If it’s bad, it costs less to ski

The classic day ticket for the ski resorts is going out of fashion and the stations are experimenting with new sales strategies

Simply, the classic day pass for the ski resorts stewed and is going out of fashion. The winter resorts are in fact developing new possibilities of ticket sales.

The first step in this direction was made by the stations of Pizol Bad Ragaz (SG) and Belalp (VS), which offer varying prices depending on the weather. In case of bad weather conditions, the ski-pass costs reduced by up to 50% of the original price.

A second alternative is being considered for next winter from Lenzerheide (GR): “Pay-per-use”, the skiers have the opportunity to pay only the systems they use and the price is calculated for each ski. Two new deals possible even in Laax (GR): one is the VIP-Ticket “Blueline” which allows those who are willing to pay more to jump the queue passing directly by a special fast track, the other is the new proposal for young people who are dedicated to Freestyle; The new “Ski-Ticket light” is in fact designed for individuals who only attend the Snow Park area.

Easter 2016 in Carinthia: skiing, colored eggs and cooking classes

Egg hunt, cooking classes and days on the snow here is an offer of Easter 2016 in the snow, in Carinthia.
Easter in Carinthia, AustriaPasqua in Carinthia, Austria
There is a good opportunity to travel to Austria next, being able to stock many different experiences.
Easter 2016 in Carinthia is the right time to be able to cut some carefree days, enjoying excellent pitatti of local cuisine and relying on fairy-tale atmosphere.
The proposal is that today reaches its Easter package designed by the hotel staff Nudelbacher in Carinthia. Here we follow the age-old tradition of this holiday, so the hotel guests will be invited to participate in different activities.
It will be held, for example, a cooking class for famous Kärnten Kasnudel, stuffed specialties: you will learn the tricks to prepare them during the Easter weekend.
Continuing the theme of culinary traditions and specialties related to them, it will take place on the old meat blessing for Holy Saturday and the traditional Easter breakfast on Sunday with the typical sweet Reindling. There will also be another very special moment of aggregation: the lighting of the Easter bonfire on Easter Saturday. Finally, the Easter rites will be consolidated thanks to the traditional hunt for discoveries of painted eggs.
Hotel Nudelbacher is also a convenient hotel for skiing and skiing; at the end of the day, also, you can restore inside the wood-fired sauna.


Chanel SS 2016 – Chanel Airlines … I will fly with you!
Among glows silver (dominant color of the outfits of the fashion show) and inspired playing with the theme of flight and the airport, the house has the SS 2016 collection.
The world Chanel is a world apart which is difficult to understand the essence. It is a place, a mental space, a seductive passion much more like a fad than a simple attraction.

Countdown to the Ultra Trail du Mont-Blanc


An exciting race whose protagonists Mont Blanc and its trails, the route of the Tour du Mont Blanc, which can turn around the roof of Europe, including Italy, France and Switzerland. Courmayeur is one of the main focal points of this event that brings together enthusiasts from all over the world trail. From Wednesday, August 26 to Sunday, August 30 adults and children can experience the atmosphere of the party “license plate” Ultra-Trail® Days Courmayeur
It is about to begin the greatest adventure of the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc ®: an exciting race whose protagonists Mont Blanc and its trails, the route of the Tour du Mont Blanc, which can turn around the roof of Europe, between Italy, France and Switzerland. Courmayeur is one of the main focal points of this event that brings together enthusiasts from all over the world trail.
From Wednesday, August 26 to Sunday, August 30 adults and children can experience the atmosphere of the party “license plate” Ultra-Trail® Days Courmayeur.

Will open the series of events Wednesday, August 26 at 6:00 am departure of the TDS ™ (119 km): 1,600 runners will start at dawn from Brocherel square, in the center, headed to the nearby village of Dolonne and Col Checrouit: the Winners will arrive at the finish line in Chamonix in the day, shortly after 20.00, while the latter will have to wait at 15.00 the following day. Starting from 9.30 Tamtando the percussion group will enliven the streets of Courmayeur with its enthralling rhythm, waiting for the main novelty of 2015 or the start of #YCC (Youth Chamonix Courmayeur), new competition dedicated to children aged 16 to 22 years , admitted for the first time to the circuit Ultra-Trail® du Mont-Blanc. Young athletes will depart at 10.00 from Piazza Brocherel, then run along a 15 km long that will take place mainly in the territory of Courmayeur: the fastest cross the finish line, the Jardin de l’Ange at 11.30, last at 14.00 . This first edition will include, in addition to the trail, the other two tests: a race in Chamonix (700 meters repeated three times) and a video contest. Completed the trail in Courmayeur, participants will be awarded at the Jardin de l’Ange at 14.30.

Then it’s up to CCC® (100 km), always departing from Courmayeur: Friday, August 28 at 9:00 am runners will gather in the square Brocherel, celebrated by fans and friends. At the start will begin their race to the Val Ferret and shelters Bertone and Bonatti, ready to jump over the border in Switzerland, Champex touch and finally arrive in Chamonix, the first already in the evening, at 20.00, the last before 11:50 on August 29 .
On Friday, in Chamonix, at 18:00, will be the great day of departure UTMB® (170 km), you can watch live on live streaming at the Jardin de l’Ange in Courmayeur. Follow the porn Trail To all, a story in pictures of the most beautiful competitions. Saturday 29, from 09.00 to 13.00, in Piazza Abbé Henry, in the heart of the historic center of Courmayeur, near the House of the Guides, the athletes will pass UTMB. Later, at 21:15, at the Jardin de l’Ange, there is a chance for reflection, in closing the conference Nutrisport mountain: Tiziana Colombo will present his book “The intolerance? The cook! “, Dedicated to intolerance nickel.

As for the younger, the trailer in the grass, they too will find bread for their teeth, as in 2014, Courmayeur will organize a Special Junior dedicated to the Mini Eco-Trail du Mont Blanc, from Thursday August 27 to 30. Children from 6 to 12 years will live the adventure of the trail, from its creation to the race itself: Thursday (15.00) will be engaged in environmental education activities, Friday will participate in a workshop for the construction of “balises” ( 10.00) and then trace the path of the race in the afternoon, in the woods of Dolonne (15.00). Saturday will participate in the Eco-Trekking along the famous Balcony of the Val Ferret (meet at 8:30 am at the chapel Marone Cinzano, Le Pont) and will play Sunday, with the support of Team Grivel, the Mini Eco-Trail du Mont Blanc, second edition a non-competitive race open to all kids that will wind through the woods and the village of Dolonne, with prizes awarded. You can only participate in the competition, by going directly to the departure, the Courmayeur Forum Sport Center. The athletes will be divided into three age categories; The competition is open to young people with disabilities: the ethics of sport trail actively promotes the culture of inclusion. Finally, at 17:00, at the cinema Palanoir, the time of “The rest of the warrior”, with the screening of a film for children.


Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc, bib distribution also in Courmayeur

Courmayeur – The negotiations were conducted by the local authority and not by the association VDA Trailers that will no longer part of the organizational logistics. Provided about 500 athletes from 25 in Courmayeur Tuesday and Thursday, August 27, 2015.
At the foot of Mont Blanc trail it is not just a sport: it is a world of passion and hard work, a microcosm of thousands of fans who come together every summer in Courmayeur, one of the world capitals of extreme racing in the mountains. From 26 to 30 August, the Alpine resort welcomes runners engaged in ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc, now in its 13th edition. An extraordinary challenge which runs along a ring that allows you to turn around the roof of Europe, including Italy, France and Switzerland, to discover an endless variety of landscapes, huts and mountain pastures, lakes and glaciers.

Courmayeur will be the heart of the great adventure, welcoming athletes, fans and companions with a big party that will be geared to different events. The first New this year are the bib distribution of the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc (170 km and 10 000 m of elevation gain) of Courmayeur Champex Chamonix (101 km and 6100 m of elevation gain) and TDS (Sur les Traces des Ducs de Savoie – 119 km and 7250 m of elevation gain), to be held this year at the Forum Sports Center in Courmayeur, as well as in Chamonix.

“The races are held largely in our area and we wanted to have a return and relapse more in terms of economic and hotel accommodation, which is why we struck a deal with the organizers. This solution also facilitates a lot of logistical operations for the participants, “says Ferruccio Truchet, Department of Sport of Courmayeur. About 500 competitors, in a survey conducted recently, had a preference can pick up their numbers in Courmayeur.

Negotiations conducted by the local authority and not by the association VDA Trailers (organizers of the Tor des Giants and Great Trail Courmayeur) as in the past. “It ‘a choice dictated by several factors – said Federica Cortese, Councillor for the Environment and Territory of the Municipality of Courmayeur – ranging from the budget available to the desire to broaden the base of volunteers and sports clubs, but not only , participants in the initiative. Then we want to be more present, as a municipality, from a marketing point of view: we will manage relationships with a control by us, by the region, the organization of the race and by the Mountain Trail (born in 2014 as a ‘ idea of ​​Massimo Domaine, Gigi Riz and Domaine Lorenzo, editor’s note) “.

The North Face Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc 2012

The bib distribution of TDS (Sur les Traces des Ducs de Savoie) will be held at the Forum Sport Center Courmayeur Tuesday, August 25, from 16 hours to 20. The departure is scheduled the following day, Wednesday, August 26, at 6 am , Place Brocherel. Next, at 10 am, the start of the big news this year, in the juvenile, the #YCC, always from Place Brocherel.

As for the distribution of bibs for UTMB and CCC, the event is scheduled for Thursday, August 27 from 16 to 20. The start of the CCC is scheduled for 9 am on Friday, August 28, yet Place Brocherel while the race queen, the UTMB, will start as usual last, Triangle from Place de l’Amitie, from Chamonix Mont-Blanc, at 18, to transit in Italy between the night of Friday, August 28 and Saturday morning 29.
The first edition of #YCC – Youth Chamonix Courmayeur August 25 to 29
Too old to participate in the mini races, too young to enroll in one of UTMB races, yet the new generation of trailers has a great desire to run and be part of the celebration of the trail … and there was still a race for their part UTMB. Thus it was born the #YCC, another novelty of this year. A challenge (“Défi Sportif”) for young people aged 16 to 19 years that combines a start in Chamonix, Tuesday, Aug. 25, and a path of about 15km with 1100m of elevation gain in Courmayeur, on Wednesday 26. A Video Contest, finally, It involves the construction of a video (or slideshows) 3 minutes maximum to be broadcast on Facebook. Will be judged by a jury chosen by the award-winning and Wednesday, August 29 at 14:30 at the Jardin de l’Ange in Courmayeur.


Australia skiing in August.

Can not you just imagine the snowy peaks in Australia? In winter in Victoria you can discover the fantastic ski resorts north of Melbourne, all within a day. You can downhill skiing on Mt Buller and Mt Stirling or cross-country skiing along the snowy slopes of Falls Creek, try snowboarding on Mt Hotham or launch
down the long slopes of Mt Buffalo, wearing snowshoes along the paths of Mt Baw Baw and to toboggan or toboggan down the slopes of the enchanting Lake Mountain.
Mt Buller, just three hours drive from Melbourne, offers an incredible variety of winter activities: downhill runs for all levels, trails for snowshoeing, ability to climb the peak and whiz down the slopes of the mountain sitting in an inflatable donut. Mt Buller is a winter playground with non-stop activities ranging from a ski-in Cinema, walks among the ice sculptures, excursions with dog sledding, snowshoeing and snowgaining (ie orienteering at high altitude). The Breathtaker on High, the day spa highest of Australia, then waits for those looking for a bit ‘of relaxation after a day on the slopes.
After a short drive or snowshoes to toe, from the Mt Buller is reached Mt Stirling, ideal for alpine skiing, snowboarding and cross country skiing. Those with a spirit of adventure can try the Alpine Winter Camp, camping on the slopes that have a large central tent for eating and socializing and seven tents raised and insulated to stay.
Falls Creek, in the Alpine National Park on the scenic plateau of Bogong, four and a half hours drive from Melbourne, is an Alpine resort in true European style. It has over 65 kilometers of ski cross-country skiing with free access and 22 August hosts the imported cross-country race in Australia for the long haul, Kangaroo Hoppet. Who does not love the races, can have fun building a snowman in Snowplay Park, bouncing up and down with the help of a trampoline bungee snow, whizzing down the slopes tobogganing or on a rubber donut or exploring the great outdoors with snowshoeing, snowmobiling or driving along the first tracks of Australia for snow bikes.
About 4 hours from Melbourne in the magnificent Alpine National Park, Mt Hotham has several slopes for skiers and snowboarders of all levels can enjoy the thrill of doing off-piste thanks to a free tour on snowmobiles. Mt Hotham offers over 40 kilometers of cross-country skiing, as well as the opportunity to go hiking and snowmobile sleds pulled by dogs or with the aid of snowshoes.
Snowboarders Mt Hotham offers a multitude of canyons, valleys, jumps, ridges and mounds of snow to the delight of the fans even acrobatic skiing. There are numerous cross-country ski trails that wind in the great outdoors covered with pristine and fluffy snow. Much loved the Burton Riglet Park that is a haven for children under three years old who want to try snowboarding, with an area specially designed which includes small bumps, ramps, rollers and toys and that allows children to learn basic balance and position. Guests can then explore the new path Brabralung Indigenous Interpretation Trail linking Mt Hotham Dinner Plain with a long track of 10 km showing the Aboriginal heritage of the region.
A Dinner Plain has just opened a new Snow Park, and you can enjoy night skiing and relax in the Onsen Spa & Retreat, a health club that has a hot spring pool of Japanese-inspired, as well as a heated indoor pool.
Further along the Great Alpine Road meets the Mt Buffalo, after the charming town of Bright. This small, lively village stands out against a backdrop of towering granite peaks capped with 14 km of cross-country ski trails and 20 km of slopes. Mt Buffalo National Park offers many winter activities for families looking for a bit ‘of fun with the children safe areas to slide sledding and snow play.
About 2.5 hours east of Melbourne, Mt Baw Baw is a picture postcard village and ideal place to learn to ski. Its gentle slopes make it an ideal destination for skiers and snowboarders with 30 hectares of slopes and 10 km of cross-country trails. There are several play areas on the snow and sleds free, as well as the Big Air Bag, a huge air cushion that allows you to practice freestyle moves safely before limestone slopes. There are trails to explore with a sleigh pulled by huskies or hiking with snowshoes or snowmobiles.
Less than two hours from Melbourne extends the fairytale world of Lake Mountain, perfectly suited for families with children who want a simple and accessible. Snow play and cross country skiing are the main attractions here and the Snowman’s Village offers plenty of room to play snowballs and give room for imagination and participate in the annual Snowman Festival, snow sculpture contest.


Tennis: Cortina from 1 to 9 August ATP Challenger

In Cortina D’Ampezzo is in the international tennis scene. From? August 1 to 9 top players from around the world will compete on the courts at the Tennis Country Club Cortina, in a part of the ATP Challenger Tournament (Association of Tennis Professionals). Prize Money: $ 50,000. Are expected, among others, Filip Krajinovi ?, last year’s winner, Andrey Kuznetsov, Paolo Lorenzi, in the top 100 ATP ranking, Luca Vanni, Matteo Viola, home favorite, and Filippo Volandri.


“We are delighted to host for the second consecutive year a tennis event of international importance, with whom Cortina has entered fully in? Elite of world tennis. To demonstrate that the location is not only the home of the white sports but also in other disciplines , to a very high level, “says the president of the Paola Country Club Bergamo.

“We have succeeded in our goal of making this event a regular fixture and of great importance? Summer Ampezzo, internationally recognized? Adds Andrea Mantegazza, director of the Country Club?. An event that involves sports, fans, and in a context exceptional, one of the Ampezzo valley surrounded by the Dolomites Unesco World Heritage, which multiplies the magic and spectacle of the sport. From? August 1 to 9 have the chance to see all? operates some of the strongest specialists of clay, with different Italian ready to aim for the title, and so many talents that Cortina will be a stepping stone, as it was last year with the winner Filip Krajinovi? “.





The Freeski is a discipline that attracts more and more young people of different ages, perhaps tired of training sessions in goal, they want to do something more adrenaline and sometimes breathtaking. Freeskischool is one of the leading organizations in Italy that organizes camps in Les Deux Alpes own to teach this young discipline, divided into weeks from July 12 to August 9, 2015. The groups of guests will be divided according to their technical level and brought to the snowpark and on glacier slopes during the whole morning. In the afternoon we will be organized other activities in close contact with nature.

arete weissmies

Paragliding Mont Blanc: three deaths in four days.

Courmayeur – Driven by the desire to fly through France and grind kilometers. They need good weather, sunny and warm, and then the right wind and, still, of high clouds, the highest of the peaks. Only then can realize his dream: to fly over the giant of the Alps, Mont Blanc with its 4810 meters above sea level; fly over and land on with their paraglider. And the right conditions are in these days, at least – indeed only – in the French side: from the beginning of the week, every day, in the Chamonix area are at least 100 pilots taking off. Many have succeeded in their aim, while four others have renounced crashed on the Italian side.


Four incidents from Wednesday to yesterday, when the last pilot crashed and died on the crest of the Brouillard at over 3700 meters above sea level, “Got stuck in a gully – explains Adriano Favre, head of the Aosta Valley Mountain Rescue – was lucky to succeed to see it. ” The victim should be French, like the other two dead, a man and a woman, and as the man who is still hospitalized in intensive care in the hospital in Aosta. Three dead in four days. For rescuers Aosta Valley, now, those colorful sails have become a nightmare.

Four incidents from Wednesday to yesterday, when the last pilot crashed and died on the crest of the Brouillard at over 3700 meters above sea level, “Got stuck in a gully – explains Adriano Favre, head of the Aosta Valley Mountain Rescue – was lucky to succeed to see it. ” The victim should be French, like the other two dead, a man and a woman, and as the man who is still hospitalized in intensive care in the hospital in Aosta. Three dead in four days. For rescuers Aosta Valley, now, those colorful sails have become a nightmare.

Those who leave from Chamonix is ​​upwind, the ideal condition, but when surpasses the peak condition is very critical: “you are downwind – says Joyeusaz – with strong gusts” and with a push down and against the walls and the risk that the sailing closes. And Henriod: “We must Know yourself well microclimate, here the currents are strong, yesterday the wind was at 30 kilometers an hour when you are not sailing a few. Many are professionals but they underestimate the difference between the two sides. Depart from Paris or somewhere because they have seen on the internet that the conditions are ideal, but in our side now are not. These days none of us flew from Courmayeur. ”

Hands tied

In France they have also issued an order to prohibit the flight across the border, but few respect it. And Italian Finance’s hands are tied, “What can we do? hence no part of anyone, “says Viglione. It ‘s home to France this discipline, the practice in 40,000. “On August 8, 2009 – remembers Joyeusaz – 12 people have landed on top. Two years after the landings were 113.duetto

The best musicians at the Verbier Festival

He made his debut in the role of pianist one of the biggest conductors (Valery Gergiev) and one of the grand singers (Thomas Quasthoff) in the role of director.
The tops of Le Grand Combin soar imperious, from their 4314 meters. Defying the scorching sun showing off a mantle of ice.
The Mont Blanc is just beyond. Behind the village, runs a belt of mountains during the winter are the delight of skiers, especially those who practice off-piste skiing. Exit from concert halls to Verbier, and the eyes are filled with these scenarios. It ‘s the strength of the nature of the place, quiet but dominant, to forge a Festival of this Swiss town that from mid-July to August 2 is the magnet for artists from triple A, of young people who then followed master classes and end up in a’ orchestra where every year thickens the Asian faces. Other thermometer of changing times: the rampant East is making center in the art world. “The young Chinese, Korean, Japanese study on average more than the Europeans. The hearings surpass them … “explain the Festival. The atmosphere is special here in Verbier, showcase of music legends but also laboratory for talent duly selected. The narrow streets that wind between fairytale chalet, hovering youth with violins, cellos, flutes, oboes, clarinets, brass instruments. These special children, grew up on bread and rigorous studies, intersect with peers mountain bikers dressed as if going to war, then you see them engaged in daring descents and acrobatic and understand the reason for so many guards. Acrobatics on two wheels, keyboards for musical instruments … the wave of adrenaline youth is unique about the Verbier Festival where the audience of stars is made of names like Esa Pekka Salonen, Leonids Kavakos, Valery Gergiev, Mischa Maisky, Gianandrea Noseda, Joyce Di Donato, Joshua Bell .. For the current edition, dominated by the figure of the Russian Daniil Trifonov, 24, pianist of the artistic temperament, musicality torrential steel sheet to make it superior to all the colleagues of the latest generations. Unique. Concert artists of this caliber are born every 50 years.

The recital Saturday night, with the 12 studies of transcendental execution of Liszt dome highlight was the official coronation and final Trifonov. The Verbier Festival, founded in 1994 by Martin T: son Engstroem, loves sparigliare cards. It so happens that a long-time director like Valery Gergiev, the current number one in Russia, director-director-head of the Mariinsky Theatre of St. Petersburg, in Verbier debut as a pianist in concert for three pianos by Mozart: beside him, Trifonov and Denis Matsuev, who claims to be young when he realized the talent. Undressed the role of “father-Gergiev”, he is returning to the director pure and dives into one of those scores that are part of the kit cromosimico – and it shows – as the Sixth Symphony of Tchaikovsky.

This edition, still in progress, then will go down in history for a special event. The debut as conductor of Thomas Quasthoff. Baritone of the most significant of recent times, in 2012, at the age of 52, he retired to the scenes. As a German who goes straight to the issue, he confessed: “My health does not allow me more than maintain the high standards that I always intended. I owe so much to this extraordinary profession and leave without any bitterness. On the contrary, I’m looking forward to the new challenges that will come into my life. ” Quasthoff has severe malformations to the body caused by a drug taken by the mother during gestation. His limbs, upper and lower, have been developed only in part. The strength of Le Grand Combin is compared with that of the man who in Verbier, Friday, has defied the laws of nature has reached the podium directing the St. Matthew Passion by Bach.

Public very touched by this test. The boys of the orchestra have gone beyond that gesture which for obvious reasons is lacking in precision. They explain that the human energy and the energy of the artist Quasthoff offset, and overcome, any technical problem.