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When Sardinia and South Korea meet in the kitchen

Sardinia and South Korea celebrate the new agreement on collaboration in the food sector with a plate that unites the Italian and the Eastern traditions. Here is the chicken recipe stuffed with kimchi

On one side there is Sardinia, with its incredible territory and those good table products that all of us know. On the other hand, there is South Korea, a country with no doubt fascinating, revolutionary technologies and culinary traditions still largely to be discovered. Two extremely diverse realities, but nowadays seem a little less distant thanks to the Food Collaboration Agreement just signed by the Korean Food Foundation, a public organization engaged in the promotion of Korean food and food industry, and Aspal, the Sardinian agency for active labor policies.

A Memorandum of Understanding that will develop a co-operation program for the next three years, involving chefs and culinary experts. For the Italian team, it will be an opportunity to discover or rediscover a truly unique international cuisine, made up of slow-moving traditions, great knowledge of raw materials and a lot of attention to health.

Already because the Hansik kitchen, so called, takes full advantage of the ancient practice of natural fermentation of foods, through which the foods take on an intense and complex flavor over time. To begin to understand and love this tradition you can start from two basic elements: kimchi, a vegetable dish – especially Chinese cabbage – let it ferment with abundant spices, including spicy chili and ginger; And the jang, the characteristic fermented sauce, with its ganjang version (obtained from soy beans), doenjang (soy sauce) and gochujang (red chili peppers).

So, under the event “One Summer Night with Hansik” organized in Milan by the Korean Food Foundation, chef Mauro Seu wanted to give us an example of a possible encounter between the Italian and Korean tradition. He made it by offering his chicken breast stuffed with Kimchi, spinach and ricotta in Mediterranean sauce, of which we give you the recipe below.

A summer night with Hansik – 26.07 (8)

Chicken breast filled with Kimchi

1 Chicken breast
2 eggs
60 gr of flour
60 gr of grated Pan
30 gr of Spinach
30 gr Kimchi
50 gr Ricotta
Seed Oil qb
Salt to taste
Korean sesame leaves

Ingredients for the sauce:
Tomatoes, Black Olives, Red Onions, Basil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil

To prepare the sauce, remove the skin and tomato seeds and finely chop it. Mix the chopped tomato with the other ingredients and complete the whole.
For filling, chop the kimchi and spinach finely chopped to ricotta.
Fill the chicken breast with this compound, then pass it into flour, egg beaten and breadcrumbs, in this order.
Fry your chest stuffed in a preheated frying pan in plenty of sunflower oil.
Place the sauce in the middle of the dish.
Sliced ​​the chicken chicken breast and place the slices on the sauce.
Complete garnishing with Korean sesame or basil leaves.


Ischia, a romantic weekend in Sant’angelo

The best months to enjoy a weekend of total relaxation in Ischia are between late April and May, the first weeks of June, or September and October. In this period, the largest of the volcanic islands is not packed with tourists and can be admired in all its beauty and tranquility.
Sant’Angelo d’IschiaSi can get to Naples by train and then by bus from the station to the port. Or choose to arrive in the capital of Campania with the car, and leave it parked in one of the many car parks near the port of call. The most convenient is the parking Brin, 7 and EUR 20 per day. Just outside is the stop of the bus is that the taxi to reach in few minutes the boarding. Ferries, from Porta di Massa in Ischia Porto takes an hour and a half for about 50 Euros (round trip, we chose the Medmar), or is there fast hydrofoil. And depart four or five times a day. Upon arrival we are greeted by the taxi rank, which have a fixed rate depending on the location to reach established by the City. Otherwise there is a public service, as though considering that there are few main roads, very narrow and busy, then the means pass slowly, but in terms of the money you’ll save a lot.
A small village which lies at the foot of the town of Serrana Fontana. The picturesque fishing hamlet is a little gem overlooking the sea. From the characteristic square of an isthmus that connects an island where once stood a small church and where you established the cult of St. Michael, the guardian angel who gave his name to the village. On the right hand side of the village, past the parish church, you get to Cava Petrelle, where there are the famous fumaroles. Here the ground escaping steam clouds and the sea of ​​gas bubbles, produced by the large thermal energy from the ground. With a beautiful walk in the boat, or with the coaches and then over 200 steps (rather tiring ascent), you get to Sorgeto Bay that is a typical example of the natural spas, with its hot and rejuvenating pools. In fact it contains among its rocks the characteristic of having hot water in the winter months, ideal for bathrooms in the moonlight. The thermal water gushes out of the ground at 90 degrees and then mixes with the cold currents of the sea. Ascent through the tiny streets of Sant’Angelo, accompanied by the scent of jasmine, up the granite ridge, where now there are a myriad of hotels and pensions, and the view is breathtaking. Here is nice, as well as romantic, maybe have a drink while the sun sets over the sea. While going down to the harbor, between shops offering local products from limoncello to ceramics, there are many restaurants overlooking the sea.
Like a big playground, but instead of slides and roller coasters, there are waterfalls, natural saunas and massages. The Poseidon gardens are an oasis of relaxation with flowers, roses and cactus, under the pine trees and olive trees, in the Citara bay, where a thermal spring brings up the therapeutic powers of volcanic nature. Entrance costs € 32 for the whole day, half instead 27. The price is high, but it is the place where you are. By 22 curative thermal pools (two child-only), each with its own constant temperature of 20 to 40 degrees and, given the abundance, the ‘water is constantly renewed, which is not always found in other spas. The offer is complemented by a wide private beach, sauna, underwater massage, Kneipp groups, Japanese circulatory path and several restaurants, one of which is located in a beautiful grotto of local tuff. The special climate-aesthetic-environmental conditions that are associated with Poseidon offers spa therapeutic factors and those related to the helium-marine practices, forming a true “natural curative mosaic.” Then in April, back when the heat is not hot, what’s better than to dive under a waterfall at 32 degrees?


Ice-Q, the luxury retreat of James Bond

We went to Sölden to retrace the places where it was filmed “Spectre”, the utime film of the successful series of the agent 007. We got confirmation that Bond attends only the best places …

Ok, it will risk life too soon leaves the house, destreggerà well with great aplomb sophisticated weapons that perhaps not even exist, will always defend even the worst killers with a shrug of the eyebrow. But the most famous secret agent in the world ever attended (and women) the best seats. For the 24th film of the successful series of James Bond director Sam Mendes, with a cast of 500 people, he has chosen the Austrian resort of Sölden to shoot scenes of Spectre. Moreover, the father of 007, the British writer Ian Fleming, appears to have been a great admirer of the Austrian Tyrol.

Ice-Q, the gourmet restaurant at high altitude
Seeing is believing
So we went to Sölden and, despite watching the preview of the film in the original language (local …) before going on site, we found that the most breathtaking scenes of the film were shot on the mountain Gaislachkogl at 3,048 meters high. Right there, where there is the “clinic” in which Daniel Craig, the last character of the agent 007, goes to “recover” Léa Seydoux, (the French actress is also the cover girl of GQ this month) in the film Madleine The Bond girl blonde. Truly the “clinic” is a designer restaurant Alpine connected directly to the cable car of Gaislachkogl, considered one of the most innovative projects and minimal environmental impact of recent times. Ice-Q, the name of the luxury retreat, as well as 900 m² of glass facades that glow in the sunlight and offer stunning views of the Ötztal Alps, focuses on wine and gastronomic experience. The menu offers the best of local products accompanied by the best Alpine Austrian and international wines. And it is a particular wine in one of the protagonists of the refuge: a cuvee of pinot noir created by the union of three varieties from Italy, Austria and Germany and aged in wooden barrels. The name? Pinot 3000, as the altitude of the shelter where it is preciously guarded.
But Sölden, in addition to having the futuristic Ice-Q, has an area of ​​three mountains over 3 thousand meters of altitude, the famous Big 3: Gaislachkogl (3,058 m), Tiefenbachkogl (3,250 m) and Schwarze Schneide (3,340 m), all connected systems with the latest generation. However, if your passion is skiing, (let alone that of James Bond, as in Spectre do not see it even skiing tobogganing), well, there’s always the music: from December 30 starts the famous Electric Mountain Festival . Unless you relish the pit, if you prefer to stay to soak in Längenfeld, 13 km away, you will find the famous spa “Aqua Dome”.
And already, James never misses a beat.

Chamonix, Fashion

Countdown to the Ultra Trail du Mont-Blanc


An exciting race whose protagonists Mont Blanc and its trails, the route of the Tour du Mont Blanc, which can turn around the roof of Europe, including Italy, France and Switzerland. Courmayeur is one of the main focal points of this event that brings together enthusiasts from all over the world trail. From Wednesday, August 26 to Sunday, August 30 adults and children can experience the atmosphere of the party “license plate” Ultra-Trail® Days Courmayeur
It is about to begin the greatest adventure of the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc ®: an exciting race whose protagonists Mont Blanc and its trails, the route of the Tour du Mont Blanc, which can turn around the roof of Europe, between Italy, France and Switzerland. Courmayeur is one of the main focal points of this event that brings together enthusiasts from all over the world trail.
From Wednesday, August 26 to Sunday, August 30 adults and children can experience the atmosphere of the party “license plate” Ultra-Trail® Days Courmayeur.

Will open the series of events Wednesday, August 26 at 6:00 am departure of the TDS ™ (119 km): 1,600 runners will start at dawn from Brocherel square, in the center, headed to the nearby village of Dolonne and Col Checrouit: the Winners will arrive at the finish line in Chamonix in the day, shortly after 20.00, while the latter will have to wait at 15.00 the following day. Starting from 9.30 Tamtando the percussion group will enliven the streets of Courmayeur with its enthralling rhythm, waiting for the main novelty of 2015 or the start of #YCC (Youth Chamonix Courmayeur), new competition dedicated to children aged 16 to 22 years , admitted for the first time to the circuit Ultra-Trail® du Mont-Blanc. Young athletes will depart at 10.00 from Piazza Brocherel, then run along a 15 km long that will take place mainly in the territory of Courmayeur: the fastest cross the finish line, the Jardin de l’Ange at 11.30, last at 14.00 . This first edition will include, in addition to the trail, the other two tests: a race in Chamonix (700 meters repeated three times) and a video contest. Completed the trail in Courmayeur, participants will be awarded at the Jardin de l’Ange at 14.30.

Then it’s up to CCC® (100 km), always departing from Courmayeur: Friday, August 28 at 9:00 am runners will gather in the square Brocherel, celebrated by fans and friends. At the start will begin their race to the Val Ferret and shelters Bertone and Bonatti, ready to jump over the border in Switzerland, Champex touch and finally arrive in Chamonix, the first already in the evening, at 20.00, the last before 11:50 on August 29 .
On Friday, in Chamonix, at 18:00, will be the great day of departure UTMB® (170 km), you can watch live on live streaming at the Jardin de l’Ange in Courmayeur. Follow the porn Trail To all, a story in pictures of the most beautiful competitions. Saturday 29, from 09.00 to 13.00, in Piazza Abbé Henry, in the heart of the historic center of Courmayeur, near the House of the Guides, the athletes will pass UTMB. Later, at 21:15, at the Jardin de l’Ange, there is a chance for reflection, in closing the conference Nutrisport mountain: Tiziana Colombo will present his book “The intolerance? The cook! “, Dedicated to intolerance nickel.

As for the younger, the trailer in the grass, they too will find bread for their teeth, as in 2014, Courmayeur will organize a Special Junior dedicated to the Mini Eco-Trail du Mont Blanc, from Thursday August 27 to 30. Children from 6 to 12 years will live the adventure of the trail, from its creation to the race itself: Thursday (15.00) will be engaged in environmental education activities, Friday will participate in a workshop for the construction of “balises” ( 10.00) and then trace the path of the race in the afternoon, in the woods of Dolonne (15.00). Saturday will participate in the Eco-Trekking along the famous Balcony of the Val Ferret (meet at 8:30 am at the chapel Marone Cinzano, Le Pont) and will play Sunday, with the support of Team Grivel, the Mini Eco-Trail du Mont Blanc, second edition a non-competitive race open to all kids that will wind through the woods and the village of Dolonne, with prizes awarded. You can only participate in the competition, by going directly to the departure, the Courmayeur Forum Sport Center. The athletes will be divided into three age categories; The competition is open to young people with disabilities: the ethics of sport trail actively promotes the culture of inclusion. Finally, at 17:00, at the cinema Palanoir, the time of “The rest of the warrior”, with the screening of a film for children.


Cortina d'Ampezzo

Fires in Cortina, including VIPs and many tourists

Only Bigontina for complaints from neighbors was not done the bonfire. Cremonini the refuge Vandelli.
Lunches in the shelter, in ristornati or in hotels, private dinners at home, ragliate to field parties: so many tourists who flock to the Ampezzo valley have spent the weekend of August. Cortina is fully booked.
Hotels full, second homes open, hard to find no table in restaurants or room in shelters. The bonfires on the evening of 14 illuminated several meadows of the basin.
Lit in front of private houses or in front of the shelters, many have gathered beside the fire, look for a shooting star in the sky and maybe make a wish.
A Bigontina has not been able to turn the usual bonfire to protests by some residents near the fields, but in the other villages of the valley the fires have burned for a few hours.
From the hut Faloria lit up the sky fireworks, visible also for the many guests of the refuge Col Drusciè where it was made a barbecue and bonfire. On August 15, the weather held until evening. It started to rain very hard after the dinner hour. The tireless volunteers organized the historic rural parties. A Zuel under the trampoline Italy the appointment has seen many people have lunch and dinner with dishes prepared by students of the districts of stained yellow. Many are those who have taken advantage of summer temperatures to take a trip.

The refuge Vandelli which has a privileged view of the spectacular Lake Sorapis, rose the singer Cesare Cremonini. Great success for the hotel Crystal Ferragustando which saw many holidaymakers lunch entertained by live music. Many who have made a picnic in the meadows Ampezzo.
In the afternoon, many were those who were granted a walk in Corso Italy. The shops were open as well as clubs and restaurants.
For culture lovers there have been appointments of “A Mountain of Books” on Saturday hosted by Gennaro Sangiuliano with “The bourgeoisie that there is.” Also followed the appointments of the Aperitivo with the author at the Grand Hotel SAVOIA that these days hosted Giancarlo Mazzucca and Romulus Bugaro. Not only culture there are those who play sports. Mountain guides of Cortina have accompanied enthusiasts on the railways of the basin.
Yesterday at the Golf Cortina then was held Trophy Savoia Palace: a game on the 9-hole course that ended with a culinary event at the Club House.
It started the week the busiest holiday. The time is skewed compared to recent days. Yesterday in the early afternoon it was raining, but the cloudy weather expected for the next few days, where they continue to be numerous cultural events, wine and food
and sports. There are plenty of familiar faces from television and culture. Bruno Vespa is in the basin by day and today will present his book “The lady of the secrets” to 18 to Miramonti Majestic. There’s also Victor Felts who will speak today at 11 to SAVOIA


Cortina d'Ampezzo

The thrill of vertigo. Capri – Cortina

Preview special on July 8, a photo exhibition that celebrates the excellence of the two wonderful cities of our country. A partnership designed to give too many new surprises …
It is a special preview to Wednesday, July 8th in Milan, in the striking of Panorama’s Porta Nuova, to enhance the beauty of our country, which boasts a heritage landscape unchallenged. To be presented is in fact the exhibition (organized by Fondazione Capri and Cortina Turismo) Photographer Massimo Siragusa entitled “The thrill of vertigo. Capri – Cortina”.

Two prestigious locality

Exceptional Image they see the story of two prestigious locality with clear identity landscape as Capri and Cortina d’Ampezzo. The photos will be on display (in a course organized by Denis Curti) from 18 July to 30 August at the Certosa di San Giacomo in Capri, during the Festival of Photography of Capri. During the winter season, the exhibition will move instead in high altitude, in Cortina, only to be hosted in different international spaces.

Areas of excellence

Capri and Cortina have not been naturally selected at random. Foundation Capri and Cortina Turismo in fact have recently entered to make part of the “Territory of Excellence” Altagamma, the Foundation since 1992 brings together companies of high culture industry and creative Italian. The two famous are a perfect classic and timeless, devoted to the cult of beauty, refinement, culture and hospitality. The timeless myth of the Dolce Vita both have preserved the essential: the original creative impulse, the ability to constantly reinvent itself and to tell a territory beyond the passing fads, becoming icons of Made in Italy.

A promising partnership

Special agreement, the Foundation between Capri and Cortina Turismo, which will be rich in the future, promising developments. To reveal the first steps are, during the preview, Stefano Illing (President Cortina Turismo), Gianfranco Morgano (Capri Foundation President) and Stefania Lazzaroni (General Manager Altagamma Foundation). It is definitely unique space to house the preview: Panorama, the special context organized by Davide Rampello, to exalt and celebrate the Italian beauty, which will involve the guests in a multisensory experience unforgettable.



Cortina d'Ampezzo, Fashion

Cortina InCroda

Seven great hosts for the 2015 edition of Cortina InCroda
Thursday will start the 7th edition of Cortina InCroda, the festival that combines the right mix poetry, adrenaline, writing, cinema, music, mountains, dreams, adventure, technology and journalism.
Thursday will start the 7th edition of Cortina InCroda, the festival that combines the right mix poetry, adrenaline, writing, cinema, music, mountains, dreams, adventure, technology, journalism, characters, memories and future. Until September 10 we will be offered events dedicated to the passion for the mountains, with seven great guests and the screening of the films presented at the Trento Film Festival.
Thursday debut, at 20.45 at the Alexander Girardi, with an exceptional protagonist: Catherine Destivelle, mountaineer and climber world famous, for years considered the best climber in the world.
July 16, directly from the Trento Film Festival, will be screened at Cinema Eden “Valley Uprising” by Nick Rosen, Peter Mortimer, Josh Lowellm US film that got the Golden Gentian City of Bolzano for the best film on exploration and adventure the Trento Film Festival in 2015.
July 23 will be the turn of Piero and Rocco Rava, who will talk about thirty years of life spent traveling.
For the film will be screened on July 30, directly from the Trento Film Festival, two films: “China Jam” of Evrad Wendenbaum, and “Only, Escalada a la vida” Jordi Ciudad Varela (Spain 2014).
August 6 on the stage of the Alexander will rise another great character: Beat Kammerlander. Austrian climber and photographer, will present his life in the mountains and will provide an overview of 30 years of history of arrampicatela, through a multimedia show exciting.
Do not miss the Naturalistic Trekking to the discovery of the Park of the Ampezzo Dolomites. Nature enthusiasts and mountain on August 9 will be accompanied by the Director of the Park, Michele Da Pozzo, in Sotecordes, to learn the secrets of the flora and fauna of the Dolomites.
Very exciting evening of August 13, dedicated to the emergency in Nepal, area heavily devastated by continuous earthquakes. The link between Cortina and Nepal is solid and long-standing, as mountain guides, Squirrels and local climbers have reached the area for a trek or climb Himalayan peaks. Fausto De Stefani, founder of Without Borders non-profit organization, will tell the demands of Nepalese after the devastating earthquake in April. On stage, Marco Sala, mountaineer of Rocciatori Caprioli, who was at the Everest Base Camp during the shock.
For the first time the British world-class mountaineer and adventurer Leo Houlding will Cortina August 27. It is known in the world of free and for his exploits on the big walls of earth, Houlding has worked extensively for television and film.
It closes on 3 and 10 September, with the cinema. Directly from the Trento Film Festival on the first Thursday of September we will be proposed “Life in Paradise” by Roman Vital (Audience Award at the Trento Film Festival 2015) and “Always Above Us” Eric Crosland. In closing an evening dedicated to the exploitation
of water. At Eden cinema it will be screened on September 10 “Damnation” Ben Knight and Travis Rummel. The film is the story of a growing movement of activists who, through spectacular actions, are fighting to ensure that rivers can return to their beds free of dams.


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Abruzzo, Ovindoli the mountain festival July 17 to 19

The vice president Lolli: mountain music and a winning cocktail.
The Ovindoli mountain festival is ready for the summer edition. The event was presented today by the organizers and the Vice-President of the Regional Council of Abruzzo Giovanni Lolli. The summer edition dell’Ovindoli mountain festival will be held July 17 to 19 in the mountains of Ovindoli, in the province of L’Aquila, in the heart of the Sirente Velino. It will be three days, ensure the organizers, full of events related to the use of the mountain, the outdoor sports and enhancement of the wealth of the territory. But in this edition, the festival will also mountain music festival in collaboration with the association that organizes the Zurla the traditional International Festival blus “Obdays”, which this year was “premature” in July than in August. “Music and the mountains is a cocktail of sure success – said the vice president Giovanni Lolli -. The event of the weekend in mid-July promises to make known to tourists and music lovers of the mountain and the beauty of an area that has the large potential. We have said and reiterated the Expo Saturday when we introduced the new Ape – explained the vice president – there can be no mountains and enhancement of biodiversity, if the territory is not experienced. Here, we believe that a mountain is not inhabited , depopulated or worse, has no future and can not think of an autonomous development. These events have precisely the advantage of making known tourist areas of great value, like Ovindoli, and also help investment projects on the territory. ” All scheduled activities will be held in the area of ​​Pratoni of Valle D’Arano, just steps from the historic village of Ovindoli. There will be organized by the “zero gravity”, climbing on the houses of Ovindoli and events Outdoor. The program dell’Ovindoli mountain festivals, including the International exhibition of blues, is available on


OMFsummer_2015 definitivo-01



COURMAYEUR – After four years of work at height and investments have exceeded 100 million euro, the eighth wonder of the world, or the new cable car of Mont Blanc – Skyway, it became a reality. The first race was conducted Saturday, May 30, and in 19 minutes brought the first passengers to 3,462 meters of Punta Helbronner, in the heart of Mont Blanc. The new plant, in two sections, joins Pontal d’Entreves (fraction of Courmayuer) with Pavillion and Pavillion with Punta Helbronner and replaces three old cable cars which covered the same route with a stop in more.

The new cable cars will bring in altitude skiers freeride but also hikers and tourists alike that 19 minutes uphill iperpanoramica (cable car cabins have large windows and are rotair, or turn on themselves during the trip) can get in one of the the most scenic spots of the Alps. At this point, the offer of Courmayeur is very competitive with those cousins ​​of Chamonix, on the other side of the “Roof of Europe”.


To achieve this extraordinary feat of engineering were employed 200 workers who for four years have worked in difficult conditions given the odds and weather conditions. The round-trip ticket costs 40 Euros in low season and in winter and EUR 45 in high season (from 20 June to late August) and the parking is free pre the first half hour, costs 1 euro for 1 to 4 stops hours, up to 10 euro for the whole day. The official opening will take place between 22 and 26 June in the presence of Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, while the work will be completed next year when it will be finally dismantled the old three cable cars which started from La Palud.



Jungfrau Grindelwald Wengen Mürren Schilthorn

The Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau mountains overlooking a lovely region became famous for the deeds of James Bond and for downhill world cup. Spectacular mountain railways leading to their summits; since 1912 the Jungfrau Railway holds the record of highest train station in Europe: “Top of Europe” (3454 m above sea level). The impressive valley “U” Lauterbrunnen is one of the largest areas under environmental protection in Switzerland, 72 waterfalls, quiet valleys, fresh mountain pastures and lonely mountain inns.
Overall, the region offers 213 km of ski slopes divided into the three districts of the Eiger, Mönch & Jungfrau Top Region. The ski resort of Wengen, Kleine Scheidegg Männlichen with the famous Lauberhorn downhill and the Eiger Glacier, many red and blue runs, ensures fun in the snow for all categories of skiers.
Every year in January there is the descent of the World Cup Lauberhorn, considered one of the races of the World Cup more spectacular the entire Alpine

lb_ski 120_birg

St Moritz

St. Moritz, always winter queen


Luxury and tradition, horses and tourist trains even before the SUV. The opulent town of Grisons is always at the top, in the winter. Thanks to all special offers: how the experience of bobsled and toboggan or night skiing at full moon.
Johannes Badrutt, who was he? The answer must be sought in Switzerland, among the snows of Sankt Moritz, where the hotelier who more than a century ago invented tourism in this small village operetta crouched at the foot of Mount Corvatsch is now a character almost as popular as William Tell. For over a century, thanks to Badrutt, St. Moritz is the realm of chic high altitude: between the street and the street Serlas Maistra focus showcases elegant, fine dining, gourmet venues like the Grand Hall of Badrutt Palace, Temple brunch on the snow, the terrace of Hauser, pastry of choice for walnut cake Engadine, and Hatecke, butcher’s tradition as a time that prepares the puolpa and Salsiz, local meat dry. And ‘since then, the early twentieth century, the nation of Switzerland, for the British, became nothing more than “the cozy little country around St. Moritz.”

This English style that permeates throughout the Alpine town has been preserved even in luxury, here is the tradition and understatement: vintage cars instead of custom-built and 4×4, scenic trains like the Glacier Express still fully functional, antique bobsleigh runs dug in the ice still in full swing. Almost one hundred years since the founding of the St. Moritz Bobsleigh Club, the oldest sports association bob in the world, and spread the publishing of “Two seasons in Switzerland”, first Baedeker in English dedicated to Switzerland, the Engadine town holds on primacy of European Capital of winter fun.

Even today, the reckless sportsmen will compete at the edges of the Cresta Run, the track to go on his stomach on the appropriate slides ten curves where the maximum speed can reach 140 km. times. The races, in which the speaker speaks English and many of the runners wearing snow suits vintage, are off-limits to women, but they can try their hand in the skeleton, the sport of yesteryear based on a tool very similar to the crest. Tobogganing traditional, among the top winter sports introduced by the British along with skijoring, where the skier was towed by dogs or horses on a frozen lake, was very popular in St. Moritz. The more daring compete with twenty curves and almost five kilometers. length Muottas Muragl, while families in full glide along the sinuous track Zuoz; but as soon as the temperatures are lowered and the first snow settles, every step of the road, every path, every mountain path turns into a toboggan run.

On winter nights of Glüna plaina that Romansch means “full moon”, skiers have dinner at the summit, in the restaurant high altitude track of Diavolezza, or in shelters where the dish a must is a fondue or raclette; then descend to the valley, in the silence of the night, along the slopes illuminated by the moonlight. Every Friday, the snow Corvatsch nights are an opportunity for lovers of night skiing launching into the slalom ski run longer than Switzerland. Also on the Corviglia, the track number 1, the Paradise, the day have been studied instead of relaxation areas where you can do yoga in the snow, led by a master specialist, while on the track number 7 the boldest challenge their limits thanks to special electronic test speed. On the new track giant slalom cameras along the way instead allow you to share real-time video of their performance on social networks.




“TASTE IN A FEE SESTRIERE” 2015: the food and wine of the province of Turin.
A new appointment “Gusto at altitude in Sestriere.” The initiative created by the will of the City of Sestriere Sestriere Consortium and the Olympic Mountains, with the support of Turismo Torino e Provincia and the Chamber of Commerce of Turin.

Even this edition summer will be coordinated by the Museum del Gusto Frossasco.

The aim is again to raise awareness, especially in times of greatest influx of tourists, in Sestriere and the Olympic Mountains in the products, producers and restaurateurs who use and have their menus the goodness of the nearby lands and the valleys of Piedmont plain .

Summer edition of this year have been involved, in addition to the City of Sestriere and that of Cavour also the municipalities of Carmagnola, Coazze, Condove, Frossasco, Giaveno, Pecetto, Pinerolo and Pragelato as possessors of excellent food and important for the presence of events that promote them and to the will of the Museo del Gusto and organizers to make a system with the territories and communities.
There will be cooking classes in restaurants participating in Sestriere that will open their kitchens to fans and curious to steal some original recipe of the alpine tradition; Merenda in the share will accompany the visit of Monterotta pasture where it produces the famous “Plaisentif” or cheese of violets.

August 13 at the IAT Via Louset will present the various specialties of the territories of the province of Turin: The bread of Giaveno DeCo, Toma of Condove, the famous “Cevrin Coazze”, the peppers of Carmagnola, the mint of Pancalieri, cherries Pecetto and many products of the Susa Valley and Sangone, apples Cavour with sweets of Pinerolo and Wine Pinerolo.
The Summer 2014 edition will close August 23 at Pragelato at the Tourist Office with the famous honey just sickly sweet, presented and tasted with the Beekeepers Association of Pragelato.



Cortina d'Ampezzo, Lifestyle

SOTTOZERO Cortina: drinking cocktails in the footsteps of Hemingway

The customer is the most demanding: to satisfy it, the hosts offer everything you could want is at the table is behind the counter. Meat or fish, cocktails or snacks: Hemingway forward nobody went home unhappy.
The international clientele – one for all: Hemingway – has made the Bar of the Post one of the first restaurants in Italy where there is a widespread American fashion cocktail. Even today, to start a memorable evening, you have to start from the drink of Antonio Di Franco, fifty years behind the counter: the only “risk” is to not go over until closing.
A great classic at the table is the Tivoli, at the foot of the Tofane, where chef Graziano Prest offers both local raw materials such as lamb, venison, mushrooms, beans of Lamon, is fish, coming from the markets of Venice and Chioggia.
The novelty of the season is represented by landing in Cortina Gianfranco Vissani, who has found a home at the Hotel Bellevue Suites & SPA. Among her recipes: eggplant parmigiana with yellow tomato and tartar sauce; dumpling with raw hare and Bloody Mary; Marano polenta on the pastry with sausage sauce.
LP 26 Prosciutteria is instead the ideal address for a snack in the middle. Among the hams to try: San Daniele, Patanegra Extremadura and black pig Nebrodi, accompanied by cocktails, DJ sets and live music.

For those who prefer the shelters, “Pelli evening”, renews every Friday the appointment Col Drusciè (a few steps from the Astronomical Observatory Helmut Ullrich), while every Friday and Saturday you go to Averau and the Squirrels. The advice is to go ski mountaineering and return sledding under the stars.




Skiing at Easter promotions.

Just a few days to the Easter holidays and what better if you do not pass it on the snow for the last ski season? Spring has begun, but the best ski resorts continue to keep open plants and to maintain the tracks most perfect possible thanks to some snowfall in recent days.

On the occasion of Easter, some ski resorts have decided to give away a chocolate egg with some promotions. In some hotels of the stations that are part of the Dolomiti Superski, the offer is valid Dolomiti Super Sun that includes 7 nights of vacation at the price of 6 and 6 days ski pass for the price of 5. Among the participating hotels are the St’Anton Residence Eden and Hotel Pinei Alpe di Siusi, Hotel La Roccia Cavalese in Val di Fiemme and the Hotel Erika San Vigilio (Plan de Corones) that, in addition to the above offer, also applies Happy Easter promotion: 62 euro per person half board per day for a minimum stay of three nights.

Also all ski resorts Skirama Dolomites (Folgaria, Madonna di Campiglio, Andalo, Monte Bomdone, Pinzolo, Fai Folgarida, Tonale Pass and Pejo) promote the offer Special Easter April 5 to 12: in the hotel price and apartments, including ski passes Superskirama Dolomiti Adamello Brenta for 6 or 7 days. Especially in Folgaria, Hotel Due Spade, from 2 to 8 April, offers the package of 3 days half board, Easter dinner and sauna at the price of 145 euro per person.

Moving to San Martino di Castrozza, Hotel Margherita offers 7 days for the price of 6 and the package for 4 nights at the special price of 55 euro per person per day with half board.

And if you prefer skiing in Valle d’Aosta, in Pila, April 5 to 12, with a 7 night stay at the hotel you can ski for free for 6 days. The offer also includes two hours of accompanied skiing on Monday morning.

Finally in Asiago, Veneto, April 2 to 7 to 315 euro offers a package that includes a half-board in a three-star hotel with spa, ski pass for 5 days and 10 hours of ski school.




Ski tours: April 25 there will be the twentieth edition of the Trofeo Mezzalama.
On April 25, there will be the twentieth edition of the Trofeo Mezzalama. A month and a half away from the over 300 requests for registration. The Monterosa SpA announces special measures to encourage training. Friday, March 27 at the Fort of Bard the official presentation.

The appointment with the twentieth edition of the Trofeo Mezzalama set for Saturday, April 25th is fast approaching as the spring. The “glacier marathon”, try the Great Course and the World Cup Long Distance ISMF, will run along an upside than usual. We will start it from Gressoney-La-Trinité and, riding on the glaciers and the peaks of Monte Rosa on four thousand meters above sea level, it will come this time in Breuil-Cervinia. The extra edition with a U of historic race skialp born in 1933 will inaugurate the celebrations of the 150th anniversary of the conquest of the Matterhorn planned for the summer.
“A month and a half away from – said technical director Adriano Favre Foundation Mezzalama Trophy – came the requests for inclusion of more than 300 teams, equivalent to over 900 athletes. The teams are already very self-selected and the level is really high. To date we have reviewed and confirmed about 200 teams. In addition to assessing the competitive results of the biggest races of the Great Course and the World Cup, personally I am very attentive to the curriculum mountaineering, because for the Trofeo Mezzalama experience in the high mountains is an essential requirement. ”
Meanwhile, the athletes are stepping workouts, looking in particular to deepen the knowledge of the path that, following the reversal of the direction of travel, is all new. In addition to the increase of the height difference of about 350 meters, the difficulties most feared are the steep slopes of the Nose of Lyskamm and the West face of Castor. It seems a bit ‘less severe than feared and traditional gate of the hill of the Breithorn the new opening time fixed in the Mantova Refuge (3470 m): will continue the race the men’s teams that will pass within 3 hours; within 3 h 15 ‘those female and mixed. “I preferred to leave about a quarter of an hour of breathing in more – explains Adriano Favre – to avoid squeezing the athletes in the first section. This time, instead of along a slight slope of the Breithorn, the climb continues up to 4100 m of the nose! ”
To allow mezzalamisti to train and test drive the new track the Monterosa SpA has prepared special measures. In the morning, from 5.30 am to 8.15 will be suspended the operations of typing and preparation of the slopes that rise from Gressoney-La-Trinité. The area open to training skialp affects Track G3 Jolanda up at the first fork, then left and follow the slope Bedemie G5 Alpericka to Alpe Gabiet; salt from here for a stretch of track G7 Salati up large floor above the hotels, at an altitude of 2500 mt. Continue on the trail to the left, indicated by the orange poles, leading all’Orestes Hütte and on the piste to Indren.
All the news of the twentieth Mezzalama Trophy 2015 will be discussed in detail during the official presentation Friday, March 27, at 18, in the “Sala Archi Candidi” Forte di Bard.


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In high altitude foods are tastier, about pressure and cooking times
A search of the Nestle Research Center at 3,600 meters explains why a simple vegetable broth has a “flavor, color and aroma more intense.” Scientists are now carrying out further research “to identify the culinary preparations that could be improved, both in terms of sensory experience is of nutritional value, through this method of cooking”
Cook healthier foods and palatable, without using artificial additives or flavor enhancers? And ‘possible and in a very simple way: just cook the traditional recipe at high altitude. This was discovered by scientists at the Nestlé Research Center (NRC) in Lausanne, Switzerland, cooking a vegetable broth at 3,600 meters above sea level “flavor, color and aroma more intense.” The research was published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. The researchers first went to ThreeSixty Restaurant in Saas-Fee (Switzerland), the highest revolving restaurant in the world, where he cooked a vegetable broth. Then, back in the lab to 833 meters above sea level, they repeated the exact same procedure, and made the discovery: “recipe prepared at high altitude it tastes and looks completely different, in fact, better.”

“The results – says Candice Smarrito, the NRC scientist who led the study – were analyzed both in the laboratory by tasting experts to see how the different combinations of pressures and cooking times affect quality cuisine, molecular and sensory preparations “. Researchers have established that “the firing conditions of the mountain through the boiling low pressure improves the flavor of culinary preparations”: this process “keeps intact the natural amino acids of food, carbohydrates and organic acids of the product so like aromas, without adding a single seasonings or additives, even the salt. ” Furthermore, according to the research, cooking at low pressure would also reduce the weight loss of the food, thereby increasing the yield of the same vegetables. Scientists are now carrying out further research “to identify the culinary preparations that could be improved, both in terms of sensory experience is of nutritional value, through this cooking method.”


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Area Ski & holiday huts rio Pusteria: A holiday on the snow between culture and flavors
The starting point is the milk. White as snow, covering copious ski resorts of Maranza-Valles (Gitschberg Jochtal), Area Ski & holiday huts rio Pusteria in Eisacktal at the confluence with the Val Pusteria.

In fact come from milk cheese special, and dairy products in general are elaborated original recipes (dumplings, dumplings etc.) That are the basis of the cuisine; but there are many other products from farms that enrich the proposal of gourmet restaurants as of trattorias and huts on the slopes.

Milk, cheese, apples, meats, baked goods, honey, vegetables, berries, the famous wines of the Isarco Valley … And so in Area Ski & holiday huts Mühlbach, with its 44 km of tracks in a spectacular setting and with all the alternative activities in the snow, the experience of flavors and culture is an integral part of a ski vacation (for proposals and packages to suit all tastes

For here, as throughout the Eisacktal (where 6 to 22 March 2015 is staged the exhibition ‘Weeks of good food in Eisacktal’, with 19 restaurants offering unusual recipes but closely inspired by tradition), there are many farmers Active producing quality raw materials with low environmental impact (with some unconventional methods). They should also be credited with a manicured landscape and vital. Or young chef already titrated, and agri-food operators that are characterized by imagination and creativity.

Some examples?

In the ‘bunker’ Hansi Baumgartner … In an old military bunker of World War II, hidden above Mühlbach. Along hundreds of meters of shelves where are preserved and refined cheeses ranging from the best restaurants in Italy and beyond. Yes,

For the refinement of the cheese the final product depends on many components: the breeds of cows, the grass, weather conditions, the acidity or the temperature and humidity in the stage of maturation. The cheeses here are derived from the best natural mixture of fresh herbs growing on the mountain huts. The temperature and humidity inside the bunker is ideal for proper development of microorganisms and spores maturing cheese. Every day the forms must be turned and brushed – almost caressed – and then at the end of the process, which can last several months, come and bring in the dairy shop Degust in nearby Varna. Cow and goat cheese are combined with Rosenmuskateller (Lagrein South Tyrolean), local herbs, ash, crumbs Schüttelbrot or fresh seaweed. These cheeses – 200 different kinds – are exported all over the world, but the point of sale in Varna you can taste and buy on the spot.

On fairytale Fane Alm, an ancient district of huts well preserved over Valles, perhaps the most beautiful of the entire Alps, it seems incredible to live experiences by real gourmet. Here is the throne of the Queen of the dumpling Martha Gatterer. On the menu of his hut Gattererhütte dumplings are traditional savory or sweet as dumplings with cheese or apricots, but also variations on the theme with buckwheat flour, with chard and nettles. She cooks on an old wood-fired stove. Another specialty is the sumptuous Kaiserschmarren (a sweet omelette chopped). Perhaps the secret of kitchen Martha is that it uses the fresh milk of cows that graze in the summer out of the door in Fane Alm (and which in winter are further downstream in the stables). From the end of April, the hut Gattererhütte will again open to hikers hungry and Wednesday evenings will be back on the day of the dumplings, mind winter is open occasionally on request.

But Fane is also the realm of delicious cheeses from goat and cow, including Valler Gold.Nella summer is produced in the hut Kuttnhütte, next to the hamlet fairytale, and served to availability.

A gourmet gem hiding in the village of Vandoies. The couple Helena and Wolfgang Kerschbaumer manages with passion, creativity and love for detail the small restaurant with one Michelin star. “The Passion” offers, for the privileged few, delicacies in a cozy farmhouse Stube 16th century. The chef Wolfgang Kerschbaumer kitchen according to his belief in mind: regional, seasonal and traditional; Helena while she handles the service and wines. Typical plates are processed, modernized and personalized by the chef. Many products come from the immediate vicinity, also from the same Hansi Baumgartner

Refreshments on the slopes, then, are a real surprise, as the level remains very high. For example, there is the Anratterhütte down to the chairlifts and Hinterberg Stoanermandl Valles few years ago elected by the readers of the newspaper the Dolomites hut best of South Tyrol offers a parlor game specialties and traditional cuisine with 15 different types homemade dumplings every day, and still Schlutzkrapfen and strudel. Herbs and seasonal vegetables are grown, as well as meat.

In the middle of the track Nesselwiese in Maranza, a cabin for connoisseurs is the Pichlerhütte, specialist Tirtlan, stuffed with ricotta and spinach.

A typical hut super cheerful and is also the Gitschhütte in Maranza, after the homonymous spectacular track that descends from the top of Gitschberg, at 2210 meters. Same management for the smallest ‘cousin’ Nesselhütte, at the top station of the cable car Nesselbahn always Maranza, where the sunny terrace there gorges itself on strudel and homemade cakes.

There are ski lifts on the Alpe di Rodengo, across the valley at Rio Pusteria, but only long cross-country trails and hiking. Here are touching one after the other pastures Rastner, Roner, Starkenfeld, Kreuzwiesen.Enogastronomia-Foto-Tappeiner-864x400_c

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A lovely experience

“A lovely experience

#ikh food
After Seven Restaurant
The place is great in the center of Zermatt.
the food is refined and the flavors are crazy.
one unique sophistication.

#ikh#after seven
recommend to all lovers of good innovative cuisine a try.
service top



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Wine, cheese, medicinal plants : local traditions also live on in Crans-Montana

It can be white : Fendant, Johannisberg, Petite Arvine, Humagne, Amigne… It can be red : Cornalin, Pinot noir, Gamay or Garanoir… and this is not an exhaustive list. Valais produces award-winning wines, which have been recognised in lots of international competitions, wine which you can sample in Crans-Montana or even with the winemakers themselves!


Modernity and tradition

Local produce also includes syrups and liqueurs made with fruit grown on the hillsides, cheese matured on the alpine pastures during the summer, salted produce made in nearby villages, rye bread from the local baker and medicinal plants grown close by. This is at once the paradox and wealth of Crans-Montana: the modernity of its infrastructure, the luxury that emanates, but nevertheless the strength and charm of tradition, of a region that’s rich in authenticity, as our « Guide du terroir » will show you


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