Skiing on the Appennines, off to the 2017-18 season

Skiing on the Appennines, off to the 2017-18 season
The 2017-2018 season on the Apennines begins in advance, complicating the high snowfall in early November. For this reason, the plants in our territory have already begun the season: we talk about Abetone, Cimone, Horn to Stairs and Doganaccia.


It will be one of the most seasonal starts ever to ski to Abetone. The ski slopes will open at 8 am on Saturday, November 18, 2017, until 17 o’clock. It was since 1979 that there was no such early start in the white area belonging to our Apennines. The eyeglasses of Mount Gomito, the skylift of the gondola, the Pulicchio chairlift, the babeworm carpet, and the Selletta and Riva chairlifts will be opened.


As regards the price list of the Abetone Skipass for the 2017-2018 season in high season (that runs from December 24, 2017 to January 7, 2018), a daily cost of 39 euros is indicated. The price for juniors will be 32 euros, while the over 65 will be 35. The early morning costs 34 euros, while afternoon 31. For those who want to stay for more than a day, the 72 euros of the 2 consecutive days are reported, 110 of 3 days, 144 euros for 4 days, 175 for 5 days, 199 for 6 days, and 220 for seven consecutive days. Junior consecutive prices are considerably lower than the ones already listed.

For all the other days, you have to pay a daily minimum of € 31 for the weekends, up to € 39 for festivals or pre-festivals. The junior ticket goes from 25 to 32 euros, while Over 65 will pay 28 and 35 euros respectively on weekdays and holidays. For other days that are not part of the band from 24 December to 7 January there are prices ranging from 2 days to 10 consecutive days, divided into Junior, students, for weekdays and holidays. On weekdays, the facilities will be open from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, while the school campuses from 9 am to 5 pm.


Early opening also for skiing at the Corno alle Scale, with the start of the season scheduled for Saturday 18 and Sunday 19. This is the inauguration of the winter season with partial opening of the ski resort. The works open this weekend will be the four-tiered rooftop chairlift and the moving carpet. Also open some races on the weekend, for precision the Alberto Tombs 1 and 2. The opening hours are expected from 8:30 to 16:30 for the holidays, while for the weekends from 9 am to 4:30 pm .


For holidays, including Christmas, at the Horn of the Stairs the cost of the ski pass is 33 euros per day (26 for boys and older). Then go to 60 euros for two days, 84 for the three days, 104 euros for 4 consecutive days, 125 for five days, 145 for six days, and 160 for seven consecutive days. On weekdays, however, the daily rate is 25 euros (20 for boys and older). Costs between two and five consecutive days are respectively 45, 60, 75, 91. Prices for children up to 7 years are six euros if accompanied by a paying adult, 10 if not accompanied.

On the internet there is also the possibility to find prices for many different solutions, such as the ski school chair lift, the single-handed Cavone-Rocce chair race, the single chair chair race, the multi-day ski pass and the rug.


Thanks to the recent snowfall, this weekend you can also ski at the Cimone. Only a few tracks will be open on the weekend of November 18 and 19. The opening times of the plants will be from 8.30 am to 4.45 pm for Saturday and Sunday, and Monday to Friday from 9 am to 4.30 pm.

As for the lifts, we suggest opening the 1-seat chairlift 6 seats to the Cimoncino. At the Lago della Ninfa we will find the carpet and chairlift open 4 seats. At Le Polle, Polle-Valcava 6-seater chairlift and Pollicino C. School-climbing carpet will be open. At the Pass of the Wolf, open the 3-seat white beech chairlift, the Passo del Lupio cable car and the Lamaccione 3-seater chair lift. Also open the Mountaineering Carpet. At Sestola, open the 3 seat Sestola-Pian del Falco chairlift.


Looking at the prices, let’s note that here also exists the difference between holidays and weekends. The festival costs 36 euros (31 for Boys and Over 65). The odds from 2 to 7 consecutive days cost respectively 65, 95, 120, 145, 170,190 euro.

Cimone’s ski passes have a daily cost of 28 euros (24 for boys and over 65). From 2 days to 5 consecutive days you spend 50, 72, 90, 105, 110 euro respectively. In both solutions, guys and Over 65s

All ready for November skiing, the white season starts early

Everyone on the track, though it’s still autumn. For skiers in November, it has always been a month of boredom, where skiing was prepared at the limit. Instead, the snowfall last week opened the season with great anticipation in the main locations of Cuneo. In the Maritime Alps, and partly in the Liguria, about a meter of snow has fallen, which has so far resisted the temperatures not too rigid. So you wake up.
The last one was Artesina, which opened up some of the facilities already last weekend, ie a month earlier than expected (was discussed on December 8), for the joy of about two thousand enthusiasts who were busy packing the slopes. From today to Sunday, the Monregalese ski area makes it: snow varies between 60 and 110 centimeters, there are two ski lifts, a chair lift and a treadmill, there are three runs available on the Turra (including the new “Panorama ) and the adult ski pass costs 22 euros. Also in the Mondolè Ski district, in Pratonevoso the season starts tomorrow but in this case all the works are opened. The daily cost is 25 euros, a fee that will be maintained for all opening days until December 7th.

Abundant snow allows you to ski in Limone Piemonte too. The White Reserve drops a poker, allowing you to ski today from Monday to seven on seven (the highest). From tomorrow, the ski pass for adults costs 27 euros, while today it’s all free, you just have to get the magnetic card from two euros, then you can also do a lesson with the masters without spending anything.

Those without snow can not be well aware that skiing in November can also be moved to Valle d’Aosta. In Breuil-Cervinia, the high-altitude facilities are open from October 28 and will remain until May 6. For the majority of Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta facilities, however, it is necessary to wait, because the last snowfall in the rest of the northwest has not left large amounts of “flour”. In theory most of the Vallée districts should open in eight days (snow permitting): from Friday 1 December the season starts for Monterosaski, the Immaculate is the route of Vialattea (Sestriere) and Colomion (Bardonecchia).

All this, of course, applies to those who prefer slopes. Skiing enthusiasts have a slightly wider range of choices because they are well-versed in snow and the Cozie Alps as well as the Ligurians and the Maritime. The Cuneese amateurs are already starting for a week, although finding a good coat is by now very complicated given the somewhat subtle temperatures of the last few days. Those who have been on the floor tell of very varied conditions, ranging from “crust” to “march”, even though there are still points where you can still come across in flour. In any case, it is good to keep an eye on the avalanche bulletin that Arpa and Aineva will issue at 14 o’clock in order to schedule a safe trip.

Count down for the ski season while Alagna awaits the new chairlift

Alagna and Alpe di Mera, perhaps for the last season still divided into the management of the ski lifts, are preparing to make a skiing winter happen. The first station to start is the one with the direction of Monterosa 2000: snow permitting, set off for December 1st. Mera Ski, for instance, says that he is working on the Day of the Immaculate Conception: “If it is to snow before – they explain – we could also anticipate.”

Skiers are waiting for the great news of 2017/2018: the new quadruple chairlift that will connect Cimalegna to the Pass of the Salads with a capacity of 1600 people per hour. The yard is good and the inauguration should take place in view of the Christmas season. Precisely according to the realization of this work, the jewel of the industrial plan of the company Monterosa 2000 presided by Luciano Zanetta, there will be changes for day and season ski passes valid for the Monterosa Ski area (which Alagna and Mera also includes the Valle d’Aosta ).

Or rather, two ad hoc solutions have been studied: prices remain unchanged compared to last winter for those who will just ski on the beaten track (one adult valid card for one day costs 40 euros on weekends, 43 on holidays, 48 ​​euros in high season, ie from 7 to 10 December and from 23 December to 7 January, and finally 43 euros and 48 during the carnival from 3 February to 4 March), with an increase of two euros for each indicated price (and an increase of 40 euro on the seasonally differentiated between 799 and 839 euros) for freeride lovers who will instead use the Indren plant. All details can be found on

“We have studied this solution that seemed to us the most suitable for meeting our needs,” explains Andrea Colla, director of Monterosa 2000. We are building a new lifts that will speed up the transport line, with a transit from the east to the west and vice versa of the area, which will be much more fluid. The tariff difference for those who exploit Indren is also linked to a security aspect that should not be underestimated considering that freeride practitioners rely on unlined tracks. Monte Rosa is considered a paradise in this sense, but it is important to point out the need, especially for those who venture to the first experiences, to refer to the Alpine guides. ” There is also the possibility to buy daily and seasonal for those who love to ski while staying on the slopes of Alagna or those of Mera.

To facilitate the tourists, there will also be a shuttle service that will connect Riva Valdobbia to Alagna and the high alder side with the Wold area with two lines (red and blue). “An eight-seater pick-up truck will also work from 5.30 pm to 11.30 pm – continues Colla – a service that we had proposed as an experiment in the past season and which instead this year we want to launch all the who among the two inhabited centers want to move for aperitifs or dinners. ” And the snow? The snowfall of last week in Valsesia was a first taste. In particular, Alagna had reached forty centimeters, but largely swept away by the strong wind. Between the two thousand and three thousand meters, Monterosa 2000 has activated the programmed snowfall plant.

ALTO ADIGE – It has already snowed like this all winter

In South Tyrol there is a winter winter holiday with snow that already whitens landscapes and ski slopes.

A sigh of relief for operators after a winter like 2016/2017, one of the worst ever for snowfall.

In some areas of the Dolomites, such as Cortina Falzarego (Veneto) and Monte Croce Pass (between Upper Pusteria and Cadore), the skiing season has already been

inaugurated last weekend.

If it’s not a little record we miss it. Dolomite valleys have already dropped from 20 to 50 inches of snow, practically as much as snow all over the winter.

Skiing, Neurether dad anti-vip: “Skiing is

The German, winner of the first seasonal slalom, says: “I love contact with people. My family’s priority now. Olympics in doubt. Now in Korea I do not see the Olympic spirit ”

We enter the dark of the arctic morning, within so low clouds that you can touch them. Snowy but slim snow, it does not get too cold, the thermometer says -2. We enter the darkness and clouds and in the snow to meet Felix Neureuther. The morning agenda – to call it morning – says that we will ski together, the day after the victory of the first slalom of the season, even before the race of the season after the bad weather erased the giant of Soelden. For him winning number 13 in the career, “but the first by Dad,” he smiles.

home feel They gave him a reindeer to the slalom, “I’ll call him Matti, in honor of my daughter Matilda.” But now the crowd, the fans, the lights, the photos, are all far away, all cluttered, now there is only one plane to take and the desire to go home, the desire to return from the companion Miriam (Gossner, German biathlete twice iridated) and small. He had to ski but he gave up on fatigue. Before it was time to see him behind the scenes, to see the world of a normal guy who does not feel special. What do ordinary guys do when they do not have to be special, by profession? They relax with a free ski, “we usually go to Sankt Anton, and there is nothing apart from Felix and friends.” Neureuther the next day knows that he has done what the world expects from him, winning. “We have tremendous pressure, especially at the beginning of our career, it seemed to crush me. I worked to close the pressure inside a box. I want to race and hear people around me, I want to have fun. And I’m happy if the world, journalists, talk about skiing. Because skiing is freedom. ”

the well-educated Doberman educated Doberman, the kind-of-a-kind boy born 33 years ago by the love between two champions – Christian Neureuther and Rosi Mittermaier, a World Cup, 16 Wins in the Cup and 5 Golds between World Cup and Olympics in two … – has a certain taste in choosing victories and situations. First place just daddy and in front of his technical sponsor, Nordica, who in Levi launched the new Dobermann skis (same as Felix, just a little “tame”) and new boots (for the sufferers, they will be called Pro Machine. ..). Full package, dedication to daughter and sponsor: “Um, he is not the sponsor who pays more, but he is now more than a sponsor,” Felix smiles. “Then, they invite me to Montebelluna to sign my first contract. I was very young, accompanied by my dad. We arrive in the office of the president, Alberto Zanatta. He kisses me in the front and makes ‘Happy, welcome to the family’ (in Italian, ndr). And I think, ‘oh mum, in the net of the Godfather’ “.

Olympics Who? After skiing, everyone at the airport, Neureuther on the plane greeted the fans and rested. He has oriented his compass and on the compass there is only one north: Matilda. It is such a magnetic north that it murmurs of its no at Olympia 2018: “It’s not just for Matilda. But look around, do you see the Olympic spirit? With what’s happening in Korea? Not me. I remember Lillehammer, in 1994 I was ten years old: I felt the joy of the people. That was Olympics. I’m getting pressures to go, yes; but I did not really decide. Life changes, priorities change: there is Miriam, there is Matilda. Now I want to. “

The result of the Test K2

K2 remains loyal to Freeride Pinnacle’s line that changes livery but remains almost unchanged both in construction and in geometries compared to past season models.
The Pinnacle line includes four models with different widths and geometries, compatible with the needs of every single skier.
Handy, stable and easy to use Paolo Pernigotti, Mattia Tosello and Marco Suppa’s hot commentary, great for jumping, in deep dusty snow and on Nicola Sertorelli’s track, Viviana Maffei finds the Pinnacle 105 a pleasant, versatile ski suitable for all snow and easy to handle. Great skiing in all situations, safe and intuitive for Alex Penengo and Fabio Iacchini.
The weaknesses found by the Tester in the Pinnacle 105 are low precision and low stability when driven at high speeds.
The K2 Pinnacle 105 tested at size 184 was a great Freeride Freer representative, easy, accurate skiing and stable skiing on any type of snow it encounters. Recommended for both male and female users, good skiing for Cliff lovers and fresh snow jumps.
Ideal for Big Mountain, Backcountry under Powder conditions and steep slopes where you can enhance your ski performance. The Pinnacle 105 can also be used for Big Mountain and Derby Freeride competitions.

Mountains, open the slopes But this year skiing will cost you more

In high season you will pay 3.5% more. Managers: “Costs of blame”. All the news

CORTINA D’AMPEZZO (Belluno) Restored with the wind in the stern, the winter season, thanks to the “psychological snow” of a few days ago. The locus was coined by the chairman of the Venetian plant engineers of Veneto Renzo Minella, who holds us copyright. “If you prefer – continues Minella – even” snowfall marketing “is fine. Stocking. Last year, without a centimeter of snow, with a spring tundra landscape, our morale was on the ground. Now the whitewashed landscape does well to hope. There is enthusiasm. So it starts again. ”

On Saturdays, the engines of the Col Gallina (from 9am to 16pm), in Falzarego; and those of the Passo Monte Croce, in Comelico. As for the Dolomiti Superski area – one of the largest ski resorts in the world and a giant of interprovincial snow in the snow: 12 valleys, 1,200 km of slopes, 450 ski lifts, 30 snow parks and 50 alpine resorts involved (Bellunese ones are Cortina d’Ampezzo, Arabba, Marmolada, Tre Cime, Civetta) – the general departure is scheduled for November 25, the date of commencement of the seasonal subscription; but in Marmolada it will start on 2 December. On the Faloria (Belluno) on 17th November in Recoaro Mille (Vicenza) and Sappada (Belluno) on December 17 and on Asiago (Vicenza) on December 8th.

“After two difficult years – continues Minella – we expect a normal season with more snow – and this also to spend less. Veneto engineers have a total turnover of 70 million euros; 50% goes to live costs; if not snowing, like last year, we have to spend five or six million more; and between one thing and the other, nothing remains. ” Confident the patron of the Faloria cable car by Cortina Enrico Ghezze. “35, 40 cm thick snow has fallen, soda,” he says, “that’s why he goes to Col Gallina. A manna from the sky. And on the Faloria is ready a new track, a black one, with a slope of 55 percent. ” And who is thrown from there? “Someone there – continues Ghezze – also because today technology helps. Once again a red was unreliable, for non-expert skiers. Today, with the skis that are there, everything has changed. ”

They are almost ready for Asiago, where other snow is waiting. “He wants more to compact it,” says Elio Frigo of “Verena 2000″ – otherwise it is dangerous for skiers. But there is confidence, because we are at the highest point of the plateau; from here a battery of four 149mm gun fired the first Italian shot against the troops of the Austro-Hungarian Empire at the time of the Great War. ” Now, relations with the Austrians have improved. “They are good tourists – and we are waiting for them on December 8th.” So much has been said in these days about the price issue. According to Minella, in general, they increased by 3%, here in Veneto. Not so much, it’s just a normal cost-to-life alignment. ” Second Fridge “remained the same: the daily cost 30 euros on weekends and 35 on holidays”. Ghezze says that its share is growing around 2, 3 percent.

Dolomites Superski notes the situation: “Prices rose by about 2.6% for the 7 days for adults in high season (from 304 to 312 euros), while the daily average for adults in high season increased by 3 , 5% (from 57 to 59 euros). In pre-season and low season tickets are cheaper, of course. ” But inflation is very low: in October, 1%, in the same month of 2016; does not cost too much, skiing? “The increases – cut short by Dolomiti Superski – are geared to the specific costs of raw materials, services and supplies that are the basis of the ski offering, ie those for electricity (plants, snow generators), for fuel (snow cat) and for employees. “

Discounts and promotions for “skiing” at Bellunesi’s feet

Approach to the practice of skiing residents, not only of Cortina, of Cadore, but of the whole province of Belluno. It is the sense of the initiative taken by the Cortina, Auronzo and San Vito cable harness consortium, which looks especially at the younger ones, to start a sport that is becoming more popular, cost and technical commitment. “We thought this year at the local market, after finding that few Bellunoes are sailing. So there will be seasonal discounts that are particularly beneficial for schoolchildren and students, explains Enrico Ghezze, president of the consortium, which goes from 50 euros for the whole winter to nursery school children; 100 euros for elementary school students; 150 for middle school and 200 for high school and college. There will be another benefit for families: if the children take the skipass, each parent will have a 50 euro discount on the purchase of his subscription. ” Ghezze then appealed: “We hope to be followed, in this policy for the residents, by other categories of entrepreneurs, such as traders, who hire skiing and equipment, schools and masters, who offer lessons” …

For skiing it will be waiting for December, but Bovec will open the plants

Tarvisio, in the Friulian Mountains season on the way from the Immaculate Bridge while in Slovenia accelerate the times. The pre – sale since November 25: retouches in sight for the

Tarvisio. Snow cats in action on the slopes of Lussari and Conca Prevala. Two days of heavy snowfall on the Friulian mountains could lead to an early opening of the facilities, but at the moment the skiing season is set for the Immaculate Bridge.

If Friuli expects to know the new tariffs, the Slovenian neighbors do not lose time and open their half of the cross-border pole at the Kanin ski center in Bovec on Friday, November 10.

In the Gilberti refugee area, on the Canin side, above Sella Nevea, 70 centimeters of snow have been accumulated and it is about fifty centimeters long the white cave at Mount Lussari.

These are precisely the two places where you can often open the ski season in advance, as well as on Zoncolan and Varmost. Season that, let’s remember, in Promoturismo Fvg, counts to start on December 8th.
However, the abundant snowfall of these days and also the weather forecasts announcing cold weather on the mountains, tease the expectations of ski lovers who are keen to return to the slopes.

On the Lussari and Conca Prevala of Sella Nevea, the piercing cats, as they say, have already come out, but the means for now are used by the workmen to move on the snow and also to complete the work of preparing the plants and doing so, however, they also have the function of consolidating snow on the slopes, which could also prove to be of some utility for the near future, as at the moment there would be snow enough to ski on the top of Di Prampero.
Certainly, however, for now, there is only that in Piancavallo, on November 18, it will open the Palaghiaccio. The ski pass rates for the 2017-2018 season have not yet been announced. The Regional Council will certainly approve them by November 25th, on the day that the pre-sale will begin until Sunday, December 3.

According to the first rumors, however, for next season there should be no increase. It is likely that the season’s prices have been confirmed, at least according to the information provided by tourist agencies and tour operators. Nor can it be said for the seasonal subscriptions of families that will almost certainly have to undergo some upswing.

“Certainly,” said Hotel Il Cervo, hotelier Vito Anselmi, “the tariffs should be announced early in the summer to avoid any uncertainties that may also create some resistance for the client and also to facilitate the work of the staff. I do not say it just for us – it is clear – but also for ski schools and sports associations that are in difficulty planning their activities without knowing the costs of ski passes.

On November 10, he opened the subscription campaign in Austria and Slovenia, an activity that left without the industry’s interest in Promotur’s prices. For this reason, job insiders hope that the rates can be made known at least for the day 9. According to the first anticipations all seems to be a seasonal start from the bridge of the Immaculate Conception.

It was also anticipated that the Lussari cable car will be open, however, on the days of December 8, 9 and 10, and of course ski lovers (if their expectations can not be met before) hope that in that time you can ski on the Di Prampero track.

The snowfall anticipates the ski season: the first open runs on the weekend

Debut for Artesina, Limone inaugurates on 17, Prato Nevoso points to the “no stop”

On the plateau of Turra in Artesina, yesterday at midday, the 110 cm of fresh snow came close. It is worthy of the snowfall record of recent days, destined to be remembered for the great ski debut, anticipated almost a month compared to the traditional cut of the 8th of December.

White and Mondolè Reserves yesterday unraveled the doubts: Artesina plays in advance on everyone, opening already Saturday and Sunday, though limited to the Colletto area facilities, where you can ski on chairlift and carpet. Paolo Palmieri, owner of Artesina: “November gave us an exceptional snowfall. That is why we decided to open the season in advance, and surely among the first in Piedmont. ” But at the moment you can only ski on the weekend. Turnstiles, in fact, will resume running next weekend when skiing in Turra, while for connection to Prato Nevoso you will have to wait for the last weekend of November.

He announced his pre-opening also the White Reserve, who will greet the new season on Friday, November 17th. With a completely free day, as Nicola Dalmasso points out, Vice President Lift: “To celebrate the start of the new season, during the first day, not only the daily will be free, but also ski hire and lessons with school masters Limone Skiing. In the coming days we will provide all the details on the opening calendar. ”

To announce yesterday the first date of the 2017-2018 season was the Prato Nevoso station. It will open the next day Lemon, with a non-stop schedule, hopefully, in April. Appointment Saturday November 18, with the first downhill runs on the slopes of the Prato area. Gian Luca Oliva, Managing Director: “We were convinced by the 10,000 social contacts that within a few hours shared postcard photographs depicting our snow-capped mountains. Opening almost a month in advance requires unprecedented organizational effort: we will also do it for our skiers. ”

And the little ones? Many have not yet authenticated start dates. In Argentera, for example, the new operator has only taken possession of the plants for a few days. Luca Olivero: “We are at work on the loading tests and the last hour checks. We need time to finish the job, even though the November snow helps to make some money, of course, but the real season starts on December 8th ».

Saturday, the SciClub Monviso di Saluzzo, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the federation of winter sports, inaugurates the new season at the Musso barracks at 17am.