For skiing it will be waiting for December, but Bovec will open the plants

Tarvisio, in the Friulian Mountains season on the way from the Immaculate Bridge while in Slovenia accelerate the times. The pre – sale since November 25: retouches in sight for the

Tarvisio. Snow cats in action on the slopes of Lussari and Conca Prevala. Two days of heavy snowfall on the Friulian mountains could lead to an early opening of the facilities, but at the moment the skiing season is set for the Immaculate Bridge.

If Friuli expects to know the new tariffs, the Slovenian neighbors do not lose time and open their half of the cross-border pole at the Kanin ski center in Bovec on Friday, November 10.

In the Gilberti refugee area, on the Canin side, above Sella Nevea, 70 centimeters of snow have been accumulated and it is about fifty centimeters long the white cave at Mount Lussari.

These are precisely the two places where you can often open the ski season in advance, as well as on Zoncolan and Varmost. Season that, let’s remember, in Promoturismo Fvg, counts to start on December 8th.
However, the abundant snowfall of these days and also the weather forecasts announcing cold weather on the mountains, tease the expectations of ski lovers who are keen to return to the slopes.

On the Lussari and Conca Prevala of Sella Nevea, the piercing cats, as they say, have already come out, but the means for now are used by the workmen to move on the snow and also to complete the work of preparing the plants and doing so, however, they also have the function of consolidating snow on the slopes, which could also prove to be of some utility for the near future, as at the moment there would be snow enough to ski on the top of Di Prampero.
Certainly, however, for now, there is only that in Piancavallo, on November 18, it will open the Palaghiaccio. The ski pass rates for the 2017-2018 season have not yet been announced. The Regional Council will certainly approve them by November 25th, on the day that the pre-sale will begin until Sunday, December 3.

According to the first rumors, however, for next season there should be no increase. It is likely that the season’s prices have been confirmed, at least according to the information provided by tourist agencies and tour operators. Nor can it be said for the seasonal subscriptions of families that will almost certainly have to undergo some upswing.

“Certainly,” said Hotel Il Cervo, hotelier Vito Anselmi, “the tariffs should be announced early in the summer to avoid any uncertainties that may also create some resistance for the client and also to facilitate the work of the staff. I do not say it just for us – it is clear – but also for ski schools and sports associations that are in difficulty planning their activities without knowing the costs of ski passes.

On November 10, he opened the subscription campaign in Austria and Slovenia, an activity that left without the industry’s interest in Promotur’s prices. For this reason, job insiders hope that the rates can be made known at least for the day 9. According to the first anticipations all seems to be a seasonal start from the bridge of the Immaculate Conception.

It was also anticipated that the Lussari cable car will be open, however, on the days of December 8, 9 and 10, and of course ski lovers (if their expectations can not be met before) hope that in that time you can ski on the Di Prampero track.

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