Por Posesión infernal en Halloween 10, los 80 años de terror no nos dan más

Sam Raimi firmó una serie con Ash protagonista. 30 años después de la sierra está siempre listo. Carpintero en lugar producir el décimo episodio de la saga de Michael Myers

38 años después de la primera, inolvidable Halloween – Noche de las brujas (1978), abandonó el proyecto para una nueva secuela de la obra maestra del terror firmado por John Carpenter.
El maestro del terror está involucrado con el 10 de Halloween, buscado por Blumhouse producción, dirigida por Jason Blum casa (Insidious, la Sentencia noche, la conjuración).

Para hacer el anuncio fue el mismo Blum en un evento en Los Ángeles, que también ha asistido por Carpenter, que en realidad ha anunciado su participación – no como director, sino como productor ejecutivo: “Creo que la nueva versión no tomó la dirección derecha, o al menos la que yo quería. Michael Myers no es un carácter común, no es ni siquiera una persona, o al menos no completamente. Es una fuerza sobrenatural. Es como el viento, un viento maligno. Así que vamos a tratar de recuperar este tipo de sentimiento. 38 años después del original, voy a ayudar a hacer la décima secuela la más temible de todos “.

El toque original del diseñador del carpintero plantea ventiladores espera que la décima película de la saga Halloween puede recuperar la credibilidad que el otro (más o menos) secuelas decepcionantes que se disparó después.

Acerca de las sagas de terror que los años 80 hasta la actualidad, incluyendo secuela y reinicio siguen ocupando nuestras pantallas – con mayor o menor éxito – desde mayo pasado 13 se transmiten en el infinito también otra “saga” inspirada en una clásico de terror. Ash vs. Evil Dead es la nueva serie de televisión creada por Sam Raimi, Ivan Raimi y Tom Spezialy y proviene de la trilogía de culto de Sam Raimi compuestos de la casa, la casa 2 y el Ejército de la Oscuridad. Probablemente, la mano inventor original que realmente hace una diferencia, porque Ash vs Evil Dead ha tenido tanto éxito tal que la segunda temporada será transmitido simultáneamente en Estados Unidos y en Italia a partir de septiembre de 2016.


Vincent Cassel: “We do fear fifties as we hold the physical ‘

No intention to make budgets. Here about choices, women, white pizza, movies and freedom
He woke up early, Vincent Cassel. He has not cared about anything. Even breakfast. He just took the car and tumbled on the set of GQ. The crumpled air is its dress code. “Aux âmes Nees bien, la valeur n’attend point the nombre des années.” It is not his. It’s a line from Pierre Corneille, one of the steps most famous of Le Cid fired at point blank range, almost like opening words of the conversation. Typical quote from Parisian intellectuals and snobs. It means that its value does not depend on years of life. Actually it would be preceded by an unequivocal ‘Je suis jeune, il est vrai, mais … “but Cassel cut the reference to youth. It is not nice to let them out. Also because the question of age evidently torments him. This year is the 50th in the halls has just passed a moment of madness, where is seduced by the minor daughter of his best friend and then still has a few bruises from the last episode of Jason Bourne, who arrive in Italy on 1 ˚ September.

In which, as expected of a long career, he is the killer. “But it’s a fact that I too old for some bullshit. I fall, I run, shy, do barrel for three days. I still love the cable, even if it hurts everywhere. But it is that Jason Bourne is not the stuff of actors. ”

What do you mean?
“The interpretation is practically nil. But director Paul Greengrass is from journalism and documentaries. It puts something in the film that makes them take off. It is the strength of those who know tell. The Bourne situations are absurd, but he has found a tone that everything that happens seems real »[…]
It is perhaps one of the last times you can make a movie like this?
“Try telling that to Tommy Lee Jones, who is 69 years old. My age does not scare me. We are afraid to make their fifties as there still holds the physical. The point is another: it is what I want to be? “


Start of the Mille Miglia 2016. The most beautiful cars

Part Thursday, May 19 historical competition with 450 classic cars from all over the world

Brescia-Rome and back, passing through Rimini and Parma. Tomorrow all at the start of the Mille Miglia 2016, the race car maybe less competitive but more evocative of all. Where the protagonists are the car even before the pilots. And this year will parade through the streets of Italy as many as 450 jewels. Vintage cars and collectibles, cars which at times remains a single copy. mechanical and design masterpieces. For this reason, the Mille Miglia is not only a social event, or even elite, but every year is greeted with enthusiasm and curiosity by the public which crosses the competitors on the roads and in the towns and cities, the Milla Miglia crosses.


Cannes 2016. The most stylish men on the red carpet

Daily review of the best choices of style, from classical to personal taste that makes the star, the most important red carpet film
After a departure almost unnoticed, in the sign of a tradition followed by all so literally to invite almost ad nauseam, the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival has finally found its protagonists. To break the monotony of the complete or black tuxedo was the trophy delivery Chopard, John Boyega. Then came Ryan Gosling and Chris Pine, and with them the final surge of style. Here the exhibition, full of actors, Matt Bomer imperishable George Clooney.


Best new SUV and Crossover of 2016

Fool SUVs. Sopratuttto automakers, who are competing churn out ever more efficient models, off road, sports and cabrio

One between SUVs and motorists is a love that continues unabated. Born in the late nineties as utility vehicles and able to satisfy everyone’s needs, it has gradually evolved into an infinite number of subcategories. A witness to the continuing interest in this type of car is surely the efforts to occupy the houses in all possible ways, each segment of this particular market. Even and especially in 2016, in fact, there have been numerous models that have made or who are about to make their debut. From super luxury products, the cars affordable for all (or at least many), here is what are the best SUV of 2016.

Bentley Bentayga
Presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show last year and now available at dealerships of the brand Crewe, Bentley Bentayga is officially the final sboronata. No coincidence that this is the standard car with the most expensive option that has ever been put on sale.

If you want one, you can, in fact, equip it with a Breitling Mulliner Tourbillon from the modest cost of 207,500 euros. Oh, it also has a Queen Elizabeth.

Audi Q2
Built on the same platform that equips the Golf and the A3, not replace, but supports the largest Q3. Available in six engines – from 116 to 190 hp – has a very distinctive look, which draws in part the features of the R8 super sports. As the older sister, she aims to make war at various GLA, BMW X1, Infiniti QX30, Mini Countryman, but a nod to those who want a car more compact and more personal line. Very smart.

Jaguar F-Pace
If you want to sell cars in the premium segment in the list you must have at least one SUV. Jaguar knows this and that is to expand its offer that has finally begun to deploy at the dealership its first sport utility vehicle. Characterized by a family and a very marked feeling very similar to that of a saloon (it’s a good guide), according to the house of the jaguar is simply the most comfortable sports car ever. Not bad, seen from this perspective.

Lexus RX
The legendary high-end SUV of the Japanese firm is presented this year by the dealers with its fourth generation, after almost ten years of honorable service. Brilla for allocation (usual) and to have available the best hybrid technology currently on the market. Landmark.

Maserati Levante
Highly anticipated by fans and by experts has finally made its debut on the road. It has a very personal line, handles like a sports car and V8 engine has a noise that arise. Italian pride.

Mercedes GLC Coupe
The militarization of the SUV segment, by the house of Stuttgart, also goes for the production of an anti-X4 – in which the new GLC Coupe seems to be inspired in part. Built on the platform of Class C, it is available, among others, with a gasoline engine 3.0 V6 twin turbo 367 hp. Suv-torpedo.

seat Ateca
Suv first “real” of the Spanish house, is based on the MQB modular platform, branded Volkswagen (the same with which the A3 and Golf – as well as models from these “derivatives”) are built. Available with engines suitable for all needs – ranging from a 1.0 TSFI to 115 hp gasoline, up to a 2.0-liter TDI with 190 – is characterized by a very attractive look, and usually for the enviable quality / price ratio . German masquerade.

Range Rover Evoque Convertible
Get a Evoque, horses roof. No, it is not the latest update of the song Theorem, Marco Ferradini, but what they did those wags of Range Rover SUV with their super posh. What is a convertible SUV? Just about anything, except to have fun out of town and in front of the bar with friends. perfect life.



Zermatt is a beautiful Swiss village on Mount Rosa, at the foot of the Cervino (Matterhorn in German). And ‘it is lying in the bottom of the Mattertal Valley and you arrive only by train; in village works only electric vehicles. And ‘one of the few ski resorts without a car. Attention to the environment that is also seen in the approach unusual for lifts (ISO 14001) and energy in self-sufficiency of the top restaurants, given by photovoltaic and solar panel systems.

Zermatt is one with Italian Valtournenche and Breuil Cervinia in the district Matterhorn Ski Paradise, with 350 km of slopes. Very spectacular and the descent from the Klein Matterhorn extremely long (almost 3900 m) to the country through the glacier of Plateau Rosa.

The facilities are very modern, but there are still signs of the tradition like the little train from the village of Zermatt reaches 3200 meters Gornergrad between incomparable scenery, tracks, tunnels and walls of snow. Another example of modernity is the underground funicular to the ski area Sonnegga. Upon arrival of the Klein Matterhorn cable car you can visit the Ice Palace, a series of caves dug at 15 m depth in the glacier. Snowboarders have available freestyle fun park “Gravity Park”, where you also train athletes to the Olympics.

The international connection with Cervinia is also open in summer, providing an area for summer skiing 26.5 km of slopes.

Keep in mind that the Swiss slopes must wear crash helmets up to 14 years. The fines are salty.


rising stars. Male, Chopard flagship of John Boyega

The interpreter of Star Wars 7 – The awakening of force awarded rising star of international cinema together with fellow Bel Powley (A Diary for a Teenage Girl, A Royal Night Out)
The jewelery maison celebrated in Cannes, the sixteenth edition of its award dedicated to the most interesting talents of showbiz. This year identified in John Boyega and Bel Powley. In their honor, an evening full of stars above your head and between the tables on the terrace of the Hotel Martinez Chopard. With delivery of the prestigious award by a queen of French cinema and international, nonche ‘of the Cannes Film Festival (Juliette Binoche), and under the watchful eyes of a large part of the jury set to decide on Palm 2016 (Kirsten Dunst, Mads Mikkelsen, Valeria Golino).


Sport and travel, 5 apps and sites for your next vacation in Italy

This year, when parts, follow their sporting passion. Here are five trips to do in Italy to practice a sport or to witness a great event

Sports tourism is one of the fastest growing segments: according to research of the International Tourism Exchange, more than 12 million Italians have declared that will program the next holiday to play a sport. An established niche not only in our country but also abroad, considering that the tourists from all over the world have chosen Italy as the destination of their trips 18% to witness a great event linked to the world of sport ( or to practice it in the first person). A turnover – estimated from an analysis of the Tourism Studies Centre of Florence – which together move about 10 million arrivals a year with an annual growth rate of 6%. Whether for a ride on a sailboat or watch the Tour of Italy, we decided to focus on this line, choosing five trips to do in our country only thinking sport.

Follow the Tour of Italy. Musement is the leading platform to choose the best things to live in the world.

Museums, concerts up to the packages for organized trips. This year is the official tour operator of the cycling race that will wind along Italy May 6 to 29: the cycling fans can reserve tender packages Vip (with car and helicopter) to follow all the stages of the race, or to access the village of departure and arrival, as well as special solutions for the departure in the Netherlands and for the most beautiful stages “wine & food”, like that of Chianti May 15.

A ride on a sailboat. Sailsquare traveling is a social site that allows you to take a trip on a sailing boat can meet other enthusiasts. The combinations are lots to choose from: you can create holidays that only invite their friends, or open to all users that meet precise requirements. Thanks to the site interested users can create a customized holiday choosing destination, holiday style, budget and crew members, plan the holiday details and also rent the boat, choosing among over 3 thousand in the whole Mediterranean.

Play golf on the Ryder Cup golf. Golf enthusiasts can enjoy a stay at the Residence Carpediem Relais, an exclusive resort, located at the estate of Laura Biagiotti where there is one of the most beautiful golf courses in Italy, the Marco Simone Golf & Country Club, home of the Ryder Cup 2022. a dream location to enjoy a wonderful golfing break, only half an hour away from Rome.

Ecotrail circuit in Sicily. Through Ecotrail Sicily you can join the circuit in 2016: eighteen stages which include conducting Trail Running activities, trekking and guided excursions inside the parks and nature reserves of the island. One way to run and keep fit in contact with nature, discovering the hidden corners of Sicily.

A mountain bike tour with Sharewood. The Italian start-up which puts the sharing economy at the service of sport, so you can rent sports equipment of other users saving money than in the store. It is a bicycle, a surfboard, a pair of skis or a raft boat, this portal will allow you to choose the best all the material you need for the next trip.


The spa of the rules for the married man

The specially designed programs for the new gentleman, rejuvenating massage treatments and a bit ‘of romanticism

If you insist, for once, from straight: an afternoon at a spa may even make you happy. It’s your first time? Quiet, no need to be a rocket scientist to feel comfortable in a sauna or in a heated pool. Just undress of any injury. And keep in mind five basic things.

1. You will not be the only man in a spa
First: the spa is (also) the stuff of men. Even straight and girlfriend / wife / lover. But in Italy it is forbidden to go in naked: the sauna is mandatory costume, not like from Alto Adige in on where risks to sit next to or in front of elders or sventole a heart attack. Anyway, yes, it is also one of the ideal places to go in pairs and find the time to be together in a suite. Or even separated. You in the turkish bath in the pool and she done twenty tanks (at least). In any case, the men go to the spa even alone. I saw him in person. I can testify, no one will throw disapproving looks when you will go out alone shuffled into an oversize white bathrobe.


2. To avoid mistakes, put the robe
You have to wear it right away without any delay: the white / beige bathrobe is usually soft, makes equally relaxed, moves like a uniform, is reassuring. And in the five-star spa hotel in the Tuscan countryside it happens to see tourists in bathrobe even at breakfast. Exit from the spa and go to lunch? Put on the robe. Have you made an appointment with the Chinese masseuse for the three? Put on the robe. Want to take a walk in the garden? Put on the robe. At dinner not, though. Maybe after dinner and after everything else.

3. No, you do not get bored
Indeed. To say. When I arrived at the spa at the Mandarin Oriental in Milan for a Time Ritual I was terrified to spend an hour and fifty minutes lying around doing nothing while someone would take care of each of my muscles. I thought: “I do not will never go out.” Instead it works. Meanwhile encourage you to book the “time” instead of the treatment, then tell a complete stranger to you, your body and your misfortunes (car accidents, fractures, headaches / back / neck) and, miraculously, she chooses the massage of which you have desperately needed at that precise moment. And as soon as you surrender to its powerful arms you have only one wish: that from that moment on you to do things like grab you by the ankles and shake your legs as if I were a baby all the days of your life. Or, alternatively, they transfer to live it yourself.

4. And then you can also go jogging in via Montenapoleone
It is the blessing of Buontempo or even the time “empty”: enjoy it. Before going to dinner, always at the Mandarin in Milan, there are plenty of things to do. How: lie down in a bathrobe on the leather couch and while you drink ginger tea and fluff walnuts, hazelnuts and dates, read GQ, a book (written by a journalist GQ), the editorial of a newspaper (signed by a contributor to GQ). It is called relaxation. Or you may want to try one of the essentials Gentleman like mankind (salt scrub and oil massage with hot stones + + head massage); the aging rebel facial (yes, even men do not like wrinkles but go?); the men’s shoulders, neck and face massage (50 minutes they promise Nirvana). Is not it enough? Brought t-shirts, shorts and sneakers. From 17 to 19 opens the station joggers and manic-obsessive runner the hotel provides small bottles of water and towel. To continue to train and run away Montenapo (or so).

5. But eat well
Ok, you’re in a spa hotel with your girlfriend / wife / lover. Make things right. Let groped by all, but not from the appetizer buffet. And not sfondarti dinner. A glass of Chardonnay? Okay, but do not get drunk. Otherwise all the work mentioned above will be nullified. Be good and she will be grateful. You know how.

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Malta, 6 good reasons to visit the island beloved even by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

The Maltese archipelago offers fabulous sea for snorkelling, rocky breathtaking sceneries chosen several times from the cinema, entertainment and a full calendar of cultural and musical events throughout the summer

Sounding Malta empyrean of 2016 summer destinations was the couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, who in Gozo, one of the three Maltese islands, last year did the clean sweep, including honeymoon and shooting the film “by the Sea”, directed by the same Jolie. Eventually, as Brad in Malta had also filmed other movies, Brangelina have also decided to take home. What has fascinated them so much, it is clear from the photos in the gallery at the top here, where Malta is revealed in all its beauty. GQ has selected six good reasons to visit this summer.

The sea
300 days of sunshine a year and crystal clear waters, make Malta one of the best places for snorkeling and diving in the Mediterranean.

There are beaches like Golden Bay, a long strip of glistening sand or, on the small island of Comino, the Blue Lagoon cove with a dazzling blue waters, also loved by cinema. In Gozo Dwejra instead waiting for you one of the most spectacular natural landscapes of the Mediterranean. Here, time and sea have worked together to create the natural arch of the blue box, the Fungus Rock and a scenic rocky coast.

The cinema
It is from the 20s that Malta is ideal set by the cinema with its rocks, the forts, roads and tunnels of the old city: the Simba travel to the unforgettable 70’s Midnight Express, from Gladiator Troy, until ‘ incredible onslaught of zombies to the walls of Jerusalem saw in World War Z, which was actually shot in one of the highlights of the city. If you are passionate about film tourism here you will find the set of more than 100 blockbusters, including the fortifications of Fort Ricasoli and Vittoriosa, the Blue Lagoon in Comino, Golden Bay, the Grand Harbour and St. Paul’s Bay.

Learn English
from Ragusa, but politically it is part of the Commonwealth is a successful blend of Anglo-Saxon and Mediterranean culture and every year thousands of girls and boys from all over Europe will come together to learn English Malta is located less than 100 km (by sea) , since by tradition here are some of the best of British language schools in the world, at the best prices. Often to manage them are English teachers who have chosen to retire here, away from Londoners rains (mica stupid …).

the nightlife
“Malta – wrote The Guardian – has the time and the Ibiza DJ, without the inflated prices.” Children and young people each year landed on the island to study English, give life to the famous nightlife of Saint Julien, propped the district of bars, clubs, discos and residences for no-frills travelers, which seems to be the right hashtag # Nessundorma.

The summer events
The May 14, 2016 opens the Malta Fashion Week. But to inaugurate the Maltese summer will be June 1 Veggie Meet Up. From June 4 to 12, there is the Gay Pride, almost simultaneously with the Valletta Film Festival, 12 of the colorful Color My Run. And on June 28 the highly anticipated Isle of MTV. Then 3 to 5 July the Sunscape Festival. And to follow, Malta Arts Festival (8-18 / 7), Marsovin wine festival (15-17 / 7), Malta Jazz Festival (21-23 / 7) and Farson Beer Festival (22-31 / 7).

The charm of Malta has carved 7,000 years of history and you will easily see. However small, the island has a high concentration of historic sites in ancient stone structures, prehistoric temples, Roman catacombs and medieval villages. Among the sites protected by UNESCO is the Hypogeum of Ħal-Saflieni, the only prehistoric underground temple in the world: an underground necropolis dating from around 3600 BC. But also the entire city of Valletta with its 382 monuments is the patrimony of humanity. It was built in sandstone by the Knights of St. John in 1566, and is rich in ornate churches, palaces and museums value, interspersed with outdoor cafes, like the historic Café Cordina, serving traditional pastizzi (puff pastry stuffed with cottage cheese or mashed peas) and a typical Italian espresso …. Because Malta will also be part of the Commonwealth, but the coffee … not discussed.

How to get. Air Malta has direct daily flights from Italy to Milan Linate, Rome Fiumicino and Catania. For information: Malta Holidays.

Where to sleep. Fortina Spa Resort Hotel is located in Sliema, one of the most beautiful areas of the island and is built around a tropical garden with spa and gym.