Damiano Lenzi joins the Dynafit team

Damiano Lenzi, a famous blue ski mountaineer, joined the Dynafit team. The reigning world champion will be in the company of Alba De Silvestro, another champion who runs under the snow leopard brand.

Damiano Lenzi, born in 1989, joins the Dynafit sponsorships after a few years spent with Atomic colors. Lenzi started skiing at the age of 3, he was originally a cross-country skier and then his passion for fresh snow led him to dedicate all his strength to ski mountaineering.

“Ski mountaineering integrates two realities that I know very well: the need to ‘go’ the legs typical of cross-country skiing to the fun of off-piste descent – Damiano explained – I chose to become part of the Dynafit family because I wanted a new approach, share my field experience with the R & D department of the brand, to develop the best possible equipment for us athletes. The new attacker P49 has certainly contributed to my approach to the brand! ».