Chalet Megeve

Chalet Megeve


This brand new chalet is definitely a masterpiece.

Could not be more well located. Literally in the extra center of the town in a picturesque street.

Chalet offers 500 sqm of pure design offering luxury accommodation with modern facilities mixed with old wood to add a warm atmosphere.

Enjoy spending time in the wave system indoor swimming pool or spend a nice moment in the hot tub.

Can host up to 10 adults and 4 children

Mayweather and McGregor fight on August 26 in Las Vegas

Official Money Fight between US boxer retired unbeaten and star of martial arts Ufc

The Mayweather Vs.McGregor match is there. Here is the date: August 26 in Las Vegas. After months of signals, rumors, allegations, announcements and negotiations, the boxing encounter between Floyd Mayweather jr. And Conor McGregor has been officially certified: Mayweather Promotions, the organization of meetings and all about the five-time world champion sports business, has sought and obtained the use of the prestigious MGM Grand in Las Vegas for next August 26th. Then Mayweather himself confirmed the official match, which will see in the ring the two most charismatic characters of this era of combat sports. McGregor, via Twitter, and Bob Bennett, Executive Director of the Nevada Athletics Commission, have also confirmed that he has released the necessary zero clearance.

In the case of Mayweather it is a comeback, a return from the withdrawal of boxing consumed a year and a half ago.

“Pound to pound” – with the exception of weight-to-weight ratio – was considered the world’s strongest boxer in 2015 and left the unbeaten ring. Conor McGregor is superstar of UFC, the most well-known organization of mixed martial arts, and just the recent agreement with UFC, in which the Irish fighter fought, had made it clear that he had finally opened the way to the match with the UFC, American 40-year-old. McGregor had already begun training at boxing. Technically, the age difference is balanced with its first match only with the fists.

Conor, who is 28 years old and is at the height of a wrestler, should struggle to leave aside the grappling, but in the coming weeks, the organizers of the meeting will announce the other details of the Las Vegas event of August 26, Now we know only the prize announced as “Money Fight”, so the number of shootings and the transmission methods of the match that according to some estimates could exceed half a billion of revenue by surpassing even the 4.5 million pay-per-acquisition -view totalized in 2015 by the Mayweather-Pacquiao match. For the bags, weigh no less than 100 million for Mayweather and 80 for the Irish.

The Moschino collection kisses Gufram to Los Angeles

Jeremy Scott and Charley Vezza presented to L.A. Design Week the irreverent furnishings born of the collaboration. The photos of the party

Great kisses with hinges, high heels and biker bags, for an interior design that does not want to go unnoticed. Moschino Kisses Gufram, the capsule collection of furniture presented by the two brands during the Milan Design Week, also comes to California, where these days L.A. Design Week. And the landing could only be in great style: Jeremy Scott, creative director of Moschino, and Charley Vezza, Global Creative Orchestrator by Gufram, presented the fruit of their joint work at the cocktail party at the Beverly Showroom, The exhibition will be open until 1 July.

The protagonists of the evening, of which you can find some shots in our gallery, were obviously the furniture of the Moschino Kisses Gufram collection. Starting with the sensual Zipped Lips! Couch, special edition of the historic Mouth model, reinterpreted according to Jeremy Scott’s extract and produced in a limited edition of 99 specimens.

Then, to get to the Biker cabinet, a wheeled carriage that resembles the shape of the iconic Moschino Biker Bag, with its studs, hinges, collars and pockets; And high heels, with black leather and golden heel shoes, in which there is a pouf and three glass shelves respectively, a very unexpected version of a seat and a storage case.

Irina Shayk and her hotel room workout

MODEL FITNESS In the hotel room, not only rock stars burst out: Irina Shayk vows to a fitness program especially for “hotel rooms” – with the use of the furniture! So she stays on the road, as she says quite pragmatically: “I spend a lot of time in hotels and rarely there is in these good gyms to train.” VOGUE presents the effective bodyshaping exercises by Irina Shayk

Hold on a table with a flat hand, place on the tip of your feet, hold your back straight. The exercise begins: bend the right arm and pull the elbow to the ceiling, the upper body rotates. Focus on the abdominal muscles to stabilize a tight body. Change the page and repeat the exercise 15 to 20 times.

Put the backs on the table, support the hands flat, bend the knees at 90 degrees. The exercise begins: the feet are firmly on the ground, the elbows are slightly bent. Slowly pull the left leg down to the waist and lower it again. Control every movement and carry out with tension. The legs alternate 15 to 20 times.

For balance, take a pillow into your hands, put the left leg up into the toe tips stretched behind on the bed. The exercise begins: bend the right knee and pull the upper body slightly forward, the arms and the pillow form a triangle. Raise the left leg, guide it to the side, set it down and return it. The body always forms a line, only the stretched leg moves
Keep the bed position. Position the tip of the left leg. The exercise begins: bend the legs at the same time and stretch the arms with the pillow to each flexion. Focus on the inner center, the upper body remains straight. 15 to 20 passes per leg.

In front of the desk, a chair serves to control the posture. Assemble the feet, bend the knees slightly, grasp the palms, and stretch the arms in front of you. The exercise begins: as if one were to sit down on the chair, lower the pelvis and the knee. Focus on the inner center – as Irina Shayk repeatedly stressed in her fitness routine – the upper body and the arms remain stretched. 15 to 20 bends

Reach for a towel (for the second exercise) and lie down on your back. Stretch the legs up, hold the right thigh with both hands, grasp the fingers, stretch the arms. Place the left foot over the right thigh at a right angle – remember the “Schneidersitz”. The exercise begins: lift the right lower leg, the toes are extended. The body stays straight. 15 to 20 repetitions, change page

Stay on your back and stretch your legs. Fold the left leg, place the towel around the sole of the foot, stretch the leg. Both hands hold the towel, the arms at 90 degree angle. The exercise begins: the leg to the ceiling and then to the side, the neck slightly angled, the neck stretched. 15 to 20 repetitions, then change sides and the fitness program à la Irina Shayk!


Suspended on the edge of the Savoleyres side of Verbier, this fairy-tale hideaway is the finest example of luxurious alpine living.

Whilst the chalet gazes over the imposing mountains in the distance and village below, the interior is a haven of serenity and calmness.

Mon Izba occupies one of Verbier’s most sought after addresses.

This stunning chalet is a sensational blend of the traditional local architecture and extravagant design with alpine style wood and timber throughout.

Sensitive lighting alongside luxurious fittings and plush furnishings create an opulent setting for guests to relax and socialise in.

pread over five floors, the expansive chalet is sleeps up to 12 people in five bedrooms. The floors are all linked by a stair case and a lift.

Upon arrival, you enter the chalet into the hallway with an impressive chandelier being the main feature.

From this hallway you can access the expansive main living room and the beautiful open plan kitchen and dining room.

The sitting room focuses around an authentic stone fireplace, with sumptuous sofas surrounding it.

Is ‘Witness’ the best Katy Perry album to date?

Yes, no, maybe. The (social) networks have spoken

 Neither his looks, nor his ex, nor even his cuts of hair and color. Nothing overshadows what really matters when we talk about Perry: his music.

The singer treasures a legion of fans, nourished without haste but without pause since 2001 – date in which its race gave the starting gun – with its album Kate Hudson; First and last disc recorded under that name. The star as we know it (as Katy Perry) emerged in 2008 with One of the Boys and then consolidated with two other studio albums: Teenage Dream (2010) and Prism (2013).

They were good, nobody denies it; Which made us dance and sing, either. Who has not toned Roar (Prism) very high and very strong, has given everything a Friday night with Last Friday Night (Teenage Dream) and remembers I Kissed a Girl (One of the Boys) as the first hit of Santa’s girl Barbara. You like it more or less, you have to admit that you have talent for a while.

But one thing does not take away the other. It does not remove that Whiteness is profiled like the best work of the artist to date. The first two breakthroughs – Swish Swish and Bon Appetit – have garnered success and made headlines for several reasons: for the qualitative leap in sound and for showing a Katy Perry more mature, more compelling and more interesting. In short, a woman with the clearest things.

Serving Lena Dunham, “there is nothing braver than a person who announces that his story deserves to be told, especially if that person is a woman.” And it is clear that here are many stories about which Perry wants to talk (or rather, sing). On the feminine liberation, on the Millennials, on her.

If the welcome of the singles was tremendous, today we have dawned with the resounding success of the ‘World Wide Wide’. We talked about the appointment before the official release of the album (June 9) in which the Californian has revealed some exclusives in its YouTube channel. Unpublished images, several surprises … Everything necessary to be trending topic, go. As has finally happened with more than 20 thousand tweets.

A total of 15 topics that have grabbed Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The (social) networks have spoken and say #WITNESS is their new musical obsession.

Polignano, the wonder becomes a scent

A magical place with a story to tell. This is done by Paolo Fadelli, a great name for art perfume, with six essences. To bring the Apulia on or home

Tell a magical place like Polignano a Mare, one of the most spectacular places in the province of Bari, through an artistic perfume project. Paolo Fadelli, patron of Joy Perfum Project, has been doing business, marketing expert since 30 years behind the scenes of the most prestigious brand in the world of perfumery.

With him the son Leo. A true passion for the beautiful vintage things that patiently and cautiously sought, Leone was entrusted with the development of a company that started a few years ago with the Pantheon line (made around the love story between Raffaello and Fornarina) and that Now it continues with Polignano Fragrances. A nice gadget to take away from the city of Domenico Modugno: you can choose between six essences, one designed for the environments, to feel Polignano at home, or at home, when you are captured by inevitable nostalgia attacks for this splendid corner of Puglia .

Telling with the scents the charm of a lovely place, suggestions related to places, stories and characters is an idea full of romance and vision: “Living emotions, sharing them with others, and making them forever is a bit of what’s going on When traveling.

In Polignano all this happens in a very strong and incredibly authentic way, “Paolo Fadelli tells us. “We wanted to tell it with our experience in artistic perfume, for which it is necessary to have the urge and patience to read a true book of olfactory poems,” adds son Leo, “and travel with fantasy and with the … nose. The result is a collection of invisible images, fragments of life that can not be tightened. ”

Let’s try: “With Biancoblù we tried to describe the encounter of colors between the stone and the sea. Without Time is a tribute to the Polignano Clock Square. And Flying a tribute to Domenico Modugno and freedom. “

Iddu – A trip to the fascinating Sicily

Among the elegant streets of South Kensington, there is a small gem that represents the perfect meeting place between London and Sicily.
Freshly squeezed orange juice directly from the Island of the boot, and brioches filled with pistachio cream for breakfast.
For dinner, fresh fish.
Even the furnishings do not deny it:
it seems to be in a small restaurant in the province of Syracuse.
For the nostalgics and lovers of the Bel Paese every Tuesday is a live music show. Of course Sicilian.


This incredible private-chalet sleeps a total of 10 people over four floors. Relax in Chalet private spa which is a sanctuary of personal well being and tranquillity or socialise with family and friends in the impressive living and dining area. This beautiful property provides you with every luxury and comfort you could wish for ensuring you have a truly memorable stay.

The first floor sets the scene of a tranquil mountain sanctuary. There is a simplicity in design which is perfectly harmonised with cosy, alpine inspired features. There are three double bedrooms, all with en-suite shower rooms. Two of the bedrooms have small dressing rooms, and all feature private balconies which open up to the wonderful views of Zermatt. A small staircase from this floor leads to the playroom which has an impressive revolving TV, day beds and separate shower room.

The second floor is home to the two master bedrooms. There is a generosity of space with both bedrooms having spacious balconies and comfy seating areas.

Wellness is at the heart of Chalet

and ideally positioned between the first and second floor you will find the impressive private spa. Sensitively lit and sumptuously designed, there is every feature you could wish for from your private in-chalet spa and wellness area. There is a large indoor hot tub, sauna, hammam and plunge pool. A wonderful seating area provides the perfect spot to enjoy a glass of champagne and relax with friends. Private massages arranged by your dedicated chalet manager can be taken in the massage room.

Raf Simons, Franca Sozzani, and all the (true) protagonists of the CFDA awards

The fashion night came, and it gave the well-deserved recognition to the proper names that mark the pulse of the heart of


They are already part of their store

In a fashionable night with capital letters,

the protagonists are not so much those who capture the flashes of photographers,

as those who with their work and creativity feed the industry, and that game of identities on which it is based.

The CFDA Awards were awarded last night in New York City, valuing the trajectory of characters essential to understand

the fashion universe today. Some awards that left as a winner of the night to Raf Simons, who lacked one was made with


one as the best designer of fashion of the year, for the company that bears his name; And the second,

the equivalent in women’s fashion, the consequence of his revolutionary work in Calvin Klein.