He is disabled, but he can ski: he has won generosity

Italy Doganaccia, found the ‘shell’ for a boy from Lucca

We will call him Paul. But his name is not important. What we want to tell is a story of generosity and stubbornness that involves a class of the scientific high school Giorgi-Fermi of Lucca, its principal, all the teachers of the schools present in these days at Doganaccia (Fibonacci and Niccolini di Pisa) and the station ski.

Paolo, 15, is in these days in a white week with his friends: skiing in the morning, orienteering in the afternoon. But there is a problem: Paolo is a disabled boy in the lower limbs, who needs a “shell” to ski, which allows him to practice this sport safely. No problem, have thought the managers of the Doganaccia: for years the Val di Luce (a few kilometers from the Doganaccia) is at the forefront of this sector and has several of these “shells”.

So Marco Ceccarelli, one of the owners of the Doganaccia, has made, as on other occasions, a request to Val di Luce and the spinale Firenze Unity sports group to obtain a loan facility. “We were told,” he explains bitterly, “that we could use it only on the slopes of the Val di Luce in the presence of a master qualified by the Tuscany Region for teaching seated skiing. An answer that left me speechless: I am a qualified teacher to teach skiing to everyone. The course to which they refer is an in-depth study that does not give any qualifications and in any case in our school there are teachers who have done these types of in-depth analysis. And then what should we have done? Take it to Val di Luce and let it ski alone? ” But Sergio, Marco and Ronnie did not give up: they searched far and wide for Italy someone who could give them this shell. And finding him in nearby Emilia Romagna, they sent an employee of the company to recover it.

“A wonderful gesture – explain the accompanying teachers Paola Noriello, Nicola Carnicelli, Luigi Abetini, Rossana Sciandra, Luca Angelina and the school collaborator Sonia Sini – who also allowed this boy to participate in the activities of the white week. We are grateful to everyone for not giving up: the ski instructors Francesca and Barbara and the Arma dei Carabinieri. Even the tour operator who organized the trip had made himself available to accompany the boy in Val di Luce, but we felt, in agreement with the family, that it was more appropriate that he stayed with his companions to share this experience “.

“The no to the loan of the shell – concludes Ceccarelli – has done us very badly, especially because it risked ruining the white week to a disabled boy. But fortunately we managed to find a solution. Now we want to prevent these cases from happening again: this is why we intend to organize a charity fundraising initiative to buy a monoski to be kept here at Doganaccia for everyone “.