From Holland to ski free

The Alpe cimbra paradise for the disabled

The group is beautiful impressive, 110 people, the Dutch association Ski Uniek, skiing for those with disabilities, which in the after-ski are felt, for the joy and happiness they express. A tourism that has found in the structures and people of the Alpe Cimbra the place to grow and consolidate. “The association – says Matthis one of the coordinators – promotes skiing for people with disabilities. We aim to ski these boys and girls, independently. For three years we have come here to Alpe Cimbra, most of us are at the Monte Maggio hotel, the others being in many, they are in other nearby structures. In this place we find ourselves very well, we have the help of Alpe Cimbra, from the ski school “Scie di Passione” ». And he continues: “We found, already three years ago, a welcoming environment and a truly unique availability. We are a nice group of volunteers, who accompany the kids, who need some support for skiing for their disabilities ».
“The landscape – the organizers resume – is unique, the snow is fantastic and the slopes are perfect; we have found a good collaboration in everyone, from ski instructors to plant operators, they are really kind people, who give us the help and support we need ».

The week in Folgaria for these guys is really a very special event. “Let’s put the icing on the cake,” Matthis goes on, “because we even organize flights with the Lagorair helicopter, to end our week with a flourish. We have also established a strong and beautiful friendship with the Lagorair crew. For those in a wheelchair, to get off the helicopter it takes a group of people available ». Marilou, 26, is on her third holiday on the Alpe Cimbra. He says: «I’m skiing alone with monoski, I like it a lot. In Holland I go to the skidome, but here you are immersed in a beautiful landscape ». Kevin, too, on a wheelchair, is happy and as he approaches, he plays his wheelchair. He is a veteran of the flight and is enthusiastic: “I just landed, nice, with the pilot Luca we hovered in the air and we circled above the slopes and on the plateau. For three years I have made this unforgettable experience “. And he continues: “This is a dreamy white week for me. I practice skiing in a relaxing nature, everyone is kind and available, we eat and drink very well, the accommodation is excellent ». Fabio, owner of the hotel that hosts the association Ski Uniek, admits: “They are all fantastic people, from boys and girls with disabilities to volunteers, those with blue jackets, who accompany them and help them. After skiing, they love to party and nobody is holding them. In their joy they are contagious. Let’s do the flights with Lagorair: a proposal that you really like ».