Polignano, the wonder becomes a scent

A magical place with a story to tell. This is done by Paolo Fadelli, a great name for art perfume, with six essences. To bring the Apulia on or home

Tell a magical place like Polignano a Mare, one of the most spectacular places in the province of Bari, through an artistic perfume project. Paolo Fadelli, patron of Joy Perfum Project, has been doing business, marketing expert since 30 years behind the scenes of the most prestigious brand in the world of perfumery.

With him the son Leo. A true passion for the beautiful vintage things that patiently and cautiously sought, Leone was entrusted with the development of a company that started a few years ago with the Pantheon line (made around the love story between Raffaello and Fornarina) and that Now it continues with Polignano Fragrances. A nice gadget to take away from the city of Domenico Modugno: you can choose between six essences, one designed for the environments, to feel Polignano at home, or at home, when you are captured by inevitable nostalgia attacks for this splendid corner of Puglia .

Telling with the scents the charm of a lovely place, suggestions related to places, stories and characters is an idea full of romance and vision: “Living emotions, sharing them with others, and making them forever is a bit of what’s going on When traveling.

In Polignano all this happens in a very strong and incredibly authentic way, “Paolo Fadelli tells us. “We wanted to tell it with our experience in artistic perfume, for which it is necessary to have the urge and patience to read a true book of olfactory poems,” adds son Leo, “and travel with fantasy and with the … nose. The result is a collection of invisible images, fragments of life that can not be tightened. ”

Let’s try: “With Biancoblù we tried to describe the encounter of colors between the stone and the sea. Without Time is a tribute to the Polignano Clock Square. And Flying a tribute to Domenico Modugno and freedom. “