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STELVIO – Snow scheduled in August thanks to Snow4ever

Artificial snow also in August at the Stelvio Pass, the shichuck at the border between South Tyrol and Lombardy known for the practice of summer skiing.

Since July, Sifas has produced 300 cubic meters of snow per week, despite daytime temperatures also largely above zero. The secret of snowmaking is called Snow4ever and was developed by the PoloMeccatronica start-up NeveXN together with Demaclenko, a company of the Leitner group that manufactures systems for programmed snowmaking.

The system allows to produce snow crystals of excellent quality even in extreme conditions, abundantly above zero, using the principles of thermodynamics. The system has already been adopted in New Zealand and the Stelvio has allowed to snow the connection between the arrival of the cable car and the start of the ski lift. Snow is produced independently of the outdoor temperature and without the use of chemical additives. Everything is manageable remotely and can be integrated with the normal snowmaking systems.

NeveXN is part of Polo Meccatronica, the hi-tech incubator of Trentino Sviluppo. Demaclenko, part of the Leitner group, is instead one of the world leaders in the programmed snowmaking sector.