Polignano, the wonder becomes a scent

A magical place with a story to tell. This is done by Paolo Fadelli, a great name for art perfume, with six essences. To bring the Apulia on or home

Tell a magical place like Polignano a Mare, one of the most spectacular places in the province of Bari, through an artistic perfume project. Paolo Fadelli, patron of Joy Perfum Project, has been doing business, marketing expert since 30 years behind the scenes of the most prestigious brand in the world of perfumery.

With him the son Leo. A true passion for the beautiful vintage things that patiently and cautiously sought, Leone was entrusted with the development of a company that started a few years ago with the Pantheon line (made around the love story between Raffaello and Fornarina) and that Now it continues with Polignano Fragrances. A nice gadget to take away from the city of Domenico Modugno: you can choose between six essences, one designed for the environments, to feel Polignano at home, or at home, when you are captured by inevitable nostalgia attacks for this splendid corner of Puglia .

Telling with the scents the charm of a lovely place, suggestions related to places, stories and characters is an idea full of romance and vision: “Living emotions, sharing them with others, and making them forever is a bit of what’s going on When traveling.

In Polignano all this happens in a very strong and incredibly authentic way, “Paolo Fadelli tells us. “We wanted to tell it with our experience in artistic perfume, for which it is necessary to have the urge and patience to read a true book of olfactory poems,” adds son Leo, “and travel with fantasy and with the … nose. The result is a collection of invisible images, fragments of life that can not be tightened. ”

Let’s try: “With Biancoblù we tried to describe the encounter of colors between the stone and the sea. Without Time is a tribute to the Polignano Clock Square. And Flying a tribute to Domenico Modugno and freedom. “


Iddu – A trip to the fascinating Sicily

Among the elegant streets of South Kensington, there is a small gem that represents the perfect meeting place between London and Sicily. Freshly squeezed orange juice directly from the Island of the boot, and brioches filled with pistachio cream for breakfast. For dinner, fresh fish. Even the furnishings do not deny it: it seems to be in a small restaurant in the province of Syracuse. For the nostalgics and lovers of the Bel Paese every Tuesday is a live music show. Of course Sicilian.



This incredible private-chalet sleeps a total of 10 people over four floors. Relax in Chalet private spa which is a sanctuary of personal well being and tranquillity or socialise with family and friends in the impressive living and dining area. This beautiful property provides you with every luxury and comfort you could wish for ensuring you have a truly memorable stay.

The first floor sets the scene of a tranquil mountain sanctuary. There is a simplicity in design which is perfectly harmonised with cosy, alpine inspired features. There are three double bedrooms, all with en-suite shower rooms. Two of the bedrooms have small dressing rooms, and all feature private balconies which open up to the wonderful views of Zermatt. A small staircase from this floor leads to the playroom which has an impressive revolving TV, day beds and separate shower room.

The second floor is home to the two master bedrooms. There is a generosity of space with both bedrooms having spacious balconies and comfy seating areas.

Wellness is at the heart of Chalet

and ideally positioned between the first and second floor you will find the impressive private spa. Sensitively lit and sumptuously designed, there is every feature you could wish for from your private in-chalet spa and wellness area. There is a large indoor hot tub, sauna, hammam and plunge pool. A wonderful seating area provides the perfect spot to enjoy a glass of champagne and relax with friends. Private massages arranged by your dedicated chalet manager can be taken in the massage room.


Raf Simons, Franca Sozzani, and all the (true) protagonists of the CFDA awards

The fashion night came, and it gave the well-deserved recognition to the proper names that mark the pulse of the heart of fashion.

They are already part of their story
  In a fashionable night with capital letters,

the protagonists are not so much those who capture the flashes of photographers,

as those who with their work and creativity feed the industry, and that game of identities on which it is based.

The CFDA Awards were awarded last night in New York City, valuing the trajectory of characters essential to understand

the fashion universe today. Some awards that left as a winner of the night to Raf Simons, who lacked one was made with two:

one as the best designer of fashion of the year, for the company that bears his name; And the second,

the equivalent in women’s fashion, the consequence of his revolutionary work in Calvin Klein.


Get in shape on the beach: 5 sports to get back into shape

Winter is behind, the days are stretching and with the sun there is also the desire to get back into shape.
A few extra pounds to dispose of, muscles to give back tone and strength and a bit of resistance to regain are all goals that can be achieved with a few hours a week of sport made with energy and tenacity. But what physical activity do you practice to get back in shape? Here’s 5, all of them ideal for getting ready for summer time. But beware: training with hot temperatures also means sweating a lot, losing important vitamins and mineral salts such as magnesium and potassium whose deficiency can cause cramps, fatigue or muscle soreness. This is why it is important to drink before, during and after sports practice and eat healthy and balanced to ensure the body has everything it needs to make the most of it.

Running: to restart your metabolism
Running is the simplest and cheapest way to reboot your metabolism and burn excess fats. Just a couple of sports shoes and half an hour two or three times a week, in the morning, in the evening before dinner or even in the break, to dispose of the rounds left in the winter and regain the lost breath. The good thing about the race is that the improvements are fast, triggering serotonin, the hormone of happiness, and allowing it to start from scratch. You can start from the fast walk, alternating with the bland jumper, to stay at least thirty minutes moving. Within a few weeks even the 5km finish will look just around the corner.

Bike: to make the breath
On a bicycle track or along the dirt roads in the nature makes no difference: cycling is a beautiful aerobic activity that keeps your heart healthy and lets burn a lot of calories. And then it’s a great alternative to the race for those who have problems with knees and backs and does not want to load them too much, can be practiced at all ages and, with modern pedal-assisted bikes, you can go really everywhere, surpassing even those dislivings That with the sole strength of the legs would not even dream of dealing with it.

Swimming: to tone the muscles
For many, it is rightly the most complete sport, which involves a lot of muscles from head to toe, which improves the strength and breathability and which also requires equilibrium and proprioception to maintain the right fit in the water. How to get the most out of a pool workout? By alternating the different styles, to really use a large amount of muscles toning them all, and repeating with a brief recovery between the tub and the other: it is proven that the speed increases and increases the caloric consumption, even to 550Kcal per hour.

Crossfit: to get you the physicist
Rapid, intense and (not really) painless: Among the new trends in fitness, Crossfit is undoubtedly one of those that is worth trying. No machines, few tools, and a lot of exercises and free-body movements, possibly performed at high intensity. Workouts last from 45 minutes per hour, they are always different, they take place in a group and are really tough. This does not mean that you can not start from scratch: the good trainers know how to modify the requests according to the level of preparation of each. And then, with that physicist from Crossfitter, you can really face every challenge.

Calcetto: to train with fun
Well, even the so much “kicked-out” football between friends is a good way to get back into shape: football is in fact an anaerobic-aerobic mixed sport that allows to burn both fat and sugars, improves breath and strength, requires Pronounced reflexes, dexterity, strength in the legs but above all it is very, very fun.



Chamonix, the iconic French ski paradise, was the host of the first ever Winter Olympics in nineteen twenty-four.

Since then, the quiet hamlet has been considered one of the most desirable ski locations in the world.

Nestled in a valley between two mountains, Chalet is the perfect home base for your French Alps ski vacation.

Relaxing after a long day on the slopes is easy at Chalet .

Cool off in the indoor swimming pool, warm up in the sauna, or simply curl up by the wood burning fireplace.

Chalet’s media room is another great space for lounging with friends and family – featuring a wet bar stocked with beer, sprits, and soft drinks.

Also included with the chalet rental are, chef services, daily housekeeping, in-resort chauffeur, breakfast, and a four course dinner served with wine,

six nights a week.


The Rolls-Royce Sweptail

In the framework of this year’s Concorso d’Eleganza, the Rolls-Royce Sweptail celebrates a world-premiere in the gardens of Villa d’Este.

For four years, the British have put in the production of the unique. The most expensive new car ever

The Concorso d’Eleganza on the grounds of the Villa d’Este in Italy is the Mecca of rich car lovers from all over the world every year.

In addition to sinfully expensive and extremely rare oldtimers, some luxury car manufacturers also present exclusive custom-made

products within this framework. This year, however, an exhibit steals the show for everyone else.

The Rolls-Royce Sweptail continues the long-standing tradition of 1940’s coachbuilding traditions for which

the British were once celebrated.Britical automotive art

The coachbuilding program stands for a completely individual bodywork, in which a model from the bar almost to the unrecognizable is changed and

revaluated. And that’s exactly what

the Rolls-Royce sweptail now presented, like no other automobile of the modern era.

The noble Brit has the appearance of a luxury yacht on four wheels. The legendary torpedo tail with its sweeping mudguards, the tapered bodywork and the

lavish use of huge glass elements transfer the characteristic design features of the 1920s into the here and now.

The Bepoke division of Rolls Royce, headed by Alex Innes, has been working on this noble luxury vehicle since 2013 – that is,

the four-year success story. The basis was a already powerful Rolls-Royce Phantom used. In the end, however,

the result shines everything that has been put on the wheels in recent decades.

Only the 460 hp and 720 newton-meters of torque strong twelve-cylinder was taken unchanged from the phantom – the rest of the bodywork and the interior

were elaborately modified and adapted to individual customer requirements.

Expensive, more expensive, swept ail

Based on the sedan, the rear doors were removed at the Rolls-Royce Sweptail – instead, the original phantom mutates into the world’s largest luxury coupe.

From the front apron, over the bonnet to the roof section and the breathtaking rear,

all aluminum panels were hand-worked to match the ideas of the anonymous owner.

The interior features exclusive leather varieties, precious wood applications in piano lacquer optics, elaborate inlays and a champagne

cooler in the center console. Most of the buttons were banned. The buyer likes it tidy, according to Bespoke design manager Alex Innes.

What the monumental automobile piece has cost the happy car owner,

the British are officially silent. Only so much is betrayed: the price exceeds the cost for normal custom-made products many times.

The Automagazine Motorward wants to have learned that the sweptail has cost about 13 million US dollars.


Marilyn Monroe’s unique style

STYLE ICON A tribute to the Hollywood icon in pictures

the most beautiful (film) -Looks by Marilyn MonroeFilm-tip: “My Week with Marilyn” starring Michelle Williams in the lead role.

The screenplay is based on the filmmaker’s recollections of Colikn Clark, who tells his personal love story with Marilyn

during the shooting of “The Prince and the Dancer”. “My Week with Marilyn” is available on DVD.
Book-tip: The fashionable biography “Marilyn in Fashion” shows in many hitherto unpublished pictures their

development from the innocent Norma Jeane Baker to the fashionable star.


These 15 trends prove: the 00 years are back!

  BACK FROM THE DEAD We can not say it often enough: If you want to know what tomorrow is considered cool,

you just have to look at what’s just uncool. This is exactly how it has happened in many of the trends of the ’00s:

things like glittering rhinestones, heart symbols à la Ed Hardy and even Von-Dutch caps are now worn again

by the coolest girls in the world Currently most influential designers in the world,

Alessandro Michele of Gucci and Demna Gvasalia of Vetements and Balenciaga respectively.

Who would have thought that the style of Noughties pop culture icons like Britney Spears and Paris Hilton would be picked up by It girls like

Kylie Jenner, models like Slickwoods and pop stars like Rihanna? See for yourself – these 15 trends prove it: the Nuller years are back!



Charming furnishings, breathtaking views, comfort, sophistication and five-star services:

Style brings you to the discovery of the most exclusive mountain cottages

The ski season comes alive and the main mountain resorts are ready to welcome the army of skiers for the unavoidable white week.

But there is a different way to experience the mountain experience far from the confusion of large structures or loud condominiums.

Enchanting places, quiet, but not uncomfortable for that. They are the charming chalets,

exclusive shelters where you can enjoy the fabulous scenery that the snow-capped peaks give, within collected, elegant and comfortable structures.

From the French Haute-Savoie resorts such as Morzine and Megeve to Val d’Isère,

Zermatt and Gstaad to Austria, Style brings you to the discovery of the 10 most exclusive alpine chalets in some of the most renowned ski resorts.

Constructed in a perfect balance between the traditional Alpine architectural style

and contemporary design, equipped with every comfort and technology to give you nothing at high altitude.

Great living with charming fireplaces, terraces with paradise views, complete suites with every comfort, private sauna and gym, movie theater,

indoor pool. In addition to a range of five-star services dedicated to guests: ski equipment, off-road driver, personal chef, spa, massage.

In short, top solutions in all but not all pockets. The rates,

which are quite different depending on the location and the time of the year, to rent

one of these “snowy eden” start at a minimum of about 40,000 euros, up to 460,000 euros for a week.


Djokovic now plays with the crocodile: he will dress Lacoste for 5 years

The historic French brand will accompany with his pole the adventures of the Serbian tennis player.

Debut at Roland Garros 2017

The new ‘crocodile’ is Novak Djokovic. For five years the Serbian champion will wear Lacoste during tournaments.

The historic French brand will accompany Nole’s adventures from two weeks on the red ground of Roland Garros. There,

in France, where everything started in 1933. It was then that René Lacoste put on the market the first Polo conceived

a few years earlier when he cut off the sleeves of his shirt to gain greater freedom of movement during the matches.

This Polo was born, designed to revolutionize the world of sportswear and became a decade-long icon for players and lovers of timeless elegance.


A weekend to discover the architecture of South Tyrol

From the 19th to the 21st of May, the third edition of the South Tyrolean Architecture Days is under way

with over 50 buildings open to the public and 10 guided tours to the discovery of the culture and tradition of this area

You look around and you have no doubt: those houses, those roofs, those bells that sprout in the distance can only mean one thing.

You are in South Tyrol. Already, but can you identify a specific architecture that can characterize this precious Italian territory

one hundred percent? This is the question that will be answered in the course of the third edition of the South Tyrolean Architecture Days,

the event organized by the South Tyrol Architecture Foundation, from 19 to 21 May.

A long weekend where more than 50 public and private buildings will open their doors to the most curious visitors:

magnificent villas, certainly, but also ancient masks, houses of the most curious forms, schools, laboratories,

hotels and even hydroelectric power stations, You can see a small preview in our video. Going to the rediscovery of these

buildings and their stories, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a complex and fascinating culture such as that of South Tyrol,

crossed between Italian and Austrian traditions, between Mediterranean Europe and the North.

But not only. Because in these special days you will also have 10 guided tours, which you can find on the official website of the initiative,

in the company of experts and architectural enthusiasts. A few examples? The path to the Alpe di Siusi provides a walk from Castelrotto

to Siusi to see what is going to be built in a rural setting at the foot of the Alpe di Siusi and Sciliar through visits to public

and private buildings. While the tour at Val Venosta to discover structures such as the hydroelectric power station Guido Donegani (1949)

in Glorenza or the dam of Val Martello (1956), will allow you to discover something more about the South Tyrolean economy and its importance

on the energy level.

Beside these guided tours, there will also be a rich event program, such as the opening to the public of the Moessmer fabrics factory

in Brunico, the inauguration of the architecture exhibition in Oberstadt in Brunico or the jazz concert at the Mountain Monastery in Campo Tures,

scheduled for Saturday’s day.


Okja and the monster Tilda Swinton, face of two-faced capitalism

The project that we are talking about more in these days at the festival is the fantasy story (born 7 years ago) of a political,

economic and global topic

Very high, white dress and stiletto, platinum hair, Lucy (Tilda Swinton) adores the crowd.

We are in the heart of New York and the family corporation he is in charge of, Mirando has in the past exploited his

employees and the environment. But today with her, image expert, she changes face-to-mouth with slogans, rock stars

and Hollywood smiles. His company will put an end to the hunger problem in the world thanks to a pig in Chile and

destined to transform the environmental impact of meat production over the next ten years.

But his clinical cut-outs must not be confused: the candor that he shows is a mask.

After his pyrotechnic monologue, the viewer is transported to the quiet of the Korean mountains to be caught

in the heart of history: 13-year-old Mija and Okja, the movie’s animated film director of Korean director Bong Joon

Ho who in Cannes burned Controversy (even for a technical error that has stopped and restart the projection just minutes from the

beginning, with big whistles in the hall).

Mija plays happy with her huge friend, a cross between a hippo and a pig. Okja reverses the affection of her friend

and with the special intelligence she is given she saves her life as well. To break the idyll, however, comes a tv

star scientist (Jake Gyllenhaal) assumed by Mirando to show the world the next level of meat production on the planet,

presented as miraculous.

Mija did not know that her friend would have been torn away,

and she was willing to do anything to lose it. In one of his moments

of desperate running of the animal, he crosses a team of animal lovers led by Jay (Paul Dano)

and determined to bring out the true intention of the corporation: to carry out laboratory

experiments and produce genetically modified food to increase the actions of the animal ‘company.

The girl’s journey to the rescue of Okja is very painful, and she shows the spectator the chilling chain

of slaughter and genetic experiments, without overcoming certain odds even by the animalist organization.

There are those who called Okja “the new E.T.”, and it is but not 100%. The idea of ​​the film produced by Brad Pitt’s

Plan B Entertainment in association with Netflix was born in 2011, while the director was still busy with his Snowpiercer in 2011.

“I remember that a few days after the movie preview Seoul, going to the airport,

Bong Joon Ho showed me drawings with the initial idea, “says Swinton. “Later, every time we met,

it was natural to talk about it. This idea of ​​capitalism with two faces has become central: a party trying

to decorate its brutality, and the other who believes that money is all. ” And these two aspects,

which Swinton gives in the double role of two business leaders, are seen at work with New York in the background,

as opposed to Korea’s natural


Switzerland, 4 Valleys

Exclusive, Secluded Mountain Retreat With Uninterrupted Panoramic Views, Benefit Of Ski-In Ski-Out Access

Chalet, 6 Bedrooms, 6 Bathrooms, 12 persons, Spa, Garden, WiFi

Privately-owned alpine lodge and spa situated in Veysonnaz, the heart of Les 4 Vallées, Switzerland. Nestled in fir and pine forests, this exclusive,

secluded mountain retreat is discreetly located in its own extensive grounds accessed by private road. Perched at 1500m,

the luxury chalet is positioned to offer enchanting uninterrupted panoramic views over the Rhone Valley and offers skiers the benefit of ski-in ski-out access.

Away from the crowds, the queues, the noise, and the chaos of urban life, the Dragon is an idyllic exclusive hideaway.

Dedicated to provide exceptional service to ensure exceptional experiences, the Dragon Team strive to surprise and delight our guests.

This catered chalet has gastronomy, fine wine, private cinema, dynamic skiing, invigorating alpine activities,

and holistic spa therapies on the menu to nurture the mind, body and spirit.

After an indulgent stay at the Dragon chalet, we aim to return our guests to their normal lives feeling happier, healthier, re-energized and refreshed.


Hermès sports his craftsmen

An exhibition celebrates excellence and know how to make craftsmanship of the French maison. In Milan from 11 to 17 May

There is a saddle-maker that takes about 25 hours to create a saddle, because besides being beautiful, a saddle must be comfortable suited to the knight and the horse.

On the central woodwork, the saddle master assembles the various leather parts with saddle nails made of one piece, to ensure maximum strength.

Two needles cross and cross the two thicknesses of the leather apart, so if by chance, with the passing of time, the single thread breaks in a single stroke,

the seam will not leap. The saddle we meet at Pelota Square in Milan, on the Hermès exhibition behind the scenes, has been doing this for 17 years,

says that among the peculiarities of doing this work also counts the strength you have in your hands, its are great and very strong.

Slightly beyond, a man bent over an ad hoc counter on which he elbows his elbows is mounting the tiny components of a clock movement.

To do this it is helped with a monocle, its hands seemingly tough, perform a detailed dance of precise gestures, which have the incredible.

Then there is the silk engraver, and then you know why the famous Carrè signed Hermès are real works of art,

which more than worn would be hung in a museum, because to realize one can happen that it takes years.

Everything depends on the design, or rather from the maquette from which it starts, as a kind French gentleman who has been doing this trade since the age of twenty-two:
the graveur sur soie. She is the task of transferring the hand-made maquette in digital format.

On its graphical tablet, the design is split into a number of sheets equivalent to the colors required for the silk scallop.

Then with a digital pen, it shows you every color, the various effects, the soft, the contours. Thus, for example, a design of thirty colors, thirty frames,

requires the engraver from four hundred to six hundred hours of work. For some very complex designs you can also reach the two thousand hours.

Stunning and incredible stories that tell and show the wonderful work that every day the Hermès craftsmen in the city come across to meet the public,

show and share their savoir-faire, their experience and their passion.

A journey not to be missed that allows visitors to discover the talent of the hands that transform the matter by creating handbags,

saddles, carpets, ties, jewelry, watches, gloves, porcelain.

A handicraft celebration that allows you to understand the truth

Meaning of the word “artisan” and to understand the gestures of the craft.

Throughout the exhibition, a cinema-hall will be available to visitors who want to explore the craftsmanship with the vision of the documentary “Les Mains d’Hermès”.

Hermès Behind the Scenes
The Pelota – Via Palermo, 10
Free admission
From 12 to 17 May, from 11am to 7pm.


France, Chamonix

A Unique Luxury Boutique Property With 8 En-Suite Bedrooms

Chalet, 8 Bedrooms, 8 Bathrooms, 20 persons, Spa, Garden, WiFi

Nestled in the heart of old Argentière, Bouji Lodge offers convenient access to Le Grand Montets and the centre of the village. The Bouji Lodge is a unique luxury

boutique property with 8 en-suite bedrooms, large living, comfortable dining area with sauna and outdoor Jacuzzi. The Chalet has convenient access to three ski areas

which are only a short drive in one of the chauffeur driven winter vehicles. Skiing in these 3 areas caters well for complete beginner & intermediate skiers.

The historical village of Argentière is only a two minute walk and provides a good selection of shops, restaurants and cafes.

Bouji Lodge is a large Savoyard townhouse offering 340 sq.m on three levels.

There are 8 spacious bedrooms, 4 on the first floor and 4 on the second floor, all with modern en-suite bathrooms. Some rooms have balconies,

some rooms have mezzanines. The TV, video/DVD and stereo are located in the dining room area, leaving the lounge free for after-dinner chat,

reading or socialising. There is a sauna with shower room and relaxation alcoves, the laundry and the equipment room with boot warmer located in the basement.


Wildays 2017, the Anvil Motorcycle Festival

Varano de ‘Melegari is the first event dedicated to the two wheels designed by Phonz and San Marco Filios. Three days of passion, music,

food, races and dreams

Please mark these dates: 26, 27 and 28 May. And marked on the map this place: Varano de ‘Melegari. Finally mark this Wildays name.

Maybe tattoo it even on your arm.

There is an event that, more than anything else, has grown to become popular in the motorcycle world.

His name is Wheels & Waves, held in Biarritz since 2011, and as a small rally for the hipster of the bike,

Instead, Alessandro Phonz Fontanesi has his personality to sell and his San Marco Filios, universally known as the “Anvil”,

appears. If you’ve never heard of them, you’ve probably never opened a motorcycle magazine for the last five or six years,

and you’ve never been interested in fashion or what’s happening in the Italian landscape of new trends.

Phonz and San Marco have become acquainted with their customization activities, but also with the line of clothing they have created

and their exquisitely rock’n’roll dj set. Two true two enthusiasts, two of whom the bikes – and cars – really like,

despite the visibility gained through the numerous initiatives that have become the protagonists, have never lost the

genuineness that characterizes them.

That is why, if you like the two wheels, we suggest you make a leap to Varano de ‘Melegari on May 26, 27 and 28. It is in those days

that the Anvil, together with Gian Maria Montacchini and Anastasia Fontanesi (all together known, also, as Motodrome Entertainment),

have organized the motoraduno, within the historical Emilian track, Wildays, an event that will unite Engines, food,

nature, and music, for a three days finally different from the usual gathering for moldy posers.

Because, okay, Varano will also have a bit of that exhibition that has made the fortune of the special movement in recent years,

but there will also be the opportunity to participate in competitions, concerts and culinary experiences without

having to take too much seriously. There will be space for everyone, so at Wildays, from the sportsmen,

who will have the chance to turn around the circuit together with classic, modern and specialty classic motorcycles,

to the flat track motion, which will stand in three different categories Of competitions and will be used in the driving

courses organized by Di Traverso School of Marco Belli, from 50 cc, protagonists of the Honky Tonk Race, up to cross motors,

regularity or special Scrambler, with which it will be possible to turn into a fettucciato Made in the car.

In addition to this, there will be an area dedicated to food and there will be live concerts and DJ sets,

with the opportunity also to venture out among the beautiful Apennine streets surrounding the circuit,

accompanied by local guides. Finally, it will be possible to stay in the car, or inside a specially-built camping,

or in a series of special “bungalows” (already all sold out), or in contracted facilities available through the site of the event.


On board a Pershing, the luxury nautical general

Visit the Mondolfo yards and “run” near the port of Fano to experience the excitement of a yacht of ten million euros

John Joseph “Black Jack” Pershing was an active US general during World War I, an absolute reference of many of his successors such as George Marshall, Dwight Eisenhower

and George Smith Patton. Together with George Washington, he was the only US military to reach the highest possible degree, that of General Armies.

Who knows if Tilli Antonelli, Fausto Filippetti and Giuliano Onofri inspired him when they founded the Shipyard of the Adriatic in 1981. True, there is only one Via J.J.

Pershing in Italy and is just outside Mondolfo, one of the most beautiful village in Italy in the Marche region, about 30 kilometers southwest of Pesaro. Here is one of

the 6 production centers of the Ferretti Group, owned by the Pershing luxury yacht brand since 1998. About 200 of the 1,500 workers of the second nautical group around

the world work here, owning seven well-known buyers such as the legendary Riva.

In via J.J. Pershing, on the third floor of the office building, one of the most successful works of architect Sandro Sartini, buyers and delegates go to confer with

architects and stylists to personalize their next jewelery.

In front of the precise Marche countryside, between a ravioli and a verdicchio, comfortable on sofas and armchairs Frau, one of the brands made in Italy such as

Lamborghini who can indulge in collaboration with Pershing, choose the characteristics and interior of the yachts that, from the moment of order , Will see the sea after

at least 4 months.

Eight yachts in the Pershing portfolio

Today, the Pershing portfolio includes a range of eight yachts with a pitch ranging from 54 to 140 feet (16-43 meters). Outstanding floating houses that take off with a

minimum of spending just under one million euros, both for the Pershing 5x, up to nearly 15 million euros for the largest, Pershing 108, to which in 2018 will follow the

Pershing 140.

All models are made in Mondolfo, except the Pershing 140, steel and aluminum jewel that will be made in Ancona, presented last year has already been booked. Watching

Pershing craftsmen at work from the third floor pulpit is an outstanding experience. In the sheds there is room for a unit of less than ten units, diligently inserted

into an orderly assembly chain and studied in the smallest details for maximum results within the expected times which has nothing to do with the dirty, noisy factory

concept And chaotic of any product for the mass market.

Every skilled worker deals with his hull portion: who the painting, who finishes it, who works on engines, who in the interior, in compressed but at the same time

rational and safe spaces. Between a brush stroke and the other, a drill and a recess check regularly the broom of those who keep the scaffold clean. The work of

electricians and carpenters, on the other hand, is silently monitored by engineers and architects who, with the projects in hand, have to keep the promises made in the

order of the order.

Exceptional experience, it was said, because it is still amazed by the capabilities of a team of a few dozen workers, as from a simple prefabricated fiberglass boat can

exit a 40-meter-long beater perfectly matched in architecture, engineering , In performance and finishing touches to make the happiness of billionaires and its follow-


From Mondolfo the boat is ready for testing in the waters of Fano, thanks to the on-site bathtub where you can already simulate floating and navigating reactions. And it

is at Fano that takes us to try a Pershing 62 that will soon take off, will reach Fort Lauderdale (Florida) and end up in the arms of some Wasp from the well-stocked


A turn, a curve and an eight

Are we in an iron barrel, or not? Those who take the rudder is a less well-identified sea wolf that resists little to low speed and soon launches into a couple of curves

and an eight. But the Pershing 62 responds docile, even in the presence of those bastard, short but tall baldnesses that suggest keeping the handrail.

Despite the sea, the Pershing 62 wipers remain at rest, a sign that the keel is well-structured not to be overwhelmed by the waves. But the best of the technology we are

looking for at the far end: the seakeeper system, a stabilizer, is definitely the most revolutionary invention of the last few years, indispensable to the most

likelihood of any water bike or any optional tender, Miele or leather Frau on the seats.

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Honor 6C and 8 Pros: price, features and release date

The 6C is square in the middle market with 5-inch screen and aluminum body; 8 Pro tries to undermine the absolute top of the range. They will arrive on April 28

Honor continues to grow and is launching two new smartphones: the 6C and 8 Pro, which tries to place themselves on the upper floors in terms of technical characteristics

and the relationship between quality and price. The first one goes to lay halfway between the “old” and the new 6X 5C, in the mid-market with an attractive design and

respectable specifications. The second one tries to undermine the top range of the market with an offer of premium models. The target is for both millennials, who want a

smartphone that makes great pictures and great video and has a good battery to be on social – not coincidentally the launch event Honor was held directly on Facebook.

The Honor 6C has a 5-inch glass coated HD display slightly curved with a octa core Snapdragon 435 processor, 3 GB of RAM and an internal memory 32 Gb. There is a sensor

for fingerprints, two cameras – a rear 13-megapixel front and a 5 mp – and a slot for microSD cards.

Monta Android Marshmallow, but is ready to be upgraded to Nougat in the coming weeks. A smartphone that does not affect levels of excellence, but which consolidates the

middle market segment, where Honor is definitely one of the best brand in terms of the relationship between quality and price – just consider the Honor 6X the President

of Honor George Zhao, mentions as one of the best selling smartphone of the group’s history. The Honor 6C is already available for pre-order on vMall and come next

April 28th in Europe priced at 229 euro, including Italy.

The Honor 8 Pro is the first attempt by the Chinese to try to climb the high-end market leveraging the partnership with Huawei and being able to save money in the price,

being sold only online, on vMall platform. This model has a 5.7-inch display QuadHD with 79% ratio of screen in pixels: there’s Kirin 960 processor – the same as the

P10 – Vulkan that leverages technology to make more powerful processor, and optimize for the best Video games. Not only that, thanks to 64 GB of internal memory and 6 GB

of RAM, this is the most powerful smartphone of the Huawei brand history, making it ready for the leap into the virtual reality Google Daydream. Also excellent

photographic industry where the twin 12-megapixel rear camera can take pictures only with black and white sensor, take 3D pictures or record video in 4K. Also good

charging – Honor ensures two days of battery life on one charge 75 minutes – and the USB on the Go, ie the ability to connect to Type-C connector, external flash memory

or joypad for gaming – yes, even the PlayStation controller is fine. The Honor 8 Pro will be available from now on preorder in Color Midnight Black, Navy Blue

and Platinum Gold at a price of 549 Euros and will officially next April 28th.


Austria, Lech

Brand New Property Close To The Center

Chalet, 4 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms, 8 persons, Spa, Garden, WiFi

A 3-storey modern-fitted classic alpine chalet, with 450 sq. m (4,840 sq. feet) total living space.

With 4 large double bedrooms, can accommodate up to 6 adults + 2 children (with an option to accommodate another 2 children on extra bed

and baby crib). Adult bedrooms are fitted with king size beds, en- suite bathrooms and 2 feature individual terraces.

Chalet interior is elegantly decorated in warm alpine colours. Bedrooms and common areas feature natural wooden floors while bathrooms

are traditionally decorated in luxurious marble. For Chalet guests convenience all rooms are also fitted with a wide range of modern

appliances, including the Sonos sound systel in entire house.

Chalet guests will also enjoy spacious living area with a fireplace, fully-equipped kitchen and a dining area with panoramic windows

and large balcony, chalet spa with sauna, jacuzzi/hottub and relaxation area, indoor children play area, in-house wine cellar, ski-room

and laundry. Complimentary outdoor parking spaces are available for guests travelling by car.

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