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The ski slopes of the world’s most extravagant skiing: where to find them


For all those who just can not help but live with your skis here is where to find the most special tracks

ski slopes, ice, snow, fun. The height of the winter season the call for all fans is strong. And in many yearn for the ski holidays. Or holidays which allow to be able to still ski. Many know the places canons elected skiing kingdom. That you go by the High Italy to the Swiss Alps via France. But few know that soon it will be also possible to ski on a power station in Copenhagen.
Sicily: the lava of Etna
Ski on an active volcano in the winter is nothing short of daring. But tackling the slopes of Mount Etna in summer means giving a new meaning to the term “black run.” As there is in fact the snow in warm weather, stainless skiing can descend on the solidified lava.
Traditionally known for its beautiful beaches and surfing, the Hawaiian Islands get one of the highest scores to be the most unlikely place to grab a pair of skis. But between January and February, the Mauna Kea, a dormant volcano of 4205 meters high, it becomes an amazing location if there are snowfalls that ensure fantastic descents. There are ski lifts, of course, so you go in 4 × 4.
Well you .. You can also ski in sub-Saharan Africa. In a land-locked country, surrounded by South Africa being one of its enclave, Lesotho is perfect for skiing. The altitude of this mountain kingdom always lies above 1000 meters. From June to August the spectacular Maluti mountains offer the best of the snow-covered landscapes. There are not many places in the world that allow you to be able to do the safari with your skis on.

Ski Dubai is the home of the skis of the Emirates. Satisfied both novice skiers and experts. It has 22,500 square meters of artificial slopes where the temperature is always maintained below 4 degrees, creating the ideal environment for a colony of king penguins. And when everything is over you you can again dip in the 40 degrees outside. The Sky Dome is located inside the Mall of the Emirates, one of the largest in the world. It consists of 5 different runs the longest of which reaches 400 meters. They are capped with special snowplough and have different slopes and difficulties.


Skiing, Wengen downhill at risk for bad weather: can move to Sunday

On the Lauberhorn are ongoing trials, but the bad weather looming and could force organizers to alter the competition schedule

Wengen, January 11, 2017 – And ‘the weekend of the legendary downhill on the Lauberhorn in Wengen, but the bad weather threatens to foreclose fans a great show. In the last two days we have been the evidence, unfortunately played on small paths. That today, faster Mayer with Fill sixth and twentieth Paris, was held on a track maimed due to fog at the top

Blame the bad weather that gives no respite to Switzerland, so that the organizers are even think of moving the race on Sunday, ahead of the slalom on Saturday. The decision is expected tomorrow since Saturday, according to forecasts, it will be the worst day for the time. Not only that, the organizers have also decided to set a leap in the fastest point of the track for safety reasons in order to slow the skiers. At that point you can also reach 160 Km / H.


Skiing in Abruzzo (ITALY)

ROCCARASO. Abruzzo white – that of winter tourism, the crowds of skiers who flock to the slopes – found spirit and optimism thanks to the snowfalls of the last hours and especially in anticipation of the upcoming precipitation of the weekend.
ROCCARASO. The snow for now has only reported the appearance of the landscape characteristics of January he wants the mountains of the skiing more greande South snowcapped center. “A good sign,” are quick to point out that operators of ski lifts which in recent days have worked hard to ensure good snow cover on most of the Aremogna slopes Pizzalto and Pratello. The links between the three areas are perfectly accessible as well as the most popular tracks by snow lovers. So much so that from tomorrow is expected the first race of the season which will track youth groups who will battle on the left abacuses Aremogna. “The hope is that the snowfall would open the doors of a season we all expect full of satisfaction for all economic operators who are linked to the economy developed by the snow,” says the Mayor of Roccaraso, Francesco Di Donato, “until today it was possible to accommodate the many fans arrived in Roccaraso and Rivisondoli for the holiday season, thanks to the great work done by operators, which had a snow even in extreme conditions, guaranteeing perfect slopes in spite of the high temperatures made record in ‘ last ten days of December. ” These open slopes. Basin of Mount Pratello: track Fontanile, Red, Crete Rosse, Pista del Bosco, Kinderheim and liaison with Aremogna. Basin Piazzalto Paradiso, Kangaroo and Field School. Basin Aremogna: abacuses right and left, Macchione, Red, Gravare, gondola and New Field School.
Campo Imperatore. Copious snowfall, yesterday morning, the Gran Sasso. If the rainfall will continue with this intensity even in the next few hours, especially without the storm arrives, finally be able to start up even the ski resort of Campo Imperatore, the highest peak of, but also the only one serving the area of ​​L’Aquila lack of facilities for artificial snow. The hope of the operators is that the winter season can be partially recovered and prolonged, as happened in the past, until the month of April. Depending on the cable car of Fonte Cerreto, opened the historic hotel Campo Imperatore.
CAMPO FELICE. strong snow even in Happy Camp. The station is already open for several days, with six plants. The running tracks: Scorpio, Taurus, Virgo, 3 school runs, low Volpe, director of the Virgin tract track.
OVINDOLI. On the slopes of Monte Magnola were open seven plants. With the snowfall, yesterday, he skied out of ten kilometers of runs, but within two or three days is expected, after the drop in temperatures on the day of the Epiphany, also a fresh snowfall. Some speak of arctic cold, those abrupt drop in temperatures. What is certain is that there will come a lowering of the mercury. The minimum peak of the thermometer will register in the Epiphany night, waiting for the big rain of the weekend.
PRETORO. Plants almost all open to Maielletta from 8.30 to 16.30, the level of snow cover varies from 20 to 30 cm with compact snow and predictions that give more snowfall. Open systems are: Blue Star 3, Majelletta Carpet, Stella Blu 6. Closed instead Stella Blue 4 and Lodge. Open slopes, yesterday, instead they are: Baby, Blue 3, Sun; those closed: Wekids (field school-playground), Mini Park, Track races, Panoramic, Spring, the shelter, We jump (snow park), Direttissima and Block House. We also closed the fun path to Nordic winter snowshoeing, mountaineering. Tomorrow and the day after are expected heavy snowfall while in the following days the weather should turn to a nice weekend Epiphany ideal for open systems and optimal conditions to put on his skis.


Imzy, the social network that is based on kindness

Just insults and aggression: Imzy count of the topics of discussion and mutual respect between users

Is there a way to share their thoughts on the Internet without being insulted or exposed to the judgment by the Net? Twitter and Facebook are working on for years, but without giving birth to a formula that we can define winning. Before social networking, the web stalkers hiding behind anonymity and they were kept at bay by the moderators on the forums and in chat, so was in effect a kind of censorship that was felling upstream the problem. That world was the son of the mentality of the time: a few years ago to create an online profile gave the perception that he was losing a bit of their privacy, so, or you chose not to share any information, or you undertook the way anonymity. The arrival of Facebook has shuffled the cards and gave way to a new virtual conception of identity: the accounts had to be registered with real names in order to function. People would try their friends to share your thoughts, photos and videos and you would no longer be entrusted to the nickname. It was thought that this could be enough to put a rampant hatred patch on the web, then the return of anonymity culture and fancy names gave rise to new cyberbullying, giving trolls the right audience to bring out ideas and opinions that once only by a niche of people they would be shared.
According to another company, however, this scenario can be changed at the source: working on the users and staking everything on their kindness. It’s called Imzy and was founded by former employees of Reddit and Twitter who have thought about opening a space where you could discuss in peace, outlawing the obscene and violent tones. There is no censorship, but rather a differentiation in terms of focus: if the standard portals focus on users to collect advertising; Imzy focuses on discussion topics, which you can take part only after asking permission. “If I were in the restaurant and I listened to the conversation going on at another table, would you take a chair and you uniresti from nothing or would you ask permission?” Says The Verge co-founder Lesley Brownlee.

The very act of “join” in a conversation is a simple gesture that enhances the respect of motorists to those who interact with them, flanked by the mechanism of the “tips” that can be sent to moderators or other users and represent a good chunk the site gains. With this social network idea of ​​kindness, Imzy has collected 8 million in funding, has banned obscene content such as blood or pornography, and is preparing to open its doors after months of tests in which it has already collected more than 50 thousand users.

Orobie Ultra Trail - Ph: Roberto Bragotto
Chamonix, Events

Trail running

Often it happens to mature runner: after testing their legs on each type of road race, you often feel bored. But there is a new challenge that awaits him and is called trail

What happens when you know by heart all the kilometres of bike path under the house? Because tapasciata in the middle of woods, fields and trails like most of the half marathon between thousands of runners? Perhaps because the phenomenon of the moment, Trail Running, is conquering all, dragging many runners road racer racing in pristine environments and immersed in nature.
If the discomfort of the runner had caught you, do not worry! We turned to two professionals, asking some practical advice for approaching the Trail, avoiding injuries and disappointments.

As he says Eros Grazioli – professional coach and author of sports manuals – in recent times, Trail Running has, indeed, invaded the mentality of those who make the race a lifestyle choice. Move in stunning natural environments, to know beautiful places, all “dressed” by the desire to do hard work, it has proved a winning combination for several reasons.

In the busy schedule of races of every type, from 2013 the ITRA – International Trail Running Association – works to bring clarity and to ensure rational management of the discipline. The Trail is therefore defined as a race surrounded by nature, where the asphalt representing 20% ​​max entire route.

And if it is true – as stated Grazioli – that the race is a basic motor pattern, cover the distance of 100m in less than 10 seconds or run for more than 100km it is not quite so natural. It is therefore necessary not to underestimate the harmful long-term effects of an activity such as running, and specifically the Trail, the heavy demands of our musculoskeletal system. Stefano Punzo – physiotherapist and osteopath, coordinator of the Italian National Ultramarathon – explains that in order to prevent the risk of injury, in the Trail as in other disciplines, you need a method covering all aspects of preparation competitive athletics.

Here, summarized in pills, the golden rules suggested by Punzo, each trailer should not forget:

1. Proper planning of training and competition: it is necessary to provide load stages as well as exhaust.
2. Postural Assessment, to highlight any imbalances that could lead to skeletal problems.
3. Analysis of the characteristics of the foot and of the support type.
4. Observation of the running technique.
5. physiotherapeutic massages sessions: pre-race and post-race. These would also be combined sessions of osteopathy, to eliminate failure and ideally pressoterapia drainage and bandaging defaticanti.

Both experts, say they agree with the importance of relying on competent professionals that strengthen the athlete’s talents, minimizing errors. Hence the planning of the training becomes a critical step, provided personalized and born from the respect of established scientific parameters.

Moreover, given the long distances that often characterize the Trail, Grazioli explains how important muscle tone to win the support and effort of the climb control in descents. Very recommended, therefore, is not only the upgrading of the most affected sectors, but also the abdominal, oblique, lower back and all the muscles acts to keep the body in balance. “Even for the wild runner is therefore recommended the gym as a place not only aimed to shift mountains of loads!” Adds Grazioli.

Finally, the coach highlights the attention to be given to food: “A car with good body and good motor may not be performing if he had not also an excellent fuel!”. Similarly, each Trail Runner should worry about its power, in the race as in everyday life.


Christmas without snow here is where you can ski in the Veneto / Friuli

Promoturismo invests on the artificial, but high temperatures do not help.
The Osmer FVG confirmation. It will be a Christmas without snow. Too bad for the party, which in the absence of a white dash will not be the same, but sin especially those who are preparing to put on skis. A groped to stem the vagaries of weather PromoTurismoFvg through artificial snow (do not call it artificial, the definition does not like to insiders).
It ‘a little less than a mission impossible, given the temperatures, which sees the regional agency’s men at work for days to be able to satisfy the many who see Christmas and New Year only on skis tucked at the foot.
Anyway rra today and the next two days, albeit with important limitations, you can ski in five out of six regional districts. All but one – the little Sauris – where in recent days of the year are no open slopes. To kick the season to be Tarvisio today, followed tomorrow by Sella Nevea, Zoncolan, Piancavallo and Forni di Sopra. In view of the start, this time as mentioned have been hectic work to get to the “shot” with tracks in the best possible conditions: 40 cm of snow in Tarvisio, 30 in other locations.
Unless the weather does not make a gift, when the forecast does not leave much hope. Word dell’Osmer Fvg: “The medium-term outlook is for an absence of precipitation and stable weather.” So it will ski with only the sun and the snow shot. Sella Nevea is the area where you will be able to open the section of greater slopes, equal to some 61 percent of the overall total.


Corvatsch Snow Night with Dinner New Year’s Eve

In the New Year’s Eve the track Chastelets will lit for the descent at night. Starting from 19.00 you can climb to the mid-station Murtèl by cable car and stop to taste the big New Year’s Eve buffet at the restaurant Murtèl the middle station with Showband finger or at the Hossa Bar in DJ Giuliano company.

The Murtèl restaurant’s menu includes welcome champagne, appetizers area with bruschetta, veal with tuna sauce, of rosbeef rolls and cheese, dried beef and ham. It continues with the angle of the lentil soup and the one of the first dishes with risotto with porcini mushrooms and sausage. Among the main courses of lamb chops, roast, potatoes, grilled vegetables and finally cakes with nut cake, chocolate cake, apple strudel and panna cotta with berries.

The tasting dell’Hossa Bar instead provides snacks, prosecco, mulled wine, various types of meat broth with potatoes and salad, lemon sorbet with vodka and champagne.


Ryanair Milan-New York to 140 euro already in 2017?

With Norwegian would be an understanding was reached that will open new routes low cost between Europe and the United States

From Milan to New York, round trip, to 140 Euros. The partnership announced earlier this year between Norwegian Air Shuttle and Ryanair to connect the old continent and North America with low cost rates would be closer to becoming reality: Bjørn Kjos, CEO of Norwegian company, has confirmed that the final signature of the agreement is expected to arrive within a few weeks already, and that they would be already considering the technical aspects of the matter.
In a future not at all far away, in short, you could fly with Ryanair (or one of the low cost airlines with which negotiations would have been launched, EasyJet and Vueling in particular) to one of the Norwegian European hubs such as London Gatwick, Barcelona, ​​Oslo and Stockholm; and from there to the United States to embark on the Boeing 787 to the corridor Double or about upcoming Boeing 737 Max single-aisle of the North European company. Of course, the rate contained not allow to land at airports of different US cities, like New York’s JFK: the planes will arrive in secondary airports such as Stewart International Airport, about 110 km from the Big Apple or the Portsmouth International Airport, definitely closer to Boston than in New York.

Some little uncomfortable, in short, would be put into account, however, in exchange for savings not to be underestimated.


The luxury hotel on the slopes of Courmayeur, which does not really exist

The scam has been denounced by the municipality of Aosta Valley town: the portal dell’Alpimmo Mountain Lodge suggested to tourists to book accommodation in a ghost hotel
The location, directly on the ski slopes of Courmayeur, is truly breathtaking. As well as the elegant dining room, the luxurious Spa with indoor pool and suites available to the most demanding customers. But be careful, because it is not as it seems. The images that you can browse in our gallery belong all’Alpimmo Montain Lodge, luxury hotels which – according to the website of the structure and a special event launched on Facebook – should have become major tourist resorts of Valle d’Aosta a new benchmark for their winter holidays, after the official opening of 6 December. Too bad it was only a ghost hotel, never existed in reality.
The warning for this real scam was the same Municipality of Courmayeur. The structure of the fictitious site, in fact, gave the opportunity to see the photographs of the alleged hotel (stolen to other resorts in the area), and a contact phone number for information on opening, tariffs and room availability.


Diavolezza, Events


where to ski in early stagioneMolti skiers are wondering where to ski early in the season. There is a number of ski resorts that are recommended because they lend themselves more than others for skiing in November because of their high altitude, perhaps for the presence of glaciers or for a very efficient snow-making system that allows early openings.

The conditions vary from year to year, but it is good practice to choose ski areas that offer slopes above 2500 meters.

Ski resorts in Italy in November

Not many Italian places where you can ski from the first days of November, while there are many ski resorts which open towards the end of the month. The Italian places that we recommend for the first half of the season are:

Cervinia (AO) from the country’s two cable cars and a cable car leading skiers up to 3480 meters of the Plateau Rosa. Open systems early in the season are all on the Swiss side. E ‘therefore necessary to adopt the international ski pass. It can ski from October 29, 2016 every day. A series of events will enliven every weekend of the month. the slopes on the Italian side of the upper part of the Twenty and the area Plan Mason – Fornet – Bontadini will be open. A new artificial snow system (temperature permitting) already allow from November to arrive in the country with tracks 3:05.
Glacier Presena (BS): The Presena Glacier offers the first slopes skiable Adamello Ski from late November (snow permitting). The new gondola will lead by 2585 meters of Passo Paradiso, the glacier door that extends up to 3069 m of Cima Presena.
Solda (BZ): open from October 22, 2016, offers three long chair lifts over 2600 meters. The altitude (1900-3250 m) and the efficiency of the snowmaking systems guarantee great slopes from October until the day May 1, 2017.
Val Senales (BZ): the high altitude and the glacier are a guarantee of good snow early in the season. The glacier is open from 2 September 2016 for training. A new black run, the Leo Gurschler, awaits skiers.
Ski resorts abroad in November

Abroad there is a small group of locations where you can have fun at the beginning of the season. It should be borne in mind that France, despite having locations at high altitudes tends to open their facilities for all saints bridge only to close them again until the end of the month. Switzerland and Austria are better adapted to skiing early season, in particular to:

Diavolezza (SWITZERLAND): As early as mid-October is open to the public a chair lift to 3000 meters. The downstream return is opened only after heavy snowfall while otherwise descend by cable car. Facilities open from Saturday, October 22, 2016. As of November 19, 2016 will follow the Corvatsch and Corviglia November 26, 2016 that will be equally accessible for fun in the snow in the ski resort of St. Moritz.
Hintertux (AUSTRIA): is one of the stations with the highest number of facilities open thanks to the glacier skiing 365 days a year.
In Saas Fee (SWITZERLAND): there is a large glacier with a dense network of open systems even in November.
Stubai (AUSTRIA): offers a wide skiable area between 2600 and 3200 meters in large part on the glacier. Testival glacier Sportscheck 10 to 13 November 2016. Place of the event: Eisgrat mountain station of the Stubai Glacier.
Zermatt (CH): also known as the Swiss side of Cervinia and therefore accessible from the Valle d’Aosta, offers numerous slopes at Plateau Rosa up to 3900 m. Already from the beginning of November you can go down up to Trockener Steg (mt. 2939) can count on about 1000 meters in altitude. We then assist to further openings that take skiers up to the 2400 Furgg