Living the mountains … without the skis!

We arrived at that time of year when the cities of emptying and the ski resorts are colored by people who love to ski down – the bravest with the snowboard – from the mountains. Yes, the days between New Year’s and the end of the holidays are perfect for a holiday as a couple or with friends. The point is: what are the places that allow you hours of leisure and fun even without the skis on?
Although they are famous mainly as ski resorts, the winter tourism cities offer other initiatives for all snow lovers, but not for skiing. We have compared some of the most picturesque high-altitude villages and have discovered some pleasant and tempting alternatives that will convince you to take out the mountain in you!

Colico, located upstream of Lake Como, offers a fairytale landscape created by the snowy peaks and the frozen surface of the lake. From there it is possible to take a cycle path which, for the most audacious, reaches up to Chiavenna (2-3h). The trail winds along Lake Verceia and then crosses the Pian di Spagna Nature Reserve. A real must for bicycle lovers.
Once in Chiavenna do not forget to taste the typical pizzoccheri and maybe … take the train back!
For those who prefer to walk and relax, there is certainly no lack of a visit to the Forte di Fuentes, reminiscent of Spanish domination in the seventeenth century (the Pian di Spagna is explained). This trip is a real immersion in history, discovering these ruins romantically overlooking the lake.

In Andalo you will find instead the charming little boutiques of wooden objects and trinkets, but also gingerbread houses and tasty South Tyrolean products. A walk in the center could be very pleasant! The city, wonderful in the snow, also has a skating rink suitable for all skaters. In fact, it is not rare to see synchronized skating teams training in Andalo, but anyone can access the track, take classes, skate freely or sign up for tournaments! What better way to change a year than a ride on skates?

Santa Caterina Valfurva, in the heart of the Stelvio National Park, certainly holds the record for the number of activities organized and offered to the public. In addition to the numerous ski slopes that can be accessed, are in fact organized nature tours within the park and along the scenic trails but not only: it is indeed possible to register (even for the little ones!) Group rides inside the reserve and near the most famous mountain towns (together with Santa Caterina, also Bormio and Livigno). The thermal baths and the thermal treatments that, at the end of a day of leisure, can not spoil are very well known! If you are a lover of cycling on the snow, do not miss the opportunity to take part in a mountain bike ride at high altitude, you could discover small huts ideal for a romantic getaway!