Snow throughout Italy, three meters in Friuli The forecasts up to the Epiphany

Abundant rainfall throughout the Alps and the Apennines. The record at Sella Nevea, on Mount Canin. New snowfalls expected, but also rains, in the coming days

On Monte Canin, in the Friuli region Sella Nevea – power of the name! -, the three meters have been reached. At Aprica you get two meters and twenty meters and not much below two meters there are Tarvisio (175 cm) and Forti di sopra (160). You are above the metro at Limone Piemonte (130), at Abetone (130) and at San Candido (100). And a little below, around 90 centimeters, are Chiesa in Valmalenco, Sestola and Montecampione. These are the most snow-covered towns in Italy with a distribution covering all the regions of the Alps and the Apennines. But beyond the medium, peaks between one and two meters are recorded everywhere in the main ski resorts

Other significant rainfall is expected towards the end of the week. And already today are announced for the evening snowfall in the border Alps over 1,500 meters. “The first days of 2018 will be rather movements on the country, because of some rapid perturbed fronts, driven by the Atlantic currents, which at the average of one per day, will also engage most of our regions – explains the meteorologist Francesco Nucera on the site of 3BMeteo -. The weather will remain very dynamic with sudden changes even during the same day, waiting for a more full-bodied and prolonged worsening for Epiphany ». In short, other rainfall on arrival, although in many cases, especially at low altitudes, it will be rain.