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Cross-country skiers with equipment and vintage clothing will divertisi and fun in the center of Livigno on August 27. Shopping streets are transformed into an exceptionally ring Nordic skiing, prepared with real snow, preserved since last winter. 400 competitors at the start of the contrade of the country.
It is a race reserved for cross-country skiing at eight Contrade of the country (center, Comunin Pemont, forked, OSTARIA, plan to Sora, Saroch, Teola and Trepàl), where the Contrada (only resident in Livigno) also participate with equipment and vintage clothing. The Trofeo, that usually takes place in winter in March, this year you dispute in midsummer to celebrate his 35th edition. Theatre of the race will be the ways Ostaria Plan is, in the pedestrianized area of ​​the duty-free shopping.
The awards Trophy of Contrade are scheduled for October 30, 2015 at Plaza Placheda.


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Casiraghi and Borromeo families of fairytale weddings

Formal as her sisters, Lavinia and Isabella, majestic as the grandmother of him, Grace Kelly, or fairytale like Andrea and Tatiana. To be inspired Beatrice for yes to Pierre?

Double ceremony, one in the Principality of Monaco, his house Pierre Casiraghi, one of the Borromean Islands, owned by the family of her, Beatrice Borromeo. Double, triple, quadruple feast. Result, a caravan of high society guests that will be at stake from the French Riviera to the shores of Lake Maggiore for two challenging weekend of parties and receptions from Saturday, July 25.

The marriage of Pierre Casiraghi and Beatrice Borromeo does speak for days. Inevitable: their families have given membership in the last 30 years, gossip, gossip columns and above all a rich sequence of fairytale weddings. In particular those of the sisters Borromeno.

But with such a legacy to those who will really inspire Pierre and Bea for their wedding? Formal style in homage to the label of the Grimaldi Palace, where civil weddings are celebrated and sober Cavagnetu (picnic in the garden in Monegasque dialect) or Renaissance splendor under the coat of arms with three balls of the Borromeo? To these we should also styled Casiraghi: Carolina has given to his children one coops life certainly high, but low profile. From the choice of them grew up in Provence, far from the Palace.

Not to upset anyone the two young men have decided to double the party.
The former model, now a journalist, nephew of Marta Marzotto is the fifth and last child of Charles Borromeo, the last patriarch of one of the most historic and important families of the north: three sisters females, Lavinia, Isabella and Matilde and a son, Carlo. Four countesses tall, blond, thin and chilly-looking that made important marriages, then the sources of inspiration and advice to Beatrice certainly not lacking even if, on closer inspection, the marriages of his sisters Borromeo they all look alike.

Lavinia (now 38 years) inaugurated the trend by marrying John Elkann, then vice president of Fiat, September 4, 2004: religious ceremony on Isola Madre, receipt in the Hanging Gardens of Isola Bella. All the world of high finance Italian was invited. Berlusconi, then prime minister, arrived by helicopter with Gianni Letta. She had a real princess dress by Valentino with veil family (ça va sant say) and tiara grandmother. The witnesses were the brothers Beatrice and Charles, father of brothers only because Lavinia, Isabella and Matilde, Carlo Borromeo had them with Marion Zota, Bea and Charles with Paola Marzotto, daughter Marta, who blondes and ethereal Borromeo they love like a real grandmother and that, like a real grandmother, she oversaw suille good choices double of all four.

Wedding photocopy, a year later, those of Isabella, the eldest, with the tankers Ugo Brachetti Peretti: ivory gown by Valentino, veil family. Only after the ceremony on Isola Bella celebrated the Rocca d’Angera (also owned by the family). And at the Rocca materializes, July 30, the receipt grandest wedding of Pierre and Beatrice: the Rock, it will be closed to the public from July 30 to August 2.

The last Borromeo to get married in white Valentino, among the stone statues on Isola Bella was Matilde, in June 2011, his wife went to Antonius Von Furstenberg, prince of the royal family of Germany. Only variant script Borromeo, the bride was very pregnant.

The only one to come out of the male choir Carlo, penultimate in succession: hippe chic ceremony in Pantelleria, in a field overlooking the sea at sunset, with seating on hay and white shawls. Bucolic his yes to socialite Marta Ferri (daughter of photographer Fabrizio and Barbara Frua de Angeli) in July 2012.


For the Italian part of the festivities is to be expected therefore that the script somehow happen again equal to the sisters, given the choice of celebrating the rite on the lake, but perhaps Isolino di San Giovanni, more secluded location than the majestic Island Beautiful.

weddings-grimaldi Certainly, the part of Monaco’s wedding will be the most simple: everything except the evening party at Jimmy’z, will take place in the Palace closed, as was the case for the parents of Pierre, Carolina and Stefano Casiraghi and Andrea and Tatiana Santo Domingo. One can be sure, perhaps, the marriage to which that of Pierre and Bea will resemble less, at least as atmosphere, to Uncle Albert Charlene Wittstock: cast too, too many royal families invited, bride too rigid.

Beatrice, you know, is quite another kind. Maybe more like the sister Tatiana Santo Domingo, that the yes with Andrea Casiraghi is presented in civil saldali thong Palace. And then he wanted a second episode, religious, indeed, enchanted, under the snow in Gstaad, hooded in a Valentino dress, in cascades of flowers and crystals. Chic, but not easy.

Even Pierre, despite being the son of a Grimaldi, during his childhood he spent much time in the countryside of Provence rather than the Rocher. He and the Borromeo, basically mean part of the jet set, but with the royal families have little to disappear. And then it was not just Beatrice to have declared in an interview: “The aristocracy is just crap anachronistic”?


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Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc, bib distribution also in Courmayeur

Courmayeur – The negotiations were conducted by the local authority and not by the association VDA Trailers that will no longer part of the organizational logistics. Provided about 500 athletes from 25 in Courmayeur Tuesday and Thursday, August 27, 2015.
At the foot of Mont Blanc trail it is not just a sport: it is a world of passion and hard work, a microcosm of thousands of fans who come together every summer in Courmayeur, one of the world capitals of extreme racing in the mountains. From 26 to 30 August, the Alpine resort welcomes runners engaged in ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc, now in its 13th edition. An extraordinary challenge which runs along a ring that allows you to turn around the roof of Europe, including Italy, France and Switzerland, to discover an endless variety of landscapes, huts and mountain pastures, lakes and glaciers.

Courmayeur will be the heart of the great adventure, welcoming athletes, fans and companions with a big party that will be geared to different events. The first New this year are the bib distribution of the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc (170 km and 10 000 m of elevation gain) of Courmayeur Champex Chamonix (101 km and 6100 m of elevation gain) and TDS (Sur les Traces des Ducs de Savoie – 119 km and 7250 m of elevation gain), to be held this year at the Forum Sports Center in Courmayeur, as well as in Chamonix.

“The races are held largely in our area and we wanted to have a return and relapse more in terms of economic and hotel accommodation, which is why we struck a deal with the organizers. This solution also facilitates a lot of logistical operations for the participants, “says Ferruccio Truchet, Department of Sport of Courmayeur. About 500 competitors, in a survey conducted recently, had a preference can pick up their numbers in Courmayeur.

Negotiations conducted by the local authority and not by the association VDA Trailers (organizers of the Tor des Giants and Great Trail Courmayeur) as in the past. “It ‘a choice dictated by several factors – said Federica Cortese, Councillor for the Environment and Territory of the Municipality of Courmayeur – ranging from the budget available to the desire to broaden the base of volunteers and sports clubs, but not only , participants in the initiative. Then we want to be more present, as a municipality, from a marketing point of view: we will manage relationships with a control by us, by the region, the organization of the race and by the Mountain Trail (born in 2014 as a ‘ idea of ​​Massimo Domaine, Gigi Riz and Domaine Lorenzo, editor’s note) “.

The North Face Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc 2012

The bib distribution of TDS (Sur les Traces des Ducs de Savoie) will be held at the Forum Sport Center Courmayeur Tuesday, August 25, from 16 hours to 20. The departure is scheduled the following day, Wednesday, August 26, at 6 am , Place Brocherel. Next, at 10 am, the start of the big news this year, in the juvenile, the #YCC, always from Place Brocherel.

As for the distribution of bibs for UTMB and CCC, the event is scheduled for Thursday, August 27 from 16 to 20. The start of the CCC is scheduled for 9 am on Friday, August 28, yet Place Brocherel while the race queen, the UTMB, will start as usual last, Triangle from Place de l’Amitie, from Chamonix Mont-Blanc, at 18, to transit in Italy between the night of Friday, August 28 and Saturday morning 29.
The first edition of #YCC – Youth Chamonix Courmayeur August 25 to 29
Too old to participate in the mini races, too young to enroll in one of UTMB races, yet the new generation of trailers has a great desire to run and be part of the celebration of the trail … and there was still a race for their part UTMB. Thus it was born the #YCC, another novelty of this year. A challenge (“Défi Sportif”) for young people aged 16 to 19 years that combines a start in Chamonix, Tuesday, Aug. 25, and a path of about 15km with 1100m of elevation gain in Courmayeur, on Wednesday 26. A Video Contest, finally, It involves the construction of a video (or slideshows) 3 minutes maximum to be broadcast on Facebook. Will be judged by a jury chosen by the award-winning and Wednesday, August 29 at 14:30 at the Jardin de l’Ange in Courmayeur.


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Holiday homes, in August the most expensive destination is Cortina d’Ampezzo

According serve 240 Euros per night. It follows Positano
In August, tops the list of most expensive destinations for renting a holiday home, there is a mountain resort that even in summer loses charm and opportunity to relax: Cortina d’Ampezzo (BL), where the rent It costs an average of 240 Euros per night. He discovered, which analyzed the average prices per night required to August in most rinomante Italian tourist destinations, based on the daily cost of the property “type” requested by tourists (an apartment with four beds).

On the podium of the luxury holiday there are two places that have always been a must for those who target the best: Positano and Porto Cervo. To stay in a holiday home in one of the most beautiful places of Campania serve 200 euro per night; They only need 180 for the main center of the Costa Smeralda. High prices, of course, but much lower than supply average hotel in the area.

Sardinia is certainly a point of reference: in the ranking are also Aranci Gulf (where you spend on average 170 euro per night) and Torre delle Stelle (fraction of Maracalagonis, where a holiday home costs 140 Euros per night).

They can not miss some of the places symbol of elite tourism in Capri and Amalfi. Bell island for a holiday home in August will spend 140 Euros per night, while in the town that gives its name to the famous coastline in “sufficient” 130.

Tuscany also includes several places in the top 20 of the luxury holiday home is the most expensive town Marina di Pietrasanta, in Versilia Riviera, with its 150 euro per night; follow Forte dei Marmi and Monte Argentario, both with EUR 123 average per night, and – still tied, with 115 euro daily – Castiglione della Pescaia and Capalbio.

For those who love Liguria, however, the most expensive resorts are Camogli and Portovenere much in the tourist center of the province of Genoa, known for its marina and colorful buildings, as for the town of La Spezia you spend on average 110 euro per night.

If the marinas dominate the ranking elaborated by, among the destinations where it is necessary to spend more on holidays are also some cities, whose tourism knows no crisis under the sun: the more expensive it is Venice, that in August costs 140 € per night, while in the historic center of Rome will serve 128. There’s room for Milan, thanks to the World’s Fair, he has seen its prices rise, even in the summer: a holiday home four places bed room costs 125 euro per day, the same people who used to visit Como, a popular destination for the luxury tourism.

Unique places in Sicily to return in the ranking are Mondello, near Palermo, Taormina and in the province of
Messina: first you spend 120 Euros per night, in the second they serve “only” 105.


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The first ascent of Mont Blanc, an August 8

229 years ago: The expedition was organized by a famous scientist, but to reach the summit for the first time were a doctor and a crystal-digger.
The first ascent of Mont Blanc took place 229 years ago, on Aug. 8, 1786: the first to arrive at the top were the crystal hunter Jacques Balmat and the doctor Michel Gabriel Paccard, to 18.23, and remained there for just under forty minutes, during which it carried the scientific measurements. With its 4810 meters, the Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in the Alps and Europe except the Caucasus, The expedition was organized by the famous scientist Horace-Benedict de Saussure, who according to some reconstructions had even promised a reward to anyone who would go up first of Mont Blanc. De Saussure was mainly specialized in the study of glaciers, and for this many years studying the Mont Blanc massif, planning to make the measurements for yourself.

Paccard had graduated in Turin and had already attempted the climb in 1783. Balmat instead was an expert of the mountains around Chamonix, and it was with great athleticism. They decided to organize an expedition together for convenience, although did not go over well: the idea of ​​Paccard was not to go the traditional route with which it had been attempted the ascent earlier that the Grands Mullets, but to divert first to reach the Dôme du Goûter, through the Grand Plateau, under the north face of Mont Blanc. They risked to go back, because the daughter was ill and the Balmat crystal hunter wanted to go back (he died later that day). After reaching the summit and made the measurements, Balmat and Paccard began the descent: it got dark quickly, but the two had chosen a full moon night, and were able to camp out.
The date of the first ascent of Mont Blanc coincides with the birth of mountaineering that day began the so-called “phase of conquest” of mountaineering, where one by one were climbing all the mountains of the Alps over four thousand meters high. When in 1865 Edward Whymper reached the last major peak, the Matterhorn, the nature of mountaineering was changed: if in the beginning the reasons for the climb were mostly scientific, soon he asserted the idea of ​​mountaineering as a sporting gesture. Today in the center of Chamonix a statue of Balmat showing the Mont Blanc de Saussure remembers the first ascent.


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Classical music in Verbier

A XXII edition under the baton of the greatest conductors, musicians and closing with Cuban music.
Today starts the 22 edition (from 17 July to 2 August 2015), the Verbier Festival, once again managed to gather in the heart of the Swiss Alps a group of artists envied by the greatest festival. Located on a sunny plateau, Verbier, it is the international mountain resort in Switzerland and enjoys a unique view of the Massif des Combins and Mont Blanc. A charming place from the point of view of nature and of music as we held the Verbier Festival, the only musical event in the European high mountains (for information: “In the bill there will be some of the the greatest conductors of our time, “said with great satisfaction Martin T: son Engstroem, Founder and CEO of the Verbier Festival presenting the program of edition. A significant return, the great Indian master Zubin Mehta, who directed the very first concert of the festival July 15, 1994, returned for the first time in seven years. The Verbier Festival Orchestra will also have the honor of being conducted by Valery Gergiev, Manfred Honeck, Gianandrea Noseda and, to round off this year, its music director Charles Dutoit. These directors have marked the history of the Festival, without doubt it will write a new page this summer. There will also be many firsts for Verbier, such as Ton Koopman, Truls Mørk or András Schiff. He will for the first time the St. Matthew Passion by Bach, conducted by Thomas Quasthoff, making his debut as a conductor. In the Church, where he creates an intimate atmosphere and a rare proximity between the audience and the artists, the great soprano Angela Gheorghiu will, with the brilliance that characterizes his debut at the Festival in a program of tunes very personal. The Church will also welcome several great pianists from Russia and Eastern Europe, as Alexander Melnikov and Grigory Sokolov. Of note is the return of Pretty Yende, which was much appreciated last summer. We end with a special mention for the evening with the Orchestra Buena Vista Social Club, ambassador of Cuban music, this year in their farewell tour. ” In addition to its program of exceptional artists, the Verbier Festival is characterized by its investment in music education by offering every day an extensive program of activities for the young musicians, carefully selected. Open free to the public, these activities are a unique opportunity to discover the learning process and the names of the future tomorrow. Also of note is the young Verbier Festival Music Camp, which this year will celebrate its third anniversary.




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Courmayeur Mont Blanc tunnel to the festival for the first 50 years


“The galleries, such as bridges, helping to negate the obstacles to encounter, mutual understanding, the exchange of cultures and cooperation between peoples. Built at a time when the countries most affected seemed to excel in competition for the conquest of interplanetary space, the Mont Blanc Tunnel is now as then as an example of the capacity ‘and will’ of men to overcome all obstacles on the way of peaceful coexistence. ” So ‘the president of the Societa’ Italian for Mont Blanc Tunnel Riccardo Sessa, today, in the day of celebration in Courmayeur (AO) 50 years after opening to traffic of the Mont Blanc Tunnel. “After 50 years of its commissioning – he said the CEO of the Company ‘Italian for Mont Blanc Tunnel Mario Battle – the Mont Blanc tunnel, while maintaining the original structural, is profoundly changed in equipment in defense of regularity ‘and traffic safety. ” On 11.6 kilometers of the tunnel, tracks each year by about 1.8 million vehicles, there are 37 shelters pressurized connected to a rescue tunnel, 156 cameras placed every 100 meters in addition to the 33 placed outside the gallery. In addition, two barriers placed at the entrances of the tunnel prevent users from access to the tunnel in case of an incident and 36 half-gates each 600 meters also allow you to block vehicles inside the tunnel. ”
“The opening of the tunnel took place on July 16 to 50 years ago – said the president of the region of Valle d’Aosta Augustus Rollandin – was certainly an important moment in our history, not only for the quality ‘and the size of the infrastructure, but also because ‘represent’ a mighty growth of the Italian-French collaboration both bilaterally and in the more ‘broader context of a Community’ European Union that was born only seven years before the entry into force of the Treaty of Rome, had among its own objectives the free movement of goods, services, labor, capital and the abolition of cartels and the development of joint policies ”

Looking out from the Italian Reststop at the Mont Blanc Tunnel

Cortina d'Ampezzo

Cortina, assumptions airport for World Cup Skiing

In view of the World Ski Championships of 2021 in Cortina d’Ampezzo back the idea of ​​reopening the airport of the Queen of the Dolomites closed in 1976 and converted into a helipad. The intervention would be necessary to adequately absorb the increased flow of tourists expected during the sporting event. “According to the ENAC (Italian Civil Aviation Authority) – he says Mayor Andrea Franceschi Corriere del Veneto-space Fiames is more than enough. On the other hand, it is not about to land the Boeing. The structure could operate safely. ”

Infrastructure Minister Graziano Delrio ‘spoke of infrastructure ahead of the World – clarifies Franceschi – but more broadly, and according to a long-term plan, which not only provides rail developments. For example, there is the question of the state “Alemagna”. The idea is to create the ring in style Pustertal: without interventions colossal, you can bypass all the critical points and make it the easiest route. Delrio see it that way, it concluded the mayor -: it is up to the Province to collect all instances in these matters and will be endorsed by the region, with an initial screening. The money are those that are, and the government will decide which are the priorities. ”



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Carey Mulligan

Carey Mulligan, Queen of Gstaad The actress, guest of honor at the celebrations for the 10 years of ASMALLWORLD, illuminates the Swiss town. Between walks in the snow, exclusive cocktails and party for a good purpose.
“An incredible weekend.” So Carey Mulligan defined the three-day celebration (December 13 to 15) for the 10 years of ASMALLWORLD, social exclusively for lovers of travel and clubs.

The actress, in fact, was the guest of honor at the event organized in the snow in Gstaad. Between sessions of skiing, cocktails and exclusive gala for good. Among the guests, about 200, in addition to Mulligan, Pixie Geldof, Dianna Agron, Caitlin Fitzgerald, Chelsea Leyland, Tali Lennox, Paula Goldstein, Waris Ahluwalia and the chairman of ASW Patrick Liotard-Vogt.

The festivities opened with a cocktail, signed GreyGoose, the Gstaad Palace December 12, and continue until late at night to GreenGo, the most exclusive club in Switzerland. The next day, however, went on stage for the gala charity War Child, an association that is very dear to Carey.

“Please donate generously and recklessly,” said the Hollywood star in opening the auction. And his offspring have worked. At the end of the evening, in fact, were collected approximately $ 100,000.




“TASTE IN A FEE SESTRIERE” 2015: the food and wine of the province of Turin.
A new appointment “Gusto at altitude in Sestriere.” The initiative created by the will of the City of Sestriere Sestriere Consortium and the Olympic Mountains, with the support of Turismo Torino e Provincia and the Chamber of Commerce of Turin.

Even this edition summer will be coordinated by the Museum del Gusto Frossasco.

The aim is again to raise awareness, especially in times of greatest influx of tourists, in Sestriere and the Olympic Mountains in the products, producers and restaurateurs who use and have their menus the goodness of the nearby lands and the valleys of Piedmont plain .

Summer edition of this year have been involved, in addition to the City of Sestriere and that of Cavour also the municipalities of Carmagnola, Coazze, Condove, Frossasco, Giaveno, Pecetto, Pinerolo and Pragelato as possessors of excellent food and important for the presence of events that promote them and to the will of the Museo del Gusto and organizers to make a system with the territories and communities.
There will be cooking classes in restaurants participating in Sestriere that will open their kitchens to fans and curious to steal some original recipe of the alpine tradition; Merenda in the share will accompany the visit of Monterotta pasture where it produces the famous “Plaisentif” or cheese of violets.

August 13 at the IAT Via Louset will present the various specialties of the territories of the province of Turin: The bread of Giaveno DeCo, Toma of Condove, the famous “Cevrin Coazze”, the peppers of Carmagnola, the mint of Pancalieri, cherries Pecetto and many products of the Susa Valley and Sangone, apples Cavour with sweets of Pinerolo and Wine Pinerolo.
The Summer 2014 edition will close August 23 at Pragelato at the Tourist Office with the famous honey just sickly sweet, presented and tasted with the Beekeepers Association of Pragelato.




2022 Winter Games

IOC evaluation committee in Beijing for inspection

2022 Winter Games: the IOC in Beijing
Inspection candidate in the capital. Protests for human rights.
The IOC has started today the plant visits Beijing, one of two cities in the running to host the Winter Olympics of 2022. The capital of China is fighting against Almaty, in Kazakhstan, which has already been visited by the Commission. Beijing would be the first city to host both the Summer Games, both winter. Dozens of activist groups have denounced the situation of human rights and ethnic minorities in China. The IOC will choose the end of July, at a meeting in Kuala Lumpur.


Italy Alpe Devero


Alpe Devero, relaxation and nature family size
Nestled between the peaks of the Alps Lepontine, the natural jewel of Piedmont without cars or smog, confusion or traffic.
Located in the far north of the Piedmont Region, on the border with Switzerland, and specifically in the Municipality of Baceno, Alpe Devero is part of the Mountain Community of Ossola Valley and is part of the protected areas of the Piedmont Region, constituting since 1990 together Alpe Veglia, the Natural Park Veglia-Devero.
Here nature is the host of rock and sky, with its larch, fir trees, beautiful lakes and streams; every season you can know and appreciate a new sight: in summer the green meadows, the colors of the flowers, blue and green lakes, red sunsets tinged magically landscape. In the lush green pastures of the pastures cheesemakers produce food of the highest quality, obtained using techniques handed down for generations: excellent cheeses, butter, cottage cheese and, of course, the fantastic milk.
Starting point for many walks and trips, during which you will come across marmots, chamois, eagles and – if you’re lucky – even the rare bearded vulture, Alpe Devero just a few minutes walk to immerse yourself in the woods and surrounding pastures with many different itineraries, suitable for everyone: hiking and climbing, long and relaxing walks, mountain biking, from families with children to the adventure lovers, here the untouched nature will make anyone find the right rhythm in all seasons.

Even in winter, in fact, you can appreciate the candid landscapes, the sun filtering through the clouds, lakes and frozen waterfalls: the peace of the white envelops the whole Alpe since November, when the first snow transforms the location in an ideal place for lovers of cross country skiing and ski mountaineering. Thanks to its location, the snow is insured until April, when between the beauty of the immaculate slopes, you may grow into long magical trails that reach the Alpe Sangiatto or Monte Cazzola. Besides skiing mountaineering, worn snowshoes, you can also venture out to explore the woods for a unique experience.

Set between the peaks of the Alps Lepontine, Alpe Devero is a rare jewel, where there are no cars or smog, confusion or traffic: the movement of cars is in fact prohibited in the entire territory of the Alpe, where you can circulate only on foot or by bicycle. Everything is designed to better appreciate the true mountain, thanks to a careful and constant protection that guarantees its pristine beauty and is enhanced by genuine hospitality, such as once, guaranteed by various refreshment, hotels and very cozy inns mostly family run, with good food that goes back to local traditions.



Ski tours: April 25 there will be the twentieth edition of the Trofeo Mezzalama.
On April 25, there will be the twentieth edition of the Trofeo Mezzalama. A month and a half away from the over 300 requests for registration. The Monterosa SpA announces special measures to encourage training. Friday, March 27 at the Fort of Bard the official presentation.

The appointment with the twentieth edition of the Trofeo Mezzalama set for Saturday, April 25th is fast approaching as the spring. The “glacier marathon”, try the Great Course and the World Cup Long Distance ISMF, will run along an upside than usual. We will start it from Gressoney-La-Trinité and, riding on the glaciers and the peaks of Monte Rosa on four thousand meters above sea level, it will come this time in Breuil-Cervinia. The extra edition with a U of historic race skialp born in 1933 will inaugurate the celebrations of the 150th anniversary of the conquest of the Matterhorn planned for the summer.
“A month and a half away from – said technical director Adriano Favre Foundation Mezzalama Trophy – came the requests for inclusion of more than 300 teams, equivalent to over 900 athletes. The teams are already very self-selected and the level is really high. To date we have reviewed and confirmed about 200 teams. In addition to assessing the competitive results of the biggest races of the Great Course and the World Cup, personally I am very attentive to the curriculum mountaineering, because for the Trofeo Mezzalama experience in the high mountains is an essential requirement. ”
Meanwhile, the athletes are stepping workouts, looking in particular to deepen the knowledge of the path that, following the reversal of the direction of travel, is all new. In addition to the increase of the height difference of about 350 meters, the difficulties most feared are the steep slopes of the Nose of Lyskamm and the West face of Castor. It seems a bit ‘less severe than feared and traditional gate of the hill of the Breithorn the new opening time fixed in the Mantova Refuge (3470 m): will continue the race the men’s teams that will pass within 3 hours; within 3 h 15 ‘those female and mixed. “I preferred to leave about a quarter of an hour of breathing in more – explains Adriano Favre – to avoid squeezing the athletes in the first section. This time, instead of along a slight slope of the Breithorn, the climb continues up to 4100 m of the nose! ”
To allow mezzalamisti to train and test drive the new track the Monterosa SpA has prepared special measures. In the morning, from 5.30 am to 8.15 will be suspended the operations of typing and preparation of the slopes that rise from Gressoney-La-Trinité. The area open to training skialp affects Track G3 Jolanda up at the first fork, then left and follow the slope Bedemie G5 Alpericka to Alpe Gabiet; salt from here for a stretch of track G7 Salati up large floor above the hotels, at an altitude of 2500 mt. Continue on the trail to the left, indicated by the orange poles, leading all’Orestes Hütte and on the piste to Indren.
All the news of the twentieth Mezzalama Trophy 2015 will be discussed in detail during the official presentation Friday, March 27, at 18, in the “Sala Archi Candidi” Forte di Bard.


Cortina d'Ampezzo

Cortina D’ampezzo


In Cortina d’Ampezzo spring comes with perfectly groomed slopes, heated by the warm rays of the sun. Easter time, and the next, they are ideal for an active holiday in the magnificent Dolomites.

Whether practitioners of alpine skiing, cross country skiing, snowboarding, snow kiting or that your passion are snowshoeing, tobogganing at night or climbing routes, in Cortina you will find the right environment to give vent to your passions, with the sun spring that finally shines high in the sky.
For the die-hard skiers in Cortina d’Ampezzo you can ski until May 3. Do not miss the traditional appointment with the Faloria Ski Challenge: the competition that is not only a test of Giant Slalom but also a party to end with joy and color the longest ski season in the Dolomiti Superski.

Between a descent and the other, you can stop in one of the shelters in Cortina, to observe the unique view of the Dolomites and taste the typical dishes of the Ampezzo. In spring their terraces are transformed into real solarium.
Holiday in the slow version, for those who choose to combine a stay in a hut in snowshoeing and Nordic skiing in the Natural Park of the Ampezzo Dolomites. To fully appreciate the luxury of silence, young and old can venture onto the hiking on snowshoes, in places virgin and off-line where the noise of technology gives way to the sound of nature.


Soul free if you opt for tobogganing at night, after a dinner at the refuge, driving on snow at winter SNOWICE and climbing routes. Still emotions, with snowkiting in Passo Giau, which offers the unique experience of flying literally on the snow, with the kite and skis – or the board – the foot. And for the more adventurous and experienced freeriders, venturing off-piste skiing on fresh snow (crucial to always check the snow and avalanches and to move safely, relying on a professional guide).


Swedish Royal

I reali di Svezia alla cerimonia d'apertura dei mondiali di sci nordico

Narrow in their down jackets blue flag, the Swedish royal parade to the striking opening ceremony of the Nordic World Ski Championships. And a couple, in particular, draws attention

Impressive opening ceremony of Nordic World Ski Championships in Falun, Sweden. And the Swedish royal family can not miss. A bewitching photographers are, most of all, Carl Philip and Sofia Hellqvist, deeply in love

TOWARDS MARRIAGE – Straits in their down jackets blue flag, the second son Carl Philip real and beautiful and scandalous girlfriend are close neighbors, they smile, they appear just rehearsed. A good omen, now that they are officially engaged and the wedding date is one step …

Talk Sofia Hellqvist, from past pornstars from marriage to Carl Philip of Sweden: “I enjoyed my life …”

VICTORIA AND LOVE – Together with Betrothed there are also King Carl Gustav and Queen Silvia. And there’s Victoria: the heir to the Swedish throne, however, is all alone, without her husband Daniel and their daughter Estelle. Smiles abound: even if there are his, Victoria can count on the love of his people. That he can not wait to have her on the throne.



New Luxury Chalet In Launen, Gstaad Just A Five Minute Drive From The Main Promenade.
Chalet, 6 Bedrooms, 5 Bathrooms, 14 persons, Pool, Spa, Garden, WiFi

Nestling among farmland pastures its location is idyllic and ensures maximum privacy for the most discerning client. Combined with breath taking panoramic views which can be seen from all aspects of the chalet, this is the ultimate alpine home.

Recently completed in 2013 the chalet is a sensitive blend of traditional alpine materials with the latest contemporary design. Rich fabrics, wooden beams and sumptuous furnishings are throughout the property with attention to detail at its finest. Spread over 600m2 on four floors the use of space is exceptional providing numerous relaxation and entertainment areas all with the latest modern comforts.

You enter the chalet on the ground floor which is the main sleeping floor. Here you will find the impressive master bedroom which has a traditional Swedish stove and en-suite bathroom with separate rain shower. Further bedrooms on this floor include another double bedroom with en-suite bathroom and a bunk room sleeping 2 which has an en-suite shower room. Also on this floor there is a wonderful play room with plenty of games for the children as well as a foosball table. The ski room with heated warmers is just near the entrance of the chalet as well as a guest toilet.

Moving upstairs you will find the extensive living and entertainment areas. The grand sitting room is luxurious and sophisticated. A large open fire place is the main feature of the room, guests can sink into the sumptuous sofas or relax with a glass of champagne on the fur covered day beds. The less formal day room next door is bright and spacious with a wonderful bay window which looks out onto the idyllic pastures surrounding the chalet. The beautiful farmhouse inspired kitchen overlooks the day room and can be closed off for maximum privacy. Dinner is served in the elegant dining room which can sit 14 people comfortably. An office is also situated on this floor.

A beautiful staircase leads the way to the cinema room, which overlooks the main sitting room high in the eaves. Sink into the comfy seating or relax on a day bed whilst watching the latest films. Chalet Lauenen has the latest audio and visual systems throughout ensuring a wonderful ambiance. The theatre room enjoys a 70” high definition screen, Dolby surround sound and an extensive library of movies. Apple TV and the xbox provide endless entertainment and there is a Sonos sound system with 20M worth of music wired throughout the chalet controllable from iPad and smartphone.

The lower ground floor is home to the exceptional spa and wellness area. After a hard day on the slopes guests can sit back and relax on the day beds whilst dipping in and out of the waterfall showers, sauna, steam room and plunge pool. There is a wood burning fire, gym and outdoor relaxation space with river view. Also on this floor is a delightful twin bedroom and guest suite. The twin bedroom has an en-suite shower room and the guest suite is made up of a double bedroom, beautifully designed separate, children’s bunk room sleeping four. These share a contemporary en-suite bathroom.#ikh #ikh#chalet #ikh#gstaad #ikh#luxurychalet #ikh#luxuryhome #ikh#ski #ikh#snow #ikh#top

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