Skiing, slalom in Schladming: Monstrous Hirscher. Kristoffersen second and furious

The Austrian beats his rival and triumphs in slalom for the sixth time: a snowball thrown against the Norwegian halfway. For Hirscher now the cup wins are 54, hooking Hermann Maier. Third Yule, fourth Myhrer. Italians: Moelgg fifth, Gross seventh. Moving farewell for Thaler

A terrifying roar of 50 thousand welcomed the stratospheric finale of Marcel Hirscher, which this time does not forgive and for the sixth time this season – after stopping in Kitzbuehel the streak of 5 consecutive victories – forces the Norwegian Henrik Kristoffersen to stay behind. For Hirscher now the cup wins are 54, hooking Hermann Maier! But it was a show in the slalom at night in the usual extraordinary atmosphere of Schladming. The Austrian champion dug a small 20/100 furrow on the Norwegian phenomenon and in the second heat, with a central part of the steep track after a start where it was not easy to find speed – but above all with a series of steps and holes formed with passing minutes – the two gave a show. Kristoffersen was a missile, he paid a little error at the entrance to the wall and he was furious about a snowball thrown at him by a half-length spectator. He still managed to put all the pressure in the world on Hirscher. That was extraordinary, increased in the upper part of his advantage, lost two tenths half way and with all the grit of the world flew in the final ending with 39/100 ahead of Kristoffersen. Third came the Swiss Daniel Yule, one of the few to handle the many pitfalls of a track that has become difficult to tame.

AZZURRI – But the beauty of this Austrian evening comes also for Italy, which finally launches encouraging signs. Behind the two masters of the discipline, in the first heat there were, after having taken advantage of the great low chest with a very convincing test, Stefano Gross, third at 76/100 from Hirscher, and Manfred Moelgg, fourth at 86/100. In the second Gross had to manage an advantage of 55/100 on Yule, but it was a trial all risks, starting from the first doors, became impossible to recover and eventually Gross closed seventh. Moelgg had an advantage of 45/100 to manage on Yule, but burned everything at the entrance to the wall, where uncertainty cost a position: fifth place for him.

the others – The distances from the first two, after the first run, were abysmal for everyone. So in the second heat it was in fact a race for third place. But it was a complicated test, cost the error to Matt, Lizeroux, Khoroshilov and Hargin and another bad performance for Pinturault. And with the passing of the minutes it was really impossible to get back on the wall. So the French Clement Noel was able to go back, with a super second run, from the 17th to the sixth place. The class and above all the determination has made the difference: the Swiss Daniel Yule and the Swedish Andre Myhrer have climbed from sixth and eighth respectively to the third quarter with a round of applause at the top of the track, managing the final big.

hello Thaler – An ovation of the audience and the embrace of many colleagues close the career of Patrick Thaler, who closed the first heat despite a fall. “I had never come back after the first run, but today I did not want to finish halfway – says the blue, the tears in my eyes – even before the race I felt the excitement for the last race. I like skiing for 20 years, but as far as the year goes, it’s right for me to close here – skiing was my life, I do not know anything else – twenty-one years ago here in Schladming I was second in the Junior World Championships, two weeks after my debut in the Coppa, but I never made it to win but I did three podiums and I always had to fight, I came out a couple of times from the team but I never gave up and the best results I got at the end. There seems to be a hole in the national team.In training the guys seem to ski hard but they are struggling to take the next step.I know what it means, even I did not come right away.They will do.The younger I do not know them, but I know that Vinatzer he is one of great talent “. Giuliano Razzoli, down with 64, says goodbye to the Games in South Korea eight years after the gold of Vancouver: “I tried, but the condition is not there, I have not exploited the chances of Val d’Isère and Wengen. It was two years of hell, to recover the injuries I did not stop for a moment … Now I will calmly prepare the next goal, the 2019 World Cup. And if I do not do these Games, it means that I will go to the next “.