Looking for a compact camera? 5 reasons to choose Fujifilm X70

It has a vintage design and a resounding technology sector. Guide to the “small” Fuji, ideal to always keep with you this summer

The summer, it is known, is the perfect time to choose a new camera. You go to the beach or to visit cities of art, the watchword is “shoot.” Basically you do with your smartphone, but if you want to take home that little bit extra that makes say “wow!” To your friends, you’ll have to opt for a real camera.
We tried Fujifilm X70: the super compact camera with a fixed wide-angle lens 18.5 mm (equivalent to 28 mm). You got it and if you have not understood, why not chew the language of photography, I’ll explain in a few words: fixed optical zoom means nothing. But fear not, Fujifilm X70 is a great product that is sure to amaze you. So here are 5 reasons why you should not miss this one.


1. in modern vintage

The small Fujifilm X70, despite the totally vintage design, exudes quality and technology. Why do I say that is vintage? At first glance it might seem a camera of the 70s in both aesthetics and function: the manual settings fact are settable only in a “physical.”

There are two distinct rings, one controls the shutter speed and the other exposure compensation; to adjust the aperture instead you have to rotate the ring positioned directly on the optics. At the beginning you will feel a bit ‘embarrassed but then you will find that finding the right chemistry turning the three dials will give you a lot of satisfaction. If you do not have the faintest idea how to shots in the manual, do not worry, just stay stationary – and well anchored – on the lever “A” (which stands for Automatic), and relying on the skills of Fujifilm X7. I assure you, the automatic settings are equally capable of giving great results.

2. Technically excellent

But we get a little ‘more in the technical detail of this Fujifilm X70. Equipped with sensor “X-Trans CMOS II” 16 megapixel APS-C format, this little monster by the small size is able to guarantee great shots even in low light conditions (up to ISO 3200/6400) also accomplice ‘ aperture f / 2.8 wide-angle lens. If you are used to shoot through the viewfinder, I’m sorry, but you’ll have to make you a reason: to ensure the compactness of the product, the viewfinder has been sacrificed. So you’ll have to rely exclusively on the LCD touchscreen 3 “swivel up to 180 °. Let’s say if you are lovers of selfies, this function could be for you. DSCF5449_compressed DSCF5453_compressed

3. Great Value “Size / Quality”

Often, size matters, in this case is just the opposite. From hardened traveler, I will say it’s nice to have always with me a big heavy SLR or mirrorsless; it’s nice because I always felt they do from the photographer clicks “de artri us”. As I browse the conviction to be Oliviero Toscani, I have already broken the bone in multiple times, punished for having neck hung a heavy and cumbersome machine. Taking a walk the small Fujifilm X70 (fits comfortably in the palm of a hand), I had to think again. I left it virtually every day on the stock exchange, without having to remember to take it, in fact sometimes I forgot to have her, so much light (about 340 grams). This way I could get the highest quality photos at all times of the day, preserving my musculoskeletal system. DSCF5476_compressed

4. Snap and mail

Fujifilm X70 is particularly suitable for those who like to post their photos on social instantly. Thanks Fujifilm Camera Remote app – available on Google Play and the App Store – you can transfer your shots directly to your smartphone. The files – luckily for you – will not be transferred to the original dimensions, but will be compressed. About 700 KB per photo to guarantee, in the process of social sharing, a moderate use of the data traffic. In spite of compression, the shots still maintain a very high quality.

5. Not for everyone, only for the brave

The fixed lens (a.k.a. “no zoom”) is not right for everyone. The first time armeggerete with Fujifilm X70 you will end up saying a lot of swear words as they are forced to change your modus pensandi. Do you want to photograph a landscape? Okay, stay still where you are. Do you want to photograph a detail? Come closer, physically. Do you want to photograph flowers or the smaller objects? Approached even more, up to 10 cm away, everything will be in perfect focus. In short, the fixed lens Fujifilm X70 will challenge you every day, every time we have to deal. But trust me, he will manage to pull out all the creativity that resides in you.


Mercedes-AMG GT R, the green beast

By the Stuttgart an extreme version of its high-performance GT. More horsepower, more torque and less weight, the recipe that never goes out of style
The Mercedes-AMG GT S is definitely one of our favorite cars of the last period: beautiful, powerful, fast, easy to drive. It allows anyone to go fast without risking your neck. We therefore welcomed with a wide smile debut, at the last Festival of Speed ​​at Goodwood, the Mercedes-AMG GT R, its even more performance variant, designed for those who enjoy driving in the circuit.
Equipped with the usual twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 already seen on the GT S, he has undergone a number of changes which have affected the pressure values ​​of the system of supercharging, the balance mass and the exhaust system. Thanks to these changes, the power unit of R is capable of providing a power of 585 hp (75 more than the S-version) and a torque of 700 Nm (+100 compared to the vehicle from which it is derived). Values ​​which, together with the weight of 1,554 Kg (15 in less of S – which can be reduced by other 16,7 kg with the adoption of the braking system with discs in composite material offered as optional) and to the changes made to the gear ratios – with a first shortened and a seventh longest – allow the GT R to reach the 100 Km / h in 3.6 seconds, with a maximum speed of 318 Km / h.

The newcomer is also equipped with a wing fixed generously sized, rear, and a brand new four-wheel steering system. The rear differential, then, as the S, is electronically controlled: a choice that says still a long time on the level reached by this type of solutions, a time considered to be less efficient than those of mechanically operated (adopted, instead, on the GT standard).

Note, again, that the traction control is adjustable to nine levels, thus allowing him to literally sew the car and play with the slip of the rear safely. The new Merceds-AMG GT R will go on sale from next November 21. No information has yet been released on its list price.

In 2017, the new Mercedes-Benz, with a livery and red stripes, will also be among the cars protagonists of the fifth episode of Transformers.


flax weaves: clothing and accessories for a summer full of lightness

Durable, comfortable. The freshest tissue is told

Flax, as well as being one of the tissues of the oldest, is also the most popular during the summer season. Obtained from a plant fiber that comes from a plant with spectacular flowers periwinkle blue cultivated mainly in northern Europe, it is perfect for those looking for a casual look but at the same time extremely chic. Although its history is very ancient, new finishes and types of work make it an extremely innovative and versatile fabric; the canvas can become softer and more elastic, and also waterproof.

This is the case of trench Paul & Shark, rubberized linen, water resistant. Then mixed with other materials such as silk, wool or cotton, flax is able to create original and refined texture. Knows Lardini, Marche historical company whose fabrics are the result of thorough research on designs and historical fabric weavers, as well as Brunello Cucinelli, innovative mix and ultralight weight for timelessly. tailoring and original pattern also Lubiam, whose most distinctive models for this spring summer are made of a special fabric based on frisè armaturata cotton and double-dyed linen twined.

Linen, if it is the quintessence when used for jackets and dresses, best expresses all its more conformist and rebellious nature in shirts and bermuda pants. The leaders of the Paul Smith collection are examples of original and fun prints that thanks to linen create a witty look for those who prefer not to take itself too seriously. The freshest of tissues is reconfirmed also the most versatile when associated accessories: pouch pocket, ties, for a formal look, sports shoes like espadrilles, hats, bags and backpacks for the most casual.


Brits do it better

Brits do it better: the English way to seduce a woman with style and class
Go beyond their own schemes, cherish their own identity and be proud. The seduction keys “made in UK” to seduce and conquer a woman with class and elegance.
What kind is one that manages to seduce the most beautiful in movement, to disappear and still make your mark? What is the key to its success? His being Brit is certainly a trump card, the beginning of each strategy of conquest. But the question remains: what does it mean, exactly, to be “British”? Class and elegance, sure. And then? I will reveal with this list of dos and don’ts when it comes to seduction. To understand how and why “Brits do it better”.


Yes travel: has never been so easy and affordable for everyone as today. But what I prefer is to become a true explorer: go beyond the surface of things, beating unexplored routes. The same applies to the game of seduction: do not stop only at your ideal woman, you go beyond your patterns. Explore means to satisfy their curiosity, so yes to all that is new or unexpected: as in travel, you will emerge enriched.

Contemporary Spirit
Nothing RPGs, please. We are in 2016, attune with our time. A man who fits perfectly into the contemporary makes much more of an effect that mimics awkwardly style timeless cliché, often resulting out of time! This wardrobe has a key role: light and versatile leaders, a balanced mix of formal and informal, functional accessories. Rather than follow the trend of the moment, you have your own unique style. They, unlike us, will notice.

new Horizons
“If you do not know yourself, how can you know somebody else?”. Paraphrasing RuPaul – if you do not know who he is, go over to the contemporary voices and exploration – to have appeal to love and be proud of their identity helps. It’s a lot. Women feel it, and eventually choose one over to make him turn his head gives the feeling of having your feet on the ground. One who knows his limits and surprises when they arrive, they are just beautiful.


Love your identity
Words words words. Just words? Not exactly: even more in the context of a first meeting, our arguments and how we choose to describe them they will say a lot more about our account of our appearance. To put it at the center of your world remains a golden rule, but also know how to listen is, for women today, a fundamental dowry. Be storyteller not only of yourself – aka: boredom – but of you with her.


Storytell her
Talking is perhaps the best way to seduce someone standing in front, as well as one of the strongest traits in the context of a first meeting. We can dress well, but our arguments and the words we choose to describe them will say much more about us. Women want men that still put at the center of their world … They love to hear stories well told, and to grasp intelligence and creativity, and love to those who know how to listen. Be storyteller not only of yourself, but of you with her.


Maria Grazia Chiuri arriving at Dior?

According to rumors, the co-creative director of Valentino would be ready to go to Paris at the helm of the fashion house of Bernard Arnault, orphaned by Raf Simons last fall

From next season, the historic fashion house of avenue Montaigne could start speaking Italian. According to agency Reuters rumors, Maria Grazia Chiuri, co-creative director of Valentino, would be ready to fly to Paris to Dior guide, orphaned by Raf Simons last fall.

The formalization of the appointment is expected to arrive in mid-July, after the parade of Parisian fashion. Thus, the designers would be the first woman to head the design department in the history of the fashion house LVMH group. And above all, would be in addition to names of Gianfranco Ferre and John Galliano likes, becoming, in fact, the second Italian to lead the creativity of the brand. The debut of Chiuri may already take place next October when the French brand will present during fashion week, the womenswear collection spring-summer 2017. Meanwhile, awaiting formal confirmation.


Ferrari 458 MM Special, with the nostalgia of the 80’s

Built on the basis of a Special 458, has a 30-year line is inspired by the Ferrari ago and was carried out in a single copy, for a wealthy British customer

As you know, the car companies are focusing more and more prominently on the ability to customize their own templates. The more a car is unique, as you can make it unique, even in the smallest details. If you are among the lucky ones who can afford a Ferrari, you know, then, that at the request – and with an appropriate adjustment of the sale price – it will be able to take home a car simply unique. That’s what I did a wealthy client English, for example, whose identity, for reasons of confidentiality, remained anonymous. It’s her, in fact, the only specimen of Ferrari 458 MM ever made Special. Built on a 458 Special, it is characterized by an unusual aluminum body and carbon, specially designed by Centro Stile Ferrari and shaped by hand by men pony. The black A-pillars, which seem to disappear below in conjunction with the particular cut of the darkened, crystals small rear finsetrini, donate the entire glass area on the appearance of the visor of a helmet: a solution already seen in Maranello with other models, in the past, such as the 1984 GTO or 512 BBi 1981. New are the circles, specifically designed for this model, the headlights, redesigned, and some aerodynamic solutions, as the all-new side air intake and rear spoiler, revised proportions than the standard Special. No images of the interior. Ferrari, however, has made it known that in the cockpit of this 458 MM Special place is an audio system designed specifically for this unit, chocolate-colored leather seats with contrasting white stitching and carbon fiber as required.


Susanna Canzian, the Venetian who arrives from Miami

I said to myself: “This I have to click it at any cost.” And in the end I did it: I was right

Going to settle with one thing. A place to see, try a local, a purchase to do … That to me of the time happen to stare at me with a model: I see and think “I have to take this at any cost.” That is what happened with Susanna. Very Italian of Treviso, but for some years having established moved to Miami. It’s like blame her, sunshine and fabulous sea. Mail whatsapp sms … But finding a date that works for both seems a mission impossible. Two years, two to finally “take off my” this fixed. But what? It was worth it. Beautiful, spontaneous, sexy at the right point. An explosive mix if you add that it is also nice.


Audio Pro Addon T3

The Swedish speaker has a superfine quality that makes him look like a Hi-Fi system. It is wireless, Bluetooth connection and an autonomy of 30 hours

Research and development in the world of portable speakers it got to a point where you can find good equipment at a lower price to a hundred Euros. But some of these models, despite the well-made, pay much of the Bluetooth connection limits and does not reflect a clear sound. True, wirelessly it is really hard to get a stereo quality, but if you have a larger budget, it’s worth taking the chance to Audio Pro and its online Addon. The Swedish brand has become famous in the eighties to have produced for the first time in the history of powered speakers for home listening exploiting the ace-bass technology, based on small subwoofer that could provide clear and perfect sound, reducing to a minimum loss of performance and power. A 30 years away, trying to regain the loyalty of its fans trying to reformulate key professional the very idea of ​​portable speakers.

We decided to try the Audio Pro Addon T3 model for testing the efficacy of luxury this accessory.


The whole range consists of three models from the square design and very minimal which offer clear sound and appear as fine furnishings. T3 that we decided to test has two tweeters and a woofer in one case for a total output of 35W (2 × 5 + 1 × 15 W) for a quality listening and a simple and beautiful design. The intent of the Swedes is to allow you to use the cash wherever you want: in all the rooms of the house, in the garden, the sea or the park. It does not weigh much, but the size is not so contained you can take it anywhere without problems. From the point of view of sound, ups and downs are pretty much perfect, with a yield that is impressive, especially when compared to the magnitude of the case and is able to play any kind of music: from dance to rock to blues. Lose a little ‘to the maximum frequency reproduction ends but has a great management control that make it an absolute level speaker.

The case is robust and easy to use even if the initial Bluetooth synchronization is not immediate, in fact require a few minutes to attach the devices to each other. Alternatively you can use a USB connection – with which you can also charge your smartphone – or an audio jack in case of analog source. Also good autonomy: the battery is able to last up to 30 hours at half volume and 12 hours at most – definitely volume among the best in the market. In short, if you want an audio source to keep at home or that it is easily transportable to some party this is the perfect solution, although you’ll have to spend EUR 349 ​​(you can find it here on Sounders with 10% discount if you sign up to newsletter) to bring it home.


InstaGirls, bowels of fashion blogger

A surprise trash, an annoying video or the complaint of a deep unease? Insta.Girls the first web series about messed-up life of fashion bloggers splits critics

A group of fashion bloggers interpreted by fashion bloggers are the true protagonists of the first episode of the web series InstaGirls, Party of Eduardo. This is Catherine, Julia, Hanna, Margaret and the perfidious Laura, who enjoys putting everyone uncomfortable. A normal little party among friends and colleagues soon turns into psychodrama because of a non-alcoholic.
Defollowarizzazioni, betrayals, conspiracies, disgraced and fightonline devastate the harmony of the guests until the arrival of Sarah, the sixth blogger. Panic and paranoia spread in the group because the newcomer is considered the best because they “had the courage to send to fuck Jean Paul Gaultier”, as they often do fashion bloggers “with balls.” Sarah still seems harmless until it breaks panic with an unpredictable smartphonescankill against Julia.

Do not bring up the paradox of Schrödinger’s cat remains unexplained premise of this before InstaGirls episode: “Close this video and you will never know the meaning of the word pornographic compulsive neurosis.

“But we must reckon with the fact that the characters of fiction are real fashion blogger Elena Barolo, Grampa Laura, Federica Romans, Valentina Fradegrada, Marzia Lazzaroni and Roberta Gervasi.

The first InstaGirls episode is played by Marco Levi, pop artist and critic, as a representation of the collapse.

“Fashion bloggers, you feel bad? I’ll call an ambulance? I warn you that it is red and white in color level, okay? “Asks Levi.

“You severed the bowels to be image, but the operation failed. Neither man nor woman, neither fish nor photos. You made a mess with yourself. Smartphone, selfishness and vodka. Lethal mix. Choke on her high heels. As justifying these ridiculous robes astral? Do not do as much the star, Jean Paul Gaultier send him to hell for centuries. Fashion blogger, you have to throw up? You feel bad? Is there a doctor in the house? An angel who can piss on his head? It looks like the fashion world so lonely, cruel and dying. I’ll tell everyone. And anyone not give a shit. The party is very unique, almost single-person, you look great in selfies, spitting venom, from the window you see the collapse of the empire. ”

A point of view, that of Mark Levi, which exceeds the current taste to catalog as trash anything that goes beyond the technical and expressive possibilities of production. gives nothing in this fashion though with a decidedly opposite point of view, Massimiliano Zulli communication expert and author of the page Facebook Uomomordecane.

“Empathic level equal to the Pilgrims when we want to believe eating Pavesini. Recitative level equal to the Pilgrims when you wash your hair with Head & Shoulders. emphatic level equal to the Pilgrims when advertises anything. It lacked only the Pilgrims, “writes Zulli of InstaGirls.

“The monotone of acting is interrupted only by the ending theme, as I was falling asleep. Camera hand Cloverfield style move without mostrone that destroys all (it would be highly desirable), which gives a sense of nausea wonderfully akin to the whole. But the hashtag are beautiful. Of course, in 2009. “