Loewe presents the first sneakers with a futuristic style

The Spanish brand directed by Jonathan Anderson presents the new shoes inspired by a trip into space


The lines are those of bowling shoes with typical elements of sports shoes. And they are declined in different colors and material combinations, including the distinctive “gold suede”, signature of the house, and a variant in navy blue and black calf. Loewe presents the first sneakers designed by Jonathan Anderson.

“I wanted the shoes found to not only young, simple and fun,” says the designer, “but it also became a collector’s item.” Inspired by a journey through space, the shoes are available in twelve different options, with rubber sole honey-colored, soft, flexible insole, hand-painted edges and perforated side panels.

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Effeffe Berlinetta

Effeffe Berlinetta
Leonardo and Vittorio Frigerio tried to figure out if they themselves were able to build a Gran Turismo exactly as it used to be: completely hand
For every lover of cars, Berlinetta is a word that runs fast to the fifties and sixties. The mythical era of racing for GT, the Mille Miglia. Berlinetta is a refined and light word like a silk scarf. Synonymous with custom-built, a term invented just for the creations of Italian coachbuilders, coveted as tailors high fashion. Today the word Berlinetta evokes the desire for beautiful and timeless shapes, the purity of design and sporty driving. For the brothers Leonardo and Vittorio Frigerio, 59 and 48, revolves around the concept of gentlemen drivers, the pilot and the Castellotti Portago who risked his life for the love of the sport. The Berlinetta was the sports car’s fine that the gentleman was driving to bring the lady at the restaurant on Saturday evening and Sunday morning to run. After years of racing on the old circuit at the wheel of their Alfa Romeo Giulia TI Super and GTA, the Frigerio tried to figure out if they themselves were capable of constructing a Gran Turismo exactly as it was once.
Entirely by hand, with high craftsmanship that has exalted the made in Italy worldwide.
The Effeffe Berlinetta has the aesthetics of the French Riviera, luxury interiors and design methodology and today’s construction technology. Not a replica car mechanic, rather the materialization of a red dream, of a suggestion of the past.
“After the war in Italy there were five hundred craftsmen who built custom-built,” he sighs a low voice Leonardo Frigerio, as it moves between the chassis and the engine workshop Effeffe, in Brianza. “There was the artisan skills that transformed ideas into masterpieces. The Italians still have, although a little ‘if you’ve forgotten. Also we are craftsmen and we love to be. Over the years of racing we have met many other artisans who are the invaluable capital that has enabled us to realize the Berlinetta “.
The heart of the concept is also the only part series production: the two-liter four-cylinder engine of the Alfa Romeo GTV, which after care Effeffe distributes 180 horsepower over a wide torque curve. It is powered by two twin-choke Weber carburetors 45, the transmission is synchronized five-speed transmission with traction “absolutely back.” The chassis mounts system can accommodate a variety of mechanical Alfa Romeo Twin Spark and V6 Busso. “We are fortunate to have as a technical partner Solid World and Solid Energy, the best for the three-dimensional CAD drawing. You see the front end? Is Formula 1 Seventies, fully adjustable by the driver. Today no one remembers the three C’s: camber, caster and convergence. The Berlinetta frame is lightweight, durable and designed to enhance the pleasure of driving.
Electronics? Zero. Here there are no power brakes, no power steering. mechanical pure. They return to really count ass, arms and above your head. Do you think that our test driver is 80 years old: it is carlo facetti, which looks on track again with his bag original Autodelta … “.
Stripped the body Berlinetta seems a big, fun kart eight hundred pounds. But when dressing to go out, he makes your head spin. The body is constituted by a spectacular skeleton of steel rods, coated by hand wrought aluminum panels. Like once. “The best technology at the service of craftsmanship old school”, glosses Frigerio. For the lovers of Alfa Romeo, the slender and rounded shapes, the muzzle and domed roof as an increased breast remember something of the 1900 CSS Zagato and Alfa 6C 3000 CM. In fact, the Berlinetta is the daughter of the Frigerio brothers immense passion for Alfa Romeo. He has bewitched everyone, even the demanding jury of the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este: “When in 2014 agreed between the concept, it was a huge surprise. Our competitors were Maserati, Aston Martin, Lamborghini. Their lines determine the car’s future, because the Berlinetta could not have done differently? “. In fact, the demand for performance-built with the retro look is growing (see the case Evanta). Effeffe expects to produce the first 20 units by 2017, for guests who want to go beyond the modern supercar and can afford a price that will be around 300 thousand euro. And the adventure of the Frigerio brothers will not stop there: “We’re already putting your skin at the Barchetta, the more useless absolute toy, but for this the most fascinating, always inspired by the fifties,” smiles Leonardo. “These are the cars that have made us dream. Not bad for the people who work makes electrical systems, are you? “.


Facebook says stop arms sales

The social network blocks the sale of guns and rifles including private members. The complaints and the dangers created the change, but does not apply to specialized companies, free to advertise their arsenal.

The question remains whether it is a move only due to the change of direction indicated by the White House or a step wanted to destroy the status quo. That was not at all reassuring, because when it comes to weapons there’s no joking. If Italy is a little-known dynamic, the US exploited the most populated virtual square of the network for the sale of arms is a practice in vogue for many years. Find who offers pistols and rifles on Facebook is easy and dismissive, as much as close a deal.

Despite the first alarm launched by the US technology site Venture Beat, that more than a year ago showed how suffice fifteen minutes to take home a semi automatic, has passed under the radar, over time the spell broke even thanks to petitions Change.org by a group of mothers. Small pieces that gradually led Facebook to reflect on the issue and close the gaps. “The past two years have increased the people who use social to sell and buy goods privately, as well as we continue to test and launch new products update our policies,” explained Monica Bickert, head of the Menlo Park Product Policy.

That so bans exchanges aimed at the sale – even on Instagram, where instead of words there are the photographs to promote business – but hitting only private citizens.

The oddity of the decision is in fact the total freedom left (always) at companies, free to advertise its catalog for proliferation affairs. In the US, the country of dreams and quirks, there is indeed the Second Amendment of the Constitution to defend the rights of sellers of weapons (and that of citizens to arm themselves), immediately fired up for the stop notice from Facebook and soon placatisi before limits of the same. Beyond the official stores, the Facebook is a novelty of great impact because it closes in fact one of the most thriving markets of US weapons. Research by Everytown for Gun Safety, an organization supported by Michael Bloomberg, shows how the blue message boards have grown up to be the second largest market for the sale of the state of Nevada weapons. Beyond that, it should be remembered as the industry lobbies have enormous power often succeeding to silence prosecutors and governors. It not by chance after the latest killings (14 deaths in the attack in San Bernardino, California, in December and the 20 children killed in the Sandy Hook School in Connecticut) was Obama to change the tables. The President has supported an awareness campaign and put pressure on Congress to concretize actions always remained on paper.

Waiting to see if and how Washington will react, it is certain that even without Facebook and Instagram, those who want a weapon can succeed without even sweat too much, but for sure from now on some carnage could be prevented. To buy a gun in the store the buyer must show criminal record, pass not foreseen in the company buying and selling, so at least it closes the door on the branded eager to carry out crimes and murders.


Pep Guardiola to Manchester City. What changes in European football?

After the official who will be the Spaniard to lead the City for the next three years, going crazy rumors about the next market. And everything could change a lot in a few months

Pep Guardiola at City spariglia the world of football. A new leap of “paradigm” to the top of the balloon. Starting with the hand – how do you call it salary? – Which will amount to 60 million euro, 20 million per season. Easy to imagine how the United – which these days is not doing well and brought Van Gaal’s resignation to the limit – you can spread the “panic” that Guardiola with the City is seriously run the risk of altering the balance “geopolitical” the city ​​football.

For some analysts, Old Trafford now can only play one technical paper media: hire Mourinho, anti-Guardiola (rivals in Spain), which was held shrewdly free after the experience (with waiver) at Chelsea, but has that it will not take any sabbatical.

The farewell of Guardiola has already caused the domino coaches in the market. In its place in Monaco of Bavaria will be Carlo Ancelotti, who has apparently signed a three-year contract to coach one of the strongest teams and more rich in talent in the world.

Now it is in fact on the market Manuel Pellegrini, the race celebrates the Chilean technical n.100 City in the Premier League and it is said that his adventure in England is over when the end of the season will have to leave the Etihad Stadium.

Hiddink steered Chelsea, leaving vacant the bench of Stamford Bridge which gather excellent hypothesis, Simeone Atletico Allegri to Conte who might be tempted to say goodbye at the end of the European Championship, the Azzurri. If you put too Ferguson retired, the Premier League is in fact the promised land of all the best of the last decade 10-15 world coaches Whereas Klopp has already landed the Reds.

Market players will be upset the next summer: the Pep will have a cake that can reach around 200 million and already rages the names of the fair: Pogba, Lewandowski, Thiago Alcantara, Coutinho. As said Claudio Ranieri, architect of Leicester miracle in command of the Premier League: “The resources of the City thanks to Sheikh Mansour are unlimited. The City is already a power, now can become a superpower “. Also because the club aims to conquer even the rich Chinese market after the purchase in December, 13% of the shares from the Chinese consortium China Media Capital and CITIC Capital Holdings for $ 400 million.

China has decided to invest very strongly in football at all levels, both in the expansion profile of the practitioners and the promotion of youth development, both on the industrial-media side of the top football. The City will go on summer tour in China presenting with pride of the most charismatic of the technical world that boasts a palmares “wow”: only in Spain, 3 championships, three Super Cups, 2 cups del Rey with Barcelona with whom he also won 2 Champions; then two Bundesliga titles and a German Cup with Bayern, which won the World Club of 2013, the third “Mundial” career after the two won against Barça. And three European Super Cups, 2 driving the blaugrana and the Bavarian bench.

A jolt to generate fibrillation. Guardiola to Citizens is a fact capable of dinamitare the summer market. The ‘Pep’ factor can catalyze players like Pogba, Lewandowski and Thomas Muller, as well as turn all kinds of voice, including that fantacalcistica Messi to City. The other side of the coin is that Guardiola can only win – and not just the Premier, but the Champions League – and is back with the same mission that had the assignment of Bayern: overcoming the predecessor Heynckes Just come triplets. The difference is that while the Bundesliga is a league of two speeds, the Premier’s hypercompetitive with many teams able to keep his head, not just Liverpool’s Jurgen Klopp (opponent to be found across the Channel), Chelsea, Arsenal or United, but also the various Leicester and Stoke City that with Giannelli Imbula from Porto for 24 million euro has just made the historical record of the amount spent by the club for a purchase. To beat them, there is always the weapon of resorting to the market. Moreover, the Premier League has just shot down the barrier of one billion pounds (1.32 billion euro) for trading in a single market season between summer and winter. It can bet that next year the post-investment will go even higher.


Walking thrilling: in China the new glass bridge record

In the Chinese province of Hunan they are completing the work on what will become the glass bridge longest and tallest ever built. Suspended 300 meters above the valley

Observers, bridges and skywalk to play with vertigo before a dream landscape, whether urban or natural, and possibly a great height, so now an architectural genre apart, with different nations of the Earth for several years to confront vertiginous shots facilities for tourists without fear.
The most active is definitely China. In the Chinese province of Hunan they are completing the work on what will become the glass bridge longest and tallest ever built. The numbers: 430 meters long, 6 wide. The architectural record, suspended 300 meters above the valley, will not only attract thousands of tourists, but is set to become even the highest bungee jump in the world


Switzerland, Verbier

The Perfect Combination Of Classic Interior Design, Timeless Features, And A Distinctive Alpine Ambience.
Chalet, 9 Bedrooms, 9 Bathrooms, 18 persons, Pool, Spa, Gym, Garden, WiFi

It is rare that visitors on a ski holiday are more taken aback by the beauty of a chalet than the landscape itself, but this may just be achieved in Chalet Truffle . This beautiful chalet occupies an impressive 3,000m² and sleeps 18 people in seven gorgeous suites and two superior bedrooms, all with en-suite facilities. Each room is infused with the owner’s unique style; the perfect combination of classic interior design, timeless features, and a distinctive Alpine ambience.


During your stay you will be provided with the following services: A highly qualified professional chef to prepare breakfast, after-ski snacks, and dinner. Our chefs will work with you or your staff to create the perfect menu for your stay, be it a seven course evening meal or something simple and healthy (food and wine charged separately). Wine list provided by a renowned Verbier cave. A dedicated chauffeur and vehicle (Volkswagen Caravelle or similar) operating between the hours of 8.30am until 2am. The chalet manager and host(s) are at hand to pour your morning coffee, serve dinner in the evenings and provide you with a concierge service during your stay. Daily cleaning is provided by our housekeepers. Concierge service for booking activities, restaurants etc.


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Climate change, the ski industry if they make a reason

They are called “spring warmth.” Too bad it appears at the end of January. Failure winter we are experiencing in northern Italy is a nightmare of abnormal temperatures and lack of precipitation. But it is not that the continuation of quell’annus horribilis that was 2015, by far the warmest year since records weather all over the terrestrial globe, after 2014 was already a record.
Lack of winter precipitation equal to lack of snow. On the Alps you are seen bleak white stripes in the middle stretches of dry grass. But this only where – and there are not many places – the night temperatures are used to create fake snow, otherwise known as “artificial”, otherwise known as “programmed” amounts to 70,000 hectares the total area in the Alpine snow. To produce this amount of artificial snow used 280 billion gallons of water and about 1.4 billion kWh – equivalent to the annual consumption of 350,000 households. Not just an environmental cost.
And ‘Ansa news on 15 January that the Federfuni Italy, which represents 150 ski resorts, will ask the Government the declaration of state of calamity “the difficult but critical situation that many ski resorts, not only Venetian but also of many other regions of’ Italy, are suffering because of the continuing lack of snow, this element must be as indispensable to safeguard the economy of the people living in the mountains. ”
After all, is not the first time that the ski industry asks the public sector to come to her aid. Piedmont is now standard practice that the regional government – despite the budget problems that – to intervene to cover the costs of artificial snow.
As it is not the first time that defines “natural disaster” a phenomenon that is caused by man. Because now there are no doubts about the fact that we, on our skin, we are already suffering the consequences of what we have created: climate change. Maybe this will be a particularly anomalous winter. It will be even more with normal precipitation or so, but the upward trend in temperatures is evident in all its drama and also unstoppable. If you make a right ski resorts and to adapt. It will no longer be sufficient to cover the glaciers with PVC or transport the snow by helicopter.
Now in Valtellina Bormio they are cultivated olive trees. If they make a right.


4 French cities to fall in love than in Paris

For once, forget the Eiffel Tower, the Latin Quarter and the other wonders of the capital. Because in France over the City of Light’s more

How many times have you been in Paris? A? Two? ..Many times? It is understandable: the French capital is one of the five most visited cities in the world. A concentrate of art, culture, history, fashion and entertainment like no other. And although the recent terrorist attacks have tarnished the image of joyous city, Paris with its beauty and its life energy is and will always be the city from (re) discover. But not the only one: there are at least four other French cities that deserve your attention. Because who said that the best is found only in the capitals? (For information: French office of tourism).

Situated in the middle of two rivers, the Rhone and Saone rivers, Lyon, more than any other city in France, embodies the art of the French “bon vivre”: the joyful synthesis of everything that makes life worth living: food, wine , culture, socializing.
3 things not to miss: the Traboules, covered passageways and hidden inside some of the buildings of the old town (just knock on a bell to enter); the new district of Confluence, which takes its name from the curious geographical location of the city and is home to public parks, housing and offices; the Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse (102 cours Lafayette), the market where artisans share space indoors offering all food quality.

The capital of the French Riviera promises a panoramic curve around the Bay of Angels, and seduces you with a waterfront full of fun and surprises.
3 things not to miss: Carnival, which this year will be held February 12 to 28, with a parenthesis gay friendly on February 19, with the bombastic parade Lou Queernaval; the Promenade du Paillon, the new urban park of 12 hectares ranging from the National Theatre of Nice to the sea; the other Nice with its shops sustainable, artists’ studios and the club that has its epicenter in Rue Bonapart, where they merge and coexist different philosophies of life.

What once it was the city’s bad, immortalized in the adventures of a notorious clan and in the novels of Jean-Claude Izzo, in 2013 became European Capital of Culture and has changed its face, with a surprising transformation of its waterfront and the creation of museums and cultural centers, right there where once there was degradation.
3 things not to miss: the Cours Julien, the district intellectual colorful and lively housing markets and shops of artists and creators; the Mucem, the first museum dedicated to the cultures of the Mediterranean, in a sleek concrete cube overlooking the harbor; the Badlands National Park, with its 20 km of nature to be explored in full city.

The best way to appreciate Nantes is from the top of a mechanical elephant, posthumous tribute to the fantastic worlds of Jules Verne, that here was born here. It wanders through the city center along with other mechanical creatures giants, creating a zoo artistic mechanical unique.
3 things not to miss: The Voyage and Nantes, the event that is holding forth during the summer letting artists, writers, musicians and gardeners to express themselves freely in the public space (up to reinterpret the shop signs); a visit to Belem, the last survivor of the great, romantic, sailing ships of the nineteenth century, which in June will make its “first” 120 years; Utopiales, genaile the annual festival of science (and science fiction).


“Mamma Mia!”: Dinner in the restaurant of the Abba

The famous song of the Swedish pop group becomes a restaurant. In Greek sauce, of course: in Stockholm opened a tavern where the sun always shines, drink ouzo, enjoying Mediterranean cuisine. And you can dance the Sirtaki between tables. In addition to planetary success as Dancing Queen, Knowing Me Knowing You or Take a Chance on Me
Everyone at the table, singing Mamma Mia !. After the musical and the film, the famous Abba song becomes a restaurant. In Greek sauce, of course. Thus, in the cold of Stockholm, it opened a tavern where the sun always shines, drink ouzo, you can taste the moussaka and the tzatziki. And you can dance the Sirtaki between tables. In addition to planetary success as Dancing Queen, Knowing Me Knowing You or Take a Chance on Me. Music, revival and good food are the ingredients of this original mix desired by Björn Ulvaeus, one of four legendary Abba, who just opened this restaurant- show within the spaces of the Tyrol, in the amusement park Tivoli Grona Lund.
It was rebuilt in great detail a Greek taverna where waiters, bartenders and chefs give life to the show and where it can even happen the appearance of Zorba or an Olympian god. The restaurant is called Nikos Taverna at Tyrol: here you are living a Greek theme evening for a few hours and you end up straight to the atmosphere Skopelos, the island where in 2008 he was shot on film, in turn inspired by the musical 1999 took the title from the song of 1975.
Watch the video of the show at Nikos Taverna:
The restaurant, however, is not the last stop for the true fan of the Swedish pop group: in 2013 had already opened Abba The Museum and Stockholm you can have fun with the Abba – City Walk, a tour of the city that touches the places where they played Björn Ulvaeus, Benny Andersson, Agnetha Fältskog and Anni-Frid Lyngstad and the houses where they lived. A week ago they got back together on stage after eight years, because of the opening of the restaurant. But make no mistake about a possible reunion: Andersson replied “I do not think.”


The man was really on the moon. The mathematical proof

A researcher at Oxford which has developed the mathematical model – complete with formulas – which excludes misinformation can last

Conspiracy theorists will rassignino. The man touched down on the moon. And not only because of the recent NASA has released thousands of photos that document the lunar missions. A researcher at Oxford has developed a mathematical model to break down the conspiracy theories and took as emblematic of the one that would be a fake landing on Earth satellite. The basic thesis is that a number of people can keep a secret for only a set period of time. Dr. David Grimes has thus developed the equation according to which a secret that lasts a century may not involve that a maximum number of 125 people. By contrast, one that involves 2521 hardly would last more than 5 years. Whereas the moon landing of ’69 involved a staff of Nasa 411mila employees, a possible staging could never remain hidden until now.

In the formulas of Grimes – who published the study on Plus One – also comes the possibility that someone can escape to disclose a secret to the pub to brag or because drunk, or that some “whistleblower” deliberately reveal the reasons for his ( idealistic, political-ideological, opportunistic, and so on).

Depending on the model, the secret of the fake moon landing would hold up for just three years and nine months. Grimes has also considered conspiracy theories about vaccines and drugs, involving in various capacities over 700 thousand people in each compartment, they could maintain secrecy only for 3 years and 2 months before, and for 3 years and 3 months a any cover-up of the discovery of anti-cancer treatment.

“I do not mean that anyone who believes in a conspiracy theory is unreasonable or reckless – he said the researcher at Oxford – and not all are wrong: for example, the revelations of Snowden NSA programs have confirmed the hypothesis control electronically. But many of these theories revolve around the science. While it may not be harmful to believe that the moon landing was a hoax, believe in misinformation about vaccines can be fatal. I only hope that by showing how certain alleged conspiracies are inconsistent, people reconsider skepticism antiscience. If anything, we should ask why certain ideas are so deep-rooted and persistent in certain groups despite the evidence, and how you can fight back. “