The history of skiing in an exhibition hosted in Belluno

Appointment today and tomorrow in the courtyard of a rural building near the church in the old village of Sagrogna

The history of skiing on show in Belluno
The first wooden skis, the arrival of plastic and the evolution of the boots. And again the sleds and the ice “ice”. Tonino Zampieri guides us to the discovery of the objects exhibited at Sagrogna, near Belluno, in the exhibition entitled “Da Zeno Colo ‘in Kristian Ghedina: the skis of a glorious era”
An exhibition to retrace the golden years of skiing, from Zeno Colò to Kristian Ghedina. Appointment today and tomorrow in the courtyard of a rural building near the church in the old village of Sagrogna where, from 10 to 22, you can visit the exhibition entitled “Da Zeno Colò Kristian Ghedina: the skis of a glorious era”, amazing collection of winter sports equipment and rare pieces looking for a home to become a permanent exhibition.

The initiative, created by Tonino Zampieri with the idea of ​​proposing a unique event for style and concept, was created in collaboration with the group “The mills of Levego and Sagrogna”. “The exhibition comes from a passion that I had since childhood,” explains Zampieri, “growing up I always tried to preserve the memories of skiing that I practiced mainly in Sagrogna, along the slopes and local meadows, and then on the slopes of the beloved Nevegal . In the summer of 2017 I had the desire to rediscover the passion for this sport, retrace the history of Belluno skiing through a collection of skis and equipment that would otherwise have been thrown or forgotten in some winery ».

A job that has engaged the organizers for more than three months in the collection and cataloging of about five hundred pairs of skis donated by private individuals: “It was tough,” continues Zampieri, “because all the pieces were recovered and cleaned carefully both as regards the skiing, but above all for the attack and the boot, washing every single component with a lot of fat and polish ».

In the collection there are many unique pieces of great historical value, such as the suit worn by Kristian Ghedina in the last race of his long and important sporting career or the helmet and the boot with the signs of the flags still impressed by the famous split that the Ghedo carried out at 140 km / h on the famous Streif. Not only traditional skis will be exposed, but also sledges arrived from all over Bellunese, from Austria, from Canada and a particular model realized by a private person in Acireale with the blades obtained from the bumpers of a 600. And they could not miss the ice sleds (ferioi in dialect) provided by Thomas Pellegrini, author of the book “The ice sled in Belluno” that over time has collected and cataloged 117 unique copies from 1908 until the end of the 80s.
Five hundred pairs of vintage skis on show in Belluno

“A collection that we hope will interest the City of Belluno and that should be exhibited in a permanent museum,” says Zampieri, “given its historical and cultural importance. Once, when a child was born, a sled was built, which he would use when he grew up. ”

“We have collected examples of world-leading brands that have made history from the ’40s to the’ 90s, many of which are in the memory of great skiing but no longer sold today,” Zampieri ends. «The exhibition was conceived along a path that began in 1935 to end with the last pieces created with the philosophy of the obverse, so not ready».

There were many people from Belluno who joined the initiative, unique in Veneto and perhaps also in Italy, so much so that the regional president of Fisi, Roberto Bortoluzzi, immediately supported the project with the hope that the exhibition could one day become permanent and to become a point of reference for the general public of enthusiasts.