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Alpine skiing, Marcel Hirscher falls into training. Malleol fracture and six-week stop for the Austrian

Alpine skiing, Marcel Hirscher falls into training. Malleol fracture and six-week stop for the Austrian


The Olympic season for Marcel Hirscher begins in the worst ways. The Austrian champion, winner of the last six editions of the Alpine Ski World Cup, bolted a blade on the first day of training on the Mölltal glacier, remaining a bad fall.

The world champion in charge of slalom and giant was immediately transported to the hospital in Salzburg, where he was diagnosed with the fracture of the left ankle malleolus. It should not be done, however, it will be obliged to carry the plaster for 6 weeks.

Really a bad hit for Hirscher: an injury at this stage of preparation could turn out to be peculiar in view of approaching the PyeongChang 2018 Games. It is difficult for the Austrian to force the time to come back to the world cup giant in Sölden Next October 29. The primary goal of one of the greatest skiers of all time, in fact, remains that Olympic gold so far barely escaping.


Proudly positioned in the heart of Verbier .

Just a five-minute walk from the Medran lift and two from the center of town, guests couldn’t wish for a more desirable location in the Swiss Alps.
The elegant living and dining areas occupy the second floor of this stunning vacation rental.

Traditional alpine materials are sensitively combined with contemporary design creating a wonderful après-ski atmosphere.
By day, sunlight floods in from the floor-to-ceiling sliding doors, and the views of the surrounding snow-covered peaks are simply breathtaking.
By night, sink into the sumptuous sofas in front of the roaring fire and enjoy a cool glass of champagne before dinner.
Beautiful chandeliers sit over the grand dining table that seats fourteen.
Rest assured, you will feel refreshed and rejuvenated after your stay at VERBIER. The spa is one of a kind – luxurious and sleek.
The swimming pool includes massage jets, and you will love the hammam and massage room. Overlooking the swimming pool is a gym with the latest fitness equipment.
On the garage level, you will find a large ski room with heated boot warmers for your convenience.

Speak to our dedicated concierge about hosting a wedding or anniversary celebration.
From golf and hiking in the summer to rosy cheeks and snowflakes in the winter, there is something for every season in Verbier!


When Sardinia and South Korea meet in the kitchen

Sardinia and South Korea celebrate the new agreement on collaboration in the food sector with a plate that unites the Italian and the Eastern traditions. Here is the chicken recipe stuffed with kimchi

On one side there is Sardinia, with its incredible territory and those good table products that all of us know. On the other hand, there is South Korea, a country with no doubt fascinating, revolutionary technologies and culinary traditions still largely to be discovered. Two extremely diverse realities, but nowadays seem a little less distant thanks to the Food Collaboration Agreement just signed by the Korean Food Foundation, a public organization engaged in the promotion of Korean food and food industry, and Aspal, the Sardinian agency for active labor policies.

A Memorandum of Understanding that will develop a co-operation program for the next three years, involving chefs and culinary experts. For the Italian team, it will be an opportunity to discover or rediscover a truly unique international cuisine, made up of slow-moving traditions, great knowledge of raw materials and a lot of attention to health.

Already because the Hansik kitchen, so called, takes full advantage of the ancient practice of natural fermentation of foods, through which the foods take on an intense and complex flavor over time. To begin to understand and love this tradition you can start from two basic elements: kimchi, a vegetable dish – especially Chinese cabbage – let it ferment with abundant spices, including spicy chili and ginger; And the jang, the characteristic fermented sauce, with its ganjang version (obtained from soy beans), doenjang (soy sauce) and gochujang (red chili peppers).

So, under the event “One Summer Night with Hansik” organized in Milan by the Korean Food Foundation, chef Mauro Seu wanted to give us an example of a possible encounter between the Italian and Korean tradition. He made it by offering his chicken breast stuffed with Kimchi, spinach and ricotta in Mediterranean sauce, of which we give you the recipe below.

A summer night with Hansik – 26.07 (8)

Chicken breast filled with Kimchi

1 Chicken breast
2 eggs
60 gr of flour
60 gr of grated Pan
30 gr of Spinach
30 gr Kimchi
50 gr Ricotta
Seed Oil qb
Salt to taste
Korean sesame leaves

Ingredients for the sauce:
Tomatoes, Black Olives, Red Onions, Basil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil

To prepare the sauce, remove the skin and tomato seeds and finely chop it. Mix the chopped tomato with the other ingredients and complete the whole.
For filling, chop the kimchi and spinach finely chopped to ricotta.
Fill the chicken breast with this compound, then pass it into flour, egg beaten and breadcrumbs, in this order.
Fry your chest stuffed in a preheated frying pan in plenty of sunflower oil.
Place the sauce in the middle of the dish.
Sliced ​​the chicken chicken breast and place the slices on the sauce.
Complete garnishing with Korean sesame or basil leaves.

Cortina d'Ampezzo

Cortina D’ampezzo

Apartamento a estrenar, muy bien amueblado en Cortina.

Apartamento nuevo y decorado con buen gusto por el artesano experto de Cortina d’Ampezzo.

La propiedad, en la planta baja, tiene una vista del bosque y una gran terraza en la Tomane

E ‘internamente compuesto de sala de estar con salón y terraza, cocina super equipada, baño de visitas, un

dormitorio principal con baño en suite, un segundo dormitorio doble.

Ganar el título de “Reina de los Dolomitas” – las montañas más bellas del mundo y patrimonio de la humanidad

– y ser parte de la “mejor de los Alpes” no es insignificante: es por eso Cortina d’Ampezzo

es uno de los sitios preferidos por las personalidades los más ricos.

En el centro se puede caminar entre los chalets de lujo, y los apartamentos,

que puede satisfacer los gustos más exigentes. La ciudad tiene una vida noturna muy animado y es muy común

encontrar en las tiendas y artistas locales.

Cortina también tiene una historia muy rica, como lo demuestran los artefactos conservan en el Museo de

Paleontología Rinaldo Zardini que cuenta la historia de los Dolomitas con fósiles que datan hace volver más de

280 millones de años.

Comprar un ático de lujo en el Piazzetta San Francisco es ideal para aquellos que gustan de saborear las

delicias de la cocina Ampezzo local que combina el encanto de Austria, Tirol y Veneto!

Para los amantes de las compras, una casa de prestigio en Corso Italia es perfecta: simplemente salir a las

calles y comenzar a elegir los accesorios y la ropa de alta moda de desplazamiento a través

de las ventanas de las muchas tiendas de lujo.

Pero la verdadera joya de Cortina son las zonas de esquí: aquí tiene un hermoso chalet con vistas a las

estaciones de esquí es un verdadero lujo.

Usted puede disfrutar del esquí, snowboard, raquetas de nieve o andar en fatbike, además de dar largos paseos.

En verano, no se pierda la puesta de sol sobre el lago o un paseo a través de las caídas del Parque Natural

de los Dolomitas Ampezzo.


Chalet Masso

Chalet Masso, Svizzera, Vallese, Nendaz, per un massimo di 10 persone

Chalet Massot si trova nel cuore delle 4 vallate, a pochi minuti dal villaggio di Haute-Nendaz. L’affascinante chalet in legno moderno con oltre 400 m2 e 3 livelli è il luogo ideale per trascorrere una bella e lussuosa vacanza con la famiglia o con gli amici.

Lo chalet è adatto per un massimo di 10 persone.

Il cuore dello chalet è un ampio salone con travi a vista e un bellissimo camino in pietra, che offre viste fantastiche sulla valle di Sion. Un luogo ideale per gustare lunghe serate intonate sui divani accanto al fuoco, o per rilassarsi e guardare un film sullo schermo del cinema home cinema.

La sala da pranzo, che si apre su una grande terrazza, offre un’area elegante per intrattenere famiglie o amici.


Paris Jackson and his 1st cover for ‘Vogue’

The daughter of Michael Jackson has a powerful reason to work in fashion. This is what counts in the July issue of ‘Vogue Australia’

Now that everything progresses at the speed of light, the racing of the models are curved with the same speed. Just a few months have passed since Paris Jackson entered with an undecided fashion as an image of Chanel and has already signed with IMG, the most prestigious modeling agency on the planet, debuted on the catwalk and starred in his first cover for Vogue Australia. Almost nothing.

Michael Jackson’s daughter is one of the most ubiquitous faces of the Millennium Generation and her story resembles that of Kendall Jenner, Gigi and Bella Hadid, Sofia Richie and Hailey Baldwin. “Daughters of” who have inherited the position and prestige of their parents, which has helped them to start a meteoric race to success and create their own fate.

That’s Paris. But, unlike the rest, she has a powerful reason to explain her foray into fashion and so she has in the July issue of Vogue Australia. “I really want to make a positive impression, especially when it comes to the media and the standard of beauty that we see in magazines or we read in each article from our mobile phone.”

Dressed in a total Prada look and photographed by Patrick Demarchelier, the eldest of the “King of Pop” has underlined her intention to be a healthy example for young women and to turn their personality into each project. “I am passionate about so many causes, I want to fight for the people, I think it is my duty … I am working hard to ensure that everything I work on shows my personal creativity.”

With her tattoos, a questioning look and a look that is not far from reality, the photo in question shows a more natural 19-year-old than produced. Although the biographical similarities with Kendall, Hadid and company are evident, little or nothing has to do with them in style and character. And if we have to specify more, it seems the worthy successor of Cara Delevingne.


Chalet Megeve

This brand new chalet is definitely a masterpiece. Could not be more well located. Literally in the extra center of the town in a picturesque street.

Chalet offers 500 sqm of pure design offering luxury accommodation with modern facilities mixed with old wood to add a warm atmosphere. Enjoy spending time in the wave system indoor swimming pool or spend a nice moment in the hot tub. Can host up to 10 adults and 4 children


Irina Shayk and her hotel room workout

MODEL FITNESS In the hotel room, not only rock stars burst out: Irina Shayk vows to a fitness program especially for “hotel rooms” – with the use of the furniture! So she stays on the road, as she says quite pragmatically: “I spend a lot of time in hotels and rarely there is in these good gyms to train.” VOGUE presents the effective bodyshaping exercises by Irina Shayk

Hold on a table with a flat hand, place on the tip of your feet, hold your back straight. The exercise begins: bend the right arm and pull the elbow to the ceiling, the upper body rotates. Focus on the abdominal muscles to stabilize a tight body. Change the page and repeat the exercise 15 to 20 times.

Put the backs on the table, support the hands flat, bend the knees at 90 degrees. The exercise begins: the feet are firmly on the ground, the elbows are slightly bent. Slowly pull the left leg down to the waist and lower it again. Control every movement and carry out with tension. The legs alternate 15 to 20 times.

For balance, take a pillow into your hands, put the left leg up into the toe tips stretched behind on the bed. The exercise begins: bend the right knee and pull the upper body slightly forward, the arms and the pillow form a triangle. Raise the left leg, guide it to the side, set it down and return it. The body always forms a line, only the stretched leg moves
Keep the bed position. Position the tip of the left leg. The exercise begins: bend the legs at the same time and stretch the arms with the pillow to each flexion. Focus on the inner center, the upper body remains straight. 15 to 20 passes per leg.

In front of the desk, a chair serves to control the posture. Assemble the feet, bend the knees slightly, grasp the palms, and stretch the arms in front of you. The exercise begins: as if one were to sit down on the chair, lower the pelvis and the knee. Focus on the inner center – as Irina Shayk repeatedly stressed in her fitness routine – the upper body and the arms remain stretched. 15 to 20 bends

Reach for a towel (for the second exercise) and lie down on your back. Stretch the legs up, hold the right thigh with both hands, grasp the fingers, stretch the arms. Place the left foot over the right thigh at a right angle – remember the “Schneidersitz”. The exercise begins: lift the right lower leg, the toes are extended. The body stays straight. 15 to 20 repetitions, change page

Stay on your back and stretch your legs. Fold the left leg, place the towel around the sole of the foot, stretch the leg. Both hands hold the towel, the arms at 90 degree angle. The exercise begins: the leg to the ceiling and then to the side, the neck slightly angled, the neck stretched. 15 to 20 repetitions, then change sides and the fitness program à la Irina Shayk!



Suspended on the edge of the Savoleyres side of Verbier, this fairy-tale hideaway is the finest example of luxurious alpine living.

Whilst the chalet gazes over the imposing mountains in the distance and village below, the interior is a haven of serenity and calmness.

Mon Izba occupies one of Verbier’s most sought after addresses.

This stunning chalet is a sensational blend of the traditional local architecture and extravagant design with alpine style wood and timber throughout.

Sensitive lighting alongside luxurious fittings and plush furnishings create an opulent setting for guests to relax and socialise in.

pread over five floors, the expansive chalet is sleeps up to 12 people in five bedrooms. The floors are all linked by a stair case and a lift.

Upon arrival, you enter the chalet into the hallway with an impressive chandelier being the main feature.

From this hallway you can access the expansive main living room and the beautiful open plan kitchen and dining room.

The sitting room focuses around an authentic stone fireplace, with sumptuous sofas surrounding it.



This incredible private-chalet sleeps a total of 10 people over four floors. Relax in Chalet private spa which is a sanctuary of personal well being and tranquillity or socialise with family and friends in the impressive living and dining area. This beautiful property provides you with every luxury and comfort you could wish for ensuring you have a truly memorable stay.

The first floor sets the scene of a tranquil mountain sanctuary. There is a simplicity in design which is perfectly harmonised with cosy, alpine inspired features. There are three double bedrooms, all with en-suite shower rooms. Two of the bedrooms have small dressing rooms, and all feature private balconies which open up to the wonderful views of Zermatt. A small staircase from this floor leads to the playroom which has an impressive revolving TV, day beds and separate shower room.

The second floor is home to the two master bedrooms. There is a generosity of space with both bedrooms having spacious balconies and comfy seating areas.

Wellness is at the heart of Chalet

and ideally positioned between the first and second floor you will find the impressive private spa. Sensitively lit and sumptuously designed, there is every feature you could wish for from your private in-chalet spa and wellness area. There is a large indoor hot tub, sauna, hammam and plunge pool. A wonderful seating area provides the perfect spot to enjoy a glass of champagne and relax with friends. Private massages arranged by your dedicated chalet manager can be taken in the massage room.



Chamonix, the iconic French ski paradise, was the host of the first ever Winter Olympics in nineteen twenty-four.

Since then, the quiet hamlet has been considered one of the most desirable ski locations in the world.

Nestled in a valley between two mountains, Chalet is the perfect home base for your French Alps ski vacation.

Relaxing after a long day on the slopes is easy at Chalet .

Cool off in the indoor swimming pool, warm up in the sauna, or simply curl up by the wood burning fireplace.

Chalet’s media room is another great space for lounging with friends and family – featuring a wet bar stocked with beer, sprits, and soft drinks.

Also included with the chalet rental are, chef services, daily housekeeping, in-resort chauffeur, breakfast, and a four course dinner served with wine,

six nights a week.


A weekend to discover the architecture of South Tyrol

From the 19th to the 21st of May, the third edition of the South Tyrolean Architecture Days is under way

with over 50 buildings open to the public and 10 guided tours to the discovery of the culture and tradition of this area

You look around and you have no doubt: those houses, those roofs, those bells that sprout in the distance can only mean one thing.

You are in South Tyrol. Already, but can you identify a specific architecture that can characterize this precious Italian territory

one hundred percent? This is the question that will be answered in the course of the third edition of the South Tyrolean Architecture Days,

the event organized by the South Tyrol Architecture Foundation, from 19 to 21 May.

A long weekend where more than 50 public and private buildings will open their doors to the most curious visitors:

magnificent villas, certainly, but also ancient masks, houses of the most curious forms, schools, laboratories,

hotels and even hydroelectric power stations, You can see a small preview in our video. Going to the rediscovery of these

buildings and their stories, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a complex and fascinating culture such as that of South Tyrol,

crossed between Italian and Austrian traditions, between Mediterranean Europe and the North.

But not only. Because in these special days you will also have 10 guided tours, which you can find on the official website of the initiative,

in the company of experts and architectural enthusiasts. A few examples? The path to the Alpe di Siusi provides a walk from Castelrotto

to Siusi to see what is going to be built in a rural setting at the foot of the Alpe di Siusi and Sciliar through visits to public

and private buildings. While the tour at Val Venosta to discover structures such as the hydroelectric power station Guido Donegani (1949)

in Glorenza or the dam of Val Martello (1956), will allow you to discover something more about the South Tyrolean economy and its importance

on the energy level.

Beside these guided tours, there will also be a rich event program, such as the opening to the public of the Moessmer fabrics factory

in Brunico, the inauguration of the architecture exhibition in Oberstadt in Brunico or the jazz concert at the Mountain Monastery in Campo Tures,

scheduled for Saturday’s day.


FuturPiaggio, The future of mobility according Piaggio

Piaggio has celebrated 130 years of its brand with an event set up in the Square Theater Vetra in Milan

In a very impressive set design, made of light and great depths on which films of the past were projected, present and animations that

introduce to the future, they were attended by Roberto Colaninno, President and CEO of the Piaggio Group, Jeffrey Schnapp, CEO of

Piaggio as the “Elio e le Storie Tese” Fast Forward and Elio, front.

The audience was accompanied on a journey through a space-time that the late nineteenth century as projected in the near future.

On this occasion he was presented the book “FuturPiaggio, 6 Italian lessons on mobility and modern life”, published by Rizzoli in

limited edition and numbered, designed by Jeffrey Schnapp. With an extraordinary wealth of images, this book describes the products that

characterized the most significant phases in the history of Piaggio, and who have contributed to the evolution of customs and society.

From trains to planes, from the helicopter to the Vespa, the Piaggio Group has always played an important role in the history of

mobility and economic growth, both in our country is Europe, becoming one of the most important symbols of Italian industry in the world

for creativity and technology.

During these 130 years Piaggio has repeatedly revolutionized the concept of mobility, such as the Vespa, which was designed by the

engineer Corradino D’Ascanio, the helicopter inventor, who has used the technology to aviation achieve the most popular scooters and

wide dissemination of the story.

Technology that has characterized and continues to do so, the other major Piaggio Group brands, which in addition to Vespa are: Bee,

Aprilia, Derbi, Gilera, Moto Guzzi and Scarabeo. Technology that thanks to Piaggio Fast Forward, the Group company that is headquartered

in the United States, reveals a new concept of mobility through projects Gita and Kilo, intelligent, autonomous vehicles presented in

Boston a few weeks ago and currently under development and experimentation.

In conclusion Colaninno stressed the guidelines of the Group’s future characterized the ongoing commitment to the search for

technological solutions in the field of mobility, announced that it is in the home stretch electric Vespa, scheduled for early 2018,

which an office will be opened in Hong Kong, and that the group is working on a project because China in that country, as a solution to

the now unbearable problem of transport and traffic, there will be a strong development of electric technology.


With Street View in Google Maps, you can get inside an active volcano

The Street View Trekker entered for the first time in the crater of a volcano, Marum, which stands on an island in Vanuatu. The mission images

Find out for themselves what’s inside an active volcano.
A dream shared by anyone who grew up on bread, comics, Lord of the Rings and science textbooks, and now thanks to Google Maps can come true: from now on Street View is in fact possible to dive in the 400 meters of the crater depth Marum , the largest crater lava in the world, which stands on one of the islands of the archipelago of Vanuatu, in the South Pacific.

The Street View Trekker, a backpack-robot with its cameras is able to map the surroundings in 360 degrees, so it was dropped for the first time in a volcano on the shoulders of two experts who explorers, Geoff Mackley and Chris Horsly.
The mission, carried out in collaboration with the Ultimate Volcano Expeditions team took photographs of the gigantic lava lake in the crater guarded, almost as big as two football fields. You can browse some of the firm’s breathtaking images directly in our gallery.


Plan de Corones

In Plan de Corones, ski and ski show: that’s why choose it from March to April
In the areas of Plan de Corones, Klausberg and Speikboden do not want to just hang on a nail skiing: more than 100 kilometers of slopes until late April, many events and sports activities suitable for children. Plus it offers not to be missed to enjoy a stay on the snow-price discount

It is approaching spring, but the season for skiing is not over yet, in fact, until 23 April the snowy slopes of the ski area of ​​Plan de Corones, near Brunico, South Tyrol, await skiers not only thrilling descents, but also for sporting events and events on the snow. Spend the chaotic weeks of Carnival, the districts are no longer crowded, slopes are still perfect and hotels offer Offers “Last Snow” with attractive discounts. The days are longer, the cold is less pungent and there are many events that make the tracks of genuine open-air theaters where concerts follow, show or passionate about new sporting activities.

Everything starts from the top of Plan de Corones, huge snow-covered terrace with spectacular views of the Dolomites of Linz east, the Ortles west, Marmolada south and the peaks of the Zillertal north. Even for non-skiers, this great “square” becomes a place to stroll, sip herbal tea in one of the many large shelters (or taste the typical Tyrolean ravioli, ravioli with spinach, and Tirtlan, pancakes filled with ricotta and spinach or sauerkraut); to visit the last museum of Reinhold Messner; to see the peace bell “Concordia 2000”, one of the largest in Europe bells (sounds each day at noon).
From this “snowy crown” leave tens of slopes to suit all tastes and abilities: from the legendary black slopes looking towards Brunico, the more gentle slopes leading to Olang, or the red Ried, a beautiful track of almost 10 km that winds in the wood. On skis, you can start, for example, from San Vigilio and get to Brunico or Valdaora: here there is no risk of getting lost, everything is well connected.
The 116 kilometers of trails are facing all the cardinal points, in order to please those who want the sun (and the spring snow) and those who prefer ice rinks, in the shade. If you want to then review their performance on the snow, the company set up the so-called “Speedline” on track Pracken: the descent on this route is recorded on video and can be reviewed on the internet by typing in the number of ski passes.
A great hotel on the slopes of San Vigilio is the Excelsior Hotel: between plus, the outdoor hot tub, overlooking the Dolomites. With the offer Dolomiti super sun, ski and wellness starts from 720 euro per person in 3/4, 7 days, including two guided snowshoe walks, 1 guided tobogganing, 1 ski safari with a ski guide and a ski race for hotel guests.


In a bathing suit on skis: you attempt the record in Sochi


Russian youth and Russian in a bathing suit or underwear fell together on skiing or snowboarding on the table to the slopes of Sochi in a bid to set a new world


According to local media, a thousand people would take part in the unique initiative, waiting for the official recognition by the Guinness World Records judges.

The title of greatest event in costume on skis so far goes to a similar initiative that was held in 2013 in Sheregesh, always in Russia.

The Sochi skiers were lucky: the spring weather made skiing more enjoyable.



Event from March 27 to April 1 in the Watles ski area, Val Venosta, for the 2017 edition of Suzuki Royals 9, the classic freestyle event bringing together the best

freestylers in a super cotest adrnealinico that takes place in a castle snow.

There will be professional athletes, including 14 women (7 for skiing and snowboarding for 7) and 13 men (6 snowboarders and skiers 7), including our

compatriots Simon Gruber for snowboarding and Silvia Bertagna, who recently won a stage of world Cup.

The castle, full of jumps, ramps, wall … will be built with 60,000 cubic meters of snow.

To achieve it will need a team of 12 people and you will reuse the snow used to down the path to the stage in the world of ski cross Watles Cup. The concept of

this event, conceived by Nico Zacek in 2008, aims to give a chance to the world’s best athletes to showcase their skills in a fantastic setting.

In this regard could not choose a better location in the Val Venosta, land of the sun at high altitude and the Watles ski area (great for freestyle but also for

downhill skiing) is located in one of the Vinschgau area that is close to the borders with Switzerland and Austria.



In Switzerland there are more than 70 peaks higher than 4000 meters above sea level, 55 of which are fully in Swiss territory and 19 on the border with Italy.

The highest peak of Switzerland Dufour, de 4634 meters, in the Monte Rosa massif, on the border with Italy.

The highest mountain entirely on Swiss territory is the Dom of 4545 meters, between Zermatt and Saas Fee.

The best known is probably the top Swiss Matterhorn (Cervino, 4,478 meters), south of Zermatt.

The group consists of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau in the Bernese Alps is considered one of the most fascinating mountain areas of Europe.



If it’s bad, it costs less to ski

The classic day ticket for the ski resorts is going out of fashion and the stations are experimenting with new sales strategies

Simply, the classic day pass for the ski resorts stewed and is going out of fashion. The winter resorts are in fact developing new possibilities of ticket sales.

The first step in this direction was made by the stations of Pizol Bad Ragaz (SG) and Belalp (VS), which offer varying prices depending on the weather. In case of bad weather conditions, the ski-pass costs reduced by up to 50% of the original price.

A second alternative is being considered for next winter from Lenzerheide (GR): “Pay-per-use”, the skiers have the opportunity to pay only the systems they use and the price is calculated for each ski. Two new deals possible even in Laax (GR): one is the VIP-Ticket “Blueline” which allows those who are willing to pay more to jump the queue passing directly by a special fast track, the other is the new proposal for young people who are dedicated to Freestyle; The new “Ski-Ticket light” is in fact designed for individuals who only attend the Snow Park area.


Easter 2016 in Carinthia: skiing, colored eggs and cooking classes

Egg hunt, cooking classes and days on the snow here is an offer of Easter 2016 in the snow, in Carinthia.
Easter in Carinthia, AustriaPasqua in Carinthia, Austria
There is a good opportunity to travel to Austria next, being able to stock many different experiences.
Easter 2016 in Carinthia is the right time to be able to cut some carefree days, enjoying excellent pitatti of local cuisine and relying on fairy-tale atmosphere.
The proposal is that today reaches its Easter package designed by the hotel staff Nudelbacher in Carinthia. Here we follow the age-old tradition of this holiday, so the hotel guests will be invited to participate in different activities.
It will be held, for example, a cooking class for famous Kärnten Kasnudel, stuffed specialties: you will learn the tricks to prepare them during the Easter weekend.
Continuing the theme of culinary traditions and specialties related to them, it will take place on the old meat blessing for Holy Saturday and the traditional Easter breakfast on Sunday with the typical sweet Reindling. There will also be another very special moment of aggregation: the lighting of the Easter bonfire on Easter Saturday. Finally, the Easter rites will be consolidated thanks to the traditional hunt for discoveries of painted eggs.
Hotel Nudelbacher is also a convenient hotel for skiing and skiing; at the end of the day, also, you can restore inside the wood-fired sauna.

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