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where to ski in early stagioneMolti skiers are wondering where to ski early in the season. There is a number of ski resorts that are recommended because they lend themselves more than others for skiing in November because of their high altitude, perhaps for the presence of glaciers or for a very efficient snow-making system that allows early openings.

The conditions vary from year to year, but it is good practice to choose ski areas that offer slopes above 2500 meters.

Ski resorts in Italy in November

Not many Italian places where you can ski from the first days of November, while there are many ski resorts which open towards the end of the month. The Italian places that we recommend for the first half of the season are:

Cervinia (AO) from the country’s two cable cars and a cable car leading skiers up to 3480 meters of the Plateau Rosa. Open systems early in the season are all on the Swiss side. E ‘therefore necessary to adopt the international ski pass. It can ski from October 29, 2016 every day. A series of events will enliven every weekend of the month. the slopes on the Italian side of the upper part of the Twenty and the area Plan Mason – Fornet – Bontadini will be open. A new artificial snow system (temperature permitting) already allow from November to arrive in the country with tracks 3:05.
Glacier Presena (BS): The Presena Glacier offers the first slopes skiable Adamello Ski from late November (snow permitting). The new gondola will lead by 2585 meters of Passo Paradiso, the glacier door that extends up to 3069 m of Cima Presena.
Solda (BZ): open from October 22, 2016, offers three long chair lifts over 2600 meters. The altitude (1900-3250 m) and the efficiency of the snowmaking systems guarantee great slopes from October until the day May 1, 2017.
Val Senales (BZ): the high altitude and the glacier are a guarantee of good snow early in the season. The glacier is open from 2 September 2016 for training. A new black run, the Leo Gurschler, awaits skiers.
Ski resorts abroad in November

Abroad there is a small group of locations where you can have fun at the beginning of the season. It should be borne in mind that France, despite having locations at high altitudes tends to open their facilities for all saints bridge only to close them again until the end of the month. Switzerland and Austria are better adapted to skiing early season, in particular to:

Diavolezza (SWITZERLAND): As early as mid-October is open to the public a chair lift to 3000 meters. The downstream return is opened only after heavy snowfall while otherwise descend by cable car. Facilities open from Saturday, October 22, 2016. As of November 19, 2016 will follow the Corvatsch and Corviglia November 26, 2016 that will be equally accessible for fun in the snow in the ski resort of St. Moritz.
Hintertux (AUSTRIA): is one of the stations with the highest number of facilities open thanks to the glacier skiing 365 days a year.
In Saas Fee (SWITZERLAND): there is a large glacier with a dense network of open systems even in November.
Stubai (AUSTRIA): offers a wide skiable area between 2600 and 3200 meters in large part on the glacier. Testival glacier Sportscheck 10 to 13 November 2016. Place of the event: Eisgrat mountain station of the Stubai Glacier.
Zermatt (CH): also known as the Swiss side of Cervinia and therefore accessible from the Valle d’Aosta, offers numerous slopes at Plateau Rosa up to 3900 m. Already from the beginning of November you can go down up to Trockener Steg (mt. 2939) can count on about 1000 meters in altitude. We then assist to further openings that take skiers up to the 2400 Furgg



This winter stay in Switzerland: skiing costs less

Comes the first snow: and it turns out that the federal government has no equal in Europe in terms of cost per kilometer of track

VAL-D’ILLIEZ – Then say the strong franc. For once, instead try to think in another way. Why yes, of course, ski passes Swiss are quite expensive, but you also evaluate what they offer the tracks. Not all are the same: it happens so that Switzerland will take all three places on the podium in the ranking of European destinations cheaper for ski enthusiasts.

Pure mathematics, not philosophical speculations. Just take a perspective a little ‘more complete, after all: to divide the amount of the daily coupon for the kilometers of track which can theoretically access, for example. While the snow makes its first appearances at these latitudes, and the season seems increasingly coming, it just has to take a pen and paper: or relying on those who have already done. See United Kingdom: it has compiled, in the report “Ski resort” Tesco Bank, a list of the “price per kilometer”, and called on the people to prefer, in order, Champoussin, Les Crosets and Champéry to the French side of Mont Blanc, fourth, or the Pyrenees, fifth.

Despite rates, in absolute terms, higher. The pass for six days is out of expensive doubt in Confederation: you get up to 280 pounds in Nendaz, the greater amount between 1955 taken into account by the survey. Or, to remain in the upper part of the ranking, 236 and 213 in Champéry Champoussin and Les Crosets, calculated, however, with the change of the end of August, when the pound was not yet time to fall. But the length of the slopes, and the opportunity to indulge themselves among several options, have no equal: for this Champoussin and Les Crosets earn the top two positions, with 650 kilometers each which are disfiguring foreigners. Only France can compete: and it still stops at 445 km.

Measured for the benefit of skiers at home, the prices turn out actually good for everyone and offer an alternative point of view from which the Swiss tourism could reap serious benefit, if adopted on a large scale. Because so far all of our districts had said and heard, but they were cheap. Indeed remain cost of living, which is not mentioned at all are equally beneficial, but that which is prepared for the coming winter, if the English will hear the advice of analysts, is a curious meeting of different issues. On the one hand Switzerland, judged too salty among the holiday destinations; England on the other, with his pound is now worth even less than the euro. The after Brexit invites the British to stay home; to avoid foreign almost like the plague. Switzerland could now become the exception.





There is no much at the opening of the ski season in the Tyrolean Stubai Glacier will reopen on October 15. On that occasion you will ski at 3000 meters, it will open the Gamsgarten cable car and the weekend will be cheered Oktoberfest.

Snow, perfectly groomed slopes, beer and Tyrolean specialties in a party also vintage with skiers that will arise on the track with vintage clothes and old wooden skis.

A week later an even more important event: will open the 3S cable car Eusegratbahn.


France, Courchevel

One Of The Best Chalets In Courchevel 1850 With Its 1500M2 Of Living Space
Chalet, 6 Bedrooms, 6 Bathrooms, 12 persons, Pool, Spa, Gym, Garden, WiFi

Luxuriest property – one of the best chalets in Courchevel 1850 with its 1500m2 of living space and smart combination of contemporary design, traditional materials and fourniture of world best brands. Amazing and unique Party space of over 200m2 and all features for ultra-luxury ski holiday. Totally separate staff circuit.



France, Megeve

Located In The Centre Of Megeve With Easy Access To The Shops, Bars And Restaurants
Chalet, 5 Bedrooms, 5 Bathrooms, 10 persons, Spa, Garden, WiFi

A luxury chalet of impeccable quality and panache. Its high quality build and craftsmanship shines through in subtle style. The entrance hall is instantly inviting, warm and attractive, with the double height ceiling and stairs leading up to the living area adding to the ambience.

A 60m2 spa and relaxation area on the ground floor is particularly appealing, designed with dark slate tiles and soft blue lighting creating a very calming atmosphere. The Jacuzzi has seats for 5 guests and the spacious steam room comfortably seats up to 10 guests. With its own bar at the centre, it lends itself to a social and relaxing experience after a day on the slopes.




Gin, Vodka and 5 super cocktails for summer

A gin and vodka, flavored and garnished with fresh fruits and vegetables. Five for a summer cocktail “shaken”

Master is made by the two champions among the spirits: gin and vodka. A little ‘for about a bit’ for fashion. But how to say no to a gin and tonic with cranberries and rosemary with rye gin from the Finnish forest Isokyrö and interpreted by Björk by Jussi Kyrö Vijala the distillery? Or the African Elephant Julep made with Gin, distilled in Germany with 14 herbs, including that of Baobab? In addition to gin (whose name refers to the support of the company in respect of foundations defending the lives of elephants in the forests and savannas of sub-Saharan) add some mint leaves, red leaves of Buchu Tea from South Africa .

For those who prefer vodka there is always the Polish Belvedere this summer launches Spritz Collection with mint and Fernet, thyme and grapefruit or cucumber and thyme, orange and rosemary. The most refreshing is undoubtedly the cucumber.

Always based on vodka, the bartender at the Café Trussardi alla Scala of Milan, Tommaso Cecca, devised Applyx: gold luxury emotion Elyx, based Absolut Elyx infused rennet apple and ginger, Drops Liquor Amarancia Borsi, lemon sugar, essence of bitter and cinnamon.

The effect is a “golden apple”, inspired by the luxury edition of Absolut vodka.


Morgan x Selfridges EV3 UK 1909 Edition, the super very contemporary vintage

From England comes a special version of the already very special concept EV3
At the last Geneva Motor Show, the historic British brand Morgan Motor Company has introduced three-wheeled all-electric car. A concept designed to be talked about, where a solution of the super-retro flavor as the three wheels has been joined to the latest trends in the field of motorsport. Waiting for the debut of the final version of the market, it is this time the formalization of a limited edition series, produced in cooperation with the British chain of Selfridges department store, to celebrate 100 years of both companies. His name is EV3 UK Edition 1909 and will be built in just 19 copies.
Compared to the concept from which it derives, above all, it is to change the design of the front: in place of the three asymmetric headlights of EV3 standards, the 1909 shows at the center of the grille two circular elements, compounds, in their turn by two individual light points. In addition, compared to EV3, also it makes its appearance a small windshield.

Nothing changes on the performance front: the 1909 is moved by an electric engine credited to a power equal to 62 hp and is powered by a lithium battery pack capable of ensuring a flow of energy of 20 kWh. Thanks to a weight of only 500 kg, the EV3 (and so the 1909) can reach a top speed of 145 km / h, with a range of 241 Km. No information was still widespread regarding its marketing price.

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The 10 most searched on Google cocktail

From Moscow Mule to Sex on the beach, here you are the most popular drink on the web
Whether for a post-work drink with friends and colleagues for a drink before dinner by the sea or for an evening with music under the stars, the rule does not change: in the summer any time is good for a drink. Yeah, but what we are talking about drink, to be precise? To tell us is the king of search engines, Mr. Google himself, who has compiled a top 10 of the main research of the season on “cocktails & Co.”, all to browse and to enjoy with plenty of ice, because when the glass called , internet responds.
1. Cocktail made with vodka
Hence the search is very general: the results can range from the classic Moscow Mule to more elaborate proposals as Elyx in Wonderland, with pink guava juice, grapefruit juice, syrup and lychee. With only one thing in common, that is called vodka. And we always like.

2. Cocktail tequila
The Tequila is a distilled anything but trivial, which is obtained exclusively from the blue agave plant growing in certain areas in Mexico.

The most famous cocktails? Undoubtedly the Margarita, in all its variants.

3. B-52 cocktail
A great classic of American mixology, made with Kahlua, Baileys cream and Grand Marnier. Not exactly summer, can be burned to make it even more angry. But do not tell a professional bartender.

4. Navy Grog
Invented by Don the Beachcomber, famous American restaurateur among the great fathers of the American tiki bars, it is based on different types of rum cocktail, lime juice, grapefruit juice, soda and honey. Apparently he coming back forcefully on the scene.

5. Cocktail with white wine and cassis
A bit ‘of white wine, a little’ Crème de cassis. The result? Almost certainly a Kir. Also available in its many variations.

6. Sex on the beach
Made with vodka, of course, but in general fruttatissimo. Sex on the beach is the classic drink of those who fancy something very sweet. And of alcohol, of course.

7. Stinger cocktail
Another great classic of the worldwide bar. The recipe is simple: Brandy 7/10, 3/10 white peppermint cream. Shake all in a Boston shaker and then seep into cocktail glass.

8. Non-Alcoholic Fruit
Of course, there are those who should be driving.

9. Invisible cocktails
The famous drink with the sun transparent bases: gin, vodka, triple sec, white rum. As you might guess, the alcohol level is remarkable.

10. Aviation Cocktail
A drink created in 1916, during World War II, in honor of the British aviation pilots. It is made with gin, maraschino and lemon juice. And with a cieliegina to top it all.


Looking for a compact camera? 5 reasons to choose Fujifilm X70

It has a vintage design and a resounding technology sector. Guide to the “small” Fuji, ideal to always keep with you this summer

The summer, it is known, is the perfect time to choose a new camera. You go to the beach or to visit cities of art, the watchword is “shoot.” Basically you do with your smartphone, but if you want to take home that little bit extra that makes say “wow!” To your friends, you’ll have to opt for a real camera.
We tried Fujifilm X70: the super compact camera with a fixed wide-angle lens 18.5 mm (equivalent to 28 mm). You got it and if you have not understood, why not chew the language of photography, I’ll explain in a few words: fixed optical zoom means nothing. But fear not, Fujifilm X70 is a great product that is sure to amaze you. So here are 5 reasons why you should not miss this one.


1. in modern vintage

The small Fujifilm X70, despite the totally vintage design, exudes quality and technology. Why do I say that is vintage? At first glance it might seem a camera of the 70s in both aesthetics and function: the manual settings fact are settable only in a “physical.”

There are two distinct rings, one controls the shutter speed and the other exposure compensation; to adjust the aperture instead you have to rotate the ring positioned directly on the optics. At the beginning you will feel a bit ‘embarrassed but then you will find that finding the right chemistry turning the three dials will give you a lot of satisfaction. If you do not have the faintest idea how to shots in the manual, do not worry, just stay stationary – and well anchored – on the lever “A” (which stands for Automatic), and relying on the skills of Fujifilm X7. I assure you, the automatic settings are equally capable of giving great results.

2. Technically excellent

But we get a little ‘more in the technical detail of this Fujifilm X70. Equipped with sensor “X-Trans CMOS II” 16 megapixel APS-C format, this little monster by the small size is able to guarantee great shots even in low light conditions (up to ISO 3200/6400) also accomplice ‘ aperture f / 2.8 wide-angle lens. If you are used to shoot through the viewfinder, I’m sorry, but you’ll have to make you a reason: to ensure the compactness of the product, the viewfinder has been sacrificed. So you’ll have to rely exclusively on the LCD touchscreen 3 “swivel up to 180 °. Let’s say if you are lovers of selfies, this function could be for you. DSCF5449_compressed DSCF5453_compressed

3. Great Value “Size / Quality”

Often, size matters, in this case is just the opposite. From hardened traveler, I will say it’s nice to have always with me a big heavy SLR or mirrorsless; it’s nice because I always felt they do from the photographer clicks “de artri us”. As I browse the conviction to be Oliviero Toscani, I have already broken the bone in multiple times, punished for having neck hung a heavy and cumbersome machine. Taking a walk the small Fujifilm X70 (fits comfortably in the palm of a hand), I had to think again. I left it virtually every day on the stock exchange, without having to remember to take it, in fact sometimes I forgot to have her, so much light (about 340 grams). This way I could get the highest quality photos at all times of the day, preserving my musculoskeletal system. DSCF5476_compressed

4. Snap and mail

Fujifilm X70 is particularly suitable for those who like to post their photos on social instantly. Thanks Fujifilm Camera Remote app – available on Google Play and the App Store – you can transfer your shots directly to your smartphone. The files – luckily for you – will not be transferred to the original dimensions, but will be compressed. About 700 KB per photo to guarantee, in the process of social sharing, a moderate use of the data traffic. In spite of compression, the shots still maintain a very high quality.

5. Not for everyone, only for the brave

The fixed lens (a.k.a. “no zoom”) is not right for everyone. The first time armeggerete with Fujifilm X70 you will end up saying a lot of swear words as they are forced to change your modus pensandi. Do you want to photograph a landscape? Okay, stay still where you are. Do you want to photograph a detail? Come closer, physically. Do you want to photograph flowers or the smaller objects? Approached even more, up to 10 cm away, everything will be in perfect focus. In short, the fixed lens Fujifilm X70 will challenge you every day, every time we have to deal. But trust me, he will manage to pull out all the creativity that resides in you.


Mercedes-AMG GT R, the green beast

By the Stuttgart an extreme version of its high-performance GT. More horsepower, more torque and less weight, the recipe that never goes out of style
The Mercedes-AMG GT S is definitely one of our favorite cars of the last period: beautiful, powerful, fast, easy to drive. It allows anyone to go fast without risking your neck. We therefore welcomed with a wide smile debut, at the last Festival of Speed ​​at Goodwood, the Mercedes-AMG GT R, its even more performance variant, designed for those who enjoy driving in the circuit.
Equipped with the usual twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 already seen on the GT S, he has undergone a number of changes which have affected the pressure values ​​of the system of supercharging, the balance mass and the exhaust system. Thanks to these changes, the power unit of R is capable of providing a power of 585 hp (75 more than the S-version) and a torque of 700 Nm (+100 compared to the vehicle from which it is derived). Values ​​which, together with the weight of 1,554 Kg (15 in less of S – which can be reduced by other 16,7 kg with the adoption of the braking system with discs in composite material offered as optional) and to the changes made to the gear ratios – with a first shortened and a seventh longest – allow the GT R to reach the 100 Km / h in 3.6 seconds, with a maximum speed of 318 Km / h.

The newcomer is also equipped with a wing fixed generously sized, rear, and a brand new four-wheel steering system. The rear differential, then, as the S, is electronically controlled: a choice that says still a long time on the level reached by this type of solutions, a time considered to be less efficient than those of mechanically operated (adopted, instead, on the GT standard).

Note, again, that the traction control is adjustable to nine levels, thus allowing him to literally sew the car and play with the slip of the rear safely. The new Merceds-AMG GT R will go on sale from next November 21. No information has yet been released on its list price.

In 2017, the new Mercedes-Benz, with a livery and red stripes, will also be among the cars protagonists of the fifth episode of Transformers.