Where to ski low cost, map and prices for “having fun” with the autumn snow

While in the south probably someone is still bathing at the sea, in the North is already all ready for the new ski season. If most of the facilities will open between the second half of November and early December, in some regions of Italy in a few days it will be possible to put the skis at the foot

The Stelvio Pass, in Lombardy, thanks to over 20 kilometers of all difficulty, for a total difference of over 700 meters, is one of the most important summer skiing and snowboard centers. Although the heat of summer has created some problems, forcing them to close ski lifts and ski slopes, enthusiasts will be able to enjoy over 20 kilometers of slopes until November 5th with a late-torch torch scheduled for Saturday 4th.

In South Tyrol, the slopes of the Val Senales glacier are already open: skiers have a 3,212-meter Grawand chairlift. “Hope is to be able to open all the systems within two weeks, allowing time,” explains the local operators. Solda has been on the road since October 21, due to the high slopes of up to 3250 meters.

It is still “early to give a complete picture of any price increases on plant prices” but, as explained by AdnKronos Valeria Ghezzi, president of the Anef (National Association of Operators), “where we should be talking about 2% at most. And I think even from a receptive point of view there will be no significant increases. ” “Investment in the industry amounts to 70 billion – says the Ghezzi – now snow is always guaranteed, also because the trend is that of a mountain to live all year round: even when it is natural you work because it enhances comfort of those who wander. ” “In any case, hope is that this year will be a ‘white Christmas’ – he concludes – not so much because we fear that the sector is affected, but above all, what are the Christmas holidays from the point of view of the collective imagination.”

Madonna, the concert and the exhibition. Between tears and desire to fight

After the attacks in Paris, the pop star, albeit with suffering, he does not suspend the tour. Tonight is in Turin (concert) and Bologna (with an exhibition dedicated to her)

Before Bob Dylan and his guards in disguise at the Teatro Manzoni in Bologna, today controls a carpet for the long-awaited concert by Madonna. After the attacks in Paris, “The public security authorities are preparing the necessary measures to protect and ensure the safety of citizens,” says the Mayor of Turin, Piero Fassino, in view of the pop star’s concert tonight in the town of Savoy. On 14 November, the Queen of Pop has interrupted the concert in Stockholm for a six-minute speech on the terrorist attacks confessing the difficult decision to take to the stage: “My whole show is a celebration of life, the fight for the rights, and the will to fight for what we believe in. ” But “the show must go on.” And so the opening of the gates of PalaAlpitour confirmed for tonight (only) at 18. At 20 you begin.
For all Madonna fans that instead will not be able (or want) to participate, in Bologna today inaugurated an exhibition that traces the construction of the pop icon.

The gallery ONO Arte Contemporanea presents “Madonna: The Rise of a Star”, a group exhibition that brings together 60 photographs, of various sizes, Peter Cunningham, George DuBose and Deborah Feingold. Among the most curious anecdotes narrated along the way, the encounter between Cunningham and Maria Veronica Ciccone in 1982. The photographer had not I heard of it, but Warner Bros. publicist Liz Rosenberg, her friend, advises him not to miss the occasion: “It will be the new Marilyn Monroe!” he said. The day of the shooting came a disheveled Madonna without makeup dressed as a punkettona. He acconcia itself and looks in the chamber Photo Cunningham. The rest is history.

Casiraghi and Borromeo families of fairytale weddings

Formal as her sisters, Lavinia and Isabella, majestic as the grandmother of him, Grace Kelly, or fairytale like Andrea and Tatiana. To be inspired Beatrice for yes to Pierre?

Double ceremony, one in the Principality of Monaco, his house Pierre Casiraghi, one of the Borromean Islands, owned by the family of her, Beatrice Borromeo. Double, triple, quadruple feast. Result, a caravan of high society guests that will be at stake from the French Riviera to the shores of Lake Maggiore for two challenging weekend of parties and receptions from Saturday, July 25.

The marriage of Pierre Casiraghi and Beatrice Borromeo does speak for days. Inevitable: their families have given membership in the last 30 years, gossip, gossip columns and above all a rich sequence of fairytale weddings. In particular those of the sisters Borromeno.

But with such a legacy to those who will really inspire Pierre and Bea for their wedding? Formal style in homage to the label of the Grimaldi Palace, where civil weddings are celebrated and sober Cavagnetu (picnic in the garden in Monegasque dialect) or Renaissance splendor under the coat of arms with three balls of the Borromeo? To these we should also styled Casiraghi: Carolina has given to his children one coops life certainly high, but low profile. From the choice of them grew up in Provence, far from the Palace.

Not to upset anyone the two young men have decided to double the party.
The former model, now a journalist, nephew of Marta Marzotto is the fifth and last child of Charles Borromeo, the last patriarch of one of the most historic and important families of the north: three sisters females, Lavinia, Isabella and Matilde and a son, Carlo. Four countesses tall, blond, thin and chilly-looking that made important marriages, then the sources of inspiration and advice to Beatrice certainly not lacking even if, on closer inspection, the marriages of his sisters Borromeo they all look alike.

Lavinia (now 38 years) inaugurated the trend by marrying John Elkann, then vice president of Fiat, September 4, 2004: religious ceremony on Isola Madre, receipt in the Hanging Gardens of Isola Bella. All the world of high finance Italian was invited. Berlusconi, then prime minister, arrived by helicopter with Gianni Letta. She had a real princess dress by Valentino with veil family (ça va sant say) and tiara grandmother. The witnesses were the brothers Beatrice and Charles, father of brothers only because Lavinia, Isabella and Matilde, Carlo Borromeo had them with Marion Zota, Bea and Charles with Paola Marzotto, daughter Marta, who blondes and ethereal Borromeo they love like a real grandmother and that, like a real grandmother, she oversaw suille good choices double of all four.

Wedding photocopy, a year later, those of Isabella, the eldest, with the tankers Ugo Brachetti Peretti: ivory gown by Valentino, veil family. Only after the ceremony on Isola Bella celebrated the Rocca d’Angera (also owned by the family). And at the Rocca materializes, July 30, the receipt grandest wedding of Pierre and Beatrice: the Rock, it will be closed to the public from July 30 to August 2.

The last Borromeo to get married in white Valentino, among the stone statues on Isola Bella was Matilde, in June 2011, his wife went to Antonius Von Furstenberg, prince of the royal family of Germany. Only variant script Borromeo, the bride was very pregnant.

The only one to come out of the male choir Carlo, penultimate in succession: hippe chic ceremony in Pantelleria, in a field overlooking the sea at sunset, with seating on hay and white shawls. Bucolic his yes to socialite Marta Ferri (daughter of photographer Fabrizio and Barbara Frua de Angeli) in July 2012.


For the Italian part of the festivities is to be expected therefore that the script somehow happen again equal to the sisters, given the choice of celebrating the rite on the lake, but perhaps Isolino di San Giovanni, more secluded location than the majestic Island Beautiful.

weddings-grimaldi Certainly, the part of Monaco’s wedding will be the most simple: everything except the evening party at Jimmy’z, will take place in the Palace closed, as was the case for the parents of Pierre, Carolina and Stefano Casiraghi and Andrea and Tatiana Santo Domingo. One can be sure, perhaps, the marriage to which that of Pierre and Bea will resemble less, at least as atmosphere, to Uncle Albert Charlene Wittstock: cast too, too many royal families invited, bride too rigid.

Beatrice, you know, is quite another kind. Maybe more like the sister Tatiana Santo Domingo, that the yes with Andrea Casiraghi is presented in civil saldali thong Palace. And then he wanted a second episode, religious, indeed, enchanted, under the snow in Gstaad, hooded in a Valentino dress, in cascades of flowers and crystals. Chic, but not easy.

Even Pierre, despite being the son of a Grimaldi, during his childhood he spent much time in the countryside of Provence rather than the Rocher. He and the Borromeo, basically mean part of the jet set, but with the royal families have little to disappear. And then it was not just Beatrice to have declared in an interview: “The aristocracy is just crap anachronistic”?


Gstaad Beach volley

Major in Gstaad, Ranghieri-Carambula are in the semi-final against Bruno-Alison
The Azzurri, coming from qualifying, today won sixteenths, eighths and quarters, And tomorrow morning (at 11) challenge the new world champions at major Swiss Swatch. Lupo and Nicolai beaten by Brouwer-Meeuwsen stop in 5th place.
A week after the World Cup Italy carries a pair in the semifinals in Gstaad, one of the largest and most prestigious tournaments in the world, this year joined the exclusive club of Major Swatch, complete with a $ 800,000 prize pool. A couple in the semifinals, Alex and Adrian Ranghieri Carambula and a quarter, Wolf-Nicolai, then stop in fifth place.
BIG-Ranghieri Carámbula – Ranghieri-Carambula the World Cup in the Netherlands have not gone. The formula of this year closed their campaign with well in advance of the editions of the past and they did not have enough points. Too bad for them, too bad for us who are fans, and shame for the international audience that between Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague Apeldoorne has lost the game one of the couples most spectacular circuit. Alex and Adrian, after having passed the qualifiers (!) In Gstaad began losing by Gibb-Patterson, but then they beat another American couple, Bourne-Hyden. It also Semenov-Krasilnikov. So this morning began by sixteenths, where they beat the Poles Losiak-Kantor (21-19 21-14). And then in the second round they have printed a 21-13 to 21-17 Binstock-Schachter (Canada). And finally, tonight, with Kadziola-Szalankiewicz have won the first 21 to 19 September, sold secondoa 18 and then took away the tiebreak. For the second semi-final in four tournaments played together. Tomorrow morning at 1.05 (live streaming on https://swatchmajorseries.com/ are the new champions of the World Bruno Alison and that the quarter-final derby beat 21-17 21-12 Evandro-Pedro.
WOLF-NICOLAI FIFTHS – Lupo Nicolai and the Dutch World were disappointed, forced to the 17th place from the defeat with the Russians Semenov-Krasilnkov. A placement far from their expectations. So that in Gstaad they arrived with a thousand reasons. In the group the day before yesterday had defeated the Turks Gogtepe-Giginoglu, but had succumbed to the Germans Böckermann-Flüggen, which had raised concerns. But yesterday the two blues have made the first shot, bending the tiebreak samples Circuit World, Latvians Samolivs-Smedins. And since the Latvians had won with the Germans, the bill of quotients gave our primacy in the group, which has screened them directly in the second round. This morning where they won 2-0 with Lucena-Brunnes, Americans who just a week ago at the World Cup had finished fourth. Well, the blues and beat them 21-19 in a thrilling final 29-27 on Sept. 2. Tonight, however, as early as gironcino Rotterdam’s World, have given the champions of mndo of 2013, the Dutch-Brouewer Meeuwsen (15-21, 19-21)



Star & skis. Madonna in Gstaad, Paris Hilton in Aspen
La Befana takes away the holidays, but the celeb are on track. The former Material Girl gets by with downhill skiing. Paris Hilton goes to the mountains with pink comforter. Gwen Stefani is granted long skiing in Mammoth Lakes. The more chic? As usual: the it girl Olivia Palermo.

Gstaad. Madonna unrecognizable in his ski suit down the slopes of Gstaad. The former Material Girl for years has been a regular in the Swiss resort, guest of a friend. With her on vacation also the daughter Lourdes with which, swear the celeb watchers, was unleashed in the dances: escorted by two bodyguards, Ms. Ciccone was seen often sway until dawn. Not the disco, of course, but in private villas with pool area used as a dance floor.

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Little innovation in tourism snow


The last winter season has seen a reduction in investment and poor product news. Stagnation accentuated in Italy, where the offer snow effort to consolidate the market

Threatening stability. “This expression chosen by the ratio Panorama Ski Pass Tourism to photograph the situation of white mountain in Italy, where he struggled to penetrate innovation. Even if this were to happen, in what are called” blue chips “(places strong) , this is more of restyling that no structural changes in the product. The stagnation of the current economic context, therefore, does not spare even the Italian mountains, whose offer hard to increase its market share: this inevitably leads operators to reduce investment, focusing more on the stimuli rather than the commercial product.
Abroad, the situation is completely different. “Nothing new strategic – the report Ski Pass – has characterized the winter season 2014/2015 in the 11 European destinations considered.” The areas under consideration are the Swiss St. Moritz, Davos and Zermatt, the Austrian Kitzbühel and Schladming, the German Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Oberstdorf, the French Chamonix and Courchevel, the Slovenian Kranjska Gora and Maribor. Some of the above destinations have attempted to diversify the range of tourism products: the case of Chamonix, Kitzbuhel, and Zermatt. In terms of special offers, we note the Swiss St. Moritz and Davos, with packages aimed at different targets of visitors. Switzerland in pole position as also related events: this year marks the 150th anniversary of the Swiss winter tourism.


Cortina D’ampezzo


In Cortina d’Ampezzo spring comes with perfectly groomed slopes, heated by the warm rays of the sun. Easter time, and the next, they are ideal for an active holiday in the magnificent Dolomites.

Whether practitioners of alpine skiing, cross country skiing, snowboarding, snow kiting or that your passion are snowshoeing, tobogganing at night or climbing routes, in Cortina you will find the right environment to give vent to your passions, with the sun spring that finally shines high in the sky.
For the die-hard skiers in Cortina d’Ampezzo you can ski until May 3. Do not miss the traditional appointment with the Faloria Ski Challenge: the competition that is not only a test of Giant Slalom but also a party to end with joy and color the longest ski season in the Dolomiti Superski.

Between a descent and the other, you can stop in one of the shelters in Cortina, to observe the unique view of the Dolomites and taste the typical dishes of the Ampezzo. In spring their terraces are transformed into real solarium.
Holiday in the slow version, for those who choose to combine a stay in a hut in snowshoeing and Nordic skiing in the Natural Park of the Ampezzo Dolomites. To fully appreciate the luxury of silence, young and old can venture onto the hiking on snowshoes, in places virgin and off-line where the noise of technology gives way to the sound of nature.


Soul free if you opt for tobogganing at night, after a dinner at the refuge, driving on snow at winter SNOWICE and climbing routes. Still emotions, with snowkiting in Passo Giau, which offers the unique experience of flying literally on the snow, with the kite and skis – or the board – the foot. And for the more adventurous and experienced freeriders, venturing off-piste skiing on fresh snow (crucial to always check the snow and avalanches and to move safely, relying on a professional guide).


BERNE – After a few days on the ski slopes in Gstaad (BE), the pop star Madonna seems to have kept the strength to enjoy a party that was held on Tuesday night.


The superstar, still in Switzerland until yesterday, accompanied by his entourage – consisting of bodyguards, nannies and his two sons Rocco and David – to the epiphany she went to a house in the village to celebrate with friends. “Up until two in the morning Madonna celebrated in the chalet,” says Claudio Meier, reader 20Minuten that, in practice, has been stationed to document the event exceptional. “They held the loud music with no consideration for the neighbors.”

While Madonna celebrated the great, the sons Rocco and David, 14 and 9 years, had to leave the party before the others, apparently for a reason: “Madonna appeared drunk when he left the chalet,” said Meyer . The bodyguard of the American singer, in fact, would have even helped her to stand up.

During the day, however, the artist has been endorsing the beautiful Swiss mountains. Although in recent days had infuriated the company that deals with the ski lifts of Gstaad.

The singer, 56, would in fact ruined the safety bar of the skylift writing over the word “Revolution”, the title of his latest album. According to the weekly “Schweiz am Sonntag”, Madonna would have written the word “Revolution” on the safety bar of the chair lift with a nail polish red and white and would have taken a picture then published on Twitter: “I’m on the chairlift, 2015 starts well , Revolution, “he commented.

The tourist office of Gstaad has said he is ready to punish by a fine in charge of writing. But the photo does not prove that it was Madonna to achieve it1x87