Get in shape on the beach: 5 sports to get back into shape

Winter is behind, the days are stretching and with the sun there is also the desire to get back into shape.
A few extra pounds to dispose of, muscles to give back tone and strength and a bit of resistance to regain are all goals that can be achieved with a few hours a week of sport made with energy and tenacity. But what physical activity do you practice to get back in shape? Here’s 5, all of them ideal for getting ready for summer time. But beware: training with hot temperatures also means sweating a lot, losing important vitamins and mineral salts such as magnesium and potassium whose deficiency can cause cramps, fatigue or muscle soreness. This is why it is important to drink before, during and after sports practice and eat healthy and balanced to ensure the body has everything it needs to make the most of it.

Running: to restart your metabolism
Running is the simplest and cheapest way to reboot your metabolism and burn excess fats. Just a couple of sports shoes and half an hour two or three times a week, in the morning, in the evening before dinner or even in the break, to dispose of the rounds left in the winter and regain the lost breath. The good thing about the race is that the improvements are fast, triggering serotonin, the hormone of happiness, and allowing it to start from scratch. You can start from the fast walk, alternating with the bland jumper, to stay at least thirty minutes moving. Within a few weeks even the 5km finish will look just around the corner.

Bike: to make the breath
On a bicycle track or along the dirt roads in the nature makes no difference: cycling is a beautiful aerobic activity that keeps your heart healthy and lets burn a lot of calories. And then it’s a great alternative to the race for those who have problems with knees and backs and does not want to load them too much, can be practiced at all ages and, with modern pedal-assisted bikes, you can go really everywhere, surpassing even those dislivings That with the sole strength of the legs would not even dream of dealing with it.

Swimming: to tone the muscles
For many, it is rightly the most complete sport, which involves a lot of muscles from head to toe, which improves the strength and breathability and which also requires equilibrium and proprioception to maintain the right fit in the water. How to get the most out of a pool workout? By alternating the different styles, to really use a large amount of muscles toning them all, and repeating with a brief recovery between the tub and the other: it is proven that the speed increases and increases the caloric consumption, even to 550Kcal per hour.

Crossfit: to get you the physicist
Rapid, intense and (not really) painless: Among the new trends in fitness, Crossfit is undoubtedly one of those that is worth trying. No machines, few tools, and a lot of exercises and free-body movements, possibly performed at high intensity. Workouts last from 45 minutes per hour, they are always different, they take place in a group and are really tough. This does not mean that you can not start from scratch: the good trainers know how to modify the requests according to the level of preparation of each. And then, with that physicist from Crossfitter, you can really face every challenge.

Calcetto: to train with fun
Well, even the so much “kicked-out” football between friends is a good way to get back into shape: football is in fact an anaerobic-aerobic mixed sport that allows to burn both fat and sugars, improves breath and strength, requires Pronounced reflexes, dexterity, strength in the legs but above all it is very, very fun.