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Make your Gstaad holiday one-of-a-kind at Chalet Lottie

Originally built in 1867 as a farmhouse and later transformed into a luxury home, this seven-bedroom Swiss Alps vacation rental has traditional charm and breathtaking views of the Verbier mountains. Let the full staff pamper you as you challenge yourself on the ski slopes or simply bliss out at the villa.

Your stay at Chalet Lottie includes the services of a chef, housekeeper, host and driver. Start the day by stretching out in the fitness room, then gather equipment from the ski and boot room.
After a day on the slopes, indulge in a session in the sauna, pour a glass from the wine fridge and cozy up in the home theater. Step outside to the mountainside terrace and garden for an al-fresco dinner or a soak in the cedar hot tub with spectacular mountain views.

The villa’s original wood beams and paneling have been carefully preserved to create a traditional backdrop for modern furnishings and striking artwork. In the living room, seating areas defined by area rugs and soft fabrics invite you to relax and chat, while in the formal dining room, elegant velour-upholstered chairs can seat up to eighteen. The separate fully equipped kitchen has both a convenient breakfast bar and a casual, farmhouse-inspired breakfast table.

Each of the seven bedrooms at Chalet Lottie has its own private en-suite bathroom. The beautiful master suite has a king bed and opens to a terrace with mountain views, and there are five bedrooms with double beds and terrace access, one of which also has mountain views. If you’re traveling with family, the seventh bedroom has two twin beds and is perfect for older children or teenagers.

Just a 3-minute drive from Lauenen village and a 10-minute drive from downtown Gstaad, Chalet Lottie makes it easy to explore a quaint village center, browse world-class boutiques or enjoy a honeymoon-worthy dinner. For skiing, ask the driver to take you to one of the two nearby Gstaad gondola stations or to the lift in Schönried. When it’s time to leave, you’ll have a choice of the airports in Saanen, Sion and Geneva to make your connection home.



In Switzerland there are more than 70 peaks higher than 4000 meters above sea level, 55 of which are fully in Swiss territory and 19 on the border with Italy.

The highest peak of Switzerland Dufour, de 4634 meters, in the Monte Rosa massif, on the border with Italy.

The highest mountain entirely on Swiss territory is the Dom of 4545 meters, between Zermatt and Saas Fee.

The best known is probably the top Swiss Matterhorn (Cervino, 4,478 meters), south of Zermatt.

The group consists of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau in the Bernese Alps is considered one of the most fascinating mountain areas of Europe.



Primavera sulla neve

Le giornate si stanno allungando  e le giornate diventano piu calde.

Marzo è il mese migliore per prenotare una vacanza sulle nevi.

Per i prezzi che non sono esagerati e per il clima che diventa piacevole per sciare anche senza essere super imbottiti.

Vi consiglio Zermatt con il Cervino come sfondo la trovo uno dei posti piu affascinanti per sciare a Marzo.

Buona sciata a tutti


Cavalli and Versace in the land of the ayatollahs

Opened in Tehran the first boutique of Italian high fashion in Iran after-embargo

Seductive and glamorous evening gowns, leather miniskirts perfect in every detail, over the knee boots with stiletto heels. The ladies in the chador ‘Tehran-good’ will rub their eyes and wonder if it’s all true. Yes, it’s all true. In Iran post-embargo was opened the first luxury boutiques and single-brand of Made in Italy and to sign it is the Florentine designer Roberto Cavalli. (Elisa Pinna by Ansa – Tehran)

In short, in a month, it will also open a Versace store and insignia are ready, alongside those of horses, at 1 Alef North Street, Zaferaniyeh, one of the most elegant and rich of the Iranian capital. The Cavalli shop, a two-story structure built to the smallest detail – from the colors lights marble – as indicated by the Italian brand, is crowded. The prices do not scare, although a jacket can cost several thousand Euros, or worse, in the Iranian currency, tens and tens of millions of riyals.

Iran is experiencing a slice of the population that does not have money problems and is eager to taste the ‘joie de vivre’, if only within their own homes. Thus, an Iranian entrepreneur, Medhi Firouzan, president of KelideTalaei, along with Abbas Firouzan, and a third partner, Moezeddini, has thought to ask the franchise for the Republic of the ayatollahs of fashion brands and Italian luxury, one of the most popular products and appreciated in the world. The operation started two years ago, when Iran was still under slap by the international community.
Italians, however, designers have believed in the potential of a young market, cultured, hungry for culture and, in some groups, wealthy.



Thus, the first flag planted by Italy at the end of economic sanctions in Iran was in one of its areas of excellence. The members of the Iranian project is ambitious. “We want to transform Alef Street in via Montenapoleone in Tehran,” said Mehdi Firouzan ANSA, referring to the famous Milanese luxury street. “We asked Ferragamo, Armani, to other Italian and even European designers to open their single-brand stores in Iran. What we want more of our people is the quality of life and we want to offer it. Italy can help us” , he stressed. “The high fashion can become a bridge to bring Europe to Iran and to bring a future Iran to Europe,” added Abbas Firouzan.

So far in the Islamic Republic luxury garments made in Italy you could be found occasionally in some stores, but with a reduced choice to minimum and with a high risk of purchasing counterfeit products. The opening of the Cavalli store marks the start of a new season. The desire to change step is confirmed by Hanayeh, a young man of thirty degree in chemical engineering who, fascinated by the world of fashion, she decided to work in the new Cavalli boutique. “Iran is not the dark country, closed, violent which is described in foreign newspapers. Far from it,” he says. “A week ago, when we were still closed, people flocked to the windows, curious and proud that Tehran had finally such a store.”


Carmen Vantini photographed by Michieletto: “Here’s how you can win”

The sushi, drink much, much sex. Are you ready to go on the attack?
Carmen is beautiful. But also generous: it revealed as conquer.
Now, you see what to do.
Here are his 10 requests:
1. Japanese often take me to eat: I could live sushi!
2. Take care of yourself: I hate men neglected, being obsessed with body care pretend that my man is a minimal efforts
3. give me a little dog of very small size: I have two chihuahua and a pincher, but for me there are never too many animals
4. travel together is my favorite thing in the world and I do have to work, but with the person I love is really the best
5. know how to cook despite my job I love to eat so I find that there is nothing sexier than a man who cooks for me!
6. me many little unexpected surprises: being Scorpion I get bored quickly of all, then monotony no thanks!
7. You must be tireless in bed: I need someone who can hold my pace 🙂
8. speak more than one language is a feature that I really appreciate!
9. love dancing? I am not drink and do not smoke, is the only thing I love to do when I get out
10. back to the previous point: alcohol and cigarettes are forbidden to me


Ice-Q, the luxury retreat of James Bond

We went to Sölden to retrace the places where it was filmed “Spectre”, the utime film of the successful series of the agent 007. We got confirmation that Bond attends only the best places …

Ok, it will risk life too soon leaves the house, destreggerà well with great aplomb sophisticated weapons that perhaps not even exist, will always defend even the worst killers with a shrug of the eyebrow. But the most famous secret agent in the world ever attended (and women) the best seats. For the 24th film of the successful series of James Bond director Sam Mendes, with a cast of 500 people, he has chosen the Austrian resort of Sölden to shoot scenes of Spectre. Moreover, the father of 007, the British writer Ian Fleming, appears to have been a great admirer of the Austrian Tyrol.

Ice-Q, the gourmet restaurant at high altitude
Seeing is believing
So we went to Sölden and, despite watching the preview of the film in the original language (local …) before going on site, we found that the most breathtaking scenes of the film were shot on the mountain Gaislachkogl at 3,048 meters high. Right there, where there is the “clinic” in which Daniel Craig, the last character of the agent 007, goes to “recover” Léa Seydoux, (the French actress is also the cover girl of GQ this month) in the film Madleine The Bond girl blonde. Truly the “clinic” is a designer restaurant Alpine connected directly to the cable car of Gaislachkogl, considered one of the most innovative projects and minimal environmental impact of recent times. Ice-Q, the name of the luxury retreat, as well as 900 m² of glass facades that glow in the sunlight and offer stunning views of the Ötztal Alps, focuses on wine and gastronomic experience. The menu offers the best of local products accompanied by the best Alpine Austrian and international wines. And it is a particular wine in one of the protagonists of the refuge: a cuvee of pinot noir created by the union of three varieties from Italy, Austria and Germany and aged in wooden barrels. The name? Pinot 3000, as the altitude of the shelter where it is preciously guarded.
But Sölden, in addition to having the futuristic Ice-Q, has an area of ​​three mountains over 3 thousand meters of altitude, the famous Big 3: Gaislachkogl (3,058 m), Tiefenbachkogl (3,250 m) and Schwarze Schneide (3,340 m), all connected systems with the latest generation. However, if your passion is skiing, (let alone that of James Bond, as in Spectre do not see it even skiing tobogganing), well, there’s always the music: from December 30 starts the famous Electric Mountain Festival . Unless you relish the pit, if you prefer to stay to soak in Längenfeld, 13 km away, you will find the famous spa “Aqua Dome”.
And already, James never misses a beat.


Do not underestimate the belly is a health risk

Do not underestimate the belly is a health risk
Research published in the Annals of Internal Medicine relates abdominal fat and the risk of stroke, coronary heart disease and diabetes

“I’m not fat, I only have a little ‘belly’. If you too entrenched behind this banal justification to avoid subscribing to the gym, you know that you are taking a risk. To say it is a recent study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, which further underscores the dangers of abdominal fat. The researchers analyzed the clinical picture of more than 15,000 people, coming to the conclusion that men with swollen bellies (regardless of their weight) have double the risk of mortality than those who are generally overweight or tendency to obesity.

Among the main hazards include the possibility of stroke, coronary heart disease and diabetes. The fat that accumulates on the belly (also called visceral) can indeed penetrate deep and wrap the vital organs, causing the liver to produce cholesterol resulting in hardening of the arteries. To this Dr. Francisco Lopez-Jimenes, one of the authors of the research, we are advised to follow healthy eating and devote at least 50 minutes three days a week to physical activity.



Chanel SS 2016 – Chanel Airlines … I will fly with you!
Among glows silver (dominant color of the outfits of the fashion show) and inspired playing with the theme of flight and the airport, the house has the SS 2016 collection.
The world Chanel is a world apart which is difficult to understand the essence. It is a place, a mental space, a seductive passion much more like a fad than a simple attraction.


Eroica 2015

Eroica 2015
On the roads of Chianti, in the Siena hills, pouring rain and thousands of people from all parts of the world, we were there which always pursue that poem written by bicycle

For people like me, in the early eighties, with the bike began to challenge their forces on the first climb of the church, on the mountain that could be seen on the horizon then, any bike was racing bikes. The one with drop handlebars, the pedals with toe clips and terrible strap, the gear levers on the chassis, brake wires that crossed in front of the nose when he crouched in the aerodynamic position, five crowns on the freewheel and rear tubular disconnect to bites if foravi, but that they turned on the rim if frenavi too downhill. And then there were the shirt and pants blacks wool, those with the deerskin to the saddle and harness, the paper of the Gazette under the shirt to make the descents, the helmets to leather straps, which fortunately did not He is falling ever! The bicycle was freedom, adventure was, was hard, cycling was one man alone in the lead, Breton crafty as a rate, frozen food in the storm of the Gavia, was above all a dream, a dream for me, for everyone, He has died at Madonna di Campiglio, with the ultimate interpreter of the cycling boarding, the last who ran the old, even if riding a modern bike.


Yes, because then came the bike modern, very special carbon, the change in the brake levers, the high-profile wheels, ten, eleven wreaths on the rear wheel, the clipless pedals and technical fabrics that withstand all weather conditions, bike light like feathers with which to climb on the walls. Fatigue remained, the beauty of a rose of a thousand bends or a descent with curves by brush, have not changed, that is nuanced taste epic passage from the bottle, the arrival of color TV and on shorts, led away with the gray, the charm of Black Legs.

A few years ago, when I heard for the first time L’Eroica, I fell in love immediately, unconditionally, a race, that race is not, because there is a first come, and there is a prize to be awarded, the prize is just the satisfaction of having finished, that is the one to forty or two hundred and nine kilometers, because the paper is a walk enogastranomica flavor of yesteryear, the Chianti wine in straw fiasco, to do strictly with those bikes the , those of my first Sgambati, and if possible, older still, with wool sweaters, leather of his boots, mittens perforated, and the tubular spare shoulder.

For all the departure and arrival it is at Gaiole in Chianti, after an up and a down hills, riding on paved roads now now on the roads of dirt, Tuscan heritage and humanity, streets that still have the taste of that the cycling, that fans feel any nag the Coppi of Cuneo Pinerolo. Last weekend, I was lucky enough to experience the atmosphere of the Eroica, I crossed lovers from all over the world, of all ages: French, Scottish, English, Japanese, American, Russian, Polish, Dutch, German, Italian, to name only those with whom I happened to chat, someone pulled as a professional, someone with physical rugby player and the sponsor theme, someone, including myself, with a gate with wheels, someone with the bike then better preserved of the crown jewels, with other relics of the early twentieth century.


I cycled only the short path, not too many years I climbed on the bike racing, but during those 46 kilometers – almost all in the pouring rain which made it even more heroic path – have awakened the dormant feelings, the desire to look for challenge, to make the climb faster than the companion of the moment, to joke in the group, track, track, “I’ve got an evil in the legs that I do not restrain you so”, snorting jumped to a report on the most beautiful, ride in the group, in a fairytale. All and sundry from the path he had chosen to ride together in the values ​​of cycling, the sport declined in the wonderful spirit that the creators were able to evoke, with the sense of solidarity in the effort and openness to new friends and we are committed to the end, to honor the myth that our host and the myths that have cycled with us. And now working to make the eighty next year!

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Casiraghi and Borromeo families of fairytale weddings

Formal as her sisters, Lavinia and Isabella, majestic as the grandmother of him, Grace Kelly, or fairytale like Andrea and Tatiana. To be inspired Beatrice for yes to Pierre?

Double ceremony, one in the Principality of Monaco, his house Pierre Casiraghi, one of the Borromean Islands, owned by the family of her, Beatrice Borromeo. Double, triple, quadruple feast. Result, a caravan of high society guests that will be at stake from the French Riviera to the shores of Lake Maggiore for two challenging weekend of parties and receptions from Saturday, July 25.

The marriage of Pierre Casiraghi and Beatrice Borromeo does speak for days. Inevitable: their families have given membership in the last 30 years, gossip, gossip columns and above all a rich sequence of fairytale weddings. In particular those of the sisters Borromeno.

But with such a legacy to those who will really inspire Pierre and Bea for their wedding? Formal style in homage to the label of the Grimaldi Palace, where civil weddings are celebrated and sober Cavagnetu (picnic in the garden in Monegasque dialect) or Renaissance splendor under the coat of arms with three balls of the Borromeo? To these we should also styled Casiraghi: Carolina has given to his children one coops life certainly high, but low profile. From the choice of them grew up in Provence, far from the Palace.

Not to upset anyone the two young men have decided to double the party.
The former model, now a journalist, nephew of Marta Marzotto is the fifth and last child of Charles Borromeo, the last patriarch of one of the most historic and important families of the north: three sisters females, Lavinia, Isabella and Matilde and a son, Carlo. Four countesses tall, blond, thin and chilly-looking that made important marriages, then the sources of inspiration and advice to Beatrice certainly not lacking even if, on closer inspection, the marriages of his sisters Borromeo they all look alike.

Lavinia (now 38 years) inaugurated the trend by marrying John Elkann, then vice president of Fiat, September 4, 2004: religious ceremony on Isola Madre, receipt in the Hanging Gardens of Isola Bella. All the world of high finance Italian was invited. Berlusconi, then prime minister, arrived by helicopter with Gianni Letta. She had a real princess dress by Valentino with veil family (ça va sant say) and tiara grandmother. The witnesses were the brothers Beatrice and Charles, father of brothers only because Lavinia, Isabella and Matilde, Carlo Borromeo had them with Marion Zota, Bea and Charles with Paola Marzotto, daughter Marta, who blondes and ethereal Borromeo they love like a real grandmother and that, like a real grandmother, she oversaw suille good choices double of all four.

Wedding photocopy, a year later, those of Isabella, the eldest, with the tankers Ugo Brachetti Peretti: ivory gown by Valentino, veil family. Only after the ceremony on Isola Bella celebrated the Rocca d’Angera (also owned by the family). And at the Rocca materializes, July 30, the receipt grandest wedding of Pierre and Beatrice: the Rock, it will be closed to the public from July 30 to August 2.

The last Borromeo to get married in white Valentino, among the stone statues on Isola Bella was Matilde, in June 2011, his wife went to Antonius Von Furstenberg, prince of the royal family of Germany. Only variant script Borromeo, the bride was very pregnant.

The only one to come out of the male choir Carlo, penultimate in succession: hippe chic ceremony in Pantelleria, in a field overlooking the sea at sunset, with seating on hay and white shawls. Bucolic his yes to socialite Marta Ferri (daughter of photographer Fabrizio and Barbara Frua de Angeli) in July 2012.


For the Italian part of the festivities is to be expected therefore that the script somehow happen again equal to the sisters, given the choice of celebrating the rite on the lake, but perhaps Isolino di San Giovanni, more secluded location than the majestic Island Beautiful.

weddings-grimaldi Certainly, the part of Monaco’s wedding will be the most simple: everything except the evening party at Jimmy’z, will take place in the Palace closed, as was the case for the parents of Pierre, Carolina and Stefano Casiraghi and Andrea and Tatiana Santo Domingo. One can be sure, perhaps, the marriage to which that of Pierre and Bea will resemble less, at least as atmosphere, to Uncle Albert Charlene Wittstock: cast too, too many royal families invited, bride too rigid.

Beatrice, you know, is quite another kind. Maybe more like the sister Tatiana Santo Domingo, that the yes with Andrea Casiraghi is presented in civil saldali thong Palace. And then he wanted a second episode, religious, indeed, enchanted, under the snow in Gstaad, hooded in a Valentino dress, in cascades of flowers and crystals. Chic, but not easy.

Even Pierre, despite being the son of a Grimaldi, during his childhood he spent much time in the countryside of Provence rather than the Rocher. He and the Borromeo, basically mean part of the jet set, but with the royal families have little to disappear. And then it was not just Beatrice to have declared in an interview: “The aristocracy is just crap anachronistic”?


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The first ascent of Mont Blanc, an August 8

229 years ago: The expedition was organized by a famous scientist, but to reach the summit for the first time were a doctor and a crystal-digger.
The first ascent of Mont Blanc took place 229 years ago, on Aug. 8, 1786: the first to arrive at the top were the crystal hunter Jacques Balmat and the doctor Michel Gabriel Paccard, to 18.23, and remained there for just under forty minutes, during which it carried the scientific measurements. With its 4810 meters, the Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in the Alps and Europe except the Caucasus, The expedition was organized by the famous scientist Horace-Benedict de Saussure, who according to some reconstructions had even promised a reward to anyone who would go up first of Mont Blanc. De Saussure was mainly specialized in the study of glaciers, and for this many years studying the Mont Blanc massif, planning to make the measurements for yourself.

Paccard had graduated in Turin and had already attempted the climb in 1783. Balmat instead was an expert of the mountains around Chamonix, and it was with great athleticism. They decided to organize an expedition together for convenience, although did not go over well: the idea of ​​Paccard was not to go the traditional route with which it had been attempted the ascent earlier that the Grands Mullets, but to divert first to reach the Dôme du Goûter, through the Grand Plateau, under the north face of Mont Blanc. They risked to go back, because the daughter was ill and the Balmat crystal hunter wanted to go back (he died later that day). After reaching the summit and made the measurements, Balmat and Paccard began the descent: it got dark quickly, but the two had chosen a full moon night, and were able to camp out.
The date of the first ascent of Mont Blanc coincides with the birth of mountaineering that day began the so-called “phase of conquest” of mountaineering, where one by one were climbing all the mountains of the Alps over four thousand meters high. When in 1865 Edward Whymper reached the last major peak, the Matterhorn, the nature of mountaineering was changed: if in the beginning the reasons for the climb were mostly scientific, soon he asserted the idea of ​​mountaineering as a sporting gesture. Today in the center of Chamonix a statue of Balmat showing the Mont Blanc de Saussure remembers the first ascent.


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Australia skiing in August.

Can not you just imagine the snowy peaks in Australia? In winter in Victoria you can discover the fantastic ski resorts north of Melbourne, all within a day. You can downhill skiing on Mt Buller and Mt Stirling or cross-country skiing along the snowy slopes of Falls Creek, try snowboarding on Mt Hotham or launch
down the long slopes of Mt Buffalo, wearing snowshoes along the paths of Mt Baw Baw and to toboggan or toboggan down the slopes of the enchanting Lake Mountain.
Mt Buller, just three hours drive from Melbourne, offers an incredible variety of winter activities: downhill runs for all levels, trails for snowshoeing, ability to climb the peak and whiz down the slopes of the mountain sitting in an inflatable donut. Mt Buller is a winter playground with non-stop activities ranging from a ski-in Cinema, walks among the ice sculptures, excursions with dog sledding, snowshoeing and snowgaining (ie orienteering at high altitude). The Breathtaker on High, the day spa highest of Australia, then waits for those looking for a bit ‘of relaxation after a day on the slopes.
After a short drive or snowshoes to toe, from the Mt Buller is reached Mt Stirling, ideal for alpine skiing, snowboarding and cross country skiing. Those with a spirit of adventure can try the Alpine Winter Camp, camping on the slopes that have a large central tent for eating and socializing and seven tents raised and insulated to stay.
Falls Creek, in the Alpine National Park on the scenic plateau of Bogong, four and a half hours drive from Melbourne, is an Alpine resort in true European style. It has over 65 kilometers of ski cross-country skiing with free access and 22 August hosts the imported cross-country race in Australia for the long haul, Kangaroo Hoppet. Who does not love the races, can have fun building a snowman in Snowplay Park, bouncing up and down with the help of a trampoline bungee snow, whizzing down the slopes tobogganing or on a rubber donut or exploring the great outdoors with snowshoeing, snowmobiling or driving along the first tracks of Australia for snow bikes.
About 4 hours from Melbourne in the magnificent Alpine National Park, Mt Hotham has several slopes for skiers and snowboarders of all levels can enjoy the thrill of doing off-piste thanks to a free tour on snowmobiles. Mt Hotham offers over 40 kilometers of cross-country skiing, as well as the opportunity to go hiking and snowmobile sleds pulled by dogs or with the aid of snowshoes.
Snowboarders Mt Hotham offers a multitude of canyons, valleys, jumps, ridges and mounds of snow to the delight of the fans even acrobatic skiing. There are numerous cross-country ski trails that wind in the great outdoors covered with pristine and fluffy snow. Much loved the Burton Riglet Park that is a haven for children under three years old who want to try snowboarding, with an area specially designed which includes small bumps, ramps, rollers and toys and that allows children to learn basic balance and position. Guests can then explore the new path Brabralung Indigenous Interpretation Trail linking Mt Hotham Dinner Plain with a long track of 10 km showing the Aboriginal heritage of the region.
A Dinner Plain has just opened a new Snow Park, and you can enjoy night skiing and relax in the Onsen Spa & Retreat, a health club that has a hot spring pool of Japanese-inspired, as well as a heated indoor pool.
Further along the Great Alpine Road meets the Mt Buffalo, after the charming town of Bright. This small, lively village stands out against a backdrop of towering granite peaks capped with 14 km of cross-country ski trails and 20 km of slopes. Mt Buffalo National Park offers many winter activities for families looking for a bit ‘of fun with the children safe areas to slide sledding and snow play.
About 2.5 hours east of Melbourne, Mt Baw Baw is a picture postcard village and ideal place to learn to ski. Its gentle slopes make it an ideal destination for skiers and snowboarders with 30 hectares of slopes and 10 km of cross-country trails. There are several play areas on the snow and sleds free, as well as the Big Air Bag, a huge air cushion that allows you to practice freestyle moves safely before limestone slopes. There are trails to explore with a sleigh pulled by huskies or hiking with snowshoes or snowmobiles.
Less than two hours from Melbourne extends the fairytale world of Lake Mountain, perfectly suited for families with children who want a simple and accessible. Snow play and cross country skiing are the main attractions here and the Snowman’s Village offers plenty of room to play snowballs and give room for imagination and participate in the annual Snowman Festival, snow sculpture contest.


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In 1864 Johannes Badrutt, owner of the guesthouse Faller St. Moritz (now the renowned Hotel Klum) gave its guests a British proposal that sounded like a provocation: come on holiday in the Engadine in winter. A proposal for those times very strange, given that the mountain was considered only a summer destination. To encourage its customers, Badrutt promised free lodging and travel reimbursed if the experience was not welcome and they found the mild and sunny climate that had promised. Thus he was born, 150 years ago, winter tourism and with it the sports related to the snow. In fact, the first alpine skiing in Swiss territory dates back to a few years ago, 15 to be precise. In 1849, Johann Josef Imseng, pastor of the Saas Valley, had to go down to help a patient. He tied two wooden boards at the feet and launched himself down the snowy slope. Here is the first descent on skis, from Saas-Fee to Saas Grund. At the turn of the ‘800 and’ 900 developed tobogganing, skating, hockey, curling, introduced by British tourists come and sports practiced by the elite. It was instead the development of skiing to make “popular” winter sports and the Winter Olympics in St. Moritz, in 1928, were it a real watershed in this regard. St. Moritz, Davos, Zermatt and Gstaad were the first town to develop and become known internationally after the war, and even today are destinations elite and must of winter tourism, especially in the collective imagination as in reality. The development of the lifts and trains – icon of the Swiss Alps – did the rest. Today in Switzerland there are 1,800 ski lifts and the Swiss mountains, where 150 years ago was invented winter tourism, they are still the favorite destinations for those who love to spend their winter holidays on skis.




1842-1843 – In Norway we organize the first race of cross-country and alpine skiing in the world among civilians. Previously confidential army.

1849 – The pastor of the Saas Valley, Johann Josef Imseng, making the first descent on skis from Saas-Fee to Saas Grund.

1864 – The challenge of Johannes Badrutt: British guests staying in St. Moritz from Christmas to Easter. Winter tourism was born.

1865 – Thanks to the findings of German doctor Alexander Spengler on the air healthy high mountain, come to Davos the first guests with lung disease. The small village of farmers began to build a reputation as a destination for well-being.

1868 – Alexander Spengler and Willem Jan Holsboer based in Davos the first Kurhaus.

1870 – British Tourists based in Davos the first Skating Club of Switzerland.

1871 – Willem Jan Holsboer founded the Davos Health Association.

1872 – The British built in St. Moritz, behind the Kulm Hotel, the first toboggan run. 5 1877 – Inauguration of the first natural skating rink in Davos, still the largest in Europe.

1879 – Held the first ski competition in Germany.

1880 – First curling tournament in the Alps to St. Moritz.

1884 – Opens the track Cresta Run in St. Moritz.

1888 – In St. Moritz the first tournament of ice hockey and the first winter season in Grindelwald.

1892 – British Tourists on holiday in Davos Curling Club founded the Belvedere.

1893 – Founding of the Ski Club Glarus, the first in Switzerland.

1894 – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle makes a ski tour between Davos and Arosa.

1895 – In St. Moritz the first structures were built for the ski jumping.

1896 – The Swiss Adolf Kind, who moved to Turin, exports skiing in Piedmont.

1898 and 1910 – Davos hosts five world championships in figure skating.

1899 – Inauguration of the Davos-Schatzalp cable car.

1900 – Opening of the sanatorium (now hotel) on Schatzalp.

1901 – born in Turin the first Italian Ski Club (followed by the one in Milan in 1902 and Genoa in 1903).

1902 – The first ski races in Zermatt.

1904 – Inauguration in St. Moritz bob run St. Moritz – Celerina.

1905 – born in Austria and in Germany the Ski Federations.

1906/1907 – Held the first horse race on the frozen lake of St. Moritz. It became the premise of the spectacular White Turf event, the only horse race in the world like that.

1909 – The hotel Lauterbrunnen remain open even in winter.

1910 – First European Championship of Hockey in Les Avants.

1911 – First Edition of the Roberts of Kandahar Cup Alpine skiing in Crans Montana.

1912 – A Muerren (Muerren-Allmendhuebel) and St. Moritz (St. Moritz – Chantarella) are built first funiculars.

1913 – A Grindelwald was founded the first club of Swiss curling.

1920 – Birth of the FIS, the Italian Federation of Skiing (Today this acronym refers to the International Ski Federation).

1922 – First slalom race in Muerren.

1924 – The first Winter Olympics in Chamonix. Among the disciplines cross-country skiing and ski jumping. 1

928 – Winter Olympics in St. Moritz and first “Inferno ski race” in Muerren. 6 

1929 – are opened to Zermatt and St. Moritz the first ski schools of Switzerland.


1930 – First race of the Lauberhorn.

1934 – In Davos opened the first T-bar lift in the world. In St. Moritz it held the 4th edition of the World Championships in Alpine skiing.

1936 – Debut alpine skiing at the Winter Olympics in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

1948 – Winter Olympics in St. Moritz and the 10th edition of the World Championships in Alpine skiing.

1948 – started operating the lifts of Saas-Fee.




Tourism 5 stars Andermatt, pretty village at the foot of the Gotthard


Surrounded by green pastures and forests, in the background of magnificent rocky peaks, embellished with sparkling glaciers. A valley postcard paradise for nature lovers and mountain, with a “calling card” that alone is worth the trip: the daring cable car to the summit of the Gemsstock, at 2,963 meters, from where you can admire over six hundred peaks.
“Of all the places I know, is the most interesting to me”, said Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, as he crossed the Ursern for the third time. The Ursern in Canton Uri, at the foot of the Gotthard Pass is one of the most impressive upland valleys in Switzerland. Andermatt, 1436 meters above sea level, the largest of the three villages in the valley, it is proposed to tourists as an ideal holiday destination in all months of the year, with all the papers in order to give an unforgettable stay. From families with children to climbers, golfers from the fans of snow at any cost, everyone can find congenial attractions and activities, thanks to excellent facilities for receiving and leisure. Despite being exactly at the intersection of two major roads – the director of the International Gottardo from north to south, and the road of the Furka and Oberalp passes from west to east – Andermatt has retained a friendly and comfortable atmosphere of the country (slightly more than a thousand inhabitants), surrounded by green pastures and forests, in the background of magnificent rocky peaks, embellished with sparkling glaciers. A valley postcard paradise for nature lovers and mountain, with a “calling card” that alone is worth the trip: the daring cable car to the summit of the Gemsstock, at 2,963 meters, from where you can admire over six hundred peaks!

A lookout exceptional, with the choreographic Gurschen Glacier, which lies at the foot of a vast network of paths and trails, where make countless walks and hikes, on foot as mountain biking, with dozens of lakes, streams and waterfalls. There are also numerous opportunities for relaxing excursions to places of great beauty: the famous Gotthard Pass (2108 meters), with its museum and the historic hospice, reached by the romantic stagecoach pulled by five horses; the Oberalp Pass (2046 meters), which reach the source of the Rhine at Lake Toma; the spectacular Furka Pass, a well 2,431 meters, which in summer passes a nostalgic steam train; the horrid Schöllenenbahn, with the legendary Devil’s Bridge, the Medieval Gotthard road, and much more.images-1

At high altitude and of course in the cooler months, in a fairytale, Andermatt is transformed into a ski resort “for connoisseurs”, with descents of the highest level, and with great possibilities for off-piste skiing, or the so-called freeride. In particular, from the summit of the Gemsstock (2963 meters) down the dizzying “black run” Bernhard-Russi-Run, named after the eponymous Swiss Olympic champion in skiing, which he characterized as: “My favorite track, and one of the best of ‘Alps “. Finally, Andermatt is one of the stations of the famous Glacier Express train, with which an unusual trip from Zermatt to St. Moritz (or Davos): lightning-hour journey along through 91 tunnels and 291 bridges. The opening of the Chedi Andermatt, a luxury resort of 104 rooms, housed in a modern chalet with several restaurants (including one Japanese), indoor and outdoor pools and a large spa was the first phase of development still going on and that He sees in building new buildings, houses, five other hotels, a golf course with 18 holes to play this sport at high altitude. Throughout the summer, the Chedi, are scheduled appointments in key spiritual alpine-chic. The monaco Buddhist Loten Dahortsang holds sessions retreat of three hours a day, accompanied by vegetarian menu and afternoon tea. Package Rejuvenate in Style Yoga Retreats is available on the dates: June 15 to 19; July 20 to 24,; 24 to 28 August; September 21 to 25 from CHF 850 ​​per night for two people.






The have already dubbed “the eighth wonder of the world”. The new cable cars of Mont Blanc will be inaugurated on 21 June and the ceremony will be Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. After four years of work it is ready so the spectacular cable car in two sections that join Courmayeur with Punta Helbronner, one of the “doors of the White”, at 3466 meters above sea level. It is a ski lift for skiing (freeride) but above all a work for all tourists, an attraction that will arrive at height of Mont Blanc, to contemplate a landscape of high mountain unique. But it is also a work futuristic, with station design and rotating cabins that allow you to enjoy the view as you climb. The cable car was built by Doppelmayr and will open with a buffet prepared for four hundred guests from the five Michelin-starred restaurants Aosta Valley.



Cortina d'Ampezzo

World Alpine Ski

Cortina crowns the dream: the World Alpine Ski for four times that she had been denied (the last attempt last year for the 2019 edition with the city fought to 9 votes to 8 from the Swedish Are) is now doing. The seal will come in the next few months, but after the official announcement of the choice of the capital Fis Ampezzo as the sole candidate for 2021, the words of the president of the Federation Winter Sports Flavio Roda leave no doubt about an event that will be respected, “the commitment we had taken to ensure that Cortina was the only candidate was respected, now we will have an extra year to work with even greater force. ”

The competition standings in six years can revive the legend of this corner of Veneto dating back to the throne after famines snow blitz tax and municipal surveys.
A throne built with a racing history made of 9 races of men’s World Cup, 78 of Women’s World Cup – held every year without interruption since 1993 – and then, again, of 6 editions of the European Cup Snowboardcross, 5 of Tour de Ski and ten World Championships in different disciplines.

“We collect finally the fruits of a long and serious work. A historic achievement – said the mayor Andrea Franceschi -. By accepting our candidacy as the only FIS confirmed the value of our project. We had been unfairly penalized by the exclusion for the iris of 2019, now we are ready. ” Cortina will have a year longer than the time needed if there were other contenders for the event, to organize the event and show up with the necessary requirements for off final.

In mid-April the Cortina had expressed appreciation for the nomination: the referendum promoted by the City Council votes in favor were about 60%, on a total of 2,218 voters to the polls, 44% of those eligible. “Justice has been done,” said the president of the Veneto Luca Zaia that last year in Barcelona after a few seconds the rejection of Cortina in 2019 had spoken of `pronouncement scandaloso’. “After the splendor of the Winter Olympics of 1956 – he says – it will be written a new page in the epic history of skiing in the heart of one of the great heritage of UNESCO.”

Exults also Fiorello, one of the many celebrities who feel at home in Cortina. ‘World! Happy to Cortina! ‘, Tweets before explaining that his wife Ansa origins Cortina and now there’ I feel at home. ” To host the World Cup in 2021 Cortina d’Ampezzo has prepared projects of expansion of facilities and race tracks. Work is planned enlargement, adaptation and securing of world tracks. The two goals will form a single arena in the Rumerlo, less than three hundred meters of each other and ensuring adequate space and services for spectators, professionals, athletes and journalists.

For CONI president Giovanni Malago the world of 2021 is “even better” than that of 2019. “We have resubmitted the same dossier and it went even better because those of 2021 will be the world’s pre-Olympic, with an appeal than those of 2019, post Olympic ». A passage, one of the World Cup, that will mean for Cortina enrichment of infrastructure and major social impact on the community not just local. It had already been calculated for the 2019 edition possible that the event will allow the Veneto to present their excellence in the eyes of more than 500 million TV viewers.

Gstaad, Lifestyle


Star & skis. Madonna in Gstaad, Paris Hilton in Aspen
La Befana takes away the holidays, but the celeb are on track. The former Material Girl gets by with downhill skiing. Paris Hilton goes to the mountains with pink comforter. Gwen Stefani is granted long skiing in Mammoth Lakes. The more chic? As usual: the it girl Olivia Palermo.

Gstaad. Madonna unrecognizable in his ski suit down the slopes of Gstaad. The former Material Girl for years has been a regular in the Swiss resort, guest of a friend. With her on vacation also the daughter Lourdes with which, swear the celeb watchers, was unleashed in the dances: escorted by two bodyguards, Ms. Ciccone was seen often sway until dawn. Not the disco, of course, but in private villas with pool area used as a dance floor.

SCI_E_STAR large_150105-100023_mi050115spe_00412_MGTHUMB-BIG



Closing dates ski resorts Dolomiti Superski 2015, you can ski until May.

The spring is making great strides and the ski season draws to a close, even on the slopes of the Dolomiti Superski the spring sun is changing the landscape and nature begins its slow awakening. The winter 2014/15 began with little snow but will close with a flourish thanks to the great work done by the responsible systems in the activities of artificial snow and favorable weather conditions from mid-January with snowfall modest but steady.

The eye must be on the calendar for the opening and closing plants in the Dolomiti Superski the first plant closures are scheduled from the day of Monday, April 6 (Easter Monday) last day to ski on the slopes of the stations Carezza, Ski Civetta and Tre Valli.
Sunday, April 12th will be the last day of skiing on 11 ski resorts in the Dolomites, a plant closing mass but will not leave on foot skiers can ski until May 3, thanks to the slopes of Faloria (Cortina d’Ampezzo).
Civetta Ski: April 6
Trevalli: April 6
Carezza: April 6

Eisacktal: April 12
San Martino di Castrozza: April 12
Obereggen: April 12
Val di Fiemme: April 12
Alta Pusteria: April 12
Marmolada: April 12
Arabba: April 12
Val di Fassa: April 12
Alpe di Siusi: April 12
Val Gardena: April 12

Plan de Corones: April 19

Cortina d’Ampezzo: May 3


Fashion, Gstaad

Carey Mulligan

Carey Mulligan, Queen of Gstaad The actress, guest of honor at the celebrations for the 10 years of ASMALLWORLD, illuminates the Swiss town. Between walks in the snow, exclusive cocktails and party for a good purpose.
“An incredible weekend.” So Carey Mulligan defined the three-day celebration (December 13 to 15) for the 10 years of ASMALLWORLD, social exclusively for lovers of travel and clubs.

The actress, in fact, was the guest of honor at the event organized in the snow in Gstaad. Between sessions of skiing, cocktails and exclusive gala for good. Among the guests, about 200, in addition to Mulligan, Pixie Geldof, Dianna Agron, Caitlin Fitzgerald, Chelsea Leyland, Tali Lennox, Paula Goldstein, Waris Ahluwalia and the chairman of ASW Patrick Liotard-Vogt.

The festivities opened with a cocktail, signed GreyGoose, the Gstaad Palace December 12, and continue until late at night to GreenGo, the most exclusive club in Switzerland. The next day, however, went on stage for the gala charity War Child, an association that is very dear to Carey.

“Please donate generously and recklessly,” said the Hollywood star in opening the auction. And his offspring have worked. At the end of the evening, in fact, were collected approximately $ 100,000.


Fashion, Zermatt

Little innovation in tourism snow


The last winter season has seen a reduction in investment and poor product news. Stagnation accentuated in Italy, where the offer snow effort to consolidate the market

Threatening stability. “This expression chosen by the ratio Panorama Ski Pass Tourism to photograph the situation of white mountain in Italy, where he struggled to penetrate innovation. Even if this were to happen, in what are called” blue chips “(places strong) , this is more of restyling that no structural changes in the product. The stagnation of the current economic context, therefore, does not spare even the Italian mountains, whose offer hard to increase its market share: this inevitably leads operators to reduce investment, focusing more on the stimuli rather than the commercial product.
Abroad, the situation is completely different. “Nothing new strategic – the report Ski Pass – has characterized the winter season 2014/2015 in the 11 European destinations considered.” The areas under consideration are the Swiss St. Moritz, Davos and Zermatt, the Austrian Kitzbühel and Schladming, the German Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Oberstdorf, the French Chamonix and Courchevel, the Slovenian Kranjska Gora and Maribor. Some of the above destinations have attempted to diversify the range of tourism products: the case of Chamonix, Kitzbuhel, and Zermatt. In terms of special offers, we note the Swiss St. Moritz and Davos, with packages aimed at different targets of visitors. Switzerland in pole position as also related events: this year marks the 150th anniversary of the Swiss winter tourism.


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