Skiing, what a surprise on the legendary Streif.

In Kitzbühel the free is from Dressen
On the legendary Streif first career success for the 24-year-old German who chokes in the throat the scream in Feuz for 20 cents and the Austraic Reichelt, third to 41 cents. Fill eighth first of the Azzurri, Paris tenth, Innerhofer falls

The German Thomas Dressen won the descent of Kitzbuehel, the most anticipated race of the World Cup season. He preceded by 20/100 the Swiss Beat Feuz, winner last Saturday in Wengen, while third to 41/100 is the Austrian Hannes Reichelt, dropped with the bib 1. The best of the Blues was Peter Fill, ninth at 1 “26; behind him, 11th, the 23 year old Emanuele Buzzi, started with the bib number 44 and the best result in his career, Dominik Paris, winner last year, closed 12th, while Christof Innerhofer fell after the cross of the Hausberg, fortunately without consequences.

the race – Dressen fell with the bib 19, when Beat Feuz and Switzerland began to predict a double Wengen-Kitzbuehel that in the recent history of skiing has only occurred on three occasions. The 24 year old German, who last year in Beaver Creek had won the first podium in his career with a third place, took advantage of a track made faster by the sun that had just peaked on Streif, while the first pectorals had also found a some sleet on the upper part. On a track in excellent condition, which guaranteed the possibility to do well even at the highest pectorals, the German was very fast especially in the upper part, keeping the necessary margin even on the terrible Hausberg. The last German to win on the Streif was Sepp Ferstl in 1979.

the Azzurri – Little luck for the Azzurri leaders. Christof Innerhofer, who had drawn the bib 2, made a very courageous race, taking advantage of a track faster than the day before thanks to the cold temperatures of the night. Near the time of Reichelt for most of the race, the financier fell on the exit jump of the cross of the Hausberg, when there were only a few seconds to the finish line. “I skied strong,” Innerhofer said, “I tried to reach the top of the Hausberg crossbar, but the skis beat me and I had no chance to stand up, I have no regrets, better than two seconds. to have ruined the best skis “. Peter Fill, winner in 2016, is ninth at 1 “26:” I’m quite satisfied. I do not know where I wasted time, I skied well. Strange race, who came down later found the sun. “Disappointed Dominik Paris, triumphing in 2017, also in the grips with the flu He closed 12th to 1” 64. “Pista difficult, I was not so loose, fluid on skis, I was not in the best condition but I wanted to try anyway, then the race changed for the sun, the track became faster”. Emanuele Buzzi celebrates instead: the 23 year old, with the bib number 44, makes an extraordinary race and draws 11th place, the best result in his career that puts him in pole position for the fourth pectoral blue at the Games. “I’m very happy, it’s a dream come true, this summer I felt I had improved technically, then with the start of the races I suffered a bit of pressure but the victory in the European Cup super-G in Wengen gave me confidence. was good at the exit of the road, on Steilhang: it was the goal of the day, I had never been able to do well that passage “.

Tomorrow the special, the next week last descent before the Games, to Garmisch.

Julia Mancuso

Mancuso hangs the skis on the nail
The US surrenders. Today the last race. He won the Olympic gold in giant at Turin in 2006

Julia Mancuso announced her retirement. In his career the American champion has won 4 Olympic medals (including gold in giant at the 2006 Turin Olympics) and 5 world championships.

The 33 year old after several injuries, in particular one at the hip, has therefore thrown in the towel. Unqualified for the Pyeongchang Olympics, Mancuso will play his last career descent in Cortina today.

Ski, Vonn: “Cortina, my home, this descent is the main dish”

The American, the dominator of the tests, has the record of successes (11) on the Olympia and in the Cup follows Stenmark: “I dream of Olympic gold, as Enzo Ferrari said, the best victory is to come. • Have an appointment with a normal guy ”

Marisa Poli19 January 2018 – Cortina d’Ampezzo (Bl)
Lindsey Vonn and Cortina, the romance with the Olympia of Tofane continues, despite the misstep of a year ago, when the most successful in the history of the Cup fell downhill and ended 12th in super-G. But in the golden book his name is repeated 11 times (5 descents and 6 superG) and the tests of these days announce that the feeling is back.

How come you are so comfortable here?
“Cortina is the highlight of the season, people are super friendly to me, there is always the sun and I can not complain about my records on this track, I won my first Coppa podium in Cortina and I also established the new record of victories “.

It comes with 78 wins in the Cup, 8 less than the Stenmark record. How many seasons will it take to beat it?
“I’m trying to win as many races as I can, if all goes well, the record will come … Now, more than the Stenmark record, I think of the Olympics”.

Sci, Lindsey Vonn: the “impossible” exercise
He has suffered many career injuries and skiing is a risky sport, no fear?
“Yes, I am aware of the risks and I have often been victims of it, but now I am healthier, stronger and I will continue until my body allows it”.

From 0 to 10, what rating does it give to its season up to this point?
“I usually do the budgets at the end.” I did not play well in Lake Louise (two crashes in super-G and down and a 12th place in the second run) .The win in the super-G in Val d’Isere was a great thing last weekend in Bad Kleinkirchheim there was not the best snow, I hope to win a 10 in Cortina “.

How much did the injuries affect you?
“In the first two races I was more cautious, and now I feel like a seventeen year old ready to push herself to the limits”.

Ski: Lindsey Vonn, training with his beloved dogs
She was operated on one arm last season, she had back pain in this one. How are you?
“After tons of physiotherapy, the arm goes great, so the back and even my knees resist”.

How do you live with the pressure?
“It’s part of the sport, you have to come to terms with her, I listen to some music to stop her and stay focused on the race, and in this experience helps, it’s easier to do it”.

She is a very close friend and supporter of Roger Federer, who won 2 Slam tournaments at the age of 35. Is it a company that inspired you?
“Yes, Roger is a great athlete and a wonderful person, he’s my model, it’s great to have a friend that inspires you … What he did for tennis will remain in history and I hope to do the same for skiing”.

She is also a tennis fan in general, how was this passion born?
“I like to vary workouts and exercises and tennis is a way to be outdoors and active”.

Lindsey Vonn in the gym is scary …
Are you satisfied with your life?
“Yes, this is the most satisfying period, but perhaps it is not the right word, I feel happy and lucky about what I have”.

The Weinstein case has opened the door to several complaints of harassment and many women have found the courage to talk about it. What do you think?
“I can not say I suffered what these women have been through, but I’m more than proud of their courage to come out and fight for our rights, and my hope is that witnesses like this, or the victims, continue on this path and talk about it: our world could be better if people were called to answer for their actions “.

Has more than one million followers on social networks, how do you live it: is it Instagram / Fb / twitter dependent?
“I love those who follow me on social media and my fans, if I did not have so many to be happy maybe I would not be so motivated to do what I do for all of them”.

He stated that it is difficult to have an appointment with a normal person when you are the most famous skier in the world. Is it the other side of the coin?
“I do not think I’m a superstar, but the same is hard to find someone normal (and I’d like to know how normal it is) for my lifestyle, I’m always around skiing, or meeting with the press, or For this I need to find someone who can keep my pace or I have to try to slow down “.

Sci, Vonn: “The Pyeongchang Games? I’ve been looking forward to them for 8 years”
How important is your family for you and your career?
“I love my family, we were all together at Christmas, they always keep me with my feet on the ground and I’m always close, most of my family will come to South Korea for the Olympics and it will be a great help to have them there”.

At just 31, Pietilae Holmner hangs her skis on the nail

The Swedish skier has decided to retire because of her known back problems

At just 31, Maria Pietilae Holmner was forced to end her career.

The Swede continues to suffer from back pain: she hoped to be able to participate in the Olympics in Korea, after missing the first part of the season, but had to surrender.

In 15 years of career the slalomist has won 3 World Cup races (10 podiums) and six medals at the World Cup (4 of which in the event teams, plus the silver in Giant in 2007 and the bronze in the slalom in 2011).

Dolomiti Stars starts the ski season

From tomorrow the first runs down the slopes of Alleghe, Selva, Arabba and San Pellegrino. Open the black race “La VolatA” just approved by FIS for international races

The countdown began at the beginning of the ski season in the territory of the Dolomiti Stars tourist consortium. Already from tomorrow and Sunday you will face the first bends on the slopes of Alleghe, Selva di Cadore, Arabba and Passo San Pellegrino.

In the Civetta ski area will open 7 plants with 20 km of pistes besides the ski connection at the foot of Alleghe and Selva di Cadore: a departure with the snowflakes made possible by the fall of snow over the past few weeks along with the important structural investments made to support the snow programmed.

The Pezzetti Pianos cable car, the Col dei Baldi cable car, the Baby chair, the Pelmo chair lift and the Col Fiori chairlift with the Coldai, Fernazza, Baldi, Pelmo Lavadoi, Pian dei Sec and Baby schoolboats, of Cadore you will be able to take advantage of the chairlift Pescul – Fertazza and chairlift Fertazza with the slopes Bait, Fertazza, Le Ciaune and Col Fioret.

After the end of the weekend, from Monday 27 November to Friday 1 December you can ski in Alleghe using the 2 cable cars and the Baby chair with the Coldai, Baldi, Lavadoi, Pian dei Sec slopes and the Baby school camp. ‘opening many other plants throughout the Civetta.

The Arabba winter season will start with the Campolongo chairlift and the two Campolongo and Rutort red slopes, which will remain open until Saturday, December 2, when the offer will be strengthened by the entry into service of the Cherz chairlift with the Cherz 1 and 2 slopes Vizza chair lift with Vizza run and Masarei chairlift with Incisa and Marentas slopes. From tomorrow to the skiers there will also be the Bec de Roces refuge.

For the ski area San Pellegrino will be a preview of season in the sign of speed and adrenaline: tomorrow and Sunday, in fact, it will be possible to test the black run La VolatA, just approved FIS for international races, that from the station to Mount of the cable car Col Margherita goes down to the Passo San Pellegrino with slopes that touch 50%. Beginners will then have the Passo chairlift with the same simple track, ideal for moving the first steps on the skis. From Saturday 2 December the ski connection will be active at Falcade-Passo San Pellegrino.

At San Pellegrino, during this first weekend of skiing, the ski pass will have a promotional price: for the daily 25 euro adult and senior, 18 junior, 10 babies; for the afternoon 20 euros adult and senior, 14 junior, 8 babies.

Dario Cologna wins the Tour de Ski!

For the very Grisonsian champion it is the fourth success in his career after those of 2009, 2011 and 2012

Dario Cologna has conquered the Tour de Ski 2018. For the 31 year old from Graubünden, which launches a clear message to rivals for the Pyeongchang Olympics, it is the fourth triumph in his career after those of 2009, 2011 and 2012. The Swiss, with the overall time of 2h49’26 “concluded in front of the Norwegian Martin Johnsrud Sundby (+ 1’26”) and the Canadian Alex Harvey (+ 1’30 “).

The rossocrociato, already uncontainable on the occasion of the two successes captured in Lenzerheide last week, shone again today in the last chapter of the Tour de Ski 2018 in Val di Fiemme, which included the fearsome ascent to Cermis. The Helvetic, who has revealed an amazing physical condition, has been able to cope with the various situations with great tactical intelligence and manage the advantage he had over his opponents without worries. Sundby rises to 875 points against the 807 in Cologna, Harvey is third with 780 points.

In the women’s field was confirmed the queen of the Tour de Ski the Norwegian Heidi Weng, which has bent the resistance of compatriot Ingvild Östberg for the final victory. In the overall standings the eighth round of the Nathalie von Siebenthal was closed.

Unique features such as a gorgeous alfresco hot tub,

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Resort-like amenities for health, wellness, and downtime add a wonderful dimension to Chalet. Relish a rejuvenating, well-deserved session in the sauna; enjoy a workout in the fitness room; and refresh yourself in the lovely resistance swimming pool with adjoining wet bar. If you’ve brought work with you, withdraw to the classy office suite.< p>

The villa’s five deluxe bedrooms include four with king beds and one with two double beds, sleeping twelve. Each of the bedrooms enjoys beautiful views of Aspen Mountain, doors to alfresco living areas, and ensuite bathrooms. The two master suites both include lounge areas with fireplaces and especially sublime views, as well as jetted tubs in their bathrooms.

The Chalet is a mile-and-a-half from downtown Aspen and two miles from Aspen Mountain base, while Aspen Highlands and Buttermilk Mountain are both about four miles away. Golf pilgrims are just minutes from Aspen Golf and Tennis Club, and both Burnt Mountain and Snowmass Village are within ten miles.

The 41st Pustertaler ski marahon went to the Emilia Francesco Ferrari

Francesco Ferrari is the 41st edition of the Pustertaler ski marathon, the most traditional granfondo in South Tyrol, played on Saturday, January 13th on the 60 kilometers (which the competitors have traveled in classical technique) that meander by Braies (the way from the fraction of Ferrara), Villabassa, Dobbiaco (Nordic Arena), Landro (here the turning point, with a splendid view of the Tre Cime di Lavaredo), San Candido and Sesto. Over 400 competitors, representing 15 countries.

The Emiliano of Frassinoro, class 1994, has prevailed in the sprint, preceding the sprint Evgenij Dement’ev, the Russian cross-country that at the Olympic Games in Turin won the gold in skiathlon and silver in the 50 kilometers. To complete the podium, the trentino of Masi di Cavalese, Simone Bosin. The three characterized the race starting from the fortieth kilometer, when they left together with Riccardo Mich. Left in three, the sprint victory was played, with Ferrari prevailing.

“A wonderful victory, for me that I am new of the granfondo – so the winner, ex Fiamme Oro now in force to the Team Robinson – I wanted to do well, but I did not expect to win. On the last, difficult uphill section of Val Fiscalina I lost contact but then I managed to come back. At that point I told myself that I could do something good. So it was and I enjoy this victory, already thinking about the upcoming events ».

The women’s race, characterized by various disqualifications (disqualifications that also affected the men’s area, based on Article 343.8 of the Fis’s legislation on the maximum length of the poles), saw the success of the German Franziska Müller, already winner in 2016 and second last year.

“Finally this year, thanks to the abundant snowfalls of the last few weeks, we are able to restore the 60-kilometer route – says Alfred Prenn, president of the organizing committee – we worked hard to set up everything at best, an important job made possible by the availability of over 150 volunteers and many associations of the territory ».

In the race also the three faithful of the Pustertaler ski marathon, those athletes who participated in all editions of the classic Alto Adige: Giorgio Peretti, of Cortina d’Ampezzo, Giancarlo Vettorel, of Feltre, and Karl Walder of Dobbiaco. The fastest of the three was the latter. “The Pustertaler ski marathon is life – says Walder, class of 1954, at the finish line in 3h29’27” – gives me motivation to continue to be active and fit. Cross-country skiing has changed so much in these forty years but the passion of those who practice it is always the same ».

Skiing, in Wengen the blues study. Theaux burns Mayer and Franz

In the second test on the Lauberhorn, the Frenchman is the fastest in 2’29 “69. Paris, 13th, the best of the Italians who have dedicated themselves to the study of the route. Canceled the female trials in Bad Kleinkirchheim

Adrien Theaux recorded the best time in the downhill test in Wengen (Svi). The Frenchman with 2’29 “69 was faster than 36/100 on Matthias Mayer.The Austrian preceded compatriot Max Franz and the Norwegians Kjetil Jansrud and Aleksander Kilde.Eighth, with a second delay, the Austrian Reichelt, best in the test on Wednesday Interlocutory trial for the Azzurri, after the excellent results of yesterday, which were dedicated to the study of the route The best of the Italians was today Dominik Paris, with the 13th time (2’31”09) definitely not very indicative and high, the times of the other Italians, with Mattia Casse 33 °, 55 ° Christof Innerhofer yesterday fourth, and Peter Fill, yesterday 2 °, even 74 ° in the classification, forfait of the Swiss Janka who decided to give up Saturday race, dissatisfied with the results in training, and still on the road to recovery after injury to the crusader of his right knee, suffered in October.Janka who in February had won the superG of Jeongseon, Olympic event test, does not want to put repentagli or the Games that will start next 9 February. In the evening then the French Theaux, aching in the back, said that he will not start in the combined to focus on the descent. The Swiss resort will host tomorrow (10:30 am and slalom at 2 pm) the combined and Sunday a slalom, where Stefano Gross and Manfred Moelgg will be involved.
women – No evidence, however, for the descendants of the World Cup. The Bad Kleinkirchheim downhill test scheduled for 13 has been canceled due to snow conditions. The athletes will try to test the track tomorrow, while the race will take place on Saturday at 11.15 and Sunday is scheduled for the super-G.
Given the conditions, the American actress Lindsey Vonn suggests that she could give up for security reasons: “In these conditions it seems too dangerous before the Games”.

Alpine skiing, World Cup: triumphs Shiffrin, third the Goggia

On the giant Kranjska Gora the Azzurra ends behind the American and Tessa Worley

KRANJSKA GORA (SLOVENIA) – Mikaela Shiffrin wins the giant of Kranjska Gora, valid for the Women’s Alpine Ski World Cup. The American precedes Tessa Worley and an excellent Sofia Goggia, who in the second heat goes back from eighth to third place. This is the order of arrival: Mikaela Shiffrin (USA) in 1’47 “40 2, Tessa Worley (Fra) at 0” 31 3, Sofia Goggia (Ita) 0 “91 4, Wendy Holdener (Sui) 0” 93 5, Stephanie Brunner (Aut) 0 “96 6, Federica Brignone (Italy) 0” 98 7, Tina Robnik (Slo) 1 “39 7, Sara Hector (Swe) 1” 39 9, Petra Vhlova (Svk) 1 “51 10. Estelle Alphand (Swe) 1 “93 23, Irene Curtoni (Ita) 2” 87 23, Marta Bassino (Ita) 2 “87.

CLASSIFICATION – This is the overall ranking of the Women’s Alpine Ski World Cup after the giant of Kranjska Gora: 1. Mikaela Shiffrin (USA) 1181 points, 2. Viktoria Rebensburg (Ger) 534 points, 3. Petra Vlhova (Svk) 504 points , 4. Wendy Holdener (Sui) 500 points, 5. Tessa Worley (Fra) 416 points, 6. Tina Weirather (Lie) 383 points, 7. Frida Hansdotter (Swe) 359 points, 8. Michelle Gisin (Sui) 348 points , 9. Sofia Goggia (Ita) 344 points, 10. Ragnhild Mowinckel (Nor) 324 points, 12. Federica Brignone (Ita) 286 points, 16. Manuela Moelgg (Ita) 234 points, 19. Irene Curtoni (Ita) 186 points , 23. Johanna Schnarf (Ita) 148 points, 42. Elena Fanchini (Ita) 79 points, 43. Marta Bassino (Ita) 68 points, 50. Chiara Costazza (Ita) 64 points, 57. Nadia Fanchini (Ita) 50 points , 61. Nicol Delago (Ita) 46 points, 67. Anna Hofer (Ita) 39 points.

Snow throughout Italy, three meters in Friuli The forecasts up to the Epiphany

Abundant rainfall throughout the Alps and the Apennines. The record at Sella Nevea, on Mount Canin. New snowfalls expected, but also rains, in the coming days

On Monte Canin, in the Friuli region Sella Nevea – power of the name! -, the three meters have been reached. At Aprica you get two meters and twenty meters and not much below two meters there are Tarvisio (175 cm) and Forti di sopra (160). You are above the metro at Limone Piemonte (130), at Abetone (130) and at San Candido (100). And a little below, around 90 centimeters, are Chiesa in Valmalenco, Sestola and Montecampione. These are the most snow-covered towns in Italy with a distribution covering all the regions of the Alps and the Apennines. But beyond the medium, peaks between one and two meters are recorded everywhere in the main ski resorts

Other significant rainfall is expected towards the end of the week. And already today are announced for the evening snowfall in the border Alps over 1,500 meters. “The first days of 2018 will be rather movements on the country, because of some rapid perturbed fronts, driven by the Atlantic currents, which at the average of one per day, will also engage most of our regions – explains the meteorologist Francesco Nucera on the site of 3BMeteo -. The weather will remain very dynamic with sudden changes even during the same day, waiting for a more full-bodied and prolonged worsening for Epiphany ». In short, other rainfall on arrival, although in many cases, especially at low altitudes, it will be rain.

Santo Stefano, all about skiing

The ski resorts of Italian Switzerland ready for the winter season with complete programs from 26

The ski resorts of Italian Switzerland, including small ones, are ready for the winter season. From next Saturday, or at the latest from Santo Stefano, if the weather does not play some trick, all the plants in Ticino and in the Grigionitalian valleys will be in operation, even those that this weekend could not open.

Winter sports enthusiasts, having spent Christmas with their family, will be able to count on extensive and varied programs on the downhill and cross-country slopes from Bedretto to Poschiavo-Sfazù, from Novaggio to Airolo-Pesciüm, passing from Lüina, Rossa, Nara , Pian San Giacomo, Cioss Prato, Campra, Cardada, Piano di Peccia, Mogno, Prato Leventina, Maloja, Ambrì and Alpe di Neggia. And it is not excluded that you can even ski on improvised tracks, as happened Saturday in Lostallo where the local ski club, in memory of the old times, has organized a day of fun on the slope at the Monda.

In San Bernardino, for example, in addition to the complete activity on the slopes from the 26th, the Nordic Testing Day on December 27th is worth noting, during which it will be possible to try for free the Nordic ski material with the professional support of the masters. At Campo Blenio on Tuesday 26th the party opens for the seasonal opening of the Dome, which is flanked by the snow market on Saturday, December 30th. On the same day in Bosco Gurin, on the other hand, poetry can be heard in the Walser dialect with Peter Tomamichel.

The recent, heavy snowfall, after seasons of satisfaction, have offered a great help “from the sky” to all the stations that, when equipped, have been able to “strengthen” the natural blanket with the artificial one, thus creating a thickness sufficient to resist enthusiasm of skiers.

Whitewashed Ticino: all ready to ski

, to announce the opening for Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 are also Prato Leventina (info, Nara ( and Airolo-Lüina ( In Campra all the 18 km of cross-country skiing trails are practicable, while in San Bernardino the Pian Cales slopes and the cross-country trails ( open.

In Pesciüm tomorrow (Saturday 16) the ‘skiliftone’ will be open and the track n ° 8 and part of n ° 1 will be available to allow skiers to go down to the cableway’s departure station; the Ravina area will instead be available from next week. The excursionists will have at their disposal, in the evenings at fixed times and days, a runway from the station of the cableway to Cassinello passing from Nante and Ravina. Info Facebook “Airolo Valbianca cableways” and Carì opens tomorrow (Saturday 16) and Sunday 17; then from Saturday 23rd, closing on Christmas Day, opening daily until the end of the season. The abundant snow allows you to comfortably get off skiing in the village. The toboggan run can also be used and the carpet for the little ones can be used in 2000. The Bedrina di Dalpe ski lift is also starting up tomorrow; the cross-country trail is underway. Opening Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 also for the station of Cioss Prato.


In Bosco Gurin the lifts are all running and you ski regularly. In Cardada the chair lift and the slopes (remaining the favorable situation as it currently is) will open on December 26th and will remain there for all the Christmas holidays. From 22 to 25 December only the Orselina-Colmanicchio cable car (Cardada) will operate. As for the Peccia Plan, from December 26 the slopes will be open every day until January 7th; a course will be organized on 5 and 6 January (info 079 541 82 26).


The Bedea ski lift of Novaggio and the school of snow sports (079 672 32 42) will be open to the public this weekend, Saturday from 9 to 16.30 and Sunday from 9 to 16.

In Copenhagen the waste-to-energy plant becomes a ski slope

Designed by the Bjarke Ingels Group, the Amager Bakke – Copenhill waste-to-energy plant is preparing to become the new cult destination for sportsmen, including a climbing and climbing wall

Building a waste-to-energy plant in the middle of a green area entirely dedicated to sport and wellness may seem like a contradiction. But not if you are in Denmark, and if behind the entire project is the signature of the prestigious architectural firm Bjarke Ingels Group. The Amager Bakke – Copenhill complex should be inaugurated in the autumn of next year: a 750 million euro facility in the immediate vicinity of Copenhagen, which in addition to burning waste and producing energy for neighboring cities will also host on its surface a ski slope and a climbing wall.

The project, the result of a 2010 call, aims to turn Copenhagen into the world’s first zero-emission capital. The waste-to-energy plant has been designed to receive around 400 thousand tonnes of waste every year, and to transform it into electricity and hot water with which to heat homes and offices. All strictly zero-impact: the smoke that escapes from the chimneys of the structure is actually a harmless water vapor, while the waste-to-energy residues are reused as fertilizer for agriculture and building material.

But that is not all. Because in addition to show off a very respectable design, made of glass, aluminum and steel, Amager Bakke – Copenhill is preparing to become a mandatory destination for the most avid sportsmen. Thanks to its considerable size, 200 meters long, 60 wide and 90 high, this artificial hill will soon be equipped with all the necessary equipment to convert to the ski slope, complete with a ski lift, safety barriers and snow cannons fed by the same power plant.

While on the side wall will be set up an artificial climbing wall of 86 meters.

“The goal is to connect Amager Bakke – Copenhill to the center of Copenhagen and make this complex a real reference point for lovers of skiing and climbing, practically active for the entire duration of the year”, explain the managers of the Amager Ressource Center. “The project developed by Bjarke Ingels is not only beautiful from an aesthetic point of view, but also absolutely functional. A café will also be built inside the building, and visitors will enjoy the breathtaking view of the city “. The system, it seems, can serve up to a maximum of 200 skiers at a time, while the price per hour of ski passes should be around 70 crowns, about 9.50 euros.

In Lombardy a day to learn how to ski for free with the masters

A whole day in which the Lombard snow professionals will be available for free group lessons of 2 hours dedicated to children (from 4 years) and to adults in the disciplines of alpine skiing, Nordic skiing, snowboarding, telemark and also for disabled children. The schools participating in the initiative are 60.

The Open Day promoted by AMSI Lombardia and arrived at the tenth edition, is scheduled for 17.12.2017.

An opportunity for mothers and fathers who want to bring their children closer to the snow, to the sport and to the splendid mountain resorts of the Lombardy Region, but also for adults who wish to acquire from the first ski notions to the more advanced ones.

An opportunity therefore to understand how a ski lesson takes place (Alpine and Nordic) or snowboarding in the snow and to encourage the flow in schools, giving way to a safe season thanks to snow professionals.

Joining the Open Day is simple: just contact the nearest Ski or Snowboard School and communicate the membership to Open Day 2017, the school will provide all useful information.

Where skiing at the Immaculate: after Alagna, the slopes at Alpe di Mera di Scopello also open

In Alagna after the debut of last weekend, which recorded the presence of a thousand fans, since yesterday (December 7) the opening is daily. For the Immacolata available there are the Olen track, the treadmill of Pianalunga and the Wold and the Wold 1 descent. For those who decide to ski on the Valsesian side of the Monterosa ski area the daily costs 21 euros, 15 for the Wold. Off to the skis also to the Alpe di Mera di Scopello. Today it will be possible to use the Campo ski lift (daily € 10), tomorrow and Sunday the Camparient chairlift will be added to the Boschetto track (20 euro skipass). The ticket office from today to Sunday is open from 8.30 to 17.30.

And for those who do not want to move too much, there are also the slopes of the Biella area. In Bielmonte, offers for families with children start from the first day of the season, during the days of the Immaculate Conception. But the Oasi Zegna facilities also offer nature hikes and snowshoe hikes in the moonlight. The ski pass will be free for those under 14, Friday lessons offered by teachers from ski schools: for each hour purchased another free. Children up to 8 years of age can ski for free when accompanied by a paying parent throughout the season and for the biggest ski passes as gifts on weekdays. Discounted rates for over 60 and university students and have two or four hours to spend throughout the day

The right destinations to go skiing and see the races of ski champions

The snow has come and the plants are already open. From Trentino to Valle d’Aosta, here is where to do the most spectacular runs and attend the races.

This year the snow is punctual, the plants are open and the desire for fun to share with friends and family is taken.
But where to go? Here is a selection of ski areas based on the beauty of the places, the technicality and the spectacularity of the track. Someone will tell you that they know the best, but these are the favorites of the champions who race every year at the World Cup.

At the heart of the Andalo Fai della Paganella ski area, the most beautiful and technical Olympia trail starts from the top overlooking the valley of Adige and Brenta, and goes downhill. New: expanded the La Rocca track to facilitate the return of less experienced skiers. The event: Do not miss the training of the Norwegian Alpine Ski Team on the Olimpionica 2 track (black track) from 9 to 22 December.
Daily cost: 41 euros.

Connected to the facilities of Espace San Bernardo, to ski on infinite kilometers of slopes between the Italian and French alpine slopes. In France, two new chair lifts and five slopes
red to meet the most experienced skiers. The track to be tried is the Tre Franco Berthod, one of the most difficult and steep in Italy (76% maximum slope) that this year
was chosen by FIS as a track for the recovery of the men’s and women’s Alpine Ski World Cup races. The event: March 3 and 4 in Courmayeur, not far away
from La Thuile, the Freeride World Tour qualifier circuit breaks.
Daily cost: 40 euros.

In the Alta Valtellina area, 170 km of pistes in the heart of the Stelvio National Park. The track to be missed is the Stelvio 3,300 meters to do everything in a breath. The event: the World Ski Jump World Cup on December 28th. The novelty: fun area at Bormio 2000 with Funslope Bormio and Familypark Bormio, for skiers and snowboarders. In the resorts of Bormio, Livigno, Santa Caterina Valfurva and San Colombano Valdidentro there is a free ski bus service for those with Superski Alta Valtellina. Daily cost: from 23 euros.

A web of 130 km of slopes at various levels of difficulty. The Grand Rise of La Villa is one of the best in the world (450 meters in altitude and 1,300 km in length); with a slope
maximum of 63%, is a black for a few, but there is an easier variant. The event: December 17, giant slalom of the World Cup.
Daily cost: from 43 euros.

Ortisei, S. Cristina, Selva di Val Gardena, are part of the Dolomiti Superski domain. From all three resorts you can go, with the Dolomiti Superski ski pass for the Sellaronda, the Sella group’s all-round ski trip. Try the 3.5km Saslong descent with breathtaking curves and goblins, while in December the new 10-seater Piz Seteur cable car, the most modern monofire plant ever made, is to be found. The event: in conjunction with the Ski World Cup (15 and 16 December), big parties are scheduled. The offer not to be missed from 6 to 23 December 2017 is Superpremière; with 4 nights, one is free, who book 6 nights, will have two.
Daily cost: from 43 euros.

Here Skirama Dolomiti Adamello Brenta Ski Area has about 150 km of slopes; you can ski throughout the day between Madonna di Campiglio, Folgarida-Marilleva, Pinzolo and there are free shuttles to move between the various locations. Among the 5 Snowparks, the Ursus Snowpark in Madonna di Campiglio, one of the top five of the Alps. Folgarida’s new four-seater Malghette chairlift is in operation. The event: World Cup Men’s Special Slalom, December 22nd. From December 7th to 10th, Marilleva Snow Week has four days of skiing fun snowboarding.
Daily cost: 50 euros.

For those who love silence, the scenery to enjoy in solitude is perfect for cross-country skiing. Here are 5 locations to experience an unforgettable experience in nature, suitable for those who have been practicing forever or for those who only start now.

Not only downhill: in the Courmayeur area, Val Ferret is one of the most scenic and popular alpine ski resorts. In the valley, stretched over to the magnificent amphitheater at the foot of Mont Blanc, you embark on 22 miles of trails in a heaven of peace.

It is the valdostan queen of cross-country skiing. The pistes wind up for 80km, crossing the villages of Epinel, Lillaz, Valnontey in the heart of the Gran Paradiso National Park. Do not miss the Marciagranparadiso from 2 to 4 February 2018.
Dobbiaco and, more north, Anterselva. The Val Pusteria area is a paradise for cross-country skiers: the slopes are well traced, the breathtaking views (Info: An unusual race: in the Casies Valley, the Canederli Marathon (January 14th), mix between sport and cooking. Info: DI SIUSI (BZ) The largest plateau in Europe offers 80 km of pistes with a minimum length of 2 km for beginners and others extending like the “Giogo” , with its 15 km being the longest in the area.Info: (TN) Three sports rings are available for 1.5, 4.5 and 8 km, suitable for beginners and experienced riders.Info:

Where to ski low cost, map and prices for “having fun” with the autumn snow

While in the south probably someone is still bathing at the sea, in the North is already all ready for the new ski season. If most of the facilities will open between the second half of November and early December, in some regions of Italy in a few days it will be possible to put the skis at the foot

The Stelvio Pass, in Lombardy, thanks to over 20 kilometers of all difficulty, for a total difference of over 700 meters, is one of the most important summer skiing and snowboard centers. Although the heat of summer has created some problems, forcing them to close ski lifts and ski slopes, enthusiasts will be able to enjoy over 20 kilometers of slopes until November 5th with a late-torch torch scheduled for Saturday 4th.

In South Tyrol, the slopes of the Val Senales glacier are already open: skiers have a 3,212-meter Grawand chairlift. “Hope is to be able to open all the systems within two weeks, allowing time,” explains the local operators. Solda has been on the road since October 21, due to the high slopes of up to 3250 meters.

It is still “early to give a complete picture of any price increases on plant prices” but, as explained by AdnKronos Valeria Ghezzi, president of the Anef (National Association of Operators), “where we should be talking about 2% at most. And I think even from a receptive point of view there will be no significant increases. ” “Investment in the industry amounts to 70 billion – says the Ghezzi – now snow is always guaranteed, also because the trend is that of a mountain to live all year round: even when it is natural you work because it enhances comfort of those who wander. ” “In any case, hope is that this year will be a ‘white Christmas’ – he concludes – not so much because we fear that the sector is affected, but above all, what are the Christmas holidays from the point of view of the collective imagination.”

Livigno in October opening of the fund and December ski slopes

On October 15, skiing back to the bottom ring, while on December 1 officially starts the winter season with the opening of the slopes.

From October 15th to Livigno, it will open the bottom track, made with 50,000 cubic meters of snow that have been preserved during the summer season with snowfarm technique. Last winter, 100,000 cubic meters of snow were stored, of which 20 percent was dissolved in the summer, 30,000 were used for the Contrade Trophy (summer skiing event on true snow) and the remaining 50,000 will be used to open the bottom ring.

With such an anticipated opening over the other locations, Livigno becomes the ideal destination for training a large number of international teams and international athletes and biathlon riders coming down from the glaciers to train at an altitude of 1816 mt, perfect for the High Altitude Training .

For those who love skiing and snowboarding, just wait on December 1, when the winter season will be officially inaugurated with the opening of the ski slopes.

December 2 will be the turn of the 28th edition of Sgambeda, the granite of Livigno that is part of the international circuit “Visma Ski Classics”.

On the theme of scheduled snowfall, Livigno has embarked on an innovative road, taking part in the “Prosnow” European project of vast breath that also involves eight Alpine resorts. The optimization of programmed snow production is an important challenge for ski resorts. Today, the required water volumes are estimated at the beginning of the season on often unclear bases (eg, the worst ever recorded, with a observation period limited to one or two decades), and the decision to produce or not is generally taking the same day depending on weather conditions.

The Prosnow project, co-ordinated by Météo-France with 12 European partners, aims to develop a decision support service for ski resorts, based on weather forecasts (several days) and at the same time seasonal (several months).

This is a new tool that will provide meteorological information directly available to ski area operators (eg snow / snow stock), along with specific information on forecast uncertainties. Eight pilot stations in the Alps of France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Germany will contribute to the development of the service and to test the “demonstrator”.

The project will last for 3 years and has been submitted in response to the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 Green Economy initiative, which is associated with the social challenge 5 “Climate action, environment, resource efficiency and raw materials”, with objectives for research based on the market for climate services. In addition to the latest generation forecasts, the project will also be based on the new seasonal forecasting services developed at European level under the Copernicus Climate Change Services (C3S) program.


Due to the favorable position of the plants located between 1,900 and 3,250 meters above sea level, the Solda area inaugurates and anticipates the winter season of the Val Venosta. From October 21st, ski addicted skiers will be able to ski in over 40km of perfectly sloping slopes. Ideal for freeriders and for those who prefer telemark and extreme skiing.

The Solda ski area is located in the middle of the Ortles group, in the Stelvio National Park. Located at an altitude ranging from 1,900 meters to 3,250 meters, you can ski from October to May. You can have fun on over 40 km of pistes. Ideal for all types of skiers and not only, which will be able to admire a unique landscape with 14 tall peaks over three thousand meters.

In addition to the numerous slopes, the Solda ski area is famous for its slopes with fresh snow. Skiing out skiers, extreme skiers, telemarkers and freeride skiers can then find snow on all fresh levels of difficulty. If you love strolling and enjoying the panorama, you are in the right place, from here you can admire the views of the three main peaks: Ortles, Zebrù and Gran Zebrù.

The slopes of Solda December 2017 – Belpiano and Malga Valentina on the 15th, Watles on the 21st and Trafoi on the 23rd, will open. For the Christmas season all the Val Venosta skiing arena will be in full swing to offer unforgettable experiences mountain lovers.


Skiing season on the Stubai glacier, Tyrol starts on October 14th.

The first curves of the season, on the weekend of 14 and 15 October, will be celebrated with a vintage party with many skiers presenting on the track with traditional clothes in wool and wooden skis. Which, combined with beer running through rivers, will give the Oktoberfest the snow. In addition to the fun, there will also be an opportunity to win some prizes as the four “best-looking” couples will be awarded with: € 500, € 300, two skipasss for two days skiing on the Stubai Glacier and a voucher of 50 Euros for the Schaufelspitz gourmet restaurant boasting 2 Gault Millau hair.

Two nights with skipass on the day of the opening are promoted starting from 146 euros (overnight stay, breakfast, ski pass and ski bus included).

Stubai events on the 2017 2018 Autumn Ski Glacier

From 24 to 26 November 2017, the world’s best freeskiers will face a slopestyle showdown at the Stubai Zoo snowpark. About 120 athletes challenge the Stubai glacier for the first FIS Freeski World Cup race.

The Moreboards Stubai Premiere runs from 20th to 22nd October and offers a lively and colorful show with snowboarders in action at the Stubai Zoo Snowpark and the opportunity to try the latest equipment news at the Brand-Saloon at Eisgrat Station.

Appointment with test materials with the SportScheck Glacier Testival, from 9 to 11 November, with more than 3,600 materials to be tested on the slopes of the glacier.

Freeride appointment is the SAAC Basic Camp on November 18 and 19, to learn how to move on off-track tracks safely.

The myths of half a century of skiing celebrated the Saslong

A few degrees less and snow would fall.
The World Cup jubilee celebrations in Val Gardena started under a knock-and-tearful rain and with the white flakes topped only on the summit of the Saslong.
To give that touch of originality the presence of two camels, almost a sign of gratitude to the animal from which they have named a series of jumps along the Saslong (“the camel’s goblins”).
The number one event of the 50th anniversary competition under the Fis brand in Val Gardena (there will be other events in the Cup of the Cup in December) has been a good involvement of the local population, many athletes of the past and new generations, somehow tied to the Saslong, the championship track that was initially snatched by a certain Karl Schranz, the most reputed Austrian who described it as a “highway”.
Scrolling through the anniversaries it turns out that the one between the Val Gardena and the great Alpine World Cup skiing was a love intended to last over the years.
In fact, the spark struck a significant day, that of Valentine’s Day in 1969.
On February 14, 48 years ago, Saslong won the Swiss Jean-Daniel Dätwyler. Why then 50 years if the first Cup is 1968? In 1967 the World Cup was started in Val Gardena and in the Ladin valley there were already some Fis A competitions organized in the Cup calendar.
Since 1972, then after the 1970s World Cup, the free fall of the Cup (since 2002 also the Supergigante) is always played in December, following Christmas.
Heart of the Saturday party was Santa Cristina where past champions and athletes gathered together with old-fashioned clothing and museum equipment. To frame, so many fans come to the event. A colorful party accompanied by the notes of various musical bands.
The parade brought the present along the Dursan Street from the Dosses-Maciaconi to the Iman Center, where a number of interesting panels had been set up that highlighted some of the most salient moments of the races in Val Gardena. At first, he could not miss the picture of pioneer Erich Demetz (he was then the longest president of the World Cup) to leave for the Fis 1967 conference in Beirut. Unpublished photos also on the 1970 World Cup panel, but above all the great interest in the parallel epic on Ronc di Ortisei between Gustav Thöni and Ingemar Stenmark, one of the most beautiful and exciting moments in the history of skiing.
To remember that event dated March 23, 1975 was the blue Helmuth Schmalzl that day was there. “The world cup was in three: Klammer, Stenmark and Gustavo. To take Klammer out of the dispute, I thought, who eliminated him after a few shifts, “recalled the former blue city who then had a past as responsible for Fis security.
Images also recalled the famous jump of Uli Spieß of December 15, 1980 that 100 kilometers from the second to the third camel’s hump jumped over 70 meters in length to a height of about 10 meters.
They could not miss the pictures of the companies “Crazy Canucks”, in particular that of Rob Boyd on 13 December 1986 and 12 of the following year. The first was remembered by Michael “Much” Mair, second only 14 cents from Canadian.
“When I was tired of winning with 39, Boyd fell and using a run that had accelerated in the meantime beat me,” reminded the ex-Pusteria. In some editions, there have been real surprises from those who came down with high numbers. On all the German Max Rauffer in 2004.
Then there was a picture of the reliefs brought to Giorgio Piantanida, a dramatic flyer on the descent of December 16, 1989.
A long parenthesis was devoted to Kristian Ghedina, present at the festivities with his red racing suit but above all with a embalmed roe deer in his hand, remembering that arrival of the 2004 descent when a roe deer went on the final schuss while passed “the Ghedo”. The Ampezzo jet on the Saslong won four times (1996, 1998, 1999 and 2001) as the Austrian Klammer.
Among them are Herbert Plank, the first and only South Tyrolean to win the free on Salsong. It was December 18, 1977 when the vipitenese left behind the Austrians Wirnsberg and Klammer. It was not present because of training in South America Werner Heel, who on December 19 won in Superg. On the stage for a greeting and a sign of recognition


Summer skiing in Cervinia will continue until September 10th.

The Plateau Rosà glacier, given the Stelvio forfeit (closed these days), is the only skylight in Italy these days

(the tracks, let’s remember, are precisely in the Swiss territory of Zermatt).

There are still two more abundant weeks for the latest skiing in the summer waiting for the first fall snowfall.

So many snowboarding events for this summer end in Cervinia:

from 6th to 9th September the event is with the Ultra Tour of Monte Rosa, a massive racing race in the mountains,

with a distance of 170 kilometers across the Valle del Matterhorn, Val d’Ayas, Zermatt and Macugnaga.

On August 29th, however, the 1st Dark Bike of the Matterhorn is planned, a night mountain bike event with a descent from 2,900 of Cime Bianche Laghi.

Until September 11th, the exhibition “KL, Stories beyond the Limit”,

dedicated to the Kilometro Lanciato, opened in the 1970s,

featuring Cervinia’s protagonist and the legendary runway at Plateau Rosà.

Alpine skiing, Marcel Hirscher falls into training. Malleol fracture and six-week stop for the Austrian

Alpine skiing, Marcel Hirscher falls into training. Malleol fracture and six-week stop for the Austrian


The Olympic season for Marcel Hirscher begins in the worst ways. The Austrian champion, winner of the last six editions of the Alpine Ski World Cup, bolted a blade on the first day of training on the Mölltal glacier, remaining a bad fall.

The world champion in charge of slalom and giant was immediately transported to the hospital in Salzburg, where he was diagnosed with the fracture of the left ankle malleolus. It should not be done, however, it will be obliged to carry the plaster for 6 weeks.

Really a bad hit for Hirscher: an injury at this stage of preparation could turn out to be peculiar in view of approaching the PyeongChang 2018 Games. It is difficult for the Austrian to force the time to come back to the world cup giant in Sölden Next October 29. The primary goal of one of the greatest skiers of all time, in fact, remains that Olympic gold so far barely escaping.


The long starting series for South America begins in Ushuaia, for the World Cup skiing blue. The first to start on the Fire Land where it is winter and you can ski on natural snow are Stefano Gross, Simon Maurberger, Manfred Moelgg, Tommaso Sala and Patrick Thaler who will be away from 11 August to 5 September.

“We will find better conditions than last year – says coach Stefano Costazza – although there has been rain in the last two days but who is already in Ushuaia tells that the slopes are all open and that all the facilities can be used Starting with the first four / five, working a bit more on the slalom, we are at the Cerro Castor so we can take advantage of the full range of the day, as a base, we will work on giant and slalom, maybe on two shifts. Snowy conditions day after day When the giants arrive (will leave August 22) we will privilege the giant, even if we do not forget the slalom, this first group will do all the time in Ushuaia, while the giants will divide between Ushuaia and Valle Nevado. , On the other hand, will depart on September 1 and will arrive directly to Valle Nevado “.

Ushuaia’s departure will be an opportunity for skiing so much and confronting athletes of other nationalities: “We will find the French and the Slovenes, and we will certainly look for some comparison, especially with the French, and that will be important to measure the growth of the state. Will be between 18 and 22 days of skiing, so we are sure we can do a good job. “

Proudly positioned in the heart of Verbier .

Just a five-minute walk from the Medran lift and two from the center of town, guests couldn’t wish for a more desirable location in the Swiss Alps.
The elegant living and dining areas occupy the second floor of this stunning vacation rental.

Traditional alpine materials are sensitively combined with contemporary design creating a wonderful après-ski atmosphere.
By day, sunlight floods in from the floor-to-ceiling sliding doors, and the views of the surrounding snow-covered peaks are simply breathtaking.
By night, sink into the sumptuous sofas in front of the roaring fire and enjoy a cool glass of champagne before dinner.
Beautiful chandeliers sit over the grand dining table that seats fourteen.
Rest assured, you will feel refreshed and rejuvenated after your stay at VERBIER. The spa is one of a kind – luxurious and sleek.
The swimming pool includes massage jets, and you will love the hammam and massage room. Overlooking the swimming pool is a gym with the latest fitness equipment.
On the garage level, you will find a large ski room with heated boot warmers for your convenience.

Speak to our dedicated concierge about hosting a wedding or anniversary celebration.
From golf and hiking in the summer to rosy cheeks and snowflakes in the winter, there is something for every season in Verbier!

When Sardinia and South Korea meet in the kitchen

Sardinia and South Korea celebrate the new agreement on collaboration in the food sector with a plate that unites the Italian and the Eastern traditions. Here is the chicken recipe stuffed with kimchi

On one side there is Sardinia, with its incredible territory and those good table products that all of us know. On the other hand, there is South Korea, a country with no doubt fascinating, revolutionary technologies and culinary traditions still largely to be discovered. Two extremely diverse realities, but nowadays seem a little less distant thanks to the Food Collaboration Agreement just signed by the Korean Food Foundation, a public organization engaged in the promotion of Korean food and food industry, and Aspal, the Sardinian agency for active labor policies.

A Memorandum of Understanding that will develop a co-operation program for the next three years, involving chefs and culinary experts. For the Italian team, it will be an opportunity to discover or rediscover a truly unique international cuisine, made up of slow-moving traditions, great knowledge of raw materials and a lot of attention to health.

Already because the Hansik kitchen, so called, takes full advantage of the ancient practice of natural fermentation of foods, through which the foods take on an intense and complex flavor over time. To begin to understand and love this tradition you can start from two basic elements: kimchi, a vegetable dish – especially Chinese cabbage – let it ferment with abundant spices, including spicy chili and ginger; And the jang, the characteristic fermented sauce, with its ganjang version (obtained from soy beans), doenjang (soy sauce) and gochujang (red chili peppers).

So, under the event “One Summer Night with Hansik” organized in Milan by the Korean Food Foundation, chef Mauro Seu wanted to give us an example of a possible encounter between the Italian and Korean tradition. He made it by offering his chicken breast stuffed with Kimchi, spinach and ricotta in Mediterranean sauce, of which we give you the recipe below.

A summer night with Hansik – 26.07 (8)

Chicken breast filled with Kimchi

1 Chicken breast
2 eggs
60 gr of flour
60 gr of grated Pan
30 gr of Spinach
30 gr Kimchi
50 gr Ricotta
Seed Oil qb
Salt to taste
Korean sesame leaves

Ingredients for the sauce:
Tomatoes, Black Olives, Red Onions, Basil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil

To prepare the sauce, remove the skin and tomato seeds and finely chop it. Mix the chopped tomato with the other ingredients and complete the whole.
For filling, chop the kimchi and spinach finely chopped to ricotta.
Fill the chicken breast with this compound, then pass it into flour, egg beaten and breadcrumbs, in this order.
Fry your chest stuffed in a preheated frying pan in plenty of sunflower oil.
Place the sauce in the middle of the dish.
Sliced ​​the chicken chicken breast and place the slices on the sauce.
Complete garnishing with Korean sesame or basil leaves.

Cortina D’ampezzo

Apartamento a estrenar, muy bien amueblado en Cortina.

Apartamento nuevo y decorado con buen gusto por el artesano experto de Cortina d’Ampezzo.

La propiedad, en la planta baja, tiene una vista del bosque y una gran terraza en la Tomane

E ‘internamente compuesto de sala de estar con salón y terraza, cocina super equipada, baño de visitas, un

dormitorio principal con baño en suite, un segundo dormitorio doble.

Ganar el título de “Reina de los Dolomitas” – las montañas más bellas del mundo y patrimonio de la humanidad

– y ser parte de la “mejor de los Alpes” no es insignificante: es por eso Cortina d’Ampezzo

es uno de los sitios preferidos por las personalidades los más ricos.

En el centro se puede caminar entre los chalets de lujo, y los apartamentos,

que puede satisfacer los gustos más exigentes. La ciudad tiene una vida noturna muy animado y es muy común

encontrar en las tiendas y artistas locales.

Cortina también tiene una historia muy rica, como lo demuestran los artefactos conservan en el Museo de

Paleontología Rinaldo Zardini que cuenta la historia de los Dolomitas con fósiles que datan hace volver más de

280 millones de años.

Comprar un ático de lujo en el Piazzetta San Francisco es ideal para aquellos que gustan de saborear las

delicias de la cocina Ampezzo local que combina el encanto de Austria, Tirol y Veneto!

Para los amantes de las compras, una casa de prestigio en Corso Italia es perfecta: simplemente salir a las

calles y comenzar a elegir los accesorios y la ropa de alta moda de desplazamiento a través

de las ventanas de las muchas tiendas de lujo.

Pero la verdadera joya de Cortina son las zonas de esquí: aquí tiene un hermoso chalet con vistas a las

estaciones de esquí es un verdadero lujo.

Usted puede disfrutar del esquí, snowboard, raquetas de nieve o andar en fatbike, además de dar largos paseos.

En verano, no se pierda la puesta de sol sobre el lago o un paseo a través de las caídas del Parque Natural

de los Dolomitas Ampezzo.

Chalet Masso

Chalet Masso, Svizzera, Vallese, Nendaz, per un massimo di 10 persone

Chalet Massot si trova nel cuore delle 4 vallate, a pochi minuti dal villaggio di Haute-Nendaz. L’affascinante chalet in legno moderno con oltre 400 m2 e 3 livelli è il luogo ideale per trascorrere una bella e lussuosa vacanza con la famiglia o con gli amici.

Lo chalet è adatto per un massimo di 10 persone.

Il cuore dello chalet è un ampio salone con travi a vista e un bellissimo camino in pietra, che offre viste fantastiche sulla valle di Sion. Un luogo ideale per gustare lunghe serate intonate sui divani accanto al fuoco, o per rilassarsi e guardare un film sullo schermo del cinema home cinema.

La sala da pranzo, che si apre su una grande terrazza, offre un’area elegante per intrattenere famiglie o amici.

Paris Jackson and his 1st cover for ‘Vogue’

The daughter of Michael Jackson has a powerful reason to work in fashion. This is what counts in the July issue of ‘Vogue Australia’

Now that everything progresses at the speed of light, the racing of the models are curved with the same speed. Just a few months have passed since Paris Jackson entered with an undecided fashion as an image of Chanel and has already signed with IMG, the most prestigious modeling agency on the planet, debuted on the catwalk and starred in his first cover for Vogue Australia. Almost nothing.

Michael Jackson’s daughter is one of the most ubiquitous faces of the Millennium Generation and her story resembles that of Kendall Jenner, Gigi and Bella Hadid, Sofia Richie and Hailey Baldwin. “Daughters of” who have inherited the position and prestige of their parents, which has helped them to start a meteoric race to success and create their own fate.

That’s Paris. But, unlike the rest, she has a powerful reason to explain her foray into fashion and so she has in the July issue of Vogue Australia. “I really want to make a positive impression, especially when it comes to the media and the standard of beauty that we see in magazines or we read in each article from our mobile phone.”

Dressed in a total Prada look and photographed by Patrick Demarchelier, the eldest of the “King of Pop” has underlined her intention to be a healthy example for young women and to turn their personality into each project. “I am passionate about so many causes, I want to fight for the people, I think it is my duty … I am working hard to ensure that everything I work on shows my personal creativity.”

With her tattoos, a questioning look and a look that is not far from reality, the photo in question shows a more natural 19-year-old than produced. Although the biographical similarities with Kendall, Hadid and company are evident, little or nothing has to do with them in style and character. And if we have to specify more, it seems the worthy successor of Cara Delevingne.

Chalet Megeve

Chalet Megeve


This brand new chalet is definitely a masterpiece.

Could not be more well located. Literally in the extra center of the town in a picturesque street.

Chalet offers 500 sqm of pure design offering luxury accommodation with modern facilities mixed with old wood to add a warm atmosphere.

Enjoy spending time in the wave system indoor swimming pool or spend a nice moment in the hot tub.

Can host up to 10 adults and 4 children

Mayweather and McGregor fight on August 26 in Las Vegas

Official Money Fight between US boxer retired unbeaten and star of martial arts Ufc

The Mayweather Vs.McGregor match is there. Here is the date: August 26 in Las Vegas. After months of signals, rumors, allegations, announcements and negotiations, the boxing encounter between Floyd Mayweather jr. And Conor McGregor has been officially certified: Mayweather Promotions, the organization of meetings and all about the five-time world champion sports business, has sought and obtained the use of the prestigious MGM Grand in Las Vegas for next August 26th. Then Mayweather himself confirmed the official match, which will see in the ring the two most charismatic characters of this era of combat sports. McGregor, via Twitter, and Bob Bennett, Executive Director of the Nevada Athletics Commission, have also confirmed that he has released the necessary zero clearance.

In the case of Mayweather it is a comeback, a return from the withdrawal of boxing consumed a year and a half ago.

“Pound to pound” – with the exception of weight-to-weight ratio – was considered the world’s strongest boxer in 2015 and left the unbeaten ring. Conor McGregor is superstar of UFC, the most well-known organization of mixed martial arts, and just the recent agreement with UFC, in which the Irish fighter fought, had made it clear that he had finally opened the way to the match with the UFC, American 40-year-old. McGregor had already begun training at boxing. Technically, the age difference is balanced with its first match only with the fists.

Conor, who is 28 years old and is at the height of a wrestler, should struggle to leave aside the grappling, but in the coming weeks, the organizers of the meeting will announce the other details of the Las Vegas event of August 26, Now we know only the prize announced as “Money Fight”, so the number of shootings and the transmission methods of the match that according to some estimates could exceed half a billion of revenue by surpassing even the 4.5 million pay-per-acquisition -view totalized in 2015 by the Mayweather-Pacquiao match. For the bags, weigh no less than 100 million for Mayweather and 80 for the Irish.

The Moschino collection kisses Gufram to Los Angeles

Jeremy Scott and Charley Vezza presented to L.A. Design Week the irreverent furnishings born of the collaboration. The photos of the party

Great kisses with hinges, high heels and biker bags, for an interior design that does not want to go unnoticed. Moschino Kisses Gufram, the capsule collection of furniture presented by the two brands during the Milan Design Week, also comes to California, where these days L.A. Design Week. And the landing could only be in great style: Jeremy Scott, creative director of Moschino, and Charley Vezza, Global Creative Orchestrator by Gufram, presented the fruit of their joint work at the cocktail party at the Beverly Showroom, The exhibition will be open until 1 July.

The protagonists of the evening, of which you can find some shots in our gallery, were obviously the furniture of the Moschino Kisses Gufram collection. Starting with the sensual Zipped Lips! Couch, special edition of the historic Mouth model, reinterpreted according to Jeremy Scott’s extract and produced in a limited edition of 99 specimens.

Then, to get to the Biker cabinet, a wheeled carriage that resembles the shape of the iconic Moschino Biker Bag, with its studs, hinges, collars and pockets; And high heels, with black leather and golden heel shoes, in which there is a pouf and three glass shelves respectively, a very unexpected version of a seat and a storage case.

Irina Shayk and her hotel room workout

MODEL FITNESS In the hotel room, not only rock stars burst out: Irina Shayk vows to a fitness program especially for “hotel rooms” – with the use of the furniture! So she stays on the road, as she says quite pragmatically: “I spend a lot of time in hotels and rarely there is in these good gyms to train.” VOGUE presents the effective bodyshaping exercises by Irina Shayk

Hold on a table with a flat hand, place on the tip of your feet, hold your back straight. The exercise begins: bend the right arm and pull the elbow to the ceiling, the upper body rotates. Focus on the abdominal muscles to stabilize a tight body. Change the page and repeat the exercise 15 to 20 times.

Put the backs on the table, support the hands flat, bend the knees at 90 degrees. The exercise begins: the feet are firmly on the ground, the elbows are slightly bent. Slowly pull the left leg down to the waist and lower it again. Control every movement and carry out with tension. The legs alternate 15 to 20 times.

For balance, take a pillow into your hands, put the left leg up into the toe tips stretched behind on the bed. The exercise begins: bend the right knee and pull the upper body slightly forward, the arms and the pillow form a triangle. Raise the left leg, guide it to the side, set it down and return it. The body always forms a line, only the stretched leg moves
Keep the bed position. Position the tip of the left leg. The exercise begins: bend the legs at the same time and stretch the arms with the pillow to each flexion. Focus on the inner center, the upper body remains straight. 15 to 20 passes per leg.

In front of the desk, a chair serves to control the posture. Assemble the feet, bend the knees slightly, grasp the palms, and stretch the arms in front of you. The exercise begins: as if one were to sit down on the chair, lower the pelvis and the knee. Focus on the inner center – as Irina Shayk repeatedly stressed in her fitness routine – the upper body and the arms remain stretched. 15 to 20 bends

Reach for a towel (for the second exercise) and lie down on your back. Stretch the legs up, hold the right thigh with both hands, grasp the fingers, stretch the arms. Place the left foot over the right thigh at a right angle – remember the “Schneidersitz”. The exercise begins: lift the right lower leg, the toes are extended. The body stays straight. 15 to 20 repetitions, change page

Stay on your back and stretch your legs. Fold the left leg, place the towel around the sole of the foot, stretch the leg. Both hands hold the towel, the arms at 90 degree angle. The exercise begins: the leg to the ceiling and then to the side, the neck slightly angled, the neck stretched. 15 to 20 repetitions, then change sides and the fitness program à la Irina Shayk!


Suspended on the edge of the Savoleyres side of Verbier, this fairy-tale hideaway is the finest example of luxurious alpine living.

Whilst the chalet gazes over the imposing mountains in the distance and village below, the interior is a haven of serenity and calmness.

Mon Izba occupies one of Verbier’s most sought after addresses.

This stunning chalet is a sensational blend of the traditional local architecture and extravagant design with alpine style wood and timber throughout.

Sensitive lighting alongside luxurious fittings and plush furnishings create an opulent setting for guests to relax and socialise in.

pread over five floors, the expansive chalet is sleeps up to 12 people in five bedrooms. The floors are all linked by a stair case and a lift.

Upon arrival, you enter the chalet into the hallway with an impressive chandelier being the main feature.

From this hallway you can access the expansive main living room and the beautiful open plan kitchen and dining room.

The sitting room focuses around an authentic stone fireplace, with sumptuous sofas surrounding it.

Is ‘Witness’ the best Katy Perry album to date?

Yes, no, maybe. The (social) networks have spoken

 Neither his looks, nor his ex, nor even his cuts of hair and color. Nothing overshadows what really matters when we talk about Perry: his music.

The singer treasures a legion of fans, nourished without haste but without pause since 2001 – date in which its race gave the starting gun – with its album Kate Hudson; First and last disc recorded under that name. The star as we know it (as Katy Perry) emerged in 2008 with One of the Boys and then consolidated with two other studio albums: Teenage Dream (2010) and Prism (2013).

They were good, nobody denies it; Which made us dance and sing, either. Who has not toned Roar (Prism) very high and very strong, has given everything a Friday night with Last Friday Night (Teenage Dream) and remembers I Kissed a Girl (One of the Boys) as the first hit of Santa’s girl Barbara. You like it more or less, you have to admit that you have talent for a while.

But one thing does not take away the other. It does not remove that Whiteness is profiled like the best work of the artist to date. The first two breakthroughs – Swish Swish and Bon Appetit – have garnered success and made headlines for several reasons: for the qualitative leap in sound and for showing a Katy Perry more mature, more compelling and more interesting. In short, a woman with the clearest things.

Serving Lena Dunham, “there is nothing braver than a person who announces that his story deserves to be told, especially if that person is a woman.” And it is clear that here are many stories about which Perry wants to talk (or rather, sing). On the feminine liberation, on the Millennials, on her.

If the welcome of the singles was tremendous, today we have dawned with the resounding success of the ‘World Wide Wide’. We talked about the appointment before the official release of the album (June 9) in which the Californian has revealed some exclusives in its YouTube channel. Unpublished images, several surprises … Everything necessary to be trending topic, go. As has finally happened with more than 20 thousand tweets.

A total of 15 topics that have grabbed Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The (social) networks have spoken and say #WITNESS is their new musical obsession.

Polignano, the wonder becomes a scent

A magical place with a story to tell. This is done by Paolo Fadelli, a great name for art perfume, with six essences. To bring the Apulia on or home

Tell a magical place like Polignano a Mare, one of the most spectacular places in the province of Bari, through an artistic perfume project. Paolo Fadelli, patron of Joy Perfum Project, has been doing business, marketing expert since 30 years behind the scenes of the most prestigious brand in the world of perfumery.

With him the son Leo. A true passion for the beautiful vintage things that patiently and cautiously sought, Leone was entrusted with the development of a company that started a few years ago with the Pantheon line (made around the love story between Raffaello and Fornarina) and that Now it continues with Polignano Fragrances. A nice gadget to take away from the city of Domenico Modugno: you can choose between six essences, one designed for the environments, to feel Polignano at home, or at home, when you are captured by inevitable nostalgia attacks for this splendid corner of Puglia .

Telling with the scents the charm of a lovely place, suggestions related to places, stories and characters is an idea full of romance and vision: “Living emotions, sharing them with others, and making them forever is a bit of what’s going on When traveling.

In Polignano all this happens in a very strong and incredibly authentic way, “Paolo Fadelli tells us. “We wanted to tell it with our experience in artistic perfume, for which it is necessary to have the urge and patience to read a true book of olfactory poems,” adds son Leo, “and travel with fantasy and with the … nose. The result is a collection of invisible images, fragments of life that can not be tightened. ”

Let’s try: “With Biancoblù we tried to describe the encounter of colors between the stone and the sea. Without Time is a tribute to the Polignano Clock Square. And Flying a tribute to Domenico Modugno and freedom. “

Iddu – A trip to the fascinating Sicily

Among the elegant streets of South Kensington, there is a small gem that represents the perfect meeting place between London and Sicily.
Freshly squeezed orange juice directly from the Island of the boot, and brioches filled with pistachio cream for breakfast.
For dinner, fresh fish.
Even the furnishings do not deny it:
it seems to be in a small restaurant in the province of Syracuse.
For the nostalgics and lovers of the Bel Paese every Tuesday is a live music show. Of course Sicilian.


This incredible private-chalet sleeps a total of 10 people over four floors. Relax in Chalet private spa which is a sanctuary of personal well being and tranquillity or socialise with family and friends in the impressive living and dining area. This beautiful property provides you with every luxury and comfort you could wish for ensuring you have a truly memorable stay.

The first floor sets the scene of a tranquil mountain sanctuary. There is a simplicity in design which is perfectly harmonised with cosy, alpine inspired features. There are three double bedrooms, all with en-suite shower rooms. Two of the bedrooms have small dressing rooms, and all feature private balconies which open up to the wonderful views of Zermatt. A small staircase from this floor leads to the playroom which has an impressive revolving TV, day beds and separate shower room.

The second floor is home to the two master bedrooms. There is a generosity of space with both bedrooms having spacious balconies and comfy seating areas.

Wellness is at the heart of Chalet

and ideally positioned between the first and second floor you will find the impressive private spa. Sensitively lit and sumptuously designed, there is every feature you could wish for from your private in-chalet spa and wellness area. There is a large indoor hot tub, sauna, hammam and plunge pool. A wonderful seating area provides the perfect spot to enjoy a glass of champagne and relax with friends. Private massages arranged by your dedicated chalet manager can be taken in the massage room.

Raf Simons, Franca Sozzani, and all the (true) protagonists of the CFDA awards

The fashion night came, and it gave the well-deserved recognition to the proper names that mark the pulse of the heart of


They are already part of their store

In a fashionable night with capital letters,

the protagonists are not so much those who capture the flashes of photographers,

as those who with their work and creativity feed the industry, and that game of identities on which it is based.

The CFDA Awards were awarded last night in New York City, valuing the trajectory of characters essential to understand

the fashion universe today. Some awards that left as a winner of the night to Raf Simons, who lacked one was made with


one as the best designer of fashion of the year, for the company that bears his name; And the second,

the equivalent in women’s fashion, the consequence of his revolutionary work in Calvin Klein.

Get in shape on the beach: 5 sports to get back into shape

Winter is behind, the days are stretching and with the sun there is also the desire to get back into shape.
A few extra pounds to dispose of, muscles to give back tone and strength and a bit of resistance to regain are all goals that can be achieved with a few hours a week of sport made with energy and tenacity. But what physical activity do you practice to get back in shape? Here’s 5, all of them ideal for getting ready for summer time. But beware: training with hot temperatures also means sweating a lot, losing important vitamins and mineral salts such as magnesium and potassium whose deficiency can cause cramps, fatigue or muscle soreness. This is why it is important to drink before, during and after sports practice and eat healthy and balanced to ensure the body has everything it needs to make the most of it.

Running: to restart your metabolism
Running is the simplest and cheapest way to reboot your metabolism and burn excess fats. Just a couple of sports shoes and half an hour two or three times a week, in the morning, in the evening before dinner or even in the break, to dispose of the rounds left in the winter and regain the lost breath. The good thing about the race is that the improvements are fast, triggering serotonin, the hormone of happiness, and allowing it to start from scratch. You can start from the fast walk, alternating with the bland jumper, to stay at least thirty minutes moving. Within a few weeks even the 5km finish will look just around the corner.

Bike: to make the breath
On a bicycle track or along the dirt roads in the nature makes no difference: cycling is a beautiful aerobic activity that keeps your heart healthy and lets burn a lot of calories. And then it’s a great alternative to the race for those who have problems with knees and backs and does not want to load them too much, can be practiced at all ages and, with modern pedal-assisted bikes, you can go really everywhere, surpassing even those dislivings That with the sole strength of the legs would not even dream of dealing with it.

Swimming: to tone the muscles
For many, it is rightly the most complete sport, which involves a lot of muscles from head to toe, which improves the strength and breathability and which also requires equilibrium and proprioception to maintain the right fit in the water. How to get the most out of a pool workout? By alternating the different styles, to really use a large amount of muscles toning them all, and repeating with a brief recovery between the tub and the other: it is proven that the speed increases and increases the caloric consumption, even to 550Kcal per hour.

Crossfit: to get you the physicist
Rapid, intense and (not really) painless: Among the new trends in fitness, Crossfit is undoubtedly one of those that is worth trying. No machines, few tools, and a lot of exercises and free-body movements, possibly performed at high intensity. Workouts last from 45 minutes per hour, they are always different, they take place in a group and are really tough. This does not mean that you can not start from scratch: the good trainers know how to modify the requests according to the level of preparation of each. And then, with that physicist from Crossfitter, you can really face every challenge.

Calcetto: to train with fun
Well, even the so much “kicked-out” football between friends is a good way to get back into shape: football is in fact an anaerobic-aerobic mixed sport that allows to burn both fat and sugars, improves breath and strength, requires Pronounced reflexes, dexterity, strength in the legs but above all it is very, very fun.


Chamonix, the iconic French ski paradise, was the host of the first ever Winter Olympics in nineteen twenty-four.

Since then, the quiet hamlet has been considered one of the most desirable ski locations in the world.

Nestled in a valley between two mountains, Chalet is the perfect home base for your French Alps ski vacation.

Relaxing after a long day on the slopes is easy at Chalet .

Cool off in the indoor swimming pool, warm up in the sauna, or simply curl up by the wood burning fireplace.

Chalet’s media room is another great space for lounging with friends and family – featuring a wet bar stocked with beer, sprits, and soft drinks.

Also included with the chalet rental are, chef services, daily housekeeping, in-resort chauffeur, breakfast, and a four course dinner served with wine,

six nights a week.

The Rolls-Royce Sweptail

In the framework of this year’s Concorso d’Eleganza, the Rolls-Royce Sweptail celebrates a world-premiere in the gardens of Villa d’Este.

For four years, the British have put in the production of the unique. The most expensive new car ever

The Concorso d’Eleganza on the grounds of the Villa d’Este in Italy is the Mecca of rich car lovers from all over the world every year.

In addition to sinfully expensive and extremely rare oldtimers, some luxury car manufacturers also present exclusive custom-made

products within this framework. This year, however, an exhibit steals the show for everyone else.

The Rolls-Royce Sweptail continues the long-standing tradition of 1940’s coachbuilding traditions for which

the British were once celebrated.Britical automotive art

The coachbuilding program stands for a completely individual bodywork, in which a model from the bar almost to the unrecognizable is changed and

revaluated. And that’s exactly what

the Rolls-Royce sweptail now presented, like no other automobile of the modern era.

The noble Brit has the appearance of a luxury yacht on four wheels. The legendary torpedo tail with its sweeping mudguards, the tapered bodywork and the

lavish use of huge glass elements transfer the characteristic design features of the 1920s into the here and now.

The Bepoke division of Rolls Royce, headed by Alex Innes, has been working on this noble luxury vehicle since 2013 – that is,

the four-year success story. The basis was a already powerful Rolls-Royce Phantom used. In the end, however,

the result shines everything that has been put on the wheels in recent decades.

Only the 460 hp and 720 newton-meters of torque strong twelve-cylinder was taken unchanged from the phantom – the rest of the bodywork and the interior

were elaborately modified and adapted to individual customer requirements.

Expensive, more expensive, swept ail

Based on the sedan, the rear doors were removed at the Rolls-Royce Sweptail – instead, the original phantom mutates into the world’s largest luxury coupe.

From the front apron, over the bonnet to the roof section and the breathtaking rear,

all aluminum panels were hand-worked to match the ideas of the anonymous owner.

The interior features exclusive leather varieties, precious wood applications in piano lacquer optics, elaborate inlays and a champagne

cooler in the center console. Most of the buttons were banned. The buyer likes it tidy, according to Bespoke design manager Alex Innes.

What the monumental automobile piece has cost the happy car owner,

the British are officially silent. Only so much is betrayed: the price exceeds the cost for normal custom-made products many times.

The Automagazine Motorward wants to have learned that the sweptail has cost about 13 million US dollars.

Marilyn Monroe’s unique style

STYLE ICON A tribute to the Hollywood icon in pictures

the most beautiful (film) -Looks by Marilyn MonroeFilm-tip: “My Week with Marilyn” starring Michelle Williams in the lead


The screenplay is based on the filmmaker’s recollections of Colikn Clark, who tells his personal love story with Marilyn

during the shooting of “The Prince and the Dancer”. “My Week with Marilyn” is available on DVD.
Book-tip: The fashionable biography “Marilyn in Fashion” shows in many hitherto unpublished pictures their

development from the innocent Norma Jeane Baker to the fashionable star.

These 15 trends prove: the 00 years are back!

  BACK FROM THE DEAD We can not say it often enough: If you want to know what tomorrow is considered cool,

you just have to look at what’s just uncool. This is exactly how it has happened in many of the trends of the ’00s:

things like glittering rhinestones, heart symbols à la Ed Hardy and even Von-Dutch caps are now worn again

by the coolest girls in the world Currently most influential designers in the world,

Alessandro Michele of Gucci and Demna Gvasalia of Vetements and Balenciaga respectively.

Who would have thought that the style of Noughties pop culture icons like Britney Spears and Paris Hilton would be picked up by It girls like

Kylie Jenner, models like Slickwoods and pop stars like Rihanna? See for yourself – these 15 trends prove it: the Nuller years are back!


Charming furnishings, breathtaking views, comfort, sophistication and five-star services:

Style brings you to the discovery of the most exclusive mountain cottages

The ski season comes alive and the main mountain resorts are ready to welcome the army of skiers for the unavoidable white week.

But there is a different way to experience the mountain experience far from the confusion of large structures or loud condominiums.

Enchanting places, quiet, but not uncomfortable for that. They are the charming chalets,

exclusive shelters where you can enjoy the fabulous scenery that the snow-capped peaks give, within collected, elegant and comfortable structures.

From the French Haute-Savoie resorts such as Morzine and Megeve to Val d’Isère,

Zermatt and Gstaad to Austria, Style brings you to the discovery of the 10 most exclusive alpine chalets in some of the most renowned ski resorts.

Constructed in a perfect balance between the traditional Alpine architectural style

and contemporary design, equipped with every comfort and technology to give you nothing at high altitude.

Great living with charming fireplaces, terraces with paradise views, complete suites with every comfort, private sauna and gym, movie theater,

indoor pool. In addition to a range of five-star services dedicated to guests: ski equipment, off-road driver, personal chef, spa, massage.

In short, top solutions in all but not all pockets. The rates,

which are quite different depending on the location and the time of the year, to rent

one of these “snowy eden” start at a minimum of about 40,000 euros, up to 460,000 euros for a week.

Skiing in March in St Moritz: weekend in luxury hotel

It ‘still the suitable period for skiing: in St. Moritz, for example, the tracks are in conditions such as to ensure great days on the snow. Here are some pointers and a paccetto full weekend in luxury hotel.
St Moritz in invernoSt Moritz in winter
Spring at the gates will not discourage fans of the snow is still possible to ski in March on the slopes of St Moritz, Switzerland. The town, very popular and always prestigious, continues to ensure high standards and excellent condition of the slopes for all ski stays, also refer only to weekend.
Throughout the month of March, for example, the historian Badrutt’s Palace Hotel in St. Moritz offers a special package including ski pass for the whole region and transfers on free tracks