Open Italy

Saturday, November 11, they opened the plants at Presena

Thanks to the snowy summers of these days, on Saturday October 11th, the plants will be opened at the Presena from 3000 meters 2,585 m of Paradiso step by giving the official road to the winter season 2017/2018.

The Passo del Tonale-Passo Paradiso cable car and the Paradiso-Presena cable car will be opened. The first will follow the hours 8.15-16.15, and the second 8.30 -15 from Monday to Friday and 8.30-16.00 on Saturdays and Sundays.

Also this year you will be able to buy the online daily ski pass that will have a cheaper price than the price list and will be inclusive of insurance. Until December 22, you can ski with 27 euros a day (excluding the period 7-10 December 2017) by purchasing the skipass 24 hours before.