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The result of the Test K2

K2 remains loyal to Freeride Pinnacle’s line that changes livery but remains almost unchanged both in construction and in geometries compared to past season models.
The Pinnacle line includes four models with different widths and geometries, compatible with the needs of every single skier.
Handy, stable and easy to use Paolo Pernigotti, Mattia Tosello and Marco Suppa’s hot commentary, great for jumping, in deep dusty snow and on Nicola Sertorelli’s track, Viviana Maffei finds the Pinnacle 105 a pleasant, versatile ski suitable for all snow and easy to handle. Great skiing in all situations, safe and intuitive for Alex Penengo and Fabio Iacchini.
The weaknesses found by the Tester in the Pinnacle 105 are low precision and low stability when driven at high speeds.
The K2 Pinnacle 105 tested at size 184 was a great Freeride Freer representative, easy, accurate skiing and stable skiing on any type of snow it encounters. Recommended for both male and female users, good skiing for Cliff lovers and fresh snow jumps.
Ideal for Big Mountain, Backcountry under Powder conditions and steep slopes where you can enhance your ski performance. The Pinnacle 105 can also be used for Big Mountain and Derby Freeride competitions.