Val D'Isere

Val d’isere

France, Val d’Isere
” Best Ski Chalet Private Pools, Perfect Pistes And Parties!”
Chalet, 6 Bedrooms, 6 Bathrooms, 14 persons, Pool, Spa, Gym, Garden, WiFi

Chalet Lose is a stunning chalet, blending rustic alpine style with reclaimed wood from Mongolia, intricately carved furnishings and designer pieces.
Located in the heart of Val d′Isere this chalet still retains a feeling of exclusivity and enjoys stunning views of La Face piste.

This unique chalet is spread over 500m2, sleeping 12 adults in 6 en suite bedrooms each one of which has an adjoining bunk room for an additional 2 children plus there are two extra beds in the spare children′s bedroom. A fabulous open plan living and dining area comes complete with a grand piano and bar, ideal for socialising after a day on the slopes.

The spa facilities in this chalet are second to none, with an indoor heated swimming pool and state of the art projector screen, massage room, sauna, hamman, gym and indoor jacuzzi.

Perfect for families, Chalet Lose also has a mezzanine lounge area which is ideal for children, complete with widescreen TV and games console. The chalet is packed with state-of-the-art technology, including TV′s in each bedroom and drop down screens in the lounge and pool area, all of which are run off a multi-media entertainment system.




Easter is celebrated with the Mont Blanc at the Refuge Bertone

Courmayeur – The nature guides of “Alpine trails” to describe our “Mountain and around” the path that leads from Courmayeur to the Bertone refuge. A path in the arm to the Mont Blanc!
It seems almost impossible that after a few steps away from the hamlet of Villair, located above the village of Courmayeur, one can find in the nature and in absolute silence that characterizes it: ideal conditions to treat yourself to a very special Easter to Bertone Refuge, located at 1985 m on the ridge that divides the Val Sapin from Val Ferret. Let’s talk about one of the most beautiful places in the Alps, dominated by the highest mountain and famous of Europe, there one step away from us: the majestic Mont Blanc. The path to reach this paradise of nature is the trail 42 – AV1 – TMB which starts from the parking place above the town of Villair, the first pole of prohibition of access to the private road. This first part of the route is characterized by a dense forest of trees that give the name to the whole valley, the Spruces, in French precisely Sapin.

This little side valley has an incredible history that dates back to the time of the Romans, who already used it for the extraction of lead, silver from its mines known as Trou des Romaines. Still remains a valley severe, characterized by steep slopes and wild vegetation, but rich in a certain charm and almost forgotten, typical of places secluded mountain. Our path climbs on the orographic right side of this valley with steep sections and other more gentle. The

the ground is covered by bracts of cones of spruce, remains typical meal of red squirrel in this season is a semi-hibernation alternating moments of sleep a feast of food around in the woods. Exposed to the sun during the ascent, rising sea level and away from the cool, damp valley floor, the trail comes out slowly from the thick forest to get into an area populated by ancient larches, trees with a diameter huge, certainly over the age of 300 year old. Looking around you realize that it is almost at our destination, as the landscape becomes increasingly open and that we are walking by a couple of hours. In fact, around a bend of the path, suddenly appears Rifugio a few dozen meters from us; you feel the nice smell of polenta that cooks on a wood stove, but most can be seen, busy in his work, the manager of the refuge Renzino Cosson, “historic” and expert mountain guide, one of the most special people that you may be lucky enough to meet in the mountains, which with its warmth and passion in telling “his mountain”, will make it even more unique this Easter at the Refuge Bertone.

April 5 after the unmissable dinner prepared by Lorenzino Cosson (the real polenta made with “the oula” and cooked on a wood fire) the Guides have “The Veillà mountain” will be a time to enjoy the mountains and through stories images of beautiful environments unique, majestic and mysterious animals that populate them, ancient traditions and epic climbs fearless climbers. All this in front of the majestic Mont Blanc.
The next day, Easter Monday April 6, hike around the hut and then down to the valley.

Rise Time: 2:30 a.m. to 3:00 a.m. about
Vertical drop: 650 m approximately
Starting altitude: 1388 m
Arrival altitude: 1985 m
Info and reservations:
349 7821454 – info@percorsialpini.com



Cortina d'Ampezzo, Events

Chocolate Sculptures

Vince Cortina to “Chocolate Sculptures”, the sweetest day of celebration organized at the Cristallo Hotel Spa & Golf

Vince Cortina to “Chocolate Sculptures”, the sweetest day of celebration organized at the Cristallo Hotel Spa & Golf that told the Queen of the Dolomites through its most evocative symbols. The Maitre Chocolatier Mirco Della Vecchia drove his best students in a contest between art and taste, won by Luigi Calienno with the bas-relief in fine chocolate of the historic city of Bell. Success for the other works, three of which, with the collaboration of The Rules d’Ampezzo and their museum center, will become the exceptional snack for children laboratories Festival Cortinametraggio. While the highly acclaimed play of the world celebrates the Cluster Cocoa and Chocolate Expo 2015 and will be exhibited awaited event. The five-star luxury of Cortina reconfirms representative and promoter of Made in Italy and is already preparing, with the True Cortina for EXPO, to welcome visitors who will be in Italy for the event of the year.
It ‘was the sculpture “The Bell” Luigi Calienno to win the race between art and taste of “Chocolate Sculptures”, an event organized yesterday (Saturday, March 14) at the Hotel Cristallo Spa & Golf Academy Master Chocolatiers Italian under the auspices of the National Confederation of Crafts and Small and Medium Enterprises. The initiative has seen the enthusiastic participation of a broad public, intrigued by the works of chocolate made during the hours before their eyes and called to vote on the best. Particularly appreciated “The World”, sculpted by Raffaele Rea and also created to celebrate the Cluster Cocoa and Chocolate Expo Milano 2015, where it will be exposed.
The Cristallo Hotel Spa & Golf, the five-star luxury of Cortina which is part of The Leading Hotels of the World, an international organization that brings together the elite of the most prestigious hotels in the world with over 430 luxury facilities in 80 countries, takes care always to organize cultural events and creative faces also to tell and promote the beauty and the particularities of the most famous tourist resort. The property, which has recently opened its new eco-skating rink, is already preparing the package True Cortina for EXPO to welcome visitors who will be in Italy for the event of the year.
“We are always happy to promote initiatives that celebrate the beautiful Cortina and its wonders” – said Director of the Hotel Giorgio Borgonovo. “The hotel is representative of the best Made in Italy in terms of beauty, warmth and hospitality excellence and, as such, loves to support activities and events that share values ​​and characteristics.”
From the early hours of the morning, immersed in a beautiful sunny day with the scent of the best chocolate in the Living room of the hotel, the famous Maitre Chocolatier bellunese Mirco Della Vecchia, founder of the Academy of Italian Master Chocolatiers and National President CNA Food, has worked assiduously to guide and support four of his best students in making the work of the most beautiful and original chocolate themed Cortina. The Academy is home to training within Cioccolateria, they are getting more and more even result in enrollment.
The day was dedicated to the Queen of the Dolomites, represented through four chocolate sculptures depicting the most important places and landmarks of the city: “The Bell” made by Luigi Calienno, “The Squirrel” by the hand of Olympia Bevacqua, “The Diamond” sculpted by Giuseppe Punteri and dedicated to the hotel and finally “The World” by Raffaele Rea.
The panoramic terrace overlooking the Dolomites Hotel was the venue of the vote that afternoon, in the presence of the Director and staff of the hotel, have involved the audience and the winner Luigi Calienno, twenty-eight of Roman origin, pastry chef for 10 years and student of the Academy, who portrayed the highest symbol of Cortina demonstrating technique, skill and precision in the details. In addition to the satisfaction and applause, Calienno won a dinner for two with hotel accommodation. Among the audience was also randomly selected one lucky, you will taste a dinner for two at the restaurant “La Stube 1872″ of the Crystal Hotel savoring the chocolate fondues.
The collaboration of the Rules d’Ampezzo and the Museum of the Rules d’Ampezzo, the museum complex that includes the Paleontological Museum Rinaldo Zardini, the Ethnographic Museum Rules d’Ampezzo and the Museum of Modern Art Mario Rimoldi will allow children of laboratories 19:21 March of the review MUSEUM OF CHARM Cortinametraggio Festival dedicated to making a memorable snack. The Museum Rimondi were in fact donated three of the sculptures.
The package True Cortina for EXPO proposed your hotel and included with a free entry to the display, allowing guests to enjoy the wonderful places dolomitic through sport from fun: from mountain biking to climbing to golf, alternating fatigue in moments relaxing in the swimming pool, thermarium, massages and fitness area at the fully Spa.
For the Universal Hotel has also created an interesting partnership with the Baglioni Group for the Luna Hotel Baglioni in Venice and Milan Carlton, through which you will have the opportunity to spend two nights in this wonderful city and two nights of charm and beauty at the hotel in Cortina.
The event was also an opportunity to preview the Expo to news that there will be the National CNA between the partners of the Cluster Cocoa and Chocolate, which is the official Eurochocolate content provider. The sculpture in the world of chocolate in fact draws attention to the six countries cocoa producers in the Cluster (Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Cuba, Gabon, Ghana, Sao Tome and Principe).


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Little innovation in tourism snow


The last winter season has seen a reduction in investment and poor product news. Stagnation accentuated in Italy, where the offer snow effort to consolidate the market

Threatening stability. “This expression chosen by the ratio Panorama Ski Pass Tourism to photograph the situation of white mountain in Italy, where he struggled to penetrate innovation. Even if this were to happen, in what are called” blue chips “(places strong) , this is more of restyling that no structural changes in the product. The stagnation of the current economic context, therefore, does not spare even the Italian mountains, whose offer hard to increase its market share: this inevitably leads operators to reduce investment, focusing more on the stimuli rather than the commercial product.
Abroad, the situation is completely different. “Nothing new strategic – the report Ski Pass – has characterized the winter season 2014/2015 in the 11 European destinations considered.” The areas under consideration are the Swiss St. Moritz, Davos and Zermatt, the Austrian Kitzbühel and Schladming, the German Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Oberstdorf, the French Chamonix and Courchevel, the Slovenian Kranjska Gora and Maribor. Some of the above destinations have attempted to diversify the range of tourism products: the case of Chamonix, Kitzbuhel, and Zermatt. In terms of special offers, we note the Swiss St. Moritz and Davos, with packages aimed at different targets of visitors. Switzerland in pole position as also related events: this year marks the 150th anniversary of the Swiss winter tourism.


Gstaad, Lifestyle


Le Rosey, forerunners of the global village, is 100 years old and become beacon of culture.
It is the only college in the world to have two campuses: in Rolle, a few kilometers from Geneva, and in the winter away in Gstaad where Le Rosey this year celebrated its centenary. It was the consecration of a school run I do familiare.Te the Switzerland! With the franc to the stars and the housing market to the stables. Effect Franz Weber and the House of the People (I swear they call it so, and it’s very old-fashioned Soviet Union) tightens bolts on second homes (those for the benefit of tax exiles, for instance). Banking secrecy abolished, banks swear “transparency” and Gstaad closes the shutters on a season to say the least schizophrenic.

Has the last name of a famous composer and musical flair that comes from his first passion, teacher and mountain guide. Marcel Bach, real estate entrepreneur figure in the charts Bilanz, the bible of Scrooge, as the most powerful man in Gstaad. With communication skills and multilingual, its customers have become his friends, some of his business partners. The last is called Christian Volkers, inventor of the global agency real estate brokerage, the Engel & Volkers (and polo team) mixing an unbeatable team spirit.
Marcel Bach ends the season in the black. Meanwhile has transformed his vision into reality. For his Glacier 3000, restaurant with spectacular views of the glacier plateau (partner Bernie Ecclestone, the Formula One boss) called Mario Botta, the architect who restored La Scala. Bach patiently waited twenty years to get permits to build the Alpina, a little gem of woodwork and design, inaugurated by Prince Albert of Monaco and in the evening are stretched attovagliati Elton John, Madonna and John Travolta.

All to say: “The five-star hotel is in crisis.” Instead he with his boutique hotel, only suites, a spa, a scream, three restaurants, one Michelin star, has devastated the competition. Marcel Bach is also skilled in the chosen partner to the height of its projects en grandeur as Jean-Claude Mimran, president eponymous industrial giant food. Meanwhile Marcel his residences does not sell below 50 thousand per square meter, as in Rome in Via Condotti. There are those who would like to sit in Parliament together with Erich von Siebenthal, deputy local and green for the UDC, The Peasants’ Party (and therefore of reference for farmers and craftsmen). Eric does not forget its origins simple and winter working at the ski resort of Wasserngrat helping madame to rise chairlift. Can you imagine that the free-range Salvini in Ponte di Legno ski lift system in the bottoms of sciure!

It is the only college in the world to have two campuses: in Rolle, a few kilometers from Geneva, and in the winter away in Gstaad where Le Rosey this year celebrated its centenary. It was the consecration of a family-run school, with Philippe and Christophe Gudin, father and son, respectively, owner and general manager, while his daughter Maria Noelle is responsible for the Foundation Le Rosey. A sort of Gudin-cracy that maintains close ties between former students as the most valuable asset dell’Educandato: anywhere in the world there is an ancien Roséen ready to welcome former students. The Aiar (Association Internationale des Anciens Roséens), a network of international contacts, offers job opportunities, internships or assumptions as to the alumni. It is always so (and in times of global crisis is not just a resource). Le Rosey, a sort of global village before its time, before the invention of the Internet. School spirit transcends the barriers of nationality, race and culture. The waiting list is long to access it: every year about 350 are candidates for the entrance exam. Students from sixty countries, one in three passes. The son of Charlie Chaplin was rejected.

Le Rosey was brushed in novels such as “American Psycho” by Bret Easton Ellis’s and “The Unfinished Novel” by Truman Capote. And now it is also given a 900-seat theater, the Carnal Hall, 8,650 square feet of design overlooking Lake Geneva, a plant that looks like a futuristic flying saucer, crossed by a shaft of light, lying on a platform of grass green. Childbirth creative architect Bernard Tschumi, so the dream of visionary Philippe Gudin has become reality. Home to the London Symphony Orchestra at the St. Petersburg Philharmonic. A billboard as to die of envy La Scala.



Matterhorn Ski Paradise

Matterhorn Ski Paradise is an area of ​​380 km starting from the Italian side of the Matterhorn (cfr. Http://www.ikh.villas) to touch the 3,900 meters and that will take you, skis, in the charming resort of Zermatt, Switzerland. In Val d’Aosta you can find the latest technological services such as lifts and very fast fiber optic throughout the territory that allows to update in real time the situation in all parts of the district. Are connected to the town of Valtournenche, Breuil-Cervinia and Zermatt and the district takes its name from the Matterhorn, which in German is called Matterhorn. Here you can enjoy skiing all year because a portion of the plant is located on the Plateau Rosa glacier. One of the most spectacular sights in the area of ​​the Matterhorn is the ice cave, located in Zermatt, at the cable car of Klein Matterhorn is the highest in Europe at nearly four thousand meters. It can be reached through a tunnel dug in the ice and you can visit it with the help of guides. Zermatt is very easy to be at the table in a Michelin-starred restaurant or with high scores Gault Millau: 21 restaurants with Gault Millau points and mountain huts serving Valais specialties Zermatt have transformed into a destination for food lovers, where to act as hostess the famous raclette, produced with raw milk and protected by the DOP. In Cervinia, instead, the dishes are Valdaostan carbonara, fettuccine with duck sauce, gnocchi baca, pappardelle with rabbit sauce, baked polenta, beef braised in Barolo, venison Valdaostan, fondue, trout Valdaostan, mix fontina cheese and eggs and, among the desserts, the Mont Blanc: the level of cuisine is very high and also the prices are affected.



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2022 Winter Games

IOC evaluation committee in Beijing for inspection

2022 Winter Games: the IOC in Beijing
Inspection candidate in the capital. Protests for human rights.
The IOC has started today the plant visits Beijing, one of two cities in the running to host the Winter Olympics of 2022. The capital of China is fighting against Almaty, in Kazakhstan, which has already been visited by the Commission. Beijing would be the first city to host both the Summer Games, both winter. Dozens of activist groups have denounced the situation of human rights and ethnic minorities in China. The IOC will choose the end of July, at a meeting in Kuala Lumpur.


Skiing at Easter promotions.

Just a few days to the Easter holidays and what better if you do not pass it on the snow for the last ski season? Spring has begun, but the best ski resorts continue to keep open plants and to maintain the tracks most perfect possible thanks to some snowfall in recent days.

On the occasion of Easter, some ski resorts have decided to give away a chocolate egg with some promotions. In some hotels of the stations that are part of the Dolomiti Superski, the offer is valid Dolomiti Super Sun that includes 7 nights of vacation at the price of 6 and 6 days ski pass for the price of 5. Among the participating hotels are the St’Anton Residence Eden and Hotel Pinei Alpe di Siusi, Hotel La Roccia Cavalese in Val di Fiemme and the Hotel Erika San Vigilio (Plan de Corones) that, in addition to the above offer, also applies Happy Easter promotion: 62 euro per person half board per day for a minimum stay of three nights.

Also all ski resorts Skirama Dolomites (Folgaria, Madonna di Campiglio, Andalo, Monte Bomdone, Pinzolo, Fai Folgarida, Tonale Pass and Pejo) promote the offer Special Easter April 5 to 12: in the hotel price and apartments, including ski passes Superskirama Dolomiti Adamello Brenta for 6 or 7 days. Especially in Folgaria, Hotel Due Spade, from 2 to 8 April, offers the package of 3 days half board, Easter dinner and sauna at the price of 145 euro per person.

Moving to San Martino di Castrozza, Hotel Margherita offers 7 days for the price of 6 and the package for 4 nights at the special price of 55 euro per person per day with half board.

And if you prefer skiing in Valle d’Aosta, in Pila, April 5 to 12, with a 7 night stay at the hotel you can ski for free for 6 days. The offer also includes two hours of accompanied skiing on Monday morning.

Finally in Asiago, Veneto, April 2 to 7 to 315 euro offers a package that includes a half-board in a three-star hotel with spa, ski pass for 5 days and 10 hours of ski school.



Italy Alpe Devero


Alpe Devero, relaxation and nature family size
Nestled between the peaks of the Alps Lepontine, the natural jewel of Piedmont without cars or smog, confusion or traffic.
Located in the far north of the Piedmont Region, on the border with Switzerland, and specifically in the Municipality of Baceno, Alpe Devero is part of the Mountain Community of Ossola Valley and is part of the protected areas of the Piedmont Region, constituting since 1990 together Alpe Veglia, the Natural Park Veglia-Devero.
Here nature is the host of rock and sky, with its larch, fir trees, beautiful lakes and streams; every season you can know and appreciate a new sight: in summer the green meadows, the colors of the flowers, blue and green lakes, red sunsets tinged magically landscape. In the lush green pastures of the pastures cheesemakers produce food of the highest quality, obtained using techniques handed down for generations: excellent cheeses, butter, cottage cheese and, of course, the fantastic milk.
Starting point for many walks and trips, during which you will come across marmots, chamois, eagles and – if you’re lucky – even the rare bearded vulture, Alpe Devero just a few minutes walk to immerse yourself in the woods and surrounding pastures with many different itineraries, suitable for everyone: hiking and climbing, long and relaxing walks, mountain biking, from families with children to the adventure lovers, here the untouched nature will make anyone find the right rhythm in all seasons.

Even in winter, in fact, you can appreciate the candid landscapes, the sun filtering through the clouds, lakes and frozen waterfalls: the peace of the white envelops the whole Alpe since November, when the first snow transforms the location in an ideal place for lovers of cross country skiing and ski mountaineering. Thanks to its location, the snow is insured until April, when between the beauty of the immaculate slopes, you may grow into long magical trails that reach the Alpe Sangiatto or Monte Cazzola. Besides skiing mountaineering, worn snowshoes, you can also venture out to explore the woods for a unique experience.

Set between the peaks of the Alps Lepontine, Alpe Devero is a rare jewel, where there are no cars or smog, confusion or traffic: the movement of cars is in fact prohibited in the entire territory of the Alpe, where you can circulate only on foot or by bicycle. Everything is designed to better appreciate the true mountain, thanks to a careful and constant protection that guarantees its pristine beauty and is enhanced by genuine hospitality, such as once, guaranteed by various refreshment, hotels and very cozy inns mostly family run, with good food that goes back to local traditions.



Ski tours: April 25 there will be the twentieth edition of the Trofeo Mezzalama.
On April 25, there will be the twentieth edition of the Trofeo Mezzalama. A month and a half away from the over 300 requests for registration. The Monterosa SpA announces special measures to encourage training. Friday, March 27 at the Fort of Bard the official presentation.

The appointment with the twentieth edition of the Trofeo Mezzalama set for Saturday, April 25th is fast approaching as the spring. The “glacier marathon”, try the Great Course and the World Cup Long Distance ISMF, will run along an upside than usual. We will start it from Gressoney-La-Trinité and, riding on the glaciers and the peaks of Monte Rosa on four thousand meters above sea level, it will come this time in Breuil-Cervinia. The extra edition with a U of historic race skialp born in 1933 will inaugurate the celebrations of the 150th anniversary of the conquest of the Matterhorn planned for the summer.
“A month and a half away from – said technical director Adriano Favre Foundation Mezzalama Trophy – came the requests for inclusion of more than 300 teams, equivalent to over 900 athletes. The teams are already very self-selected and the level is really high. To date we have reviewed and confirmed about 200 teams. In addition to assessing the competitive results of the biggest races of the Great Course and the World Cup, personally I am very attentive to the curriculum mountaineering, because for the Trofeo Mezzalama experience in the high mountains is an essential requirement. ”
Meanwhile, the athletes are stepping workouts, looking in particular to deepen the knowledge of the path that, following the reversal of the direction of travel, is all new. In addition to the increase of the height difference of about 350 meters, the difficulties most feared are the steep slopes of the Nose of Lyskamm and the West face of Castor. It seems a bit ‘less severe than feared and traditional gate of the hill of the Breithorn the new opening time fixed in the Mantova Refuge (3470 m): will continue the race the men’s teams that will pass within 3 hours; within 3 h 15 ‘those female and mixed. “I preferred to leave about a quarter of an hour of breathing in more – explains Adriano Favre – to avoid squeezing the athletes in the first section. This time, instead of along a slight slope of the Breithorn, the climb continues up to 4100 m of the nose! ”
To allow mezzalamisti to train and test drive the new track the Monterosa SpA has prepared special measures. In the morning, from 5.30 am to 8.15 will be suspended the operations of typing and preparation of the slopes that rise from Gressoney-La-Trinité. The area open to training skialp affects Track G3 Jolanda up at the first fork, then left and follow the slope Bedemie G5 Alpericka to Alpe Gabiet; salt from here for a stretch of track G7 Salati up large floor above the hotels, at an altitude of 2500 mt. Continue on the trail to the left, indicated by the orange poles, leading all’Orestes Hütte and on the piste to Indren.
All the news of the twentieth Mezzalama Trophy 2015 will be discussed in detail during the official presentation Friday, March 27, at 18, in the “Sala Archi Candidi” Forte di Bard.