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Where to ski low cost, map and prices for “having fun” with the autumn snow

While in the south probably someone is still bathing at the sea, in the North is already all ready for the new ski season. If most of the facilities will open between the second half of November and early December, in some regions of Italy in a few days it will be possible to put the skis at the foot

The Stelvio Pass, in Lombardy, thanks to over 20 kilometers of all difficulty, for a total difference of over 700 meters, is one of the most important summer skiing and snowboard centers. Although the heat of summer has created some problems, forcing them to close ski lifts and ski slopes, enthusiasts will be able to enjoy over 20 kilometers of slopes until November 5th with a late-torch torch scheduled for Saturday 4th.

In South Tyrol, the slopes of the Val Senales glacier are already open: skiers have a 3,212-meter Grawand chairlift. “Hope is to be able to open all the systems within two weeks, allowing time,” explains the local operators. Solda has been on the road since October 21, due to the high slopes of up to 3250 meters.

It is still “early to give a complete picture of any price increases on plant prices” but, as explained by AdnKronos Valeria Ghezzi, president of the Anef (National Association of Operators), “where we should be talking about 2% at most. And I think even from a receptive point of view there will be no significant increases. ” “Investment in the industry amounts to 70 billion – says the Ghezzi – now snow is always guaranteed, also because the trend is that of a mountain to live all year round: even when it is natural you work because it enhances comfort of those who wander. ” “In any case, hope is that this year will be a ‘white Christmas’ – he concludes – not so much because we fear that the sector is affected, but above all, what are the Christmas holidays from the point of view of the collective imagination.”



Charming furnishings, breathtaking views, comfort, sophistication and five-star services:

Style brings you to the discovery of the most exclusive mountain cottages

The ski season comes alive and the main mountain resorts are ready to welcome the army of skiers for the unavoidable white week.

But there is a different way to experience the mountain experience far from the confusion of large structures or loud condominiums.

Enchanting places, quiet, but not uncomfortable for that. They are the charming chalets,

exclusive shelters where you can enjoy the fabulous scenery that the snow-capped peaks give, within collected, elegant and comfortable structures.

From the French Haute-Savoie resorts such as Morzine and Megeve to Val d’Isère,

Zermatt and Gstaad to Austria, Style brings you to the discovery of the 10 most exclusive alpine chalets in some of the most renowned ski resorts.

Constructed in a perfect balance between the traditional Alpine architectural style

and contemporary design, equipped with every comfort and technology to give you nothing at high altitude.

Great living with charming fireplaces, terraces with paradise views, complete suites with every comfort, private sauna and gym, movie theater,

indoor pool. In addition to a range of five-star services dedicated to guests: ski equipment, off-road driver, personal chef, spa, massage.

In short, top solutions in all but not all pockets. The rates,

which are quite different depending on the location and the time of the year, to rent

one of these “snowy eden” start at a minimum of about 40,000 euros, up to 460,000 euros for a week.

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Mountain: 10 must have accessories

Skiing holidays and at high altitudes, a complete kit from hat to boots, from the backpack to the glasses

Breathtaking landscapes, snow-capped peaks, clean air and very very cold. Those who enjoy holidays in the mountains is certainly not discouraged by low temperatures, that is clear, but perhaps not everyone knows that you can stay warm without compromising on style. The brands specialize with new technologies: fabrics light but ultra warm, natural yarns prized (and more accessible) and new combinations of materials.

The accessories for the mountains, therefore, must be simple but ensure high performance.

The gloves are made of wool, such as those of Coccinelle, or with the hair, such as those of Aldo. The backpacks are technical and eco-friendly; Freitag, the Swiss brand that uses waste materials and transforms them into fabric, was able to design them waterproof and colorful, as well as unique.
For the head, classic hats cap to keep warm or soft ear pads for eccentric personalities. The shoes and boots are a low shot such as Camper and Emu Australia, with stiletto for women who do not like hiking at high altitudes but the break in a cabin, or sneakers for urban female travelers.
There is no lack of plush bags and quilted fabrics and sunglasses with mirrored lenses and a contemporary design.



Chanel SS 2016 – Chanel Airlines … I will fly with you!
Among glows silver (dominant color of the outfits of the fashion show) and inspired playing with the theme of flight and the airport, the house has the SS 2016 collection.
The world Chanel is a world apart which is difficult to understand the essence. It is a place, a mental space, a seductive passion much more like a fad than a simple attraction.



One Of The Most Exclusive Chalet In The Zillertal.
Chalet, 3 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, 7 persons, Garden, WiFi


The luxury skiing Chalet Zillertal is set on a gentle hill amidst its 20.000 m² large plot and provides glorious views into the valley and the mountains. Besides the privileged location and utmost privacy the Chalet boasts exceptional alpine charm combined with modern architectural elements, amenities and fixtures. The generous use of aged wood inside creates an incomparable homely and warm atmosphere, so that you might be tempted to spend most of your vacation time indoors.

There are 4 bedrooms hosting a maximum of 8/9 guests. The master bedroom seems to belong into a fairy tale. The ceiling of the bedroom is beautifully decorated with old restored shingles and in the luxurious bath en suite, you can indulge in a hot Jacuzzi with light therapy and with extra-large VELUX roof windows, which can be opened in order to enjoy the open sky and the soothing noise of the wind in the spruce trees behind the Chalet. You might also see deer and rabbits coming out of the forest and grazing in front of the 250-year-old barn, which was once used to store the hay for the animals during winter time. Nature lover s will adore the romantic and peaceful scenery. All 3 bedrooms have flat screen TV and an Internet connection with laptop table.



The deposit of Uncle Scrooge will replace the fascist monument of Livorno?

The cartoonist Daniel Caluri “paints” the mausoleum of Ciano in Livorno and post on Facebook: hand a petition to make the chest of Scrooge ‘Scrooge


Uncle Scrooge is better than Cyan. It is a supersuccesso the idea of ​​cartoonist Daniel Caluri – already signed the vernacular satirical and publishers Bonelli and sandwiches – to transform the fascist mausoleum at Livorno in the store where Scrooge dives blessed in abundance. The ruin of the monument erected in honor of Costanzo Ciano, fascist and father of the late Foreign Minister Galeazzo, the son of the Duce was shot in ’44 in the Republic of Salo following the process of Verona ‘s “high treason” voting confidence in Mussolini on 25 July ’43, still stands in front of the sea of ​​Livorno, home town of Ciano. A few days ago Caluri has posted on his Facebook a correct image with computer graphics that makes it look like the famous chest in which Scrooge swimming in gold. Guest iperfavorevoli Web, online petitions rose by signatories to turn it just so and even contacts with Disney that would be interested in granting the “image rights” to paint the base cube that much resembles the safe Scrooge.

The mayor of Livorno: “Yes, there are contacts with Disney – explains Filippo Nogarin quoted by – ​​the idea, the fully endorse although inevitably create some controversy. I never thought of myself as a boy to turn the monument to Cyan in Chest of Scrooge ‘Scrooge, I told the story several months ago about a Facebook group. With a few friends we took the measures, but then it all came to more than anything. ” Obviously it is excited Daniele Caluri: “The first hurdle, and perhaps insurmountable one, is to get permission from the authorities – says the fans – we can try it in different ways. For example by signing the petition. ” The monument to Cyan, according to the original plan, would have to be made up of a large base (one currently left) and a marble statue, 12 meters high, the hierarch. All it topped by a lighthouse-shaped fasces up over 50 meters. Dropped the scheme was canceled the project, but is still standing to this day stand.

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SKIING IN November

where to ski early in the season
Many skiers are wondering where to ski early in the season. There is a number of ski resort that are recommended because they lend themselves more than others for skiing in November because of their high altitude, perhaps for the presence of glaciers or for a snow-making system which allows very efficient early openings.

The conditions vary from year to year, but it is good practice to choose ski areas which offer runs above 2500 meters.


Not many Italian places where you can ski from the first days of November, while there are many ski resorts which open towards the end of the month. The Italian places that we would recommend for the first half of the season are:

Cervinia (AO) from the country’s two cable cars and a cable car leading skiers up to 3480 meters of the Plateau Rosa. The plant opened earlier in the season are all on the Swiss side. And ‘therefore necessary to have the international ski pass. From Saturday, November 8, 2014 will be open tracks also on the Italian side with the top twenty of the Plan area and the Mason – Fornet – Bontadini.
Presena Glacier (BS): the Presena glacier offers the first ski runs Adamello Ski starting Saturday 8 novebre 2014.
Solda (BZ): open from 8 November, offers three long chair lifts over 2600 meters. In mid-November, there is also the Solda Ski Happening to celebrate the opening of the slopes.
Val Senales (BZ): was one of the last resorts to offer summer skiing in South Tyrol. Now that possibility no longer exists but the high altitude and the glacier are guaranteed excellent snow early in the season.

Abroad there is a bunch of places where you can have fun at the beginning of the season. It should be borne in mind that France, despite having locations at high altitudes tend to open their facilities to the bridge of All Saints only to close them again until the end of the month. Switzerland and Austria were most likely to start skiing season, in particular to:

Diavolezza (SWITZERLAND): Already by mid-October is open to the public a chairlift at 3000 meters altitude. The return to the valley is opened only after heavy snowfall while otherwise descend by cable car.
Hintertux (AUSTRIA): is one of the stations with the highest number of open lifts thanks to the glacier skiing 365 days a year.
In Saas Fee (SWITZERLAND): there is a large glacier with a dense network of facilities are also open in November.
Stubai (AUSTRIA): offers a wide skiable between 2600 and 3200 meters in large part on the glacier.
Zermatt (CH): also known as the Swiss side of Cervinia and then reached the Aosta Valley, offers many slopes at Plateau Rosa up to 3900 m. Already from the beginning of November you can go up to Trockener Steg (mt. 2939) can count on about 1000 meters of altitude. There is then further openings that take skiers up to 2400 Furgg.

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Holiday homes, in August the most expensive destination is Cortina d’Ampezzo

According serve 240 Euros per night. It follows Positano
In August, tops the list of most expensive destinations for renting a holiday home, there is a mountain resort that even in summer loses charm and opportunity to relax: Cortina d’Ampezzo (BL), where the rent It costs an average of 240 Euros per night. He discovered, which analyzed the average prices per night required to August in most rinomante Italian tourist destinations, based on the daily cost of the property “type” requested by tourists (an apartment with four beds).

On the podium of the luxury holiday there are two places that have always been a must for those who target the best: Positano and Porto Cervo. To stay in a holiday home in one of the most beautiful places of Campania serve 200 euro per night; They only need 180 for the main center of the Costa Smeralda. High prices, of course, but much lower than supply average hotel in the area.

Sardinia is certainly a point of reference: in the ranking are also Aranci Gulf (where you spend on average 170 euro per night) and Torre delle Stelle (fraction of Maracalagonis, where a holiday home costs 140 Euros per night).

They can not miss some of the places symbol of elite tourism in Capri and Amalfi. Bell island for a holiday home in August will spend 140 Euros per night, while in the town that gives its name to the famous coastline in “sufficient” 130.

Tuscany also includes several places in the top 20 of the luxury holiday home is the most expensive town Marina di Pietrasanta, in Versilia Riviera, with its 150 euro per night; follow Forte dei Marmi and Monte Argentario, both with EUR 123 average per night, and – still tied, with 115 euro daily – Castiglione della Pescaia and Capalbio.

For those who love Liguria, however, the most expensive resorts are Camogli and Portovenere much in the tourist center of the province of Genoa, known for its marina and colorful buildings, as for the town of La Spezia you spend on average 110 euro per night.

If the marinas dominate the ranking elaborated by, among the destinations where it is necessary to spend more on holidays are also some cities, whose tourism knows no crisis under the sun: the more expensive it is Venice, that in August costs 140 € per night, while in the historic center of Rome will serve 128. There’s room for Milan, thanks to the World’s Fair, he has seen its prices rise, even in the summer: a holiday home four places bed room costs 125 euro per day, the same people who used to visit Como, a popular destination for the luxury tourism.

Unique places in Sicily to return in the ranking are Mondello, near Palermo, Taormina and in the province of
Messina: first you spend 120 Euros per night, in the second they serve “only” 105.


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Cortina InCroda

Seven great hosts for the 2015 edition of Cortina InCroda
Thursday will start the 7th edition of Cortina InCroda, the festival that combines the right mix poetry, adrenaline, writing, cinema, music, mountains, dreams, adventure, technology and journalism.
Thursday will start the 7th edition of Cortina InCroda, the festival that combines the right mix poetry, adrenaline, writing, cinema, music, mountains, dreams, adventure, technology, journalism, characters, memories and future. Until September 10 we will be offered events dedicated to the passion for the mountains, with seven great guests and the screening of the films presented at the Trento Film Festival.
Thursday debut, at 20.45 at the Alexander Girardi, with an exceptional protagonist: Catherine Destivelle, mountaineer and climber world famous, for years considered the best climber in the world.
July 16, directly from the Trento Film Festival, will be screened at Cinema Eden “Valley Uprising” by Nick Rosen, Peter Mortimer, Josh Lowellm US film that got the Golden Gentian City of Bolzano for the best film on exploration and adventure the Trento Film Festival in 2015.
July 23 will be the turn of Piero and Rocco Rava, who will talk about thirty years of life spent traveling.
For the film will be screened on July 30, directly from the Trento Film Festival, two films: “China Jam” of Evrad Wendenbaum, and “Only, Escalada a la vida” Jordi Ciudad Varela (Spain 2014).
August 6 on the stage of the Alexander will rise another great character: Beat Kammerlander. Austrian climber and photographer, will present his life in the mountains and will provide an overview of 30 years of history of arrampicatela, through a multimedia show exciting.
Do not miss the Naturalistic Trekking to the discovery of the Park of the Ampezzo Dolomites. Nature enthusiasts and mountain on August 9 will be accompanied by the Director of the Park, Michele Da Pozzo, in Sotecordes, to learn the secrets of the flora and fauna of the Dolomites.
Very exciting evening of August 13, dedicated to the emergency in Nepal, area heavily devastated by continuous earthquakes. The link between Cortina and Nepal is solid and long-standing, as mountain guides, Squirrels and local climbers have reached the area for a trek or climb Himalayan peaks. Fausto De Stefani, founder of Without Borders non-profit organization, will tell the demands of Nepalese after the devastating earthquake in April. On stage, Marco Sala, mountaineer of Rocciatori Caprioli, who was at the Everest Base Camp during the shock.
For the first time the British world-class mountaineer and adventurer Leo Houlding will Cortina August 27. It is known in the world of free and for his exploits on the big walls of earth, Houlding has worked extensively for television and film.
It closes on 3 and 10 September, with the cinema. Directly from the Trento Film Festival on the first Thursday of September we will be proposed “Life in Paradise” by Roman Vital (Audience Award at the Trento Film Festival 2015) and “Always Above Us” Eric Crosland. In closing an evening dedicated to the exploitation
of water. At Eden cinema it will be screened on September 10 “Damnation” Ben Knight and Travis Rummel. The film is the story of a growing movement of activists who, through spectacular actions, are fighting to ensure that rivers can return to their beds free of dams.


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Tourism 5 stars Andermatt, pretty village at the foot of the Gotthard


Surrounded by green pastures and forests, in the background of magnificent rocky peaks, embellished with sparkling glaciers. A valley postcard paradise for nature lovers and mountain, with a “calling card” that alone is worth the trip: the daring cable car to the summit of the Gemsstock, at 2,963 meters, from where you can admire over six hundred peaks.
“Of all the places I know, is the most interesting to me”, said Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, as he crossed the Ursern for the third time. The Ursern in Canton Uri, at the foot of the Gotthard Pass is one of the most impressive upland valleys in Switzerland. Andermatt, 1436 meters above sea level, the largest of the three villages in the valley, it is proposed to tourists as an ideal holiday destination in all months of the year, with all the papers in order to give an unforgettable stay. From families with children to climbers, golfers from the fans of snow at any cost, everyone can find congenial attractions and activities, thanks to excellent facilities for receiving and leisure. Despite being exactly at the intersection of two major roads – the director of the International Gottardo from north to south, and the road of the Furka and Oberalp passes from west to east – Andermatt has retained a friendly and comfortable atmosphere of the country (slightly more than a thousand inhabitants), surrounded by green pastures and forests, in the background of magnificent rocky peaks, embellished with sparkling glaciers. A valley postcard paradise for nature lovers and mountain, with a “calling card” that alone is worth the trip: the daring cable car to the summit of the Gemsstock, at 2,963 meters, from where you can admire over six hundred peaks!

A lookout exceptional, with the choreographic Gurschen Glacier, which lies at the foot of a vast network of paths and trails, where make countless walks and hikes, on foot as mountain biking, with dozens of lakes, streams and waterfalls. There are also numerous opportunities for relaxing excursions to places of great beauty: the famous Gotthard Pass (2108 meters), with its museum and the historic hospice, reached by the romantic stagecoach pulled by five horses; the Oberalp Pass (2046 meters), which reach the source of the Rhine at Lake Toma; the spectacular Furka Pass, a well 2,431 meters, which in summer passes a nostalgic steam train; the horrid Schöllenenbahn, with the legendary Devil’s Bridge, the Medieval Gotthard road, and much more.

At high altitude and of course in the cooler months, in a fairytale, Andermatt is transformed into a ski resort “for connoisseurs”, with descents of the highest level, and with great possibilities for off-piste skiing, or the so-called freeride. In particular, from the summit of the Gemsstock (2963 meters) down the dizzying “black run” Bernhard-Russi-Run, named after the eponymous Swiss Olympic champion in skiing, which he characterized as: “My favorite track, and one of the best of ‘Alps “. Finally, Andermatt is one of the stations of the famous Glacier Express train, with which an unusual trip from Zermatt to St. Moritz (or Davos): lightning-hour journey along through 91 tunnels and 291 bridges. The opening of the Chedi Andermatt, a luxury resort of 104 rooms, housed in a modern chalet with several restaurants (including one Japanese), indoor and outdoor pools and a large spa was the first phase of development still going on and that He sees in building new buildings, houses, five other hotels, a golf course with 18 holes to play this sport at high altitude. Throughout the summer, the Chedi, are scheduled appointments in key spiritual alpine-chic. The monaco Buddhist Loten Dahortsang holds sessions retreat of three hours a day, accompanied by vegetarian menu and afternoon tea. Package Rejuvenate in Style Yoga Retreats is available on the dates: June 15 to 19; July 20 to 24,; 24 to 28 August; September 21 to 25 from CHF 850 ​​per night for two people.



Cortina d'Ampezzo

Cortina, the revival by the World Skiing


The enthusiasm for the designation of Cortina d’Ampezzo to host the World Ski Championships of 2021 is growing day by day, and so the Sole 24 Ore has dedicated an article to tell what is planned for the big event. Early estimates put about 150 thousand in the number of spectators who come running for the two weeks of racing, to which should be added about 650 million viewers reached by live television, certainly a decent showcase for a resort like Cortina.

We will still need to work to make fruitful the choice of capital Ampezzano. Among the works to be executed in the next two years there is a reservoir of 96 thousand cubic meters of snow that will ensure the race tracks in a maximum 10 days. Not only that, the ski area links to enable fast travel, the adjustment of runs as the Olympia delle Tofane, where for 21 years there is the Women’s World Cup. At the conclusion of the track there are two temporary stands from 6 thousand places. A completely new track, named Toni Sailer, will be made on the southwest side of the Col Drusciè and will end in a sort of natural amphitheater. Then, in addition to the works of a sports there will certainly need an upgrade of parking and a rationalization of the traffic of the city. Meanwhile, the organizer locations have already been granted 30 million from the Federation for organizational costs, which we hope will be used in the best way.



Cortina d'Ampezzo

Cortina, assumptions airport for World Cup Skiing

In view of the World Ski Championships of 2021 in Cortina d’Ampezzo back the idea of ​​reopening the airport of the Queen of the Dolomites closed in 1976 and converted into a helipad. The intervention would be necessary to adequately absorb the increased flow of tourists expected during the sporting event. “According to the ENAC (Italian Civil Aviation Authority) – he says Mayor Andrea Franceschi Corriere del Veneto-space Fiames is more than enough. On the other hand, it is not about to land the Boeing. The structure could operate safely. ”

Infrastructure Minister Graziano Delrio ‘spoke of infrastructure ahead of the World – clarifies Franceschi – but more broadly, and according to a long-term plan, which not only provides rail developments. For example, there is the question of the state “Alemagna”. The idea is to create the ring in style Pustertal: without interventions colossal, you can bypass all the critical points and make it the easiest route. Delrio see it that way, it concluded the mayor -: it is up to the Province to collect all instances in these matters and will be endorsed by the region, with an initial screening. The money are those that are, and the government will decide which are the priorities. ”



Cortina d'Ampezzo

Malagò “Rome in 2024? The candidacy is growing day by day ‘

CONI president: “you do not need to do things in a hurry but do them more balanced. The Golden Gala? More and more credible abroad »
ROME – “Day after day we grow and begin to work to build the bid”. Assures the CONI president Giovanni Malago, on the Rome’s Olympic bid in 2024. “We feel daily with Claudia Bugno and Montezemolo (respectively general coordinator and president of the organizing committee, ed) – adds to the presentation of the Golden Gala – I spoke with Carraro to take stock of the situation for the visit to Rome of Thomas Bach who will receive the award Giulio Onesti, I saw the commissioner Masini and in day speak with Mayor Marino to take stock of the situation. In my homework We’re doing fine. You do not need to do things in a hurry but do them more balanced. ” It could be a good omen assignment World Alpine Ski 2021 in Cortina a bit ‘as happened in 1956 when the town dolomite pulled the sprint to the Games in Rome 1960. “Cortina deserved, the international federation recognized the goodness of that dossier and probably there was also the recognition by other potential competitors that are not candidates – ends -. I think it’s very important, the country is system: Expo in Milan, Cortina in Veneto, is shaping the organization of a great world in Piedmont (in 2018, editor’s note), Rome nominated and then there’s the issue of the Ryder Cup and rugby. There are different perspectives in terms of setting than in the past. ”

Malago ON GOLDEN GALA – “The Golden Gala is growing year after year, it is possible that Bolt is not, but that is gaining credibility at international level is very significant.” So instead he expressed Malagò the Golden Gala Pietro Mennea to be held on June 4th at the Olympic Stadium in Rome. The No. 1 sport Italian, at the presentation of the 35th edition of the international athletics meeting, adds: “At this level That gives us more and more medals and makes us more and more influential in organizing major events.” “For us it is the showcase of Italian athletics internationally and can not be without the significant presence of Italian athletes – detects the No. 1 FIDAL, Alfio Giomi -. There is a new generation of quality athletes who can compete at this level. It is one of the key moments in approaching in Beijing, and then to Rio. ” There will be Bolt, but “athletics is able to do the show without”. However, announced 18 of the London 2012 Olympic medalists and 27 athletes on the podium of the World Championships in Moscow in 2013.






Cortina d'Ampezzo

World Alpine Ski

Cortina crowns the dream: the World Alpine Ski for four times that she had been denied (the last attempt last year for the 2019 edition with the city fought to 9 votes to 8 from the Swedish Are) is now doing. The seal will come in the next few months, but after the official announcement of the choice of the capital Fis Ampezzo as the sole candidate for 2021, the words of the president of the Federation Winter Sports Flavio Roda leave no doubt about an event that will be respected, “the commitment we had taken to ensure that Cortina was the only candidate was respected, now we will have an extra year to work with even greater force. ”

The competition standings in six years can revive the legend of this corner of Veneto dating back to the throne after famines snow blitz tax and municipal surveys.
A throne built with a racing history made of 9 races of men’s World Cup, 78 of Women’s World Cup – held every year without interruption since 1993 – and then, again, of 6 editions of the European Cup Snowboardcross, 5 of Tour de Ski and ten World Championships in different disciplines.

“We collect finally the fruits of a long and serious work. A historic achievement – said the mayor Andrea Franceschi -. By accepting our candidacy as the only FIS confirmed the value of our project. We had been unfairly penalized by the exclusion for the iris of 2019, now we are ready. ” Cortina will have a year longer than the time needed if there were other contenders for the event, to organize the event and show up with the necessary requirements for off final.

In mid-April the Cortina had expressed appreciation for the nomination: the referendum promoted by the City Council votes in favor were about 60%, on a total of 2,218 voters to the polls, 44% of those eligible. “Justice has been done,” said the president of the Veneto Luca Zaia that last year in Barcelona after a few seconds the rejection of Cortina in 2019 had spoken of `pronouncement scandaloso’. “After the splendor of the Winter Olympics of 1956 – he says – it will be written a new page in the epic history of skiing in the heart of one of the great heritage of UNESCO.”

Exults also Fiorello, one of the many celebrities who feel at home in Cortina. ‘World! Happy to Cortina! ‘, Tweets before explaining that his wife Ansa origins Cortina and now there’ I feel at home. ” To host the World Cup in 2021 Cortina d’Ampezzo has prepared projects of expansion of facilities and race tracks. Work is planned enlargement, adaptation and securing of world tracks. The two goals will form a single arena in the Rumerlo, less than three hundred meters of each other and ensuring adequate space and services for spectators, professionals, athletes and journalists.

For CONI president Giovanni Malago the world of 2021 is “even better” than that of 2019. “We have resubmitted the same dossier and it went even better because those of 2021 will be the world’s pre-Olympic, with an appeal than those of 2019, post Olympic ». A passage, one of the World Cup, that will mean for Cortina enrichment of infrastructure and major social impact on the community not just local. It had already been calculated for the 2019 edition possible that the event will allow the Veneto to present their excellence in the eyes of more than 500 million TV viewers.


France, Courchevel

This Superb 350M2 Chalet In Old Wood Enjoys A Unique Location Very Close To The Cospillot Slope.
Chalet, 6 Bedrooms, 6 Bathrooms, 14 persons, Spa, Garden, WiFi

The Croc Blanc has 6 bedrooms and can accommodate up to 14 people. All the floors of the chalet are served by an elevator.

Level -1 :
Windowless bedroom with 4 bunk beds and shower room
Hammam / Shower Terrace with jacuzzi Elevator

Level 0 :

2 double bedrooms with en-suite bathroom and balcony
1 double en-suite bedroom connected to a children’s bedroom with 2 bunk beds and balcony
Guest toilet Ski room Elevator

Level +1 :
Living room with fireplace and TV
Large balcony with wonderful view over mountains
Dining area
Open plan kitchen Elevator

Level +2 :
Master bedroom with bathroom, shower, bathtub, double sink
Balcony with wonderful view


Welness area : hammam, outdoor jacuzzi
• TV with international channels and DVD player in the lounge
• TV in the Master bedroom
• Kitchen: hot plate, fridge, kettle, Nespresso machine, wine cellar,…

• Annexes : outdoor parking space

• 300 meters from the resort center
• 200 meters from the Cospillot slope



Julia Mancuso leaves or returns?

A season with few joys (third place in Lake Louise downhill) and a lot of problems, not least the hip pain, Julia Mancuso has convinced to give up the stage of the World Cup in Garmisch and, finally, even the Finals Meribel.
A waiver that someone has interpreted as a retreat for the next 31 year old Californian … actually Julia, one of the most popular athletes of the Rose Circus, wants to continue until the Olympics in 2018, provided that the physical support, as reiterated in an interview made by the same American Federation, US Ski Team.
Why did you decide not to run the last stages?
At the moment there is no point competing. I want to fight for the podium, not only go down. I had a lot of pain and I did not feel able to push to the end
How do you feel to have missed the Finals?
I am disappointed not to have made the finals, I had a long career and I’ve never skipped, but it is fair to look bigger and find the right answers. I care, and I’ll be better next year.
How do you think it was your season?
I was happy as it had started, share the podium with my companions was fantastic and one of the highlights of my career. Every year for me is new and different. At this point of my life for the fun of skiing is fun and I feel good. So I need to stop and fix problems before returning to a place I like to ski.
What are your plans for spring and summer?
If the doctors give me the ok I plan a couple of projects on skis. At the moment I do not have a lot of pain, but it is not enough to allow me to fight at the highest level. I will heli-ski in the Gothic Mountains in Colorado and a trip to Alaska with my friend Sierra Quitiquit. Then I’ll try to figure out if there is a special method of training that I can add to my work schedule, or some medical treatment, if necessary. I want to really understand what’s the problem during the spring, in order to use the summer for training.
What will be your future in the World Cup?
I want to compete at the Olympics 2018. Also attend a couple of projects, one with Sierra Quitiquit and another with Shades of Winter (a film about freeskiing done by girls). Both a homage to the athletes and I hope they are an inspiration for future generations, so that they have the nature and follow their dreams. I am happy that my career as a skier serve in other contexts.
What will you do when you’ve finished with skiing?
I hope to be an inspiration for young people, so get out and explore the world, have fun and are really themselves. I think there is a lot of pressure on young girls because they behave in a certain way and it is important that they learn to appreciate just themselves, with determination, and cultivating their aspirations. I hope to do something where I can bring my passion and my experience with others, and help them to shine their light. I will never stop exploring. I hope to travel the world in some way and share my experiences with everyone you do not know.
Anything else you want to say to your fans?
I’ll be back next year in Cup stronger than ever. I can not wait to continue my racing career and compete in the next Olympics! Thanks for being my fans, you are an important part of what keeps me going every day.



Jungfrau Grindelwald Wengen Mürren Schilthorn

The Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau mountains overlooking a lovely region became famous for the deeds of James Bond and for downhill world cup. Spectacular mountain railways leading to their summits; since 1912 the Jungfrau Railway holds the record of highest train station in Europe: “Top of Europe” (3454 m above sea level). The impressive valley “U” Lauterbrunnen is one of the largest areas under environmental protection in Switzerland, 72 waterfalls, quiet valleys, fresh mountain pastures and lonely mountain inns.
Overall, the region offers 213 km of ski slopes divided into the three districts of the Eiger, Mönch & Jungfrau Top Region. The ski resort of Wengen, Kleine Scheidegg Männlichen with the famous Lauberhorn downhill and the Eiger Glacier, many red and blue runs, ensures fun in the snow for all categories of skiers.
Every year in January there is the descent of the World Cup Lauberhorn, considered one of the races of the World Cup more spectacular the entire Alpine

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Chamonix, Courmayeur, St Moritz

Skiing: Last Call

Sun, snow, fun and lots of packages. To enjoy the finest white havens.
Bright sun, long days and snow still beautiful. It’s time to take advantage of the last days of skiing. And promotions and packages (even in luxury hotels) designed for pure white carousels.
This year celebrates 40 years of life Dolomiti Superski: one of the largest ski areas in Europe. Its circuit includes 12 of the most popular resorts in the Dolomites (Cortina d’Ampezzo, Kronplatz, Alta Badia, Val Gardena-Alpe di Siusi, Val di Fassa-Carezza, Arabba-Marmolada, Alta Pusteria Valley FiemmeObereggen, San Martino di Castrozza-Passo Rolle, Eisacktal, Trevalli, Monte Civetta) .With a single ski pass you have access to 1,200 km of slopes along 450 lifts. An opportunity not to be missed snaps April 3, when the offer starts SuperBirthday- Great Final 2015. Those who purchase a ski pass at least four days, between 3 and 12 April 2015, will have a gift (reduction) 40 euro.
Discounted ski? Even in Switzerland. Who spends more than one night in the structures members (over 100) has the right to pass only 35 francs a day (thirty euro, instead of 70). No exception hôtellerie luxury, such as the Kempinski Grand Hotel des Bains, with spectacular spa of 2800 square meters built right on the mineral water spring of San Mauritius from which it originates St. Moritz. Opened in mid-nineteenth century and renovated several times, has kept the elegant setting of a time: spacious, painted ceilings, period photos. And a beautiful location at 100 meters from the ski lifts of the Corviglia. Illuminated by the sun for 322 days a year, St Moritz is the stage of spectacular skiing. Moreover, the ski vacation in Switzerland, was born here in 1864. The first real descent was made by climbing to the summit by funicular Chantarella, that of the Corviglia was only built in 1929. Who likes to get up early in the morning rises immediately Piz Nair (3057 m), which dominates the landscape, 100 km of slopes whose quality is from the World Cup and the Corviglia Snow Park, with 30 equipment. Those who prefer to ski long, wide and panoramic chooses Paradise (3 km). To refresh, nothing better restaurant Chesa Chantarella: skiing a few steps, large sun terrace and kitchen refined and high quality led by Ezequiel Barbuto (Argentinian chef from Italian origin) and his brother Diego, maitre. Some examples? Tuna tartare with avocado, salad of squid on a bed of artichokes and even caciucco, but there are traditional dishes, but revisited to make them lighter. Packages? The Kempinski Grand Hotel des Bains (closes April 6) offers three nights free accommodation for 2 children (in room with parents), free day ticket to 1700 euro for two people. The offer including access to the spa and a spa voucher of 50 euro: an opportunity to discover the HydraFacial: a revolutionary tool to rejuvenate your facial features and smooth the skin without the use of scalpel and botox but with a non-invasive treatment acting as hydro-dermo abrasion through a delicate pen to vacuum effect, purifying the skin in deep and stimulating cell regeneration. The results? are visible already after four days. Also new is the professional support of a real coach of wellness: Mirko Colombo, through blood tests and oxidative stress, fat mass and lean body and a fitness training program and personalized diet helps to get back into shape ideal.
In the ski area Tre Valli (plants Moena-Alpe Lusia, Passo San Pellegrino and Falcade) the atmosphere is still magically winter with snow-capped peaks and slopes in perfect condition. For fans of skiing and snowboarding the long Easter weekend promises fantastic: 100 km of slopes, 60 km of tracks for Nordic skiing and numerous ski mountaineering routes, but also many alternatives for non-skiers. There is so much snow that you can make wonderful snowshoeing, fun slide with rafts of snowtubing and relaxing trips with the horse-drawn sleigh. In the shelters of the area can instead enjoy a menu of dishes. For the latest ski in ski areas Civetta, San Pellegrino and Arabba Marmolada-here is the special package “Easter with us”, 4 nights for 2 people including breakfast from 252 € and 40 € discount on the purchase of at least 4 day ski pass . The grand finale? On April 6, in Alleghe, with the Splash Party: the crossing of a huge swimming pool, dug at the foot of the slope Civetta, with skiing, snowboarding, floats and anything that could slip! For the second consecutive year, there will also be Bungee Human Slingshot, a giant slingshot in which the bravest will be loaded between two elastic pulled by a snowmobile and dropped back and forth in a crazy bungee horizontal. And for ski enthusiasts vintage, there’s Sbriseda, the following weekend, on April 11, on the slopes of the Marmolada. An event devoted to revive the days when skiing was a niche discipline and Marmolada a destination for a few mountain lovers. The Sbriseda is the highest historical reconstruction of Europe in which the participants, all dressed in period costumes, parade along the 12 km of track Belluno, the longest of the Dolomites. Take several breaks on the way down and a tasty menu typical arrival. The meeting is at Malga Ciapela, at 8.30.
From bottom to top you can admire the Grandes Jorasses and Giant’s Tooth. Mont Blanc views sweep of Courmayeur and, nomen omen, the Vallee Blanche. But if the view in proportion to be earned with a guided snowshoe hike (80 Euros), to enjoy the view from the bottom just sit back at the Grand Hotel Courmayeur Mont Blanc, the new five-star hotel, recently opened in Courmayeur. At the foot of Mont Blanc, is very well located, in an area surrounded by greenery and quiet, 500 meters from the town center and via Roma with its boutiques and quaint shops. The Hotel has 72 rooms Comfort, Deluxe, Junior Suite and Suite, a restaurant with a breathtaking view of the Mont Blanc and Giant’s Tooth, the American Bar and Lounge with a fireplace and two large terraces. The Spa has a rather large sauna, turkish bath, experience showers and route water color, a pool with massage jets and waterfall, a fitness area and three cabins for beauty treatments. The garage, which is very important in the mountains, is guaranteed to all rooms. The ski? The Grand Hotel Courmayeur Mont Blanc has, the only hotel in the valley and one of the few on the arc of the Alps, a ski-private: A field with a limited slope, ideal for starting to take its first steps with skis: a treadmill, along fifty meters, allows children and beginners to treat yourself to a descent on the lawns of the hotel. Even here, there are plenty of packages. “Easter in Courmayeur” offers three nights in a deluxe double room, breakfast buffet (or room service), unlimited access to the spa and gym, 1 dinner with a la carte menu (drinks not included), a garage and a free minibar and 1 treatment “zones massage” or “specific cervical” to 280 EUR per person, per night.




Many think that April is too late to go skiing. Wrong! Even after this season many ski resorts can offer tracks still in very good condition with plenty of snow. Many ski resorts offer runs at high altitudes and often on glaciers. The temperatures in the spring are no longer rigid as in winter. It ‘so nice, after a morning of skiing and a hearty meal in the shelter, lie down on a deck chair and take a little’ sunshine. Remember sunscreen though, this season the sun combined with the glare of snow can be very dangerous.


Cervinia (Aosta): placed at 2050 meters, is the ski resort with tracks positioned higher than in Italy. From the village depart the lifts that lead up to the 3400 meters of the Plateau Rosa. You can then go up again using the facilities of Zermatt up to touch the 3900 meters of the Klein Matterhorn.
La Thuile (Aosta): the gondola to Les Suches salt from the village up to 2200 from where most of the plants. The Italian side offers the best conditions while to La Rosiere southern exposure does not allow a perfect maintenance of the snow conditions. Lifts open until April 19, 2015.
Livigno (Lombardy): the location is located at 1800 meters from where the plants start dividing the two sides of the valley. Carousel at the slopes rise up to almost 2800 meters.
Solda (South Tyrol): 40 km of slopes between 1900 and 3200 meters suitable for spring skiing for those who do not surrender to the first warm.
Val Senales (Alto Adige): from the village of Maso Corto to 1900 meters, closed to cars, climb the cable car up to heights of 3000 meters. The upper part of the district is on the glacier and the ski then descend down to the valley.
Ski holidays in April abroad

Chamonix (France): April is the ideal season for the famous off-piste descent of the Vallee Blanche overcoming crevasses and seracs or down from the Grands Montets.
Corvatsch (Switzerland): Exposure to the north and the high altitude (up to 3300 meters) makes the Corvatsch particularly suited to skiing in April.
Hintertux (Austria): This is one of the two alpine glaciers open 365 days a year. The high altitude makes it particularly suitable for skiing out of season, in April when the temperatures begin to rise rather than fall when elsewhere there are still green meadows.
Les Deux Alpes (France): This is probably the most famous French ski resort in Italy. Owes much of its fame to its nightlife and its glacier where you can ski all year round. In April you can ski in almost all the tracks that run down from the glacier in the country.
Stubai (Austria): slopes between 2300 and 3170 meters, the highest point of the Tyrol.
Tignes (France): the country is divided into different fractions at different heights but the heart of the lifts starts from Tignes 2100. Further upstream, in Val Claret part of the underground funicular railway that leads to the Grande Motte glacier.


Cortina d'Ampezzo, Lifestyle

SOTTOZERO Cortina: drinking cocktails in the footsteps of Hemingway

The customer is the most demanding: to satisfy it, the hosts offer everything you could want is at the table is behind the counter. Meat or fish, cocktails or snacks: Hemingway forward nobody went home unhappy.
The international clientele – one for all: Hemingway – has made the Bar of the Post one of the first restaurants in Italy where there is a widespread American fashion cocktail. Even today, to start a memorable evening, you have to start from the drink of Antonio Di Franco, fifty years behind the counter: the only “risk” is to not go over until closing.
A great classic at the table is the Tivoli, at the foot of the Tofane, where chef Graziano Prest offers both local raw materials such as lamb, venison, mushrooms, beans of Lamon, is fish, coming from the markets of Venice and Chioggia.
The novelty of the season is represented by landing in Cortina Gianfranco Vissani, who has found a home at the Hotel Bellevue Suites & SPA. Among her recipes: eggplant parmigiana with yellow tomato and tartar sauce; dumpling with raw hare and Bloody Mary; Marano polenta on the pastry with sausage sauce.
LP 26 Prosciutteria is instead the ideal address for a snack in the middle. Among the hams to try: San Daniele, Patanegra Extremadura and black pig Nebrodi, accompanied by cocktails, DJ sets and live music.

For those who prefer the shelters, “Pelli evening”, renews every Friday the appointment Col Drusciè (a few steps from the Astronomical Observatory Helmut Ullrich), while every Friday and Saturday you go to Averau and the Squirrels. The advice is to go ski mountaineering and return sledding under the stars.



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