Cortina d'Ampezzo

The thrill of vertigo. Capri – Cortina

Preview special on July 8, a photo exhibition that celebrates the excellence of the two wonderful cities of our country. A partnership designed to give too many new surprises …
It is a special preview to Wednesday, July 8th in Milan, in the striking of Panorama’s Porta Nuova, to enhance the beauty of our country, which boasts a heritage landscape unchallenged. To be presented is in fact the exhibition (organized by Fondazione Capri and Cortina Turismo) Photographer Massimo Siragusa entitled “The thrill of vertigo. Capri – Cortina”.

Two prestigious locality

Exceptional Image they see the story of two prestigious locality with clear identity landscape as Capri and Cortina d’Ampezzo. The photos will be on display (in a course organized by Denis Curti) from 18 July to 30 August at the Certosa di San Giacomo in Capri, during the Festival of Photography of Capri. During the winter season, the exhibition will move instead in high altitude, in Cortina, only to be hosted in different international spaces.

Areas of excellence

Capri and Cortina have not been naturally selected at random. Foundation Capri and Cortina Turismo in fact have recently entered to make part of the “Territory of Excellence” Altagamma, the Foundation since 1992 brings together companies of high culture industry and creative Italian. The two famous are a perfect classic and timeless, devoted to the cult of beauty, refinement, culture and hospitality. The timeless myth of the Dolce Vita both have preserved the essential: the original creative impulse, the ability to constantly reinvent itself and to tell a territory beyond the passing fads, becoming icons of Made in Italy.

A promising partnership

Special agreement, the Foundation between Capri and Cortina Turismo, which will be rich in the future, promising developments. To reveal the first steps are, during the preview, Stefano Illing (President Cortina Turismo), Gianfranco Morgano (Capri Foundation President) and Stefania Lazzaroni (General Manager Altagamma Foundation). It is definitely unique space to house the preview: Panorama, the special context organized by Davide Rampello, to exalt and celebrate the Italian beauty, which will involve the guests in a multisensory experience unforgettable.



Chamomix, Courmayeur

Paragliding Mont Blanc: three deaths in four days.

Courmayeur – Driven by the desire to fly through France and grind kilometers. They need good weather, sunny and warm, and then the right wind and, still, of high clouds, the highest of the peaks. Only then can realize his dream: to fly over the giant of the Alps, Mont Blanc with its 4810 meters above sea level; fly over and land on with their paraglider. And the right conditions are in these days, at least – indeed only – in the French side: from the beginning of the week, every day, in the Chamonix area are at least 100 pilots taking off. Many have succeeded in their aim, while four others have renounced crashed on the Italian side.


Four incidents from Wednesday to yesterday, when the last pilot crashed and died on the crest of the Brouillard at over 3700 meters above sea level, “Got stuck in a gully – explains Adriano Favre, head of the Aosta Valley Mountain Rescue – was lucky to succeed to see it. ” The victim should be French, like the other two dead, a man and a woman, and as the man who is still hospitalized in intensive care in the hospital in Aosta. Three dead in four days. For rescuers Aosta Valley, now, those colorful sails have become a nightmare.

Four incidents from Wednesday to yesterday, when the last pilot crashed and died on the crest of the Brouillard at over 3700 meters above sea level, “Got stuck in a gully – explains Adriano Favre, head of the Aosta Valley Mountain Rescue – was lucky to succeed to see it. ” The victim should be French, like the other two dead, a man and a woman, and as the man who is still hospitalized in intensive care in the hospital in Aosta. Three dead in four days. For rescuers Aosta Valley, now, those colorful sails have become a nightmare.

Those who leave from Chamonix is ​​upwind, the ideal condition, but when surpasses the peak condition is very critical: “you are downwind – says Joyeusaz – with strong gusts” and with a push down and against the walls and the risk that the sailing closes. And Henriod: “We must Know yourself well microclimate, here the currents are strong, yesterday the wind was at 30 kilometers an hour when you are not sailing a few. Many are professionals but they underestimate the difference between the two sides. Depart from Paris or somewhere because they have seen on the internet that the conditions are ideal, but in our side now are not. These days none of us flew from Courmayeur. ”

Hands tied

In France they have also issued an order to prohibit the flight across the border, but few respect it. And Italian Finance’s hands are tied, “What can we do? hence no part of anyone, “says Viglione. It ‘s home to France this discipline, the practice in 40,000. “On August 8, 2009 – remembers Joyeusaz – 12 people have landed on top. Two years after the landings were 113.duetto


First meeting on skis for the blue team speed.

Dominik Paris, Peter Fill, Werner Heel, Christof Innerhofer, Matteo Marsaglia and Silvano Varettoni have been called by Max Rinaldi for a day of training in Zermatt (the glacier known for summer skiing that can also be reached from Cervinia). In Switzerland there are down the slalomgigantisti you withhold on the slopes in the shadow of the Matterhorn until July 30, while men jet will withhold from today until August 2. The Blues then speed will start on August 23 for the usual retreat of the winter snow that takes place every year in South America. The program, which lasts almost a month (until 21 July) provides training in the resorts of Valle Nevado and La Parva, Chile, locations that today suffer from lack of snow. The situation is monitored, and expects a disturbance that should paint the mountains of Chile for the first days of August.



The best musicians at the Verbier Festival

He made his debut in the role of pianist one of the biggest conductors (Valery Gergiev) and one of the grand singers (Thomas Quasthoff) in the role of director.
The tops of Le Grand Combin soar imperious, from their 4314 meters. Defying the scorching sun showing off a mantle of ice.
The Mont Blanc is just beyond. Behind the village, runs a belt of mountains during the winter are the delight of skiers, especially those who practice off-piste skiing. Exit from concert halls to Verbier, and the eyes are filled with these scenarios. It ‘s the strength of the nature of the place, quiet but dominant, to forge a Festival of this Swiss town that from mid-July to August 2 is the magnet for artists from triple A, of young people who then followed master classes and end up in a’ orchestra where every year thickens the Asian faces. Other thermometer of changing times: the rampant East is making center in the art world. “The young Chinese, Korean, Japanese study on average more than the Europeans. The hearings surpass them … “explain the Festival. The atmosphere is special here in Verbier, showcase of music legends but also laboratory for talent duly selected. The narrow streets that wind between fairytale chalet, hovering youth with violins, cellos, flutes, oboes, clarinets, brass instruments. These special children, grew up on bread and rigorous studies, intersect with peers mountain bikers dressed as if going to war, then you see them engaged in daring descents and acrobatic and understand the reason for so many guards. Acrobatics on two wheels, keyboards for musical instruments … the wave of adrenaline youth is unique about the Verbier Festival where the audience of stars is made of names like Esa Pekka Salonen, Leonids Kavakos, Valery Gergiev, Mischa Maisky, Gianandrea Noseda, Joyce Di Donato, Joshua Bell .. For the current edition, dominated by the figure of the Russian Daniil Trifonov, 24, pianist of the artistic temperament, musicality torrential steel sheet to make it superior to all the colleagues of the latest generations. Unique. Concert artists of this caliber are born every 50 years.

The recital Saturday night, with the 12 studies of transcendental execution of Liszt dome highlight was the official coronation and final Trifonov. The Verbier Festival, founded in 1994 by Martin T: son Engstroem, loves sparigliare cards. It so happens that a long-time director like Valery Gergiev, the current number one in Russia, director-director-head of the Mariinsky Theatre of St. Petersburg, in Verbier debut as a pianist in concert for three pianos by Mozart: beside him, Trifonov and Denis Matsuev, who claims to be young when he realized the talent. Undressed the role of “father-Gergiev”, he is returning to the director pure and dives into one of those scores that are part of the kit cromosimico – and it shows – as the Sixth Symphony of Tchaikovsky.

This edition, still in progress, then will go down in history for a special event. The debut as conductor of Thomas Quasthoff. Baritone of the most significant of recent times, in 2012, at the age of 52, he retired to the scenes. As a German who goes straight to the issue, he confessed: “My health does not allow me more than maintain the high standards that I always intended. I owe so much to this extraordinary profession and leave without any bitterness. On the contrary, I’m looking forward to the new challenges that will come into my life. ” Quasthoff has severe malformations to the body caused by a drug taken by the mother during gestation. His limbs, upper and lower, have been developed only in part. The strength of Le Grand Combin is compared with that of the man who in Verbier, Friday, has defied the laws of nature has reached the podium directing the St. Matthew Passion by Bach.

Public very touched by this test. The boys of the orchestra have gone beyond that gesture which for obvious reasons is lacking in precision. They explain that the human energy and the energy of the artist Quasthoff offset, and overcome, any technical problem.



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Cortina InCroda

Seven great hosts for the 2015 edition of Cortina InCroda
Thursday will start the 7th edition of Cortina InCroda, the festival that combines the right mix poetry, adrenaline, writing, cinema, music, mountains, dreams, adventure, technology and journalism.
Thursday will start the 7th edition of Cortina InCroda, the festival that combines the right mix poetry, adrenaline, writing, cinema, music, mountains, dreams, adventure, technology, journalism, characters, memories and future. Until September 10 we will be offered events dedicated to the passion for the mountains, with seven great guests and the screening of the films presented at the Trento Film Festival.
Thursday debut, at 20.45 at the Alexander Girardi, with an exceptional protagonist: Catherine Destivelle, mountaineer and climber world famous, for years considered the best climber in the world.
July 16, directly from the Trento Film Festival, will be screened at Cinema Eden “Valley Uprising” by Nick Rosen, Peter Mortimer, Josh Lowellm US film that got the Golden Gentian City of Bolzano for the best film on exploration and adventure the Trento Film Festival in 2015.
July 23 will be the turn of Piero and Rocco Rava, who will talk about thirty years of life spent traveling.
For the film will be screened on July 30, directly from the Trento Film Festival, two films: “China Jam” of Evrad Wendenbaum, and “Only, Escalada a la vida” Jordi Ciudad Varela (Spain 2014).
August 6 on the stage of the Alexander will rise another great character: Beat Kammerlander. Austrian climber and photographer, will present his life in the mountains and will provide an overview of 30 years of history of arrampicatela, through a multimedia show exciting.
Do not miss the Naturalistic Trekking to the discovery of the Park of the Ampezzo Dolomites. Nature enthusiasts and mountain on August 9 will be accompanied by the Director of the Park, Michele Da Pozzo, in Sotecordes, to learn the secrets of the flora and fauna of the Dolomites.
Very exciting evening of August 13, dedicated to the emergency in Nepal, area heavily devastated by continuous earthquakes. The link between Cortina and Nepal is solid and long-standing, as mountain guides, Squirrels and local climbers have reached the area for a trek or climb Himalayan peaks. Fausto De Stefani, founder of Without Borders non-profit organization, will tell the demands of Nepalese after the devastating earthquake in April. On stage, Marco Sala, mountaineer of Rocciatori Caprioli, who was at the Everest Base Camp during the shock.
For the first time the British world-class mountaineer and adventurer Leo Houlding will Cortina August 27. It is known in the world of free and for his exploits on the big walls of earth, Houlding has worked extensively for television and film.
It closes on 3 and 10 September, with the cinema. Directly from the Trento Film Festival on the first Thursday of September we will be proposed “Life in Paradise” by Roman Vital (Audience Award at the Trento Film Festival 2015) and “Always Above Us” Eric Crosland. In closing an evening dedicated to the exploitation
of water. At Eden cinema it will be screened on September 10 “Damnation” Ben Knight and Travis Rummel. The film is the story of a growing movement of activists who, through spectacular actions, are fighting to ensure that rivers can return to their beds free of dams.




Missing a week at the opening of the season of summer skiing in Les 2 Alpes, the Transalpine station known for its many sports and night that complete the ski vacation in the summer months. The glacier of Les Deux Alpes will open its doors on June 20, for a season that will last without interruption until August 29, 2015, when the plant will close for a short break before the winter beginning with the autumn months.


In Les 2 Alpes you can ski up to 3568 meters with 17 lifts that lead to the glacier and serve the slopes at high altitude (1 cable car, 1 cable car, 1 inclined lift, 2 cable cars, 2 chair lifts, 8 ski lifts and 2 tows), the all in the service of 11 ski runs, 1 red, 9 blue and one green, and in the transalpine classifications are shown as paths for the first steps on skis.



Switzerland, Verbier

Charmingly Rustic And Luxuriously Decorated With Warm Textiles, Antiques And Colourful Kelims.
Chalet, 4 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms, 9 persons, Garden, WiFi, Spa


It is a fabulous, one of a kind stand-alone chalet located in the heart of Verbier. Intricately designed embracing authentic woods, luxurious fabrics and handpicked antiques , it is the finest example of a traditional alpine home.

Perfectly positioned on Chemin de Clambin the chalet is ideally located a short distance from the main Medran and Savoleyres lift stations as well as just being a short walk from the centre of town. A wonderful base for families or a group of friends looking to experince the very best Verbier has to offer.

Inside, the property sleeps up to nine people in three bedrooms and a mezzanine twin room. Alpine detailing, rich textures, and rustic furnishings flow throughout the chalet creating a wonderful, welcoming ambiance.

The first floor of the chalet is home to the open plan fine dining and living area. A much loved home, sumptous sofas surround the natural stone fireplace whilst the large rustic dining table can sit 9 people comfortably. During the day step out onto the sun drenched south facing terrace and take in the breath-taking views of the surrounding mountains. In the evening cosy up in front of the roaring fire with a glass of champagne before sitting down to sample the finest cuisine in the elegant dining area. There is also a guest w.c on this floor.

Surrounding the chalet is a wonderful garden and terrace area with outdoor hot tub.
The main sleeping area is situated on the ground floor. The master bedroom has a fixed king-size bed and en-suite bathroom with roll top bath and shower as well as his and her sinks. There is a further double bedroom with en-suite bathroom and wonderful triple bunk room with en-suite shower room. The fourth bedroom is situated on the mezzanine level on the top floor of the chalet; there are twin beds, with the dedicated shower room situated on the ground floor.

The ground floor is also home to the entertainment room with pool table, bar and flat screen TV. Retro leather chairs and comfy sofas make it the perfect place to relax after dinner. The chalet is wired with a creston entertainment system throughout.

A wine cellar, ski room with boot warmers and laundry room separate the ground floor from access to the garage.

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1 double bedroom (en-suite bathroom)
1 double bedroom (en-suite bathroom)
1 bunk room (sleeping 3, en-suite shower room)
Entertainment room with pool table and bar
Ski and boot room with heated boot warmers
Wine cellar
Seperate shower room
Open plan living and dining room
Additional guest w.c
1 twin bedroom (situated on the mezzanine, private shower room on the ground floor)

Sleeps 7 + 2
300 square metres
4 Bedrooms
7 Individual Beds
4 Bathrooms
1 Additional WCs
9 Dining Table Seats
7 Living Area Seats
Cable TV
Integrated sound system
Outdoor hot-tub
South facing balcony
TV/games room
Pool/snooker table
Wood burning fireplace
Private laundry facilities
Private ski locker
Cot/high chair available




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Classical music in Verbier

A XXII edition under the baton of the greatest conductors, musicians and closing with Cuban music.
Today starts the 22 edition (from 17 July to 2 August 2015), the Verbier Festival, once again managed to gather in the heart of the Swiss Alps a group of artists envied by the greatest festival. Located on a sunny plateau, Verbier, it is the international mountain resort in Switzerland and enjoys a unique view of the Massif des Combins and Mont Blanc. A charming place from the point of view of nature and of music as we held the Verbier Festival, the only musical event in the European high mountains (for information: http://www.verbier.ch/) “In the bill there will be some of the the greatest conductors of our time, “said with great satisfaction Martin T: son Engstroem, Founder and CEO of the Verbier Festival presenting the program of 22.ma edition. A significant return, the great Indian master Zubin Mehta, who directed the very first concert of the festival July 15, 1994, returned for the first time in seven years. The Verbier Festival Orchestra will also have the honor of being conducted by Valery Gergiev, Manfred Honeck, Gianandrea Noseda and, to round off this year, its music director Charles Dutoit. These directors have marked the history of the Festival, without doubt it will write a new page this summer. There will also be many firsts for Verbier, such as Ton Koopman, Truls Mørk or András Schiff. He will for the first time the St. Matthew Passion by Bach, conducted by Thomas Quasthoff, making his debut as a conductor. In the Church, where he creates an intimate atmosphere and a rare proximity between the audience and the artists, the great soprano Angela Gheorghiu will, with the brilliance that characterizes his debut at the Festival in a program of tunes very personal. The Church will also welcome several great pianists from Russia and Eastern Europe, as Alexander Melnikov and Grigory Sokolov. Of note is the return of Pretty Yende, which was much appreciated last summer. We end with a special mention for the evening with the Orchestra Buena Vista Social Club, ambassador of Cuban music, this year in their farewell tour. ” In addition to its program of exceptional artists, the Verbier Festival is characterized by its investment in music education by offering every day an extensive program of activities for the young musicians, carefully selected. Open free to the public, these activities are a unique opportunity to discover the learning process and the names of the future tomorrow. Also of note is the young Verbier Festival Music Camp, which this year will celebrate its third anniversary.




Chamomix, Courmayeur

Courmayeur Mont Blanc tunnel to the festival for the first 50 years


“The galleries, such as bridges, helping to negate the obstacles to encounter, mutual understanding, the exchange of cultures and cooperation between peoples. Built at a time when the countries most affected seemed to excel in competition for the conquest of interplanetary space, the Mont Blanc Tunnel is now as then as an example of the capacity ‘and will’ of men to overcome all obstacles on the way of peaceful coexistence. ” So ‘the president of the Societa’ Italian for Mont Blanc Tunnel Riccardo Sessa, today, in the day of celebration in Courmayeur (AO) 50 years after opening to traffic of the Mont Blanc Tunnel. “After 50 years of its commissioning – he said the CEO of the Company ‘Italian for Mont Blanc Tunnel Mario Battle – the Mont Blanc tunnel, while maintaining the original structural, is profoundly changed in equipment in defense of regularity ‘and traffic safety. ” On 11.6 kilometers of the tunnel, tracks each year by about 1.8 million vehicles, there are 37 shelters pressurized connected to a rescue tunnel, 156 cameras placed every 100 meters in addition to the 33 placed outside the gallery. In addition, two barriers placed at the entrances of the tunnel prevent users from access to the tunnel in case of an incident and 36 half-gates each 600 meters also allow you to block vehicles inside the tunnel. ”
“The opening of the tunnel took place on July 16 to 50 years ago – said the president of the region of Valle d’Aosta Augustus Rollandin – was certainly an important moment in our history, not only for the quality ‘and the size of the infrastructure, but also because ‘represent’ a mighty growth of the Italian-French collaboration both bilaterally and in the more ‘broader context of a Community’ European Union that was born only seven years before the entry into force of the Treaty of Rome, had among its own objectives the free movement of goods, services, labor, capital and the abolition of cartels and the development of joint policies ”

Looking out from the Italian Reststop at the Mont Blanc Tunnel

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Gstaad Beach volley

Major in Gstaad, Ranghieri-Carambula are in the semi-final against Bruno-Alison
The Azzurri, coming from qualifying, today won sixteenths, eighths and quarters, And tomorrow morning (at 11) challenge the new world champions at major Swiss Swatch. Lupo and Nicolai beaten by Brouwer-Meeuwsen stop in 5th place.
A week after the World Cup Italy carries a pair in the semifinals in Gstaad, one of the largest and most prestigious tournaments in the world, this year joined the exclusive club of Major Swatch, complete with a $ 800,000 prize pool. A couple in the semifinals, Alex and Adrian Ranghieri Carambula and a quarter, Wolf-Nicolai, then stop in fifth place.
BIG-Ranghieri Carámbula – Ranghieri-Carambula the World Cup in the Netherlands have not gone. The formula of this year closed their campaign with well in advance of the editions of the past and they did not have enough points. Too bad for them, too bad for us who are fans, and shame for the international audience that between Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague Apeldoorne has lost the game one of the couples most spectacular circuit. Alex and Adrian, after having passed the qualifiers (!) In Gstaad began losing by Gibb-Patterson, but then they beat another American couple, Bourne-Hyden. It also Semenov-Krasilnikov. So this morning began by sixteenths, where they beat the Poles Losiak-Kantor (21-19 21-14). And then in the second round they have printed a 21-13 to 21-17 Binstock-Schachter (Canada). And finally, tonight, with Kadziola-Szalankiewicz have won the first 21 to 19 September, sold secondoa 18 and then took away the tiebreak. For the second semi-final in four tournaments played together. Tomorrow morning at 1.05 (live streaming on https://swatchmajorseries.com/ are the new champions of the World Bruno Alison and that the quarter-final derby beat 21-17 21-12 Evandro-Pedro.
WOLF-NICOLAI FIFTHS – Lupo Nicolai and the Dutch World were disappointed, forced to the 17th place from the defeat with the Russians Semenov-Krasilnkov. A placement far from their expectations. So that in Gstaad they arrived with a thousand reasons. In the group the day before yesterday had defeated the Turks Gogtepe-Giginoglu, but had succumbed to the Germans Böckermann-Flüggen, which had raised concerns. But yesterday the two blues have made the first shot, bending the tiebreak samples Circuit World, Latvians Samolivs-Smedins. And since the Latvians had won with the Germans, the bill of quotients gave our primacy in the group, which has screened them directly in the second round. This morning where they won 2-0 with Lucena-Brunnes, Americans who just a week ago at the World Cup had finished fourth. Well, the blues and beat them 21-19 in a thrilling final 29-27 on Sept. 2. Tonight, however, as early as gironcino Rotterdam’s World, have given the champions of mndo of 2013, the Dutch-Brouewer Meeuwsen (15-21, 19-21)