In Lombardy a day to learn how to ski for free with the masters

A whole day in which the Lombard snow professionals will be available for free group lessons of 2 hours dedicated to children (from 4 years) and to adults in the disciplines of alpine skiing, Nordic skiing, snowboarding, telemark and also for disabled children. The schools participating in the initiative are 60.

The Open Day promoted by AMSI Lombardia and arrived at the tenth edition, is scheduled for 17.12.2017.

An opportunity for mothers and fathers who want to bring their children closer to the snow, to the sport and to the splendid mountain resorts of the Lombardy Region, but also for adults who wish to acquire from the first ski notions to the more advanced ones.

An opportunity therefore to understand how a ski lesson takes place (Alpine and Nordic) or snowboarding in the snow and to encourage the flow in schools, giving way to a safe season thanks to snow professionals.

Joining the Open Day is simple: just contact the nearest Ski or Snowboard School and communicate the membership to Open Day 2017, the school will provide all useful information.

Yes Back to Skiing

They arrived cold and snow, will also the relaunch of San Giorgio as a ski resort? If so many ask after the appearance of the first snow and if the cross-country skiing warms the engines for a long time and wait only to increase the consistency of the mantle to start with the tracing of the slopes, for the downhill one the notes are still sore. For the second year the lifts of Malga San Giorgio will not open due to the well-known events that started the bankruptcy process for Nuova Lessinia spa, owner of the plants. In reality, the closing years would be three because in the 2015-16 season it opened for half a day because the Province did not issue any authorization to the manager G & A srl, since the company did not provide the documentation required to authorize the start-up of the plants. “Now we work in collaboration with the Province to maintain the concessions with the clause that the plants are closed due to force majeure, not because they are decommissioned”, states the mayor Claudio Melotti, who shows on the table the folder always close at hand, “Because the question is topical every day and every month of the year,” he reveals. IT IS TO BE CLARIFIED that the plants are on sale and if there were entrepreneurs willing to invest the station would have already started. In reality it would not be a programmable event from evening to morning because there would be deadlines and obligations to be met. The chairlift has expired since November 2017 with the possibility of extension until 2022. It needs a fifteen-year review that from the calculations produced by the expert, the engineer from Trentino Mario Pedotti, could cost between 300 and 500 thousand euros, equal to 15-20 percent of the new cost. The technical life of the Slalom ski lift will expire on January 26, 2019 and its revision will cost € 80-100 thousand. The concession of the ski lift of the Valon baby trail has expired long ago and the tow hooks have to be replaced for an amount of 150-200 thousand euro. «If we want to consider also the interventions that should be done on the Rifugio Gaibana, the shelters of the snow groomers, the departure station of the chairlift, the networks and the planned snowmaking system, the restart and the review of the vehicles, would not be budgeted less than 800 thousand euros, but this raises questions about the future of the station, “pressed the mayor. CONCRETO for the moment there is a redevelopment project of the station with the funds of neighboring municipalities for projects of large area, which concern that not only the municipalities directly bordering the Autonomous Province of Trento but also those neighboring with whom the project develops. “I have always fought for a redevelopment that is inserted in a supra-municipal context,” says Melotti, “that does not end in a sterile initiative but is attracting additional funds and institutional and private involvement”. THE PROJECT is based on an investment of one million and 730 thousand euros requested and recognized by the Fund for the border Municipalities: “We are only awaiting the signing of the agreement to budget revenue and start the planning and calls for proposals. At this amount, the Municipality will add its own resources and others will ask the Lessinia Regional Park, bodies and associations, even private individuals, in the hope that the share will increase and become a real driving force for investments », adds the mayor. But with 1.7 million euros what can be done? “Finish buying the parking lots to finally intervene on them, for example. For the plants, the discussion on how and when to intervene is open, because the issue is also sensitive from a legal point of view and I hope that 1.7 million become at least 2.5 million euros to allow San Giorgio to be in a position to share . I understand that after the first 10 centimeters of snow people think of San Giorgio, but we can not get frantic in this situation, “warns Melotti,” because a careful evaluation must be made for sustainable management, focusing above all on the summer vocation of the locality. . Intelligence is needed to understand the evolution of the weather in the immediate future and the tourist demand. Furthermore, recognition as a large area project puts us in a position to finally understand that we must think in terms of the district. The project also includes the purchase or the new construction of a versatile structure as the headquarters of the Fondo Fondo Alta Lessinia, but with an elastic concept to be used 365 days a year: it is the only perspective to give a future to the locality », Concludes Melotti.

All ready for November skiing, the white season starts early

Everyone on the track, though it’s still autumn. For skiers in November, it has always been a month of boredom, where skiing was prepared at the limit. Instead, the snowfall last week opened the season with great anticipation in the main locations of Cuneo. In the Maritime Alps, and partly in the Liguria, about a meter of snow has fallen, which has so far resisted the temperatures not too rigid. So you wake up.
The last one was Artesina, which opened up some of the facilities already last weekend, ie a month earlier than expected (was discussed on December 8), for the joy of about two thousand enthusiasts who were busy packing the slopes. From today to Sunday, the Monregalese ski area makes it: snow varies between 60 and 110 centimeters, there are two ski lifts, a chair lift and a treadmill, there are three runs available on the Turra (including the new “Panorama ) and the adult ski pass costs 22 euros. Also in the Mondolè Ski district, in Pratonevoso the season starts tomorrow but in this case all the works are opened. The daily cost is 25 euros, a fee that will be maintained for all opening days until December 7th.

Abundant snow allows you to ski in Limone Piemonte too. The White Reserve drops a poker, allowing you to ski today from Monday to seven on seven (the highest). From tomorrow, the ski pass for adults costs 27 euros, while today it’s all free, you just have to get the magnetic card from two euros, then you can also do a lesson with the masters without spending anything.

Those without snow can not be well aware that skiing in November can also be moved to Valle d’Aosta. In Breuil-Cervinia, the high-altitude facilities are open from October 28 and will remain until May 6. For the majority of Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta facilities, however, it is necessary to wait, because the last snowfall in the rest of the northwest has not left large amounts of “flour”. In theory most of the Vallée districts should open in eight days (snow permitting): from Friday 1 December the season starts for Monterosaski, the Immaculate is the route of Vialattea (Sestriere) and Colomion (Bardonecchia).

All this, of course, applies to those who prefer slopes. Skiing enthusiasts have a slightly wider range of choices because they are well-versed in snow and the Cozie Alps as well as the Ligurians and the Maritime. The Cuneese amateurs are already starting for a week, although finding a good coat is by now very complicated given the somewhat subtle temperatures of the last few days. Those who have been on the floor tell of very varied conditions, ranging from “crust” to “march”, even though there are still points where you can still come across in flour. In any case, it is good to keep an eye on the avalanche bulletin that Arpa and Aineva will issue at 14 o’clock in order to schedule a safe trip.

ALTO ADIGE – It has already snowed like this all winter

In South Tyrol there is a winter winter holiday with snow that already whitens landscapes and ski slopes.

A sigh of relief for operators after a winter like 2016/2017, one of the worst ever for snowfall.

In some areas of the Dolomites, such as Cortina Falzarego (Veneto) and Monte Croce Pass (between Upper Pusteria and Cadore), the skiing season has already been

inaugurated last weekend.

If it’s not a little record we miss it. Dolomite valleys have already dropped from 20 to 50 inches of snow, practically as much as snow all over the winter.

Mountains, open the slopes But this year skiing will cost you more

In high season you will pay 3.5% more. Managers: “Costs of blame”. All the news

CORTINA D’AMPEZZO (Belluno) Restored with the wind in the stern, the winter season, thanks to the “psychological snow” of a few days ago. The locus was coined by the chairman of the Venetian plant engineers of Veneto Renzo Minella, who holds us copyright. “If you prefer – continues Minella – even” snowfall marketing “is fine. Stocking. Last year, without a centimeter of snow, with a spring tundra landscape, our morale was on the ground. Now the whitewashed landscape does well to hope. There is enthusiasm. So it starts again. ”

On Saturdays, the engines of the Col Gallina (from 9am to 16pm), in Falzarego; and those of the Passo Monte Croce, in Comelico. As for the Dolomiti Superski area – one of the largest ski resorts in the world and a giant of interprovincial snow in the snow: 12 valleys, 1,200 km of slopes, 450 ski lifts, 30 snow parks and 50 alpine resorts involved (Bellunese ones are Cortina d’Ampezzo, Arabba, Marmolada, Tre Cime, Civetta) – the general departure is scheduled for November 25, the date of commencement of the seasonal subscription; but in Marmolada it will start on 2 December. On the Faloria (Belluno) on 17th November in Recoaro Mille (Vicenza) and Sappada (Belluno) on December 17 and on Asiago (Vicenza) on December 8th.

“After two difficult years – continues Minella – we expect a normal season with more snow – and this also to spend less. Veneto engineers have a total turnover of 70 million euros; 50% goes to live costs; if not snowing, like last year, we have to spend five or six million more; and between one thing and the other, nothing remains. ” Confident the patron of the Faloria cable car by Cortina Enrico Ghezze. “35, 40 cm thick snow has fallen, soda,” he says, “that’s why he goes to Col Gallina. A manna from the sky. And on the Faloria is ready a new track, a black one, with a slope of 55 percent. ” And who is thrown from there? “Someone there – continues Ghezze – also because today technology helps. Once again a red was unreliable, for non-expert skiers. Today, with the skis that are there, everything has changed. ”

They are almost ready for Asiago, where other snow is waiting. “He wants more to compact it,” says Elio Frigo of “Verena 2000″ – otherwise it is dangerous for skiers. But there is confidence, because we are at the highest point of the plateau; from here a battery of four 149mm gun fired the first Italian shot against the troops of the Austro-Hungarian Empire at the time of the Great War. ” Now, relations with the Austrians have improved. “They are good tourists – and we are waiting for them on December 8th.” So much has been said in these days about the price issue. According to Minella, in general, they increased by 3%, here in Veneto. Not so much, it’s just a normal cost-to-life alignment. ” Second Fridge “remained the same: the daily cost 30 euros on weekends and 35 on holidays”. Ghezze says that its share is growing around 2, 3 percent.

Dolomites Superski notes the situation: “Prices rose by about 2.6% for the 7 days for adults in high season (from 304 to 312 euros), while the daily average for adults in high season increased by 3 , 5% (from 57 to 59 euros). In pre-season and low season tickets are cheaper, of course. ” But inflation is very low: in October, 1%, in the same month of 2016; does not cost too much, skiing? “The increases – cut short by Dolomiti Superski – are geared to the specific costs of raw materials, services and supplies that are the basis of the ski offering, ie those for electricity (plants, snow generators), for fuel (snow cat) and for employees. “

The damage of the sun even on the eyelids. “For sunglasses and sunglasses skiing”

At face and eye risk. Between 5 and 10% of all epidermal cancers are related to the area that covers the eyes. A study, published on PlosOne, recalls the importance of prevention

PROTECT good eyelids and all the skin of your face while skiing or snowboarding. This is the recommendation of doctors at the University of Liverpool, Department of Eye & Vision Science, at the end of a study just published in the magazine PlosOne. The research examined photographs of people after a mountain holiday. A special camera was used to intercept the UV rays on the skin.

At the end of a ski day, it is not just about having a red and “burned” face, taking too much sun without protection can have dangerous consequences. In order to demonstrate concretely damage to sunlight at the dermis, researchers asked 57 volunteers, women and men, to apply protective creams (factor 30 and 50) to the face. Participants were photographed with the camera that captures the UV rays before and after the operation. The areas covered by creams appear black. The analysis showed that an average of 9.5% of their faces had not been protected from cream, typically the area around the eyelids, the area of ​​the inner corner of the eyes and the nasal bridge. Even after extended information on the dangers of skin cancer on the eyelids, 7.7% of the participants found it unprotected.

The researchers recalled that between 5 and 10% of all skin cancers related to the eyelid, 90% of basal carcinomas (skin cancers) is all about head and neck. It is hypothesized that the high prevalence of eyelid tumors depends on the subtlety of the skin at that point and the consequent most vulnerable to ultraviolet rays, considered as a risk factor for skin carcinomas (basophilic and squamous cell).
The damage of the sun even on the eyelids. “For sunglasses and sunglasses skiing”
In the photos of the experiment, the dark parts are those protected by creams, the light ones are those exposed to UV rays. Participants had used 30 or 50 protection

All things should reflect the people of the skiers. Many are aware of the relationship between UV rays, skin type and altitude, the effects of lesser protection against mountain rays and snow reflection, but this study, experts say, shows that many still underestimate the risks and not they are sufficiently protected. The only comparable study on the risks of facial areas that are not adequately protected (about 50 people), according to researchers, dates back to 1994. Now, 23 years later, using this technology with this special UV camera allows more accurate analysis, while also highlighting the benefits of solar exposure to both the skin, the brain, neurondocrine and immune systems, for the intake of vitamin D when there is a deficiency.

Just the risk-benefit assessment in some cases, say in the English study, should reflect. One of the authors of the study, Kevin Hamill of the University of Liverpool, states: “The eyes and the skin around them are particularly vulnerable to ultraviolet and cancer radiations, so skiers and snowborders that are at risk of high exposure to UV must be many A thorough initial sunscreen application with a minimum factor of 30 is still insufficient. “.

Alpine Ski World Cup 2017/18: Levi racing calendar and direct TV schedules

The Alpine Skiing Team will stage in Levi, Finland, with female and male slalom on 11 and 12 November 2017.

The Alpine Ski World Cup started with a podium for Italy among women. Sölden was 3rd place in Manuela Moelgg in the inaugural giant, with the blue behind German winner Viktoria Rebensburg, and Frenchman Tessa Worley. The 34-year-old of San Vigilio di Marebbe is training in Val Senales with his teammates, including Chiara Costazza and Irene Curtoni, the most anticipated in the slalom in Finland. As for men, however, because of the adverse weather conditions the race did not take place. The male debut is therefore sent back to Levi, where the second white circus seasonal appointment is expected in a few days.

Among the blues will also be Alex Vinatzer, just eighteen, who will make his absolute debut in the World Cup. Next to him are veterans like Patrick Thaler and Manfred Moelgg.

The #Sci Alpino CdM will move to Finland on the weekend of November 11 and 12, 2017. On Saturday we will have the female slalom, with the 1st run at 9.55 and the 2nd run at 12.55. A year ago he won Mikaela Shiffrin, with the American who preceded Swiss Wendy Holdener and Slovak Petra Vlhová. On Sundays, the men will try to get close to the narrow poles of the Levi Black track. The 1st run will kick off at 9.55, and the 2nd run will be at 12.55. Austrian midfielder Marcel Hirscher set himself up last year, ahead of the national team Michael Matt and Italian Manfred Moelgg.

A few days after the races, some of the blues expected on the track were interviewed. Stefano Gross said he was confident of his physical condition in view of Levi’s slalom, a little less Giuliano Razzoli, who said he would expect an uphill season, but the incentives to do good are all. In the expectation of finding the results in the race, let’s remember that he definitely said goodbye to the Bode Miller races. The US will no longer return to the track, announcing his retirement from competitions.

Winter in South Tyrol: a magic experience

Mountains and landscapes enchanted by snow to enjoy on the ski slopes but also between peasant markets and gourment dinners

Christmas & Ski in the Three Cime Ski Area, to experience the most exclusive Christmas in the world!

From December 2 to January 6, the Tre Cime Dolomiti area adornades a magical Christmas mantle, surrounded by the snow-capped Dolomites, UNESCO patrimony.

It will be possible to close your eyes and rethink the scents of Christmas: there is the aroma of cinnamon and freshly cooked biscuits. ChrisOberhammer’s star chef Markus Holzer and their Culinaria Tirolensis colleagues chose between Grandma’s recipes and reinterpreted Christmas dishes to astonish and return to children. Do not forget to write the letter to Jesus Child. You can imbucarenel a real post office … on top of a tree in a wood of the Dolomites.

Enjoy skiing in Alta Badia

The ninth edition of Skiing with taste, the eldest alpine culinary initiative of the Alps, opens on 10 December with the now-traditional Gourmet Skisafariche this year inspires the flavors of childhood. Norbert Niederkofler, Matteo Metullio, Nicola Laera, Enrico and Roberto Cerea, Enrico Bartolini, Francesco Baldissarutti, Andrea Aprea, Giuseppe Biuso and Alberto Faccani and many others will cook some recipe for some Haute-Alpes Badia huts inspired by the memories of what “They put their parents or their grandparents in the table”.

Wine Emotion Plan de Corones

From December 20 to March 23, a unique experience for all lovers of wine lovers! Every Wednesday, together with a sommelier, it is possible to choose a selection of excellent South Tyrolean wines in three huts at 2,275 m dialect. A ski instructor will accompany you to a hut in a hut … a skipper the wine-tasting excellence combined with the gastronomic delicacies!

A single ski pass for the entire Val Venosta

From this year you can ski in the whole Val Venosta with a single ski pass, valid for all six ski areas (211 km of slopes) in the South Tyrol and Austria, including Nauders in Austria (Passo Resia). You can choose between a daily or seasonal ticket, a ski pass for white oscillating families, for unlimited use in the areas of Nauders (A), Belpiano, Valentine’s Day, Watles, Solda at Ortles, Trafoi at Ortles.


Pure Mountain Quality in Val Venosta

The “Pure Quality in the Mountain” project extends from Merano and the surrounding area to the Venetian Valley and designates caterers and locals on the ponds who chew their activities with dedication and excellence to offer authentic mountain quality. Honorable guests appreciate the quality of the food, the quality of the environment and the quality of the design. The hotel owners who won the prize are: Malga Lyfi, Val Martello, Malga Tarscher, Laces; Malga Matscher Alm, Malles.

Experience the Maseben hut

The Maseben hut in Vallelunga was the Maseben plant lift chairlift. The plants were closed maAlessandro Secci, Sicilian South Tyrolean, grappa manufacturer and hotelier, gave life to the hut again.
You can walk on foot with snowshoes or skis, and for the less sporty and wondrous, an exciting experience: from the downstairs station to the chairlift up to the Baita with a crawler, an emotion you will not forget!


Care’s, The Ethical Chef Days

From 14 January to 17 January 2018, the third edition of Carey’s event was promoted by the star-chef Norbert Niederkofler, and by Paolo Ferretti, which will take place again in Alta Badia.
Chefs and food experts from all over the world meet to discuss how to sustain a low-impact sustainable lifestyle, eating good, healthy, and respecting nature and producers.


“Free Fall Ride”

Again this year, in the Three Cime ski area, it is possible to accompany the “kittens” during the preparation of snow slopes and saliresul cat to experience the excitement of a descent on the night trail … a pure adrenaline charge.

Where to ski low cost, map and prices for “having fun” with the autumn snow

While in the south probably someone is still bathing at the sea, in the North is already all ready for the new ski season. If most of the facilities will open between the second half of November and early December, in some regions of Italy in a few days it will be possible to put the skis at the foot

The Stelvio Pass, in Lombardy, thanks to over 20 kilometers of all difficulty, for a total difference of over 700 meters, is one of the most important summer skiing and snowboard centers. Although the heat of summer has created some problems, forcing them to close ski lifts and ski slopes, enthusiasts will be able to enjoy over 20 kilometers of slopes until November 5th with a late-torch torch scheduled for Saturday 4th.

In South Tyrol, the slopes of the Val Senales glacier are already open: skiers have a 3,212-meter Grawand chairlift. “Hope is to be able to open all the systems within two weeks, allowing time,” explains the local operators. Solda has been on the road since October 21, due to the high slopes of up to 3250 meters.

It is still “early to give a complete picture of any price increases on plant prices” but, as explained by AdnKronos Valeria Ghezzi, president of the Anef (National Association of Operators), “where we should be talking about 2% at most. And I think even from a receptive point of view there will be no significant increases. ” “Investment in the industry amounts to 70 billion – says the Ghezzi – now snow is always guaranteed, also because the trend is that of a mountain to live all year round: even when it is natural you work because it enhances comfort of those who wander. ” “In any case, hope is that this year will be a ‘white Christmas’ – he concludes – not so much because we fear that the sector is affected, but above all, what are the Christmas holidays from the point of view of the collective imagination.”


Due to the favorable position of the plants located between 1,900 and 3,250 meters above sea level, the Solda area inaugurates and anticipates the winter season of the Val Venosta. From October 21st, ski addicted skiers will be able to ski in over 40km of perfectly sloping slopes. Ideal for freeriders and for those who prefer telemark and extreme skiing.

The Solda ski area is located in the middle of the Ortles group, in the Stelvio National Park. Located at an altitude ranging from 1,900 meters to 3,250 meters, you can ski from October to May. You can have fun on over 40 km of pistes. Ideal for all types of skiers and not only, which will be able to admire a unique landscape with 14 tall peaks over three thousand meters.

In addition to the numerous slopes, the Solda ski area is famous for its slopes with fresh snow. Skiing out skiers, extreme skiers, telemarkers and freeride skiers can then find snow on all fresh levels of difficulty. If you love strolling and enjoying the panorama, you are in the right place, from here you can admire the views of the three main peaks: Ortles, Zebrù and Gran Zebrù.

The slopes of Solda December 2017 – Belpiano and Malga Valentina on the 15th, Watles on the 21st and Trafoi on the 23rd, will open. For the Christmas season all the Val Venosta skiing arena will be in full swing to offer unforgettable experiences mountain lovers.