Ski, Vonn: “Cortina, my home, this descent is the main dish”

The American, the dominator of the tests, has the record of successes (11) on the Olympia and in the Cup follows Stenmark: “I dream of Olympic gold, as Enzo Ferrari said, the best victory is to come. • Have an appointment with a normal guy ”

Marisa Poli19 January 2018 – Cortina d’Ampezzo (Bl)
Lindsey Vonn and Cortina, the romance with the Olympia of Tofane continues, despite the misstep of a year ago, when the most successful in the history of the Cup fell downhill and ended 12th in super-G. But in the golden book his name is repeated 11 times (5 descents and 6 superG) and the tests of these days announce that the feeling is back.

How come you are so comfortable here?
“Cortina is the highlight of the season, people are super friendly to me, there is always the sun and I can not complain about my records on this track, I won my first Coppa podium in Cortina and I also established the new record of victories “.

It comes with 78 wins in the Cup, 8 less than the Stenmark record. How many seasons will it take to beat it?
“I’m trying to win as many races as I can, if all goes well, the record will come … Now, more than the Stenmark record, I think of the Olympics”.

Sci, Lindsey Vonn: the “impossible” exercise
He has suffered many career injuries and skiing is a risky sport, no fear?
“Yes, I am aware of the risks and I have often been victims of it, but now I am healthier, stronger and I will continue until my body allows it”.

From 0 to 10, what rating does it give to its season up to this point?
“I usually do the budgets at the end.” I did not play well in Lake Louise (two crashes in super-G and down and a 12th place in the second run) .The win in the super-G in Val d’Isere was a great thing last weekend in Bad Kleinkirchheim there was not the best snow, I hope to win a 10 in Cortina “.

How much did the injuries affect you?
“In the first two races I was more cautious, and now I feel like a seventeen year old ready to push herself to the limits”.

Ski: Lindsey Vonn, training with his beloved dogs
She was operated on one arm last season, she had back pain in this one. How are you?
“After tons of physiotherapy, the arm goes great, so the back and even my knees resist”.

How do you live with the pressure?
“It’s part of the sport, you have to come to terms with her, I listen to some music to stop her and stay focused on the race, and in this experience helps, it’s easier to do it”.

She is a very close friend and supporter of Roger Federer, who won 2 Slam tournaments at the age of 35. Is it a company that inspired you?
“Yes, Roger is a great athlete and a wonderful person, he’s my model, it’s great to have a friend that inspires you … What he did for tennis will remain in history and I hope to do the same for skiing”.

She is also a tennis fan in general, how was this passion born?
“I like to vary workouts and exercises and tennis is a way to be outdoors and active”.

Lindsey Vonn in the gym is scary …
Are you satisfied with your life?
“Yes, this is the most satisfying period, but perhaps it is not the right word, I feel happy and lucky about what I have”.

The Weinstein case has opened the door to several complaints of harassment and many women have found the courage to talk about it. What do you think?
“I can not say I suffered what these women have been through, but I’m more than proud of their courage to come out and fight for our rights, and my hope is that witnesses like this, or the victims, continue on this path and talk about it: our world could be better if people were called to answer for their actions “.

Has more than one million followers on social networks, how do you live it: is it Instagram / Fb / twitter dependent?
“I love those who follow me on social media and my fans, if I did not have so many to be happy maybe I would not be so motivated to do what I do for all of them”.

He stated that it is difficult to have an appointment with a normal person when you are the most famous skier in the world. Is it the other side of the coin?
“I do not think I’m a superstar, but the same is hard to find someone normal (and I’d like to know how normal it is) for my lifestyle, I’m always around skiing, or meeting with the press, or For this I need to find someone who can keep my pace or I have to try to slow down “.

Sci, Vonn: “The Pyeongchang Games? I’ve been looking forward to them for 8 years”
How important is your family for you and your career?
“I love my family, we were all together at Christmas, they always keep me with my feet on the ground and I’m always close, most of my family will come to South Korea for the Olympics and it will be a great help to have them there”.