La Promenade, the tour of the Valle d’Aosta with the skis of Shanty Cipolli and Simon Croix

The film La Promenade, which documents the ski tour of the Valle d’Aosta by freeriders Shanty Cipolli and Simon Croux.
A year ago, in the spring of 2017, the two young freeriders Shanty Cipolli and Simon Croux decided to do something for them rather unusual, making the whole tour of the Valle d’Aosta with skis. Starting from Courmayeur, the two spent 22 days in the presence of the “Four Giants of the Alps”, ie Mont Blanc, the Matterhorn, Monte Rosa and Gran Paradiso, following in the footsteps of those who, in 1970, had made the first round Alpine skiing in the mountains of the Aosta Valley.

The 22 days with heavy backpacks were marked by fatigue, but Shanty explained to us that “when we got used to this condition, the effort was transformed into pure enjoyment! Immersed in these valleys lost in the high mountains, surrounded by lines envied by all the best freeriders! Behind the house we had heaven talking about Freeride, and we went to find out. ” This is their story.

1st ski-mountaineering tour of Valle d’Aosta
On 1 May 1970, Ruggero Busa, Guido Fournier and Carlo Vettorato completed the first ski tour of the mountains of the Aosta Valley.

The 2017 tour
Courmayeur, Arp la Balme, La Thuile with the Rutor, Valgrisenche with wonderful bivouac on the Goletta glacier under the Granta Parei, Val di Rhemes, Col Bassac Derè, Valsavaranche for the Piani del Nivolet, Cogne, Lake Miserin, Champorcher, Gressoney Colle Bettaforca, Champoluc, Colle di Nana, Torgnon, Saint-Denis, Colle Vessonaz, then Valle del Gran San Bernardo, Col de Malatrà, Courmayeur.

Throughout the journey the two have slept mostly in tents and in some small shelter. They lived with the supplies they bought in the small shops of the villages when they went downhill and others that they had left tactically in some strategic points before starting the journey.

Shanty Cipolli
Born in ’92 in Valle d’Aosta, Shanty has always loved to slip on the snow with any tool, starting to devote himself from childhood to skiing. He has played for several years in the national team of skicross, where he won several national junior titles, and so also the opportunity to participate in some of the stages of the World Cup and junior world championships confronting the most qualified athletes of the major circuit. For some years he has chosen to devote himself totally to Freeride, winning top 3 places in the Freeride World Qualifer in the current season, finishing 30th in the general ranking due to an injury that has compromised the last races. A member of the Mammut team since 2015, he loves traveling. In 2012 he obtained a Ski Instructor diploma and is now preparing for the selection of a mountain guide and a national instructor.

Simon Croux
20 years, lives in Courmayeur. He started skiing at the age of 3 until his parents joined him at the ski club where he remained until the age of 13, after which he decided to break the monotony of the ski club by starting freestyle and freeride. So it was that a few years later Simon began to run freeride competitions in the freeride junior tour, managing to qualify and taking home an 8th place at the World Cup Final in Big Sky (USA). At the age of 18 he entered the next circuit, the Freeride World Qualifiers , where it still competes. Posted in the Mammut Team.@ikhvillas_official #ikh #ikhvillas_official #villas #nice #villa #ibiza #lifestyle #sea #sun #summer #2018 #holidays #rentalvillas #formentera #greece #luxurylife #sicily #sardinia #top #mykonos

The budget of police policemen of the State Police

Safety and rescue service on the ski slopes of Obereggen and Colfosco

The “policemen-skiers” of the safety and rescue service on the ski slopes again this year have been involved in the detachments of Obereggen, Colfosco.
The closure of the winter season is an opportunity to take stock of the activity and to highlight the importance of this service aimed at guaranteeing the safety of skiers, snowboarders and snow lovers.
The operators, who attend a specific training course at the Alpine Training Center of the State Police of Moena, are prepared to face with professionalism every need for assistance, even in extreme weather conditions, as well as to reconstruct exactly any event related to accidents at high altitude.
The interventions carried out, following accidents on the slopes or illness, in the only detachment of Obereggen were about 400 and, in some cases, the first intervention of the police was of fundamental importance, because it allowed to act promptly avoiding the aggravation of the consequences of the accident.

These include, for example, the assistance to the rescue of a ten-year-old girl, originally from Poland, who had had a sledding accident on the slopes in the Obberegen ski area.
The small Polish town was suffering from severe pains on the left side of the abdomen and for this reason it was immediately immobilized by the operators waiting for the arrival of the helicopter to be admitted to the Hospital of Bolzano.
The same fate was the case of a 48-year-old woman who, following an accidental fall in the Ski Center Latemar area in the municipality of Nova Ponente, suffered severe pains in her left femur.
Thanks to the police officers, he was immediately rescued by helicopter rescue, after securing and clearing the track.

As part of the prevention activity, this year the State Police operators took part in the “Skiing in Safety” training days, together with the staff of the White Cross and the mountain rescue, aimed at sensitizing the elementary school pupils and averages on mountain safety.
The students were informed about the rules of conduct to be kept on track, on the signs and on how to intervene in the event of an accident.
In addition, during the Night Show that has been organized for several years in the ski resort of Obereggen, which sees the local ski and snowboard school perform, the service that the State Police plays on the ski slopes has been presented.
In front of a large audience of tourists, guests and children, a snowmobile operation was simulated after an injury on the track.
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Pasquayak, canoe tour of the villas of Posillipo

Choosing among the various initiatives organized in Naples for these Easter holidays is not easy, there are many things to do and for all tastes and needs. Among these there is one, half sports and half cultural, which has the unusual, is called “Pasquayak”, and is the tour (in canoe) of the ancient villas that degrade the sea of ​​the coast of Posillipo. The boys of Kayak Naples organize these three days of water itineraries, the appointment is for Saturday, Sunday and Monday at 10 am at the Sirena beach (via Posillipo 357), where we will start with the two-seater kayaks to discover the bourgeois holiday of a time.

The excursion will be guided by Giovanni, Giulia, Alessandro and Francesco, who will lead the canoe caravan to discover Palazzo Donn’Anna, a place rich in history and legends; we will continue along the bay of Grotta Romana, where once the fishermen’s Neapolitan fishermen were built. The next stop will be on the beach of Villa Lauro, there you can also drink from the minuscule mineral water source; at the sound of paddling we will continue to Riva Fiorita, in the presence of Villa Volpicelli, today a movie set and home to exclusive wine events. From here you will come back comfortably guided by the current in favor, up to the Sirena beach, where you can stay and sunbathe and delight your palate.

In detail “mangereccio”: Saturday lunch will be based on spaghetti with clams; Sunday the menu will be the traditional Easter one; Easter Monday instead a buffet brunch will be offered. Visiting Naples from the perspective of the sea is simpler from 2011 to today, because the commitment of Kayak Naples has made the coast simply usable to everyone, and in all seasons of the year.
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In Romandy you can ski on the roof of a hotel

The particular shape of the roof of the building will attract fans of snow sports

LE BRASSUS – In the picturesque Vallée de Joux, in Le Brassus (VD), you can ski on the roof of a hotel. Conceived by a Danish architectural firm (Bjarke Ingels Group), the building, already under construction next to the museum of luxury watchmaker Audemars Piguet, will be open to the public starting in 2020.

In addition to the picture postcard, snow sports enthusiasts can indulge themselves thanks to the particular zig-zag shape of the building, which will host a gently sloping track on its roof from where you can also directly access the adjacent slopes.

The hotel will occupy an area of 6,400 m2. There will be around 50 rooms, two restaurants, a bar and a spa. But the main attraction will surely be the original ski slope.#ikh #formentera #ikhvillas_official #sun #summer #rental #villas #holiday #rentalvilla #spain #ibiza #lifestile #life #primer #formentera

Skiing in Andermatt is worthwhile

The opening until May 21 will benefit both guests and investors. Compared to 2016, the current season has seen growing overnight stays, but also turnover.

The revitalization project in the Urana locality started in 2010 with an investment of 900 million francs.


Skiing in Andermatt is worthwhile. To everyone. This is what shines through, looking at the figures for the 2017-2018 winter season of the urana winter resort, where you can ski until 21st May. Yes, you understood correctly. In Andermatt you can ski all spring, touching the beginning of summer.

But let’s get back to the numbers. Dizzying when compared to other Swiss winter resorts. If compared to the previous season, from Androl, October 1st 2017 to March 31st 2018, all the possible entries have increased, starting from the ski days, reached in the last season around 330 thousand, with an increase of 4.2% .

“In fact – explains Silvio Schmid, CEO of SkiArena – compared to 2016, there was an increase in all indices: overnight stays, at 19.136, rose by 10.5%, the number of attendance, attested to about 39 thousand, it grew by 14.7%; same income, of 22.3 million, leavened by 17.4% “. What’s more, in the last winter season online bookings were 700% more than the previous year. If all of this is added that throughout the year there has been an increase in overnight stays of about 10% and that to toast was also the Chedi hotel, whose attendance has increased by 15%, here is that Andermatt is more than one person rubbing his hands.
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