Irina Shayk and her hotel room workout

MODEL FITNESS In the hotel room, not only rock stars burst out: Irina Shayk vows to a fitness program especially for “hotel rooms” – with the use of the furniture! So she stays on the road, as she says quite pragmatically: “I spend a lot of time in hotels and rarely there is in these good gyms to train.” VOGUE presents the effective bodyshaping exercises by Irina Shayk

Hold on a table with a flat hand, place on the tip of your feet, hold your back straight. The exercise begins: bend the right arm and pull the elbow to the ceiling, the upper body rotates. Focus on the abdominal muscles to stabilize a tight body. Change the page and repeat the exercise 15 to 20 times.

Put the backs on the table, support the hands flat, bend the knees at 90 degrees. The exercise begins: the feet are firmly on the ground, the elbows are slightly bent. Slowly pull the left leg down to the waist and lower it again. Control every movement and carry out with tension. The legs alternate 15 to 20 times.

For balance, take a pillow into your hands, put the left leg up into the toe tips stretched behind on the bed. The exercise begins: bend the right knee and pull the upper body slightly forward, the arms and the pillow form a triangle. Raise the left leg, guide it to the side, set it down and return it. The body always forms a line, only the stretched leg moves
Keep the bed position. Position the tip of the left leg. The exercise begins: bend the legs at the same time and stretch the arms with the pillow to each flexion. Focus on the inner center, the upper body remains straight. 15 to 20 passes per leg.

In front of the desk, a chair serves to control the posture. Assemble the feet, bend the knees slightly, grasp the palms, and stretch the arms in front of you. The exercise begins: as if one were to sit down on the chair, lower the pelvis and the knee. Focus on the inner center – as Irina Shayk repeatedly stressed in her fitness routine – the upper body and the arms remain stretched. 15 to 20 bends

Reach for a towel (for the second exercise) and lie down on your back. Stretch the legs up, hold the right thigh with both hands, grasp the fingers, stretch the arms. Place the left foot over the right thigh at a right angle – remember the “Schneidersitz”. The exercise begins: lift the right lower leg, the toes are extended. The body stays straight. 15 to 20 repetitions, change page

Stay on your back and stretch your legs. Fold the left leg, place the towel around the sole of the foot, stretch the leg. Both hands hold the towel, the arms at 90 degree angle. The exercise begins: the leg to the ceiling and then to the side, the neck slightly angled, the neck stretched. 15 to 20 repetitions, then change sides and the fitness program à la Irina Shayk!