Skiing, Neurether dad anti-vip: “Skiing is

The German, winner of the first seasonal slalom, says: “I love contact with people. My family’s priority now. Olympics in doubt. Now in Korea I do not see the Olympic spirit ”

We enter the dark of the arctic morning, within so low clouds that you can touch them. Snowy but slim snow, it does not get too cold, the thermometer says -2. We enter the darkness and clouds and in the snow to meet Felix Neureuther. The morning agenda – to call it morning – says that we will ski together, the day after the victory of the first slalom of the season, even before the race of the season after the bad weather erased the giant of Soelden. For him winning number 13 in the career, “but the first by Dad,” he smiles.

home feel They gave him a reindeer to the slalom, “I’ll call him Matti, in honor of my daughter Matilda.” But now the crowd, the fans, the lights, the photos, are all far away, all cluttered, now there is only one plane to take and the desire to go home, the desire to return from the companion Miriam (Gossner, German biathlete twice iridated) and small. He had to ski but he gave up on fatigue. Before it was time to see him behind the scenes, to see the world of a normal guy who does not feel special. What do ordinary guys do when they do not have to be special, by profession? They relax with a free ski, “we usually go to Sankt Anton, and there is nothing apart from Felix and friends.” Neureuther the next day knows that he has done what the world expects from him, winning. “We have tremendous pressure, especially at the beginning of our career, it seemed to crush me. I worked to close the pressure inside a box. I want to race and hear people around me, I want to have fun. And I’m happy if the world, journalists, talk about skiing. Because skiing is freedom. ”

the well-educated Doberman educated Doberman, the kind-of-a-kind boy born 33 years ago by the love between two champions – Christian Neureuther and Rosi Mittermaier, a World Cup, 16 Wins in the Cup and 5 Golds between World Cup and Olympics in two … – has a certain taste in choosing victories and situations. First place just daddy and in front of his technical sponsor, Nordica, who in Levi launched the new Dobermann skis (same as Felix, just a little “tame”) and new boots (for the sufferers, they will be called Pro Machine. ..). Full package, dedication to daughter and sponsor: “Um, he is not the sponsor who pays more, but he is now more than a sponsor,” Felix smiles. “Then, they invite me to Montebelluna to sign my first contract. I was very young, accompanied by my dad. We arrive in the office of the president, Alberto Zanatta. He kisses me in the front and makes ‘Happy, welcome to the family’ (in Italian, ndr). And I think, ‘oh mum, in the net of the Godfather’ “.

Olympics Who? After skiing, everyone at the airport, Neureuther on the plane greeted the fans and rested. He has oriented his compass and on the compass there is only one north: Matilda. It is such a magnetic north that it murmurs of its no at Olympia 2018: “It’s not just for Matilda. But look around, do you see the Olympic spirit? With what’s happening in Korea? Not me. I remember Lillehammer, in 1994 I was ten years old: I felt the joy of the people. That was Olympics. I’m getting pressures to go, yes; but I did not really decide. Life changes, priorities change: there is Miriam, there is Matilda. Now I want to. “

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