraordinary feat of engineering were employed 200 workers who for four years have worked in difficult conditions given the odds and weather conditions. The round-trip ticket costs 40 Euros in low season and in winter and EUR 45 in high season (from 20 June to late August) and the parking is free pre the first half hour, costs 1 euro for 1 to 4 stops hours, up to 10 euro for the whole day. The official opening will take place between 22 and 26 June in the presence of Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, while the work will be completed next year when it will be finally dismantled the old three cable cars which started from La Palud.



Speaking of summer skiing with all the snow fell at this time may seem strange, but the news is important because the glacier of Val Senales next summer will again become viable skis even in the summer. Was spoken of summer skiing around here for a couple of years when it was taken the decision not to open more tracks in the summer, but now, with the new management of the area is back to the old and the glacier of Val Senales will be possible to ski from June 12 to July 12, 2015.

Available for skiers there will be plants and Grawand Finail, which serve large and slopes of varying difficulty. The facilities will be open daily from 7.30 am to 13 and the cable car to the glacier will be in service without a break, from 7.15 to 16.30. This is good news especially for ski clubs that will have an alternative to the Stelvio and the Plateau Rosa ‘- to stay close to our own borders – for workouts.


Chocolate Sculptures

Vince Cortina to “Chocolate Sculptures”, the sweetest day of celebration organized at the Cristallo Hotel Spa & Golf

Vince Cortina to “Chocolate Sculptures”, the sweetest day of celebration organized at the Cristallo Hotel Spa & Golf that told the Queen of the Dolomites through its most evocative symbols. The Maitre Chocolatier Mirco Della Vecchia drove his best students in a contest between art and taste, won by Luigi Calienno with the bas-relief in fine chocolate of the historic city of Bell. Success for the other works, three of which, with the collaboration of The Rules d’Ampezzo and their museum center, will become the exceptional snack for children laboratories Festival Cortinametraggio. While the highly acclaimed play of the world celebrates the Cluster Cocoa and Chocolate Expo 2015 and will be exhibited awaited event. The five-star luxury of Cortina reconfirms representative and promoter of Made in Italy and is already preparing, with the True Cortina for EXPO, to welcome visitors who will be in Italy for the event of the year.
It ‘was the sculpture “The Bell” Luigi Calienno to win the race between art and taste of “Chocolate Sculptures”, an event organized yesterday (Saturday, March 14) at the Hotel Cristallo Spa & Golf Academy Master Chocolatiers Italian under the auspices of the National Confederation of Crafts and Small and Medium Enterprises. The initiative has seen the enthusiastic participation of a broad public, intrigued by the works of chocolate made during the hours before their eyes and called to vote on the best. Particularly appreciated “The World”, sculpted by Raffaele Rea and also created to celebrate the Cluster Cocoa and Chocolate Expo Milano 2015, where it will be exposed.
The Cristallo Hotel Spa & Golf, the five-star luxury of Cortina which is part of The Leading Hotels of the World, an international organization that brings together the elite of the most prestigious hotels in the world with over 430 luxury facilities in 80 countries, takes care always to organize cultural events and creative faces also to tell and promote the beauty and the particularities of the most famous tourist resort. The property, which has recently opened its new eco-skating rink, is already preparing the package True Cortina for EXPO to welcome visitors who will be in Italy for the event of the year.
“We are always happy to promote initiatives that celebrate the beautiful Cortina and its wonders” – said Director of the Hotel Giorgio Borgonovo. “The hotel is representative of the best Made in Italy in terms of beauty, warmth and hospitality excellence and, as such, loves to support activities and events that share values ​​and characteristics.”
From the early hours of the morning, immersed in a beautiful sunny day with the scent of the best chocolate in the Living room of the hotel, the famous Maitre Chocolatier bellunese Mirco Della Vecchia, founder of the Academy of Italian Master Chocolatiers and National President CNA Food, has worked assiduously to guide and support four of his best students in making the work of the most beautiful and original chocolate themed Cortina. The Academy is home to training within Cioccolateria, they are getting more and more even result in enrollment.
The day was dedicated to the Queen of the Dolomites, represented through four chocolate sculptures depicting the most important places and landmarks of the city: “The Bell” made by Luigi Calienno, “The Squirrel” by the hand of Olympia Bevacqua, “The Diamond” sculpted by Giuseppe Punteri and dedicated to the hotel and finally “The World” by Raffaele Rea.
The panoramic terrace overlooking the Dolomites Hotel was the venue of the vote that afternoon, in the presence of the Director and staff of the hotel, have involved the audience and the winner Luigi Calienno, twenty-eight of Roman origin, pastry chef for 10 years and student of the Academy, who portrayed the highest symbol of Cortina demonstrating technique, skill and precision in the details. In addition to the satisfaction and applause, Calienno won a dinner for two with hotel accommodation. Among the audience was also randomly selected one lucky, you will taste a dinner for two at the restaurant “La Stube 1872” of the Crystal Hotel savoring the chocolate fondues.
The collaboration of the Rules d’Ampezzo and the Museum of the Rules d’Ampezzo, the museum complex that includes the Paleontological Museum Rinaldo Zardini, the Ethnographic Museum Rules d’Ampezzo and the Museum of Modern Art Mario Rimoldi will allow children of laboratories 19:21 March of the review MUSEUM OF CHARM Cortinametraggio Festival dedicated to making a memorable snack. The Museum Rimondi were in fact donated three of the sculptures.
The package True Cortina for EXPO proposed your hotel and included with a free entry to the display, allowing guests to enjoy the wonderful places dolomitic through sport from fun: from mountain biking to climbing to golf, alternating fatigue in moments relaxing in the swimming pool, thermarium, massages and fitness area at the fully Spa.
For the Universal Hotel has also created an interesting partnership with the Baglioni Group for the Luna Hotel Baglioni in Venice and Milan Carlton, through which you will have the opportunity to spend two nights in this wonderful city and two nights of charm and beauty at the hotel in Cortina.
The event was also an opportunity to preview the Expo to news that there will be the National CNA between the partners of the Cluster Cocoa and Chocolate, which is the official Eurochocolate content provider. The sculpture in the world of chocolate in fact draws attention to the six countries cocoa producers in the Cluster (Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Cuba, Gabon, Ghana, Sao Tome and Principe).


Skiing at Easter promotions.

Just a few days to the Easter holidays and what better if you do not pass it on the snow for the last ski season? Spring has begun, but the best ski resorts continue to keep open plants and to maintain the tracks most perfect possible thanks to some snowfall in recent days.

On the occasion of Easter, some ski resorts have decided to give away a chocolate egg with some promotions. In some hotels of the stations that are part of the Dolomiti Superski, the offer is valid Dolomiti Super Sun that includes 7 nights of vacation at the price of 6 and 6 days ski pass for the price of 5. Among the participating hotels are the St’Anton Residence Eden and Hotel Pinei Alpe di Siusi, Hotel La Roccia Cavalese in Val di Fiemme and the Hotel Erika San Vigilio (Plan de Corones) that, in addition to the above offer, also applies Happy Easter promotion: 62 euro per person half board per day for a minimum stay of three nights.

Also all ski resorts Skirama Dolomites (Folgaria, Madonna di Campiglio, Andalo, Monte Bomdone, Pinzolo, Fai Folgarida, Tonale Pass and Pejo) promote the offer Special Easter April 5 to 12: in the hotel price and apartments, including ski passes Superskirama Dolomiti Adamello Brenta for 6 or 7 days. Especially in Folgaria, Hotel Due Spade, from 2 to 8 April, offers the package of 3 days half board, Easter dinner and sauna at the price of 145 euro per person.

Moving to San Martino di Castrozza, Hotel Margherita offers 7 days for the price of 6 and the package for 4 nights at the special price of 55 euro per person per day with half board.

And if you prefer skiing in Valle d’Aosta, in Pila, April 5 to 12, with a 7 night stay at the hotel you can ski for free for 6 days. The offer also includes two hours of accompanied skiing on Monday morning.

Finally in Asiago, Veneto, April 2 to 7 to 315 euro offers a package that includes a half-board in a three-star hotel with spa, ski pass for 5 days and 10 hours of ski school.


Swedish Royal

I reali di Svezia alla cerimonia d'apertura dei mondiali di sci nordico

Narrow in their down jackets blue flag, the Swedish royal parade to the striking opening ceremony of the Nordic World Ski Championships. And a couple, in particular, draws attention

Impressive opening ceremony of Nordic World Ski Championships in Falun, Sweden. And the Swedish royal family can not miss. A bewitching photographers are, most of all, Carl Philip and Sofia Hellqvist, deeply in love

TOWARDS MARRIAGE – Straits in their down jackets blue flag, the second son Carl Philip real and beautiful and scandalous girlfriend are close neighbors, they smile, they appear just rehearsed. A good omen, now that they are officially engaged and the wedding date is one step …

Talk Sofia Hellqvist, from past pornstars from marriage to Carl Philip of Sweden: “I enjoyed my life …”

VICTORIA AND LOVE – Together with Betrothed there are also King Carl Gustav and Queen Silvia. And there’s Victoria: the heir to the Swedish throne, however, is all alone, without her husband Daniel and their daughter Estelle. Smiles abound: even if there are his, Victoria can count on the love of his people. That he can not wait to have her on the throne.