Lost luggage at the airport? That (un) lucky: they are now only 6.5 per thousand

The report confirms the positive record signed Sita for suitcases lost on the road, especially when compared with the rapid growth of passengers

Every year Sita, the maxicooperativa of airlines and airports which makes technology products and services, distributes a unique relationship that takes stock of baggage “misdirected”. That is, those lost, returned late, damaged, or worse, stolen. The situation is getting better. This year the Baggage Report it says – despite the bad adventures we have surely ruined some vacation – that only 6.5 bags per thousand passengers end up swallowed up in the black hole of the airports.

This is the best result ever, lower by 10.5% compared to 2014 when the figure was 7.3 per thousand passengers. But above all, less than half of 2003. So much so that one might almost say that within a few years the phenomenon could be said to be extinct if efforts in this direction will continue. Also because, in parallel, the number of passengers has soared: + 85% compared to 2003. Despite infrastructure and processes dedicated to logistics management were thus put under the greatest pressure, the baggage “disguidato” continued its process of marginalization .

Last year took off and landed at 3.5 billion people. A monstrous figure, results aside, remember that there is in any case to proceed to a further improvement of technologies, as indeed wants to IATA, the international organization of airlines. Also for security reasons. Not surprisingly, one of the items on the agenda at the next Summit of Sita Air Transport held in late May in Barcelona.

“In the next three years, the baggage monitoring will be under the spotlight, since airlines are preparing to implement the IATA Resolution 753 – said Francesco Violante, until July at the Sita summit after 13 years of work, before passing the job to Barbara Dalibard – this increased visibility will bring even more control, and further improvements in baggage handling. It means that passengers can track their luggage constantly, as is the case now for courier shipments. More monitoring and less stress. ”

Although they are steadily declining, the mishandled baggage still cost a considerable sum to the industry: $ 2.3 billion. Down 3.75% compared to 2014 but still be able to keep the issue among the priorities of the airline industry. The technologies we are all, are simply implemented and disseminated. Because now trolley suitcases and there will always embark more on your own: four companies out of ten in fact put to passengers kiosks for printing do-it-yourself labels. Within a couple of years it will install them 75% of the carriers, of course, at certain airports. In addition to paper labels, labels if they are also experiencing permanent electronic to upgrade to every journey with the flight data via an app on your smartphone and print it at home. Such as boarding passes, which actually now even more we print.


My house is a SPA

Aromatherapy showers, massage therapists to counter the effects of time and mini-saunas that find space in the room here is the accessories for a spa within the four walls and pamper yourself like the stars!
The products of Elle Macpherson The Body® line are valid Beauty allies for anyone who wants to combine practicality and relaxing, cuddling at home as in a real spa. In particular, the Professional Cellulite Massager helps to shape, firm and smooth the treated area, stimulates circulation, improves lymphatic drainage and stimulates the connective tissue. Price: 60 € approx HoMedics
Ellen Pompeo, star of Grey’s Anatomy, is coming out of Ma Maison De Beauté SPA after he donated a few hours of wellness treatments. Photo credits: Splash

To be used comfortably in front of the mirror of your own home, Pureo Ionic Skin Care Beurer FCE 90 significantly improves the appearance of the face. By applying a special moisturizer included in the kit and treating your face with your machine, the results – clean, anti-aging and increased brightness – are visible from the very first use. Price: 187 € about Beurer


The 14 most absurd world museums
In the UK is the witch hunt, in India go to the toilet scene, have fun in the sewers in Paris. A succession of so improbable collections that are worth visiting

In terms of oddities pull sewers and museum can trigger bad feelings, actually then descend the manhole not far from the Pont de l’Alma famous for the sad end of Princess Diana is amazing. Why, after the smell habit not really intoxicating, to venture into the tunnels of the Musée des Égouts to find out how it has evolved the sewer system of the city gives incomparable emotions with each other museum.

Who said that going to the museum is just stuff for experts or art lovers? Indeed, we take a step back, because the point here is to define how wide is the meaning of the term “art”, or rather what can be considered as such and what is excluded, not caring at least in this case the reason. The equation-art museum, as a discipline and then as a list of the ten pins (sculpture, painting, architecture, literature, theater, music, cinema, dance, photography and comics) to which you connect the minor arts, we can put an instant aside, because we are talking about museums, but how bizarre unique types.

Know that in Warsaw have had the courage to pick up a long series of written, languages ​​and different characters, united by the neon to make precisely a museum is a good place to start. Created in 2005 to bring to light the period of the Cold War through the neon signs in use in those times, over the years the Neon Muzeum has become a meeting point for lovers of the genre staying in the Polish capital.

Prove that the fallologia is a science is the goal of Phallogical Museum Icelandic (on the site there is also the Italian version), born in 1974 to about Sigurdur Hajrtarson, professor of history buff penises, so that after having collected over thirty has decided to make it a museum. On display 272 pieces of 92 different animal species, with all the genitals of terrestrial and marine mammals on the island. Among whales, seals, walruses and even a polar bear there are penises of various types, shapes and textures; icing on the cake, then, in the last period came the first of four penises promised by men in life in order to enrich the collection with a specimen of Homo Sapiens.

The creativity was also generous in Portland (Oregon, USA), where is the museum devoted to cryptozoology. What the hell we talk, you ask? The discipline that brings together all cases of famous animals whose existence, however, remains shrouded in myth as unverifiable. Bigfoot, the Yeti, some species of fish or dinosaurs extinct for thousands of years are all here available to fans, who will find legions of reproductions attention to detail and very plausible even in size, that sometimes exceed those of humans.

In Osaka instead it records the apex of worship for ramen, Japanese dish of Chinese origin as a form resembling a kind of noodles mixed with meat or fish broth. The focus on the beloved Japanese food from here is so high that in honor del’inventore the Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum was created, a mix between museum and playground to retrace the history of food, try it in all ways and prepare a tailored version as best we please.

From Osaka to New Delhi for another unmissable gem: the International Museum of the toilet, which offers a colorful catalog of pieces dedicated to the real urgent needs of rare completeness. Seriously, the initiative is to sensitize the world on one of the problems that afflicts the Indian population: nearly 600 million people who urinate and defecate outdoors for the lack of facilities engaged.

completely different scenario in the Green Dublin, home to the National Leprechaun Museum, an interactive point in which to learn the secrets and legends of the myths and Celtic traditions but also and above all to move between gigantic tables and chairs to understand how they live the elves. unforgettable experience is to go to the museum in Cancun, which means wearing costume, mask and bottles to take to the depths and visit the 500 statues telling the evolution of the Maya; the structure is called Muse and is the largest underwater museum in the world, with works made of concrete so as not to impact on the marine ecosystem.

In Zagreb there is the meeting place for lovers betrayed, not necessarily in a literal sense. At the Museum of Broken Relationships in fact brings together all the donated items after the end of the story: born to play in 2006 after ten years attracts singles from around the world, with the outbreak of couples instead send objects that expand the collection. In Cornwall there is the Museum of Witches, in Boston on Moba – Museum of Bad Art – which holds just unwatchable works, while Washington is the home of the International Museum of Spies. Italy finally defends itself well in terms of particularity: two of the largest are the Museum of Barolo Corkscrew and that of Gelato in Bologna.

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Jaguar F-Pace, the revolutionary crossover

It comes on the market the novelty of the Jaguar. Here’s how they intepretata some young designers

The design inspired by the F-Type highlights from the first glance the sporty flair of the first Jaguar crossover, F-Pace. That, however, gives the driver and passengers also maximum comfort. These are just two reasons why we can say that this car spariglia the automotive market cards. Not surprisingly, among the thousands of bookings made before dell’arrico F-Pace in dealerships, many customers have not before now never owned a Jaguar.

Under the leadership of Dominic Najafi, Chief Creative Designer Jaguar Exteriors, the designerdella House of the Jaguar team was able almost to square the circle: even get in a crossover lines with marked sporting characteristics. This also thanks to a technology, Jaguar Lightweight Aluminium Architecture, already applied on XE and XF, a structure “ultra light” for the 80% aluminum.

Each dettagliodella new F-Pace has been reproduced to scale with 3D printer, indispensable tool in designing cars.

On the new Crossover they were put to the test even the students of IED (European Institute of Design) of Turin with three customized versions with light wrapping. Students have three F-Pace that is customized models interpreting many of the car characteristics: Technology, Dimensions and Horizons. The models were then exposed to the Fuori Salone 2016 (see the photo above).

Jaguar and the formation of car designers
By partnering trala House of the Jaguar and the IED of Turin it was set up the first Master First Level in Car Interior and User Experience, all oscopo to train new talent and open up new opportunities for young designers who dream of working one day for car brands as Jaguar.

The engine range includes: 2.0-liter diesel 180 hp with manual transmission (available with rear and all-wheel drive) and automatic transmission (AWD only); 3.0 liter diesel 300 hp with automatic transmission and all-wheel drive; 3.0-liter petrol 340 and 380 hp with automatic transmission and all-wheel drive.

The indicative price range for the F-Pace start at 44,625 euro.

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Whiskeys and cocktails: a gentle foam for the new Little Bay Oban

It is called the Bay Scottish drink invented by bartender Marco Russo to celebrate the Little Oban Bay, the last single malt Scotch whiskey distillery presented by Oban

In the warm atmosphere of the past of the Secret Bar of Milan in 1930, the Oban distillery Italy presents his latest single malt scotch whiskey, Oban Little Bay. A whiskey from precious maritime and citrus notes that retains a soft character, achieved through a complex process of mixing of fine single malt aged in small barrels.

“The unique and complex taste of Oban Little Bay – says Craig Wilson, Master Blender of Oban Distillery – reflects the uniqueness of the environment in which this whiskey was born, nestled between the cliffs and the sea of ​​the west coast of Scotland. The structure of the distillery, dictated by the size and location on the bay, is the origin of the peculiar orange notes, smoky, savory and honeyed that give our whiskey its distinctive character. ”

So, to make it even more special, the bartender Marco Russo decided to enrich it with sherry sweetness of pears and dulce de leche, giving life to the Scottish Bay, an elegant drink from the many nuances of taste and texture.

Here are the ingredients and the recipe.

Scottish Bay
50 ml of Oban Little Bay
7.5 ml of dulce de leche
30 ml of sherry pears
Salt to tobacco

Mix the ingredients, moisten the rim of the glass and pass it in the salt.

To get a more complete version and eleaborata cocktail, enter the low-temperature ingredients in a food trap loaded with nitrogen peroxide, and pour the mousse thus obtained in the drink.

We recommend the use of an old fashioned glass.


TAG Heuer Carrera Connected Watch. Look at me, do I look like one smartwatch?

It looks like a classic watch, but it’s a masterpiece of technology

After being premiered in November 2015 in New York, revealed the European press at Baselworld in March 2016, TAG Heuer Carrera Watch Connected finally arrives in Italy on the occasion of the Design Week with an event exclusively and in the wake of a global success which it exceeded all expectations. What strikes the last jewel of the Swiss Maison is its ability to combine technology and aesthetics in perfect harmony.

“What is unique in our Carrera Connected is being powered by a cutting-edge micro processor INTEL ATOM and work with Google Wearable, it has the same features and applications of the Apple Watch, but it looks 100% a Carrera model. While wearing our Carrera Connected nobody realizes that it is a Connected Watch because its titanium case can Ti2 satin is the same used for the Carrera in mechanical version, the one dell’Heuer 01! You can say that is the first Swiss clock connected that looks like a real watch.

Finally, if a customer wants to change the clock connected with a mechanic can do it by paying € 1,400. “Said CEO TAG HeuerJean-Claude Biver about his offline clock.

With its 46 mm diameter, the design of the TAG Heuer Carrera Connected Watch is that of a real Carrera, with case, case back and lugs titanium grade 2, a contemporary material that gives the watch a lightness and strength the greater impact than a traditional material such as steel or gold. Complete with a textured black rubber strap (available other six colors – red, blue, white, orange, green and yellow, sold separately) with a buckle clasp also in grade 2 titanium, it exhibits elegance, characteristics and finishing the level of a fine clock. It is proposed to the 1,400 Euros.

"panorama toilet"

The most spectacular public baths in the world

From London to Tanzania, through the Nepalese peaks, Lonely Planet publishes a guide to show us a hundred places to urinate is a show

Have you ever thought that the public toilets could be an attraction as another during your next trip? There has never crossed my mind? Well, agree tuck in your next “to do list” holiday of someone percent also listed in the new guide published by Lonely Planet, Toilets: A Spotter’s Guide (9.95 €, 128 pgg.) And is dedicated to the most scenic toilet, scenic and unique in the world. Like that of the Buddhist monastery in Ladakh, India, or one of the north of Europe to Enontekio, Finland (and throughout Scandinavia, with the addition of Iceland, many will place in the standings), as well as the ‘ island-process, such actions are allowed for the French, near Placencia, Belize.

The travelers bible has in fact decided to put together more than a hundred. They come in all types, from London to Tanzania, from real contemporary design works to Capannucce disaster that find their reporting reason only according to geographical location.

Like the one at 6,812 meters above sea level at the Sagarmatha National Park in Nepal, or that on Kilimanjaro, in Tanzania, or even the toilet overlooking the coast of British Columbia, in Canada. Not only nature, though: there the architect snakes Breth Turston are also in Wellington, New Zealand, or the concept of the UFO bar in Bratislava, Slovakia.

“The toilets often transcend their primary function to become a work of art in themselves – says the guide – or to point out the cultural priorities, traditions and local values ​​and the communities that they serve.”

Therefore, “as every seasoned traveler knows, a lot can be told of a place away from judgment on its bathrooms – is still explained in the introduction of the book – still prefer to call them, the toilets are a window (sometimes dull, sometimes open ) into the secrets of a destination. In these pages you will find porcelain urinals with fantastic views, bold urban latrines and ecotroni made of wood and stone in all kind of natural setting. ”

So, tell me where you happen to carry your traveler needs and tell you (indeed, tell me) where you are.


Roborace, the unmanned races are almost reality

The world of motorsport will short the debut of a championship dedicated to self-driven vehicles. He will still make sense to watch the races without the drivers?
The news is this: by the end of this year – or, at the latest, from 2017 – under the auspices of the Formula E world championship, will start the first world championship for cars Car-driven race. It will be called Roborace and drawing the cars that will take part – all? only some of them? it is still unknown, it is not understood – will be none other than Daniel Simon, the designer author of the media stars of Tron: Legacy and Oblivion.
Now, what makes fascinating races? Because the motorsport love it to people? Because it tells a story, because it’s about people, pilots, who have talents, difficulties, concerns, motivations, collapses, resurrections. Not only for those who are passionate about cars or motorcycles, even the technical component is linked to the human aspect. I, spectator MotoGP, are fascinated by the evolution of the bike in the race because I go running and I understand (or I can try to do it), what it means to fly half with that power, with that performance.

The same applies to the Formula 1 and for the car races. The key is empathy! Not to mention that if there is a road for several years in many indicate as the only viable to increase the performance and reduce costs is precisely to reduce the component of “engineering” – introducing common parts among the media, creating regulations imbriglino the (expensive) imagination of designers – causing, in short, that the face technique a step back from the man. It makes sense, therefore, to think of setting up a championship in which, on the contrary, the human component will be reduced in a manner so drastic? Of course, the cars, to win, will be designed in the best way, they will mount the most “intelligent” software, the challenge will then move in the box – or in their back – but we will not have to do with the courage, with the ‘skills, with dislikes, with the unpredictability of those cars, up to now, has guided. And, then, why continue to watch the races?

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There are few ski resorts where you can ski in May.

The snow in the valley is now a distant memory while upstream are often too few snow-covered slopes. The few ski resorts open in the summer are generally closed for maintenance of the lifts. Still others are taking advantage of the bridge of May 1 for the last opening weekend and then close its doors until the next ski season. But there are a handful of places where you can still have fun.



Areas where skiing in May

Cervinia (AO): skiing on weekends 7/8, 14/15, 21/21, 2016 and you can walk the track with guaranteed Ventina ski back to the feet up to the Cime Bianche Lakes and the track number “6” to Plan Maison . It obviously will ski even on the glacier of Plateau Rosa (in this case, the international ski pass), which will be the protagonist, in the following months of summer skiing. Until 1 May 2016 the facilities will instead open daily. On the Plateau Rosa, there are 26.5 km of piste (5.5 km Breuil-Cervinia, 21 km Zermatt) and a giant snow park: the tracks encroach on the Swiss Zermatt area that offers the highest slopes of Europe in 3900 meters. Cervinia ski pass in 2016.

Diavolezza (SWITZERLAND): The cable car takes skiers from 2090 to over 2900 meters. In share a quad chairlift serves three runs that reach up to 3068 meters. 05/22/2016 Closing the May 2016 Diavolezza ski pass

Hintertux (AUSTRIA): it is Austria’s only ski area to be open throughout the year including the month of August. The skiing conditions in May is therefore very satisfactory. The winter ski pass is valid until 13 May 2016. The summer ski pass is valid from May 14 to October 8, 2016. May Skipass Hintertux

Livigno (SO): you can ski until May 1, 2016.

Stubai (AUSTRIA): skiing on the Stubai Glacier in the Stubaital, a few kilometers beyond the Brenner Pass. The winter ski pass is valid until May 7, 2016, while the spring ski pass is valid until May 29, 2016. May Stubai Ski Pass


The bot Facebook Messenger wants to close the call center

Next week the company is expected to present a new tool that will enable companies to communicate with their customers directly in chat

Facebook plans to introduce the chatbot on Messenger to enable companies to communicate with their customers, arriving one day replace all the call centers. For example, after purchasing a product from a website, you can choose to receive updates on Messenger and continue your conversations with the company within the app. In this way, people will have the opportunity to receive relevant messages from companies, such as confirmations of delivery orders and updates, and can perform basic actions such as edit, control and return an order. In addition, we can ask questions to companies, making their demands and get answers fast. All it managed directly by an algorithm into a computer.

As reported by Techcrunch, as many companies do not have the resources to develop such a robot, the group led by Mark Zuckerberg has decided to present its own version to offer to the business segment within F8, Facebook’s convention dedicated to developers, scheduled for next week.

In addition to advertising, Facebook Live and fan pages, the company will also provide the necessary tools to manage the bot to suit your needs so as to support a real-time chat. This is not good news for the thousands of workers who operate within the call center, which may be forced to find a new job because of the chatbot, although, of course, it will take years before the development of artificial intelligence is reached a level that would justify the excess of human presence.

The research is at a good level considering that Uber and KLM have already integrated into the app messaging equivalent autonomous system that allows customers to make requests directly online. Facebook has called them “structured messages”: This allows the machine to write a title, add a picture, a description, and incorporate inputs such as booking a table at the restaurant or order on an e-commerce site, a bit ‘ as the company had stated in the presentation of Facebook M. Soon we will be able to click on a banner and visit us in a chat on Messenger with a bot barker who will try to sell us something. The companies will gain clicks, Facebook will make money with bots and with our time spent on the app, we can choose not to be bothered. So everyone would win, as long as your bot Messenger does not go crazy and becomes a Nazi, as happened recently to a Microsoft experiment.