Count down for the ski season while Alagna awaits the new chairlift

Alagna and Alpe di Mera, perhaps for the last season still divided into the management of the ski lifts, are preparing to make a skiing winter happen. The first station to start is the one with the direction of Monterosa 2000: snow permitting, set off for December 1st. Mera Ski, for instance, says that he is working on the Day of the Immaculate Conception: “If it is to snow before – they explain – we could also anticipate.”

Skiers are waiting for the great news of 2017/2018: the new quadruple chairlift that will connect Cimalegna to the Pass of the Salads with a capacity of 1600 people per hour. The yard is good and the inauguration should take place in view of the Christmas season. Precisely according to the realization of this work, the jewel of the industrial plan of the company Monterosa 2000 presided by Luciano Zanetta, there will be changes for day and season ski passes valid for the Monterosa Ski area (which Alagna and Mera also includes the Valle d’Aosta ).

Or rather, two ad hoc solutions have been studied: prices remain unchanged compared to last winter for those who will just ski on the beaten track (one adult valid card for one day costs 40 euros on weekends, 43 on holidays, 48 ​​euros in high season, ie from 7 to 10 December and from 23 December to 7 January, and finally 43 euros and 48 during the carnival from 3 February to 4 March), with an increase of two euros for each indicated price (and an increase of 40 euro on the seasonally differentiated between 799 and 839 euros) for freeride lovers who will instead use the Indren plant. All details can be found on

“We have studied this solution that seemed to us the most suitable for meeting our needs,” explains Andrea Colla, director of Monterosa 2000. We are building a new lifts that will speed up the transport line, with a transit from the east to the west and vice versa of the area, which will be much more fluid. The tariff difference for those who exploit Indren is also linked to a security aspect that should not be underestimated considering that freeride practitioners rely on unlined tracks. Monte Rosa is considered a paradise in this sense, but it is important to point out the need, especially for those who venture to the first experiences, to refer to the Alpine guides. ” There is also the possibility to buy daily and seasonal for those who love to ski while staying on the slopes of Alagna or those of Mera.

To facilitate the tourists, there will also be a shuttle service that will connect Riva Valdobbia to Alagna and the high alder side with the Wold area with two lines (red and blue). “An eight-seater pick-up truck will also work from 5.30 pm to 11.30 pm – continues Colla – a service that we had proposed as an experiment in the past season and which instead this year we want to launch all the who among the two inhabited centers want to move for aperitifs or dinners. ” And the snow? The snowfall of last week in Valsesia was a first taste. In particular, Alagna had reached forty centimeters, but largely swept away by the strong wind. Between the two thousand and three thousand meters, Monterosa 2000 has activated the programmed snowfall plant.