Pasquayak, canoe tour of the villas of Posillipo

Choosing among the various initiatives organized in Naples for these Easter holidays is not easy, there are many things to do and for all tastes and needs. Among these there is one, half sports and half cultural, which has the unusual, is called “Pasquayak”, and is the tour (in canoe) of the ancient villas that degrade the sea of ​​the coast of Posillipo. The boys of Kayak Naples organize these three days of water itineraries, the appointment is for Saturday, Sunday and Monday at 10 am at the Sirena beach (via Posillipo 357), where we will start with the two-seater kayaks to discover the bourgeois holiday of a time.

The excursion will be guided by Giovanni, Giulia, Alessandro and Francesco, who will lead the canoe caravan to discover Palazzo Donn’Anna, a place rich in history and legends; we will continue along the bay of Grotta Romana, where once the fishermen’s Neapolitan fishermen were built. The next stop will be on the beach of Villa Lauro, there you can also drink from the minuscule mineral water source; at the sound of paddling we will continue to Riva Fiorita, in the presence of Villa Volpicelli, today a movie set and home to exclusive wine events. From here you will come back comfortably guided by the current in favor, up to the Sirena beach, where you can stay and sunbathe and delight your palate.

In detail “mangereccio”: Saturday lunch will be based on spaghetti with clams; Sunday the menu will be the traditional Easter one; Easter Monday instead a buffet brunch will be offered. Visiting Naples from the perspective of the sea is simpler from 2011 to today, because the commitment of Kayak Naples has made the coast simply usable to everyone, and in all seasons of the year.
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