Is ‘Witness’ the best Katy Perry album to date?

Yes, no, maybe. The (social) networks have spoken

 Neither his looks, nor his ex, nor even his cuts of hair and color. Nothing overshadows what really matters when we talk about Perry: his music.

The singer treasures a legion of fans, nourished without haste but without pause since 2001 – date in which its race gave the starting gun – with its album Kate Hudson; First and last disc recorded under that name. The star as we know it (as Katy Perry) emerged in 2008 with One of the Boys and then consolidated with two other studio albums: Teenage Dream (2010) and Prism (2013).

They were good, nobody denies it; Which made us dance and sing, either. Who has not toned Roar (Prism) very high and very strong, has given everything a Friday night with Last Friday Night (Teenage Dream) and remembers I Kissed a Girl (One of the Boys) as the first hit of Santa’s girl Barbara. You like it more or less, you have to admit that you have talent for a while.

But one thing does not take away the other. It does not remove that Whiteness is profiled like the best work of the artist to date. The first two breakthroughs – Swish Swish and Bon Appetit – have garnered success and made headlines for several reasons: for the qualitative leap in sound and for showing a Katy Perry more mature, more compelling and more interesting. In short, a woman with the clearest things.

Serving Lena Dunham, “there is nothing braver than a person who announces that his story deserves to be told, especially if that person is a woman.” And it is clear that here are many stories about which Perry wants to talk (or rather, sing). On the feminine liberation, on the Millennials, on her.

If the welcome of the singles was tremendous, today we have dawned with the resounding success of the ‘World Wide Wide’. We talked about the appointment before the official release of the album (June 9) in which the Californian has revealed some exclusives in its YouTube channel. Unpublished images, several surprises … Everything necessary to be trending topic, go. As has finally happened with more than 20 thousand tweets.

A total of 15 topics that have grabbed Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The (social) networks have spoken and say #WITNESS is their new musical obsession.