Skiing, climbing, pedaling The mountain is a «film» and Milan is a trailblazer

The 66th Trento Festival was presented at the Cai. The preview in the city with the story of Moser

There is a time to check the time, a definition that is not by chance, and a time to take to live in full 10 days of cultural events and emotion at the Trento Mountain Film Festival 2018, presented Tuesday morning in Milan, at the headquarters of the Italian Alpine Club, scheduled in the capital of Trentino from April 26 to May 6 next.

There is a mountain time that wants to be more than ever slow and a time to remember how yesterday (it was 1984) other challenges against time, as an “off-piste” of the richest program: 150 events and 130 films on the billboard between previews Italian and international, with an important space in the special screenings section dedicated to the great champion of Trentino, Francesco Moser, author of that memorable record (51.151 record of the hour) to which one of the highlights of Tff2018 is dedicated, on 2 May at 9 pm (Supercinema Vittoria di Trento), with an absolute preview of the film “Moser: Scacco al tempo” by Nello Correale. This is the first documentary on the most victorious Italian runner ever, a human adventure that documents the deep bond between the champion and his land, with its mountains. A deep link with the mountains of the Trento Film Festival, to be lived slowly and with long emotions in the hall, that of a program-event to envy the world. 10 days for an edition of the film festival that has reached the record of 710 films registered (of which 149 are selected) and 25 in competition. An event that last year had 20 thousand tickets for films, talks, reviews and books.

Tapping with pioneered and unexplored peaks, companies of other times and not, the Trento Mountain Film Festival offers the protagonists of a world that has always fascinated and conquered Milan. So much so that the program, every year, and we are at the 66th edition, is presented in the Lombard capital, at the Cai in via Petrella, a small ancient world remained the same, the Italian Alpine Club is the founder of the review with the City of Trento and knows always accepting the challenge of a thriller presentation. So in Milan the dossier of over 20 pages full of commitments and projections, meetings with great personalities and with a culture, that of the mountain, which has always moved the hearts of many Milanese and brought up to the top, is unveiled. A Milan attentive to the mountain world in all its nuances. The program includes 150 appointments with the Nepalese guide Pasang Lhamu Sherpa Akita and the Iranian free climber Nasim Eshqi, star of mountaineering as Tommy Caldwell, Reinhold Messner, Hansjoerg Auer, Hervé Barmasse, Manolo, Adam Ondra, Nicola Tondini, Denis Urubko, Emilio Previtali and Alex Txikon, the actor and director Rocco Papaleo, the writers Paolo Rumiz, Paolo Cognetti and Marco Albino Ferrari and the cycling champion Francesco Moser. To him, his film “Moser: check at the time” is exceptionally dedicated to Milan also a preview screening for the press, scheduled for Wednesday, April 18, at the Cinemimo in via Seneca (entry by invitation) where the participation of the champion is expected Trentino. The Mountain Film Festival is also the editorial opportunity of the year for the Italian Alpine Club that collects the forces of its editorial power and presents itself at Tff with a program to present the children’s book “Cento Passi per volare” by Giuseppe Festa with the pupils of the schools, a poetic show on “The Living Mountain” by Nan Shepherd (bookstore from April 26) and a conference on the CAI publishing and on the spread of a counterculture compared to a consumption of the mountain that trivializes its natural peculiarities and anthropic. Three events, including presentations for children, poetic performances and conferences, dedicated to the new editorial lines that the Italian Alpine Club has launched since 2016 to spread the culture of the mountain to increasingly large segments of the public.