ALPI, new heavy snowfall, you can ski up to the April 25th Bridge

New heavy snowfalls are expected on the Alpine Arch and sometimes on the major mountainous areas of the Apennines. Snow is not expected at too low altitudes as the climate will remain mild, but at high altitudes the snow will fall very heavily on areas already heavily covered in snow.

A boon for tour operators who now hoping for a protracted ski season to the 25th April bridge. This year the snow falling in the mountains already during the winter is really extraordinary. The mid-altitude alpine resorts have seen a very unusual frequency and intensity of snowfalls.

The extension of a ski season so far already extraordinary for lovers of this sport is therefore profound. We could ski as we were almost in the middle of winter during the Easter holidays and, except for strong heat waves, you can ski in many places until the end of the month.

For the irreducibili of the snow and of the ski, looms therefore a ghiotta occasion also in sight of the bridge of 25 April. Probably will remain open even slopes where you usually do not ski until late spring.

In addition to the Alps, the slopes of Campo Imperatore, on the Gran Sasso, have just opened. Of course, we will have to see if the snow will also hold on April 25th and it will be necessary to constantly update with the next snow reports. Who wants to go on the safe side, can choose Livigno, Breuil-Cervinia and the Presena glacier.

In conclusion, for the moment there is a lot of snow on the Alps and partly on the Apennines, other must arrive at least at high altitudes. Everything seems to go in favor of a bridge on April 25, favorable to the latest off-season skiing.

However, it will be necessary to pay attention to the danger of avalanches, a risk accentuated by heavy snowfall at high altitudes and by sudden increases in temperature. It is absolutely imperative this season to avoid venturing off-piste.