The 10 best places to ski for those who ski «so-so»

Are not you (yet) a ski champion? Needless to go on black tracks with sprinters whizzing everywhere. Better sweet slopes, wide (and blue) descents, maybe a nice restorative scenery and also a good shelter to restore oneself after the hardships. Here’s where

Skiing passionates you but the technique is not exactly your forte? Would you like to plan a weekend on the snow even if the black slopes continue to scare you? The solution is between the lines: just choose the ski resort suited to your ability.

What makes a difficult track after all? Of course, the slope, the width and the crowding of the track itself but also and above all the quality of the snow: if you find ice or, even worse, the snow moved, not beaten, which concentrates in heaps that to the less experienced appear dangerous obstacles and almost insurmountable, the white week becomes black.

Among the dozens of destinations for winter tourism in the Alps there are some that correspond to the needs of less experienced enthusiasts. Tracks wide even 40 or 50 meters where even a large mass of skiers is dispersed, ski schools with teachers who know how to treat even the young who want a lesson.

In addition to specialized staff and snowmobiles (they should be called “snow groomers”) who work all night to give tourists perfectly polished descents and a geomorphology of the mountains that allows you to enjoy tens of kilometers of red and blue slopes – medium difficulty, easy and easy – because anyone can have fun (and never get bored) in complete safety. The list is soon done. Browse the gallery above and find out which are the most suitable locations scattered throughout the Alps, not just Italian.