Mayweather and McGregor fight on August 26 in Las Vegas

Official Money Fight between US boxer retired unbeaten and star of martial arts Ufc

The Mayweather Vs.McGregor match is there. Here is the date: August 26 in Las Vegas. After months of signals, rumors, allegations, announcements and negotiations, the boxing encounter between Floyd Mayweather jr. And Conor McGregor has been officially certified: Mayweather Promotions, the organization of meetings and all about the five-time world champion sports business, has sought and obtained the use of the prestigious MGM Grand in Las Vegas for next August 26th. Then Mayweather himself confirmed the official match, which will see in the ring the two most charismatic characters of this era of combat sports. McGregor, via Twitter, and Bob Bennett, Executive Director of the Nevada Athletics Commission, have also confirmed that he has released the necessary zero clearance.

In the case of Mayweather it is a comeback, a return from the withdrawal of boxing consumed a year and a half ago.

“Pound to pound” – with the exception of weight-to-weight ratio – was considered the world’s strongest boxer in 2015 and left the unbeaten ring. Conor McGregor is superstar of UFC, the most well-known organization of mixed martial arts, and just the recent agreement with UFC, in which the Irish fighter fought, had made it clear that he had finally opened the way to the match with the UFC, American 40-year-old. McGregor had already begun training at boxing. Technically, the age difference is balanced with its first match only with the fists.

Conor, who is 28 years old and is at the height of a wrestler, should struggle to leave aside the grappling, but in the coming weeks, the organizers of the meeting will announce the other details of the Las Vegas event of August 26, Now we know only the prize announced as “Money Fight”, so the number of shootings and the transmission methods of the match that according to some estimates could exceed half a billion of revenue by surpassing even the 4.5 million pay-per-acquisition -view totalized in 2015 by the Mayweather-Pacquiao match. For the bags, weigh no less than 100 million for Mayweather and 80 for the Irish.